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Ron Artest Went to Game 7 in his Underwear

Ron Artest
We’re at the point now where any story you told us about Ron Artest, no matter how WTF? it is, we’d probably just laugh and be like, “OK.”

The latest? Bill Simmons‘ column today drops this story, and might be right at the top of the most bizarre Ron-Ron antics we’ve heard about or seen for ourselves:

These anecdotes just bounce off people now. Artest is a benevolent crazy. Or so we think. Being around this nuttiness every day is a little different from merely hearing about the nuttiness in secondhand anecdotes. I know for a fact he routinely broke plays on offense and is still a handful behind the scenes, and the Rockets buried every 2008-09 story that would have made this patently clear. For instance, Artest routinely walked around in his underwear in public places: the Rockets’ team bus, hotels, you name it. People around the team barely flinched after a while. Before Game 7 of the Lakers series — only the biggest game of the entire season — they finally flinched.

Here’s what happened: Artest missed the first two team buses (the ones for players, coaches and team personnel) from Houston’s hotel to the Staples Center and barely made the third and final bus, which was reserved for business staff, sponsors and friends of the team. These stunned people watched Artest sprint to the bus right before it left, jump on and take one of the remaining seats … yes, wearing only his underwear. Owner Leslie Alexander happened to be sitting on the bus and witnessed the whole thing. And you wonder why the Houston Rockets didn’t make any effort whatsoever to bring back Artest.

We are laughing our asses off at the thought of Les Alexander’s face when Ron got on the bus in his tighties. Definitely a nice, priceless mix of shock, anger, embarrassment, bewilderment, etc.

Source: ESPN.com

Photo. Steve Hill

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    He always feels at home… He’s probably rockin’ Hanes so that he can get some sort of deal with them.

    Wearing only your underwear infront of the boss = Priceless!!

  • dk

    Its all good having this nut on Kobes team, as long as Kobe resigns LO it will be I mean.


    Poop stains in whole. I bet they had wholes in’em to. lol


    Poop stains in all. I bet they had wholes in’em to. lol

    Sorry re-type

  • mellmeister

    Bacon Like Garter to Match with the skidmarks on Artest’s Whiteys.

  • dagood

    who’s more crazy – Artest or Starbury?

  • Tbest

    Did you catch the line in the last paragraph where simmon’s says Steve Nash is a top 40 player of all time. Really? I’m not feeling it.

  • dk

    @4 lmao, fail, bro’ , its still wrong!

  • dk

    @4 Ron Arrest is a nut job as a whole. Hes a whole bunch of crazy.

    QQ Enjoys romancing in the number 2 hole. QQ likes man holes.

  • eyeused2b

    Artest needs a VH1 show.

  • JA


    Remember tho: Rosie O’Donnell wears underwear with dick holes in them.

  • Smooth

    have u guys been watching what marbury has been doing the last 24 hours on live cam on justin tv = starbury tv

  • Smooth
  • doc

    He is the definition of a scatterbox.

  • the cynic

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • dk

    @15 When consumming vaseline orally is keeping it real, I will always be wrong.

  • darkdefender

    i heard it was a thong

  • Colton

    JA thank you for the chappelles show reference. made my day. haha.

  • sh!tfaced

    he’s no erin andrews, i’ll tell you that. lol.

  • QQ

    QQ be da boss, dat why QQ get da brain.

    DK be da bitch, dat why DK give da brain.


  • jt

    I bet simmons wears the laker logo in the lower back portion of his undie to antagonize the lakers further.

    Seriously I haven’t seen anyone with such an unhealthy fixation on the lakers.

    This dude probably use laker hand towels for toilet duties.