He always feels at home… He’s probably rockin’ Hanes so that he can get some sort of deal with them.

    Wearing only your underwear infront of the boss = Priceless!!

  • dk

    Its all good having this nut on Kobes team, as long as Kobe resigns LO it will be I mean.


    Poop stains in whole. I bet they had wholes in’em to. lol


    Poop stains in all. I bet they had wholes in’em to. lol

    Sorry re-type

  • mellmeister

    Bacon Like Garter to Match with the skidmarks on Artest’s Whiteys.

  • dagood

    who’s more crazy – Artest or Starbury?

  • Tbest

    Did you catch the line in the last paragraph where simmon’s says Steve Nash is a top 40 player of all time. Really? I’m not feeling it.

  • dk

    @4 lmao, fail, bro’ , its still wrong!

  • dk

    @4 Ron Arrest is a nut job as a whole. Hes a whole bunch of crazy.

    QQ Enjoys romancing in the number 2 hole. QQ likes man holes.

  • eyeused2b

    Artest needs a VH1 show.

  • JA


    Remember tho: Rosie O’Donnell wears underwear with dick holes in them.

  • Smooth

    have u guys been watching what marbury has been doing the last 24 hours on live cam on justin tv = starbury tv

  • Smooth
  • doc

    He is the definition of a scatterbox.

  • the cynic

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  • dk

    @15 When consumming vaseline orally is keeping it real, I will always be wrong.

  • darkdefender

    i heard it was a thong

  • Colton

    JA thank you for the chappelles show reference. made my day. haha.

  • sh!tfaced

    he’s no erin andrews, i’ll tell you that. lol.

  • QQ

    QQ be da boss, dat why QQ get da brain.

    DK be da bitch, dat why DK give da brain.


  • jt

    I bet simmons wears the laker logo in the lower back portion of his undie to antagonize the lakers further.

    Seriously I haven’t seen anyone with such an unhealthy fixation on the lakers.

    This dude probably use laker hand towels for toilet duties.