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Rookie PG’s taking over Vegas, and Lamar Odom needs a team

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

After D-Wade‘s Twitter tease (“I got good news coming, stay tuned”) turned out to be that he’s leaving Converse to take his sneaker game down the hall to Jordan Brand — and not an announcement that Lamar Odom was signing with the Heat — it meant the most important free agent left on the market (with all due respect to Allen Iverson) is still without a team. The Lakers had offered Odom $27 million over three years, but pulled it earlier this week, allowing Miami to get in the mix with a reported five-year, $35M pitch. Last night the L.A. Times said Odom called Lakers owner Jerry Buss himself after Buss got upset that Odom’s agent hadn’t been returning calls. Even if it’s not for $9M a year, when it’s all said and done, we think L.O. will stay in L.A. … Ty Lawson was the star of the day at the Vegas Summer League, dropping 26 points (11-16 FG) and five assists with just two turnovers against Portland, outplaying Jerryd Bayless (19 pts) and showing he could be a hell of a change-of-pace backup to Chauncey BillupsJonny Flynn went for 21 points against the Wizards, and his highlight reel could’ve been a straight copy of Lawson’s — he was unstoppable getting into the lane, carving up Javaris Crittenton and Tyrese Rice on pick-and-rolls and off the dribble one-on-one … Forget the “It’s just summer league” caveat: Sacramento has to be excited about their young inside-outside combo of Jason Thompson and Tyreke Evans. Obviously Kevin Martin is the franchise centerpiece, but Thompson (23 pts, 10 rebs vs. New York yesterday) and Tyreke (18 pts, 3 stls) will be major players if the Kings are ever gonna get back to the playoffs. And maybe they can help keep the Kings in Sacto for the long-term … New York’s Morris Almond had the play of the day, driving past Omri Casspi and hammering one down while Donte Greene tried (and failed) to get out of the way. If you don’t remember Almond, he had some 40- and 50-point games in the D-League and was supposed to be the two-guard of the future in Utah, until Ronnie Brewer made that spot his own and made Almond expendable. The Knicks’ major league roster is crowded and probably won’t be an option now, but Almond can put the ball in the basket, so he should eventually find his place … Austin Daye had 20 points, 10 boards and three steals for Detroit against the Cavs … Anthony Roberson scored 24 to lead Chicago past the Thunder, while James Harden put up 20 points (7-15 FG) and five dimes … Surprisingly, the Nuggets summer roster (a.k.a. Team Nepotism) don’t include Thunder guard Richard Roby, who is Kenyon Martin‘s half-brother. They’re also missing Rodney Billups, Chauncey’s younger brother who played at U of Denver … The Suns beat the D-League Select squad, getting 20 points from Jiri Hubalek. Not even sure who he is, but the German big man is already the best “Jiri” the NBA has ever seen. Not that the standards were set very high with Jiri Welsch, but still … Kind of a forgone conclusion at this point, but Yao Ming is officially out for the ’09-10 season after electing to have surgery on his broken foot. On the bright side, the procedure Yao is having is similar to the one Zydrunas Ilgauskas had back in the day, and he’s still playing. And he’s isn’t any slower than Yao … So now that they know Yao is out, what will the Rockets do to fill the hole in the middle? The Hornets are still trying to unload Tyson Chandler, and since the rumored Phoenix deal went out the window when the Suns bought out Ben Wallace, maybe the Rockets have something New Orleans wants … The Celtics picked up one of the underrated free agents out there on the market, agreeing to an undisclosed deal with Marquis Daniels. Early last season, Daniels was one of Indiana’s most consistent offensive weapons behind Danny Granger, but was slowed down by nagging injuries as the season went on. When he’s healthy, though, he can get buckets with his unorthodox old-man-ish game. The signing probably got more attention than it was worth in the Dime office — Aron is a huge Celts fan and loves Daniels’ game, and Austin just lost his second-favorite player off his favorite team … We heard an interview with Anthony Parker where he was (of course) asked about his sister Candace Parker. “She got all the positive genes in the family,” AP said. “If I had her genes as a guy, I’d probably be LeBron. But I didn’t, so I’m the Danny DeVito of the family.” … We’re out like Jiri Welsch …

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  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    man we got gasol for kwame,crittendon and some nachos lol
    sometimes man life can be freakin sweet.

    la better not lose l.o on some pride n miscomunication shty the way we did trevor.

    but damn tho
    dwade,lo,booz on the same squad.the heats gon be a cold ass team.

  • K Dizzle

    lol @ “If I had her genes as a guy, I’d probably be LeBron. But I didn’t, so I’m the Danny DeVito of the family.”

    T-Dot gonna miss AP; class act all the way

  • Ashlov

    As much as I’d love to see LO run the break with Wade, I just don’t see him leaving LA. He spent the last five years there, just won a chip…with the Florida state tax, the money is actually almost even, but there’s too many other factors involved.

    At this point, I think Buss would have to turn his back on Odom. Personally, I hope that happens. ;)

  • Korver

    have you forgotten the whole “it’s just summerleague” point ? is jerryd bayless the ROY in 2009 ? …

  • sh!tfaced

    marquis daniels commits to the c’s… hehehe

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    I hope LO keeps his pride and pulls an Ariza and takes the Heat’s offer. That will teach Dr. Buss not to mess with people when he has no leverage either, because without LO the Lakers are not winning a chip next year and his 80+Million dollar payroll would be wasted. The Lakers have no other options if LO leaves. Besides Buss is not a real doctor anyway, he has a doctoral in chemistry, that’s not a real doctor! lol

  • yoda

    that “real” doctor title you were saying is M.D.. Buss probably has PhD.
    as far i’ve read LA offered 30 mill for 3 years and 36 for 4, not 27 for 3. i hope that LO stays in lakerland, but if he goes, i think that Ron can do something similar what LO did last year. Lakers will lose size, but hopefully Adrew will be back and healthy and play like he did before Kobe messed up his knee.

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    sgotta be my fuckin day.
    admittedly apart from the hits didn’t get a chance to cop the clipse’s lord willing.Long story..that pusha n malice tandem got me feeling like the fisrt time i copped that outkast,watching mj n scottie.mafluckaz is nice !!

    just got the shyt on itunes.
    i feel blessed.
    life is good.
    fa real this is like stumbling on doggystyle

  • FK in T-Oh

    Is Lemar and his agent retarded? Or to cheap to buy a calculator?

    take the $27 from the Lake Show and worst case ADD a two year mid-level deal afterwards ($11 mill). You’re looking at 38 mill over five years.

    If it is about the money, those two contracts are better than the $35 in Miami.

    Guys like LO, Lee, Nate, and AI need to get that original number they had out of their head, and pay attention to the market.

  • http://www.beacon-ballers.de Bee

    Jiri Hubalek isnt from Germany, he’s from the Czech Repuplic.

  • dk

    “Besides Buss is not a real doctor anyway, he has a doctoral in chemistry, that’s not a real doctor!”

    Wow, Ive seen it all on Dime now.

  • That’s whats up

    aren’t Morris Almond and Morris Chestnutt related?

  • dk

    Wades not winning a chip with LO this year and the Lakers would be damn near a lock. Wade knows he needs to be patient for one more season. Next year is the year of the Heat.


    oh man LO, just stay in the lalaland. i’ll be showering in money if i COULD earn 9 million dollars a year plus dont you like to have that second ring hahaha. think think, its not just the money,its the joy that is important,joy playing with kobe phil,pau andrew and the whole team. and to LO’s agent,your insane go to hell you greedy asshole. GO LAKERS MAKE IT A 3PIT. JACKSON’S CHAMPS COMES IN A STRING OF THREE HAHAHAHA OBVIOUS. GODBLESS

  • dk

    In reference to the complete waste of a brain yesterday that was trying to talk about BAC in the human body. Where a .17 means your not impaired to drive a vehicle.

    Man guilty of DUI manslaughter gets 25 years

    TAMPA, Fla. — A Lakeland man convicted of five counts of DUI manslaughter for a crash that killed four relatives of a bride-to-be on the eve of her wedding has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

    A judge handed down 38-year-old Kenneth Delmar Stewart’s sentence Friday. He pleaded guilty last month as part of a negotiated agreement.
    In refrence to the complete fucking waste of a brain yesterday that was talking about BAC in the human body.

    Todays news,

    Stewart was driving a sport utility vehicle in Brandon in April 2006 when he crashed into a carload of the bride’s relatives, including her mother. The driver and three passengers died in the crash and a fifth person died later at the hospital.

    Stewart’s blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash was 0.12. State law considers a person too impaired to drive at 0.08.

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    LOL at the Jiri Welsch reference…

  • mapletown



  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    How can you take a franchise seriosly when they’re center piece is Kevin Martin? Sorry Kings but that’s not going to get you anywhere.

    Does Boston signing Daniels finally mean Tony Allen is out?

  • jzsmoove

    Marquis Daniels to the Celts, good move and is underrated. Sacto will be exciting to watch again with their youth movement, Thompson, Hawes, KMart and Evans, and will win some games while their at it. Anthony Parker is a super good guy, I was surprise the Raps let him walk. I bet he wouldve come off the bench if need be. Good luck to him , he’ll do just fine at Cavs. Finally, Odom is dumb playing harddball. You cant get any better offer than LA is offering. Plus You get to live in Cali as a gangsta supastar, youre a god there idiot….PS i know at least one that doesnt have a doctorate in any shit, (6).

  • M Intellect

    Marquis Daniels and Josh Howard were HOT property when they were both at Dallas. Shame Marquis didn’t blow like Josh.

  • dk

    @19 They definitley have the same docs.

  • Celts Fan

    @FK in TOh – with there being no income tax in Fl, Lamar’d actually take home a good chunk more by taking 5/$35M from Mia. Not to mention, you can’t guess on a “next contract” for a guy that’s 30 now (NO ONE woulda believed what’s going on w/ AI now 3 yrs ago). Shit happens, get the most guaranteed $$$ you can get right now

  • dk

    WTF are you idiots talking about there being no income tax in down here!

  • Billy Jean Hoyle

    Daniels to Boston? Effff. That is huge IMO.
    We better get LO and then be ready for another LA Celts finals. A lil premature, I know…but it seems like a certainty.
    And by the way…..ITS JUST SUMMER LEAGUE.

  • Gerard

    ^no state income tax (same as TX). Federal income tax still applies.

  • Big Island

    DK, there is no state income tax in Florida. You still have to pay the feds, but the state doesn’t tax anything. Cali’s state income tax for LO’s income would be around 10% so his $9mil is actually $8.1 after the state takes their bite.

    Celts Fan is dead on, the most guaranteed money is what the most being offered right now is.

    My BAC must be around .697 right now because I actually give a damn about income taxes.

  • Korver

    BTW welsch is czech too

  • dk

    ty guys idk shit

  • JL

    LO is staying in LA…He didn’t call Buss to check up on Jeanie.

    Get a new agent number 7…

  • dk

    I dont know but I thought i was gonna have to kill my accountant/father for a few moments this morning though!

  • jay

    great news on da flash going to jordan..now jb…dont mess this up..give him a dope shoe and after the failure of the aj 2k9….give wade his own sig..end the air jordan and put all the tech, marketing and creativity to wade so it can actually flourish so the brand is not watered down with crappy team shoes that sit on shelves. the jordan brand is supposed to be a premium brand and half the kicks sit on shelves at the local fa and fl collecting dust..
    on the court news..what is la waiting for..sign lo..i do not get it..ariza is gone ..buss is skimping on 2 million but sasha who is garbage makes $5 mil..that is a damn crime!!!

  • Tim

    Wilcox signing with Pistons…

  • Mr.Wang

    man, u see this crossover at the :31sec mark



  • doc

    Marquius to Beantown is a good move.He gonna be a problem with them off the pine.

  • IGP

    you know damn well kobe is gonna brign the dip

  • SOB

    Its illegal to flirt when we’re at work, so nowadays I score at the grocery store.

  • aaron

    Iverson to the Knicks. Hey everybody think about it, wouldn’t that be the perfect fit for him right now? If only his contract were expiring this year!!

  • mendel valensi

    y is lamar odom being a dumass selfish lil kid
    je just won a ring hes 30 years old not its about winning not about making money he has enough money ti live the rest of his life i dnt understand this fuking idiot