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Rookies get buckets in Vegas, and Charlie Villanueva hits us up

Tyreke Evans (photo. Sacramento Bee)

Tyreke Evans (photo. Sacramento Bee)

Even more than in last week’s Orlando summer league, we’re seeing a trend develop in Vegas: The star rookies aren’t just getting the green light to fire away, they’re having the entire offense run through them. Guys like Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry and DeMar DeRozan are getting 20-plus shots a day, and consider these are shorter games where almost everyone else on the court is trying to earn an NBA job … In yesterday’s big head-to-head matchup, Steph and Tyreke were like Allen Iverson and Steve Francis circa 2001: Curry put up 29 points (8-22 FG, 10-11 FT) and six boards, while Evans had 25 points (8-19 FG, 7-12 FT), 10 boards and five assists. Golden State won the game because they also had Anthony Randolph, who put up 24 points, 11 boards and five blocks. No surprise that Curry will pull from anywhere at any time, but he surprisingly doesn’t look small out there … But the overall star of the day was Rodrique Beaubois. The Mavs rookie guard dropped 34 points (12-21 FG, 7-12 3PA) and eight dimes on the Rockets, jumping Jrue Holiday and pulling into a tie with Steph Curry as the best rookie who looks like he’s 14 years old. Chase Budinger scored 25 for Houston, and Joey Dorsey continued his bid to get Yao‘s minutes, posting 13 points and 15 boards … DeRozan had 20 points (9-20 FG) against Detroit, while Austin Daye and DaJuan Summers scored 19 apiece. Remember Deron Washington, the dunk machine from Virginia Tech whose junk Greg Paulus can still taste whenever he burps? Deron had a solid 13 points and six boards for the Pistons, but his 4-for-12 showing at the free throw line overshadowed it. Apparently Ben Wallace‘s ghost still lives in Detroit … In the bizarro version of the supposed-to-be NBA Finals rematch, the Lakers knocked off the Cavs behind Adam Morrison‘s 22 points. Here’s a full-circle story for you: Maureece Rice, the ex-George Washington PG who is the all-time leading high school scorer in Philly history (beating out Wilt Chamberlain) is on the Cavs summer squad. Why does that mean anything? Back in ’02, in one of LeBron‘s first high school games that got national attention, Rice dropped him with a crossover that is still talked about today. LBJ’s team went on to smash Rice’s team … On the free agent front, Jarrett Jack signed a four-year, $20 million offer sheet from the Raptors. The Pacers can afford to match it, and Jack is their best point guard (if not the most talented), but the beef with T.J. Ford that boiled over late last season could be a reason Indiana lets him go. They do have Travis Diener and rookie A.J. Price for point guard depth, but they’re a better team with Jack on the floor …

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

Instead of just trying to sign Andre Miller, it’s been reported the Knicks may work a sign-and-trade with the Sixers where they get ‘Dre and Philly gets Chris Duhon. Forget the basketball part; if Duhon leaves New York, that kills our chances of successfully pitching his reality show (“What Would You Du For Love?”) to the VH1s, BETs and MTV2s of the world. The concept: 15 eager NYC groupies vye for the attention of the Knicks point guard, a relative newcomer to the city whose party game is no joke. It’s like Ray J‘s show, only the star isn’t 5-foot-4. Think it won’t work? Keyshawn Johnson has an interior decorating show on the air right now, and Hank Baskett has a show about boobs. (Wait, “Kendra” isn’t a show about boobs? Maybe we should start watching it with the sound on) … The Lakers’ assistant GM told the Orange County Register that the team is close to re-signing Lamar Odom for “a little north of $8 million” per year. Odom was said to be looking for $10M-plus, but not many teams are left that can give him that … Did you know Slamball is airing on Cartoon Network this season? One of our guys ran across a game yesterday, where John Starks was coaching and Tom Tolbert was on commentary … The other day we told you the bait-and-switch Chris Bosh pulled on fans while trying to win a Tweet-swinging contest with Charlie Villaneuva. Read about it HERE. Well, yesterday one of the comments we got on that post was from none other than Charlie V himself. (The e-mail address in the admin matched up.) Here’s what Charlie had to say: “This is Charlie V. — yes, the real Villanueva. Can’t you guys see Chris Bosh is using you with misleading lies, just to be able to get you to follow him. Unlike CB4, I for a change will be honest with you. I will give you the inside access you don’t get on ESPN. Following me is not just a day in the park, it’s pure entertainment. But better yet, if I reach 50,000 followers first, Chris Bosh has to do the Shane Marcado dance. If you don’t know what that is… check out my YouTube clib on my page: http://www.youtube.com/charlievtv.
Follow ME: http://www.twitter.com/CV31
thank you and god bless, peace.
PS. And yes, the real Charlie is a monthly subscriber to Dime Magazine. I remember my rookie year we did a fashion feature at the Sean John store in NYC. Say hello to Pat for me guys. L8r.”
… We’re out like Tolbert …

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  • TruthBurns

    If the Raptors sign Jarrett Jack that would be HUGE.

    He’s still a relatively young PG with room to grow on that 15 point, 4 assist season with the Pacers.

    Colangelo seems to be rebonding nicely from last seasons brick.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Where will all these twittering go next??? Life today has just gotten more complicated. I just do not buy it when so-called experts are telling us that IT makes life easier.

    Anyway, I am betting my meal allowance for Monday that Adam Morrison will have a breakout season this year. That is if Phil Jackson will give him the tick. I think he used to average in double digits before he got injured during his Bobcats days.

    One last note to the Jazz — Keep Milsap at all cost! That is except not giving away D-Will, Memo, Korver, and Brewer.

  • Jorisc

    Rodrique Beaubois…

    It’s Rodrigue Beaubois.

    Not the fist time I see misspelling from a US website.

    When you’re able to name world champs the nba champs you should be perfect.

    So google it when you don’t know…

  • dk

    LMAO!!! @1 The Raps just added 3 more wins to their 2010 tally… Bosh is out the next season but with Jose, Jack, and Barnyardy ( they sign a Jim and that would be classic ) they will be champs 4 yrs

  • dk

    @ 3 If you dont care it dont matter. The guys euro trash, who cares how to spell his name. Give him a green card and put the ball in the whole. Hit up the Websters site for grammatical discussions…

  • dk

    Oh and in case theres idiots still out there that cant see the light, Duhon is garbage. Just like every Dookie PG this past decade. I dont wanna hear about his #s either. Ship that cat to exile Tornto

  • BBalla!

    Tweeting is for fucking retards that have self-esteem issues or narcissitic problems… wow… who woulda of thought that NBA players would fall into those 2 categories… fucking pathetic biatchez

  • dk

    @7 Yeah, who would of thought narcism* would run rampant in the NBA. A bunch of spoiled rich kids…

  • QQ

    If you guys can verify V’s email, then why the hell can’t you fucking do anything about the whole ‘impostor’ mess?

    Yeah, I know, Charlie is a multimillionaire ballin in the L, and I’m a nurse stuck in a basketball website, but a little thought for cats like me who frequents your site and basically multiply your hits? Is that so hard to fucking do?

  • dk

    Hahaha… He said he helps multiply hits!!! Yeah, thats the only reason people tune in, to see what some nurse wrote! ROFL

  • sh!tfaced

    “Back in ’02, in one of LeBron’s first high school games that got national attention, Rice dropped him with a crossover that is still talked about today. LBJ’s team went on to smash Rice’s team…”

    Bet that video went on to be missing eventually too…

  • QQ

    @ dk:

    I am not talking about only myself, you fucking dumbass.

    I am talking about the engine that runs every website in the net: its mass audience, especially the audience that goes here with considerable frequency..

    You, a dumbass, a retard, a maniac, a no-life, has a part on it.

    I have a part on it.

    Lakeshow has a part on it.

    GEE has a part on it.

    What I am saying is, the reason why Dime is still here because of it’s audience, especially us regular visitors.

    Charlie V’s email was verified, but they can’t take the time to see who the fuck is that asshole who kept raping the comments using a nickname that was already taken.

    I guess it’s just irresponsible for the management to let this all happen which can cause some of it’s regular and loyal readership to be disgusted because of the lack of moderation and to stop frequenting the site.

    That’s my point, you assface.

    Damn, I guess you really has 4 pounds of poop for a brain. So fucking dumb.

  • A$$Cube aka French Connection

    “But the overall star of the day was Rodrique Beaubois. The Mavs rookie guard dropped 34 points (12-21 FG, 7-12 3PA) and eight dimes on the Rockets, jumping Jrue Holiday and pulling into a tie with Steph Curry as the best rookie who looks like he’s 14 years old.”

    It’s good to see Beaubois get some shine on Dime –finally. He’ll only get better with Kidd as a mentor.

  • dk

    And my point kind sir is that it really dont matter in the grand scheme of what is Dime. U will be replaced n so will I. Ur probably stil owed retribution too, right? From a great, great uncles plight

  • dk

    Plus, I had to summon all my energy not to rant on the fact you included the word leadership in your post. Lucky you its Sunday.

  • dk

    Heres an idea QQ, will have all the comments directed to your moms PC and she can keep track of all the Emailsand verify there corect. Then she can post them. Well just wait hours to see em post…

  • That’s whats up

    welcome (again) to the QQ/dk Douchebag Battle Royale !!!

    Happy Sunday ladies. May the biggest cooz win

  • That’s whats up

    (that was in good fun guys – but let me have it if you want)

  • sh!tfaced


    LMFAO… nice one!

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze


    Yeah, you’re right, Adam Morrison will have a breakout season next hear. He’ll actually get to play a couple minutes per game, and that will be the breakout year for Adam “The Mustache” Morrison.

    As far as Twitter goes, I refuse to take part. Technology has made it possible for people to keep track of everyone else “status,” but what is the point? Is it really that necessary or entertaining to read what famous people are doing every 15 minutes?

    Ironically, I just read Adam Morrison’s Twitter page, it says:
    11:43am – I just started combing my mustache.
    12:17pm – I just finished combing the ‘stache. It looks immaculate.

  • QQ

    No… I aint gonna let it start again.

    On to basketball, people!

    BTW: I said ‘readership’, not leadership, asshat…

    Oops, sorry.

    I’m gonna stop now.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Yes! The dk and QQ bitching has begun. You too crack me up! All dk does is say sarcastic shit, and all QQ does is whine about some imposter. The shit is classic, keep it up you two!

    Personally, I laughed so fuckin hard the other day reading some of the comments on Dimemag. I wish they unmoderated all comments, but reviewed them instead and delete any highly-offensive comments (like someone saying Adam Morrison will have a breakout year).

  • alf (from melmak)

    Big Freeze, you just made my weekend. Great lines. Very funny.

    Thanks also for having the same sentiments about twitter.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    In unrelated news, did anyone watch UFC 100 last night? That shit was entertaining as hell.

    I won $20 by betting on Brock Lesnar. That man is fucking insane and hilarious! After he smashed Frank Mir’s face and skull, he talked shit to Frank’s lifeless body, and then Brock started flicking off the crowd and spitting all over the cameras. I always loved rooting for the bad guy, and now UFC has their heel. I can’t wait to see his next fight. Dana White is a rich genius.

  • dk

    @ freeze

    the adam comment was priceless.

    and im gonna have to start liking brock if hes that big of a kunt!

    i would have laughed harder the oyher day if i knew i wasnt talking to qq the whole time

  • dk

    also, i dont really like picking on weak victims and the whole nurse comment pretty much did away with any kind of comp…

    im not even sure dk is writing this or in fact, who i really am? nurse!!!

  • jzsmoove

    I havent seen much of Jarrett Jack playing for Portland and Pacers. I know he is a decent and solid PG. He reminds me a little bit of Alvin Williams when he came over from Blazers. I am just hoping that the injury situation doesnt follow Jack, knee woes just devastated Williams career. If the Raptors do sign him from Pacers, I hope he blossoms into an even better player.

  • dk

    @26 He was tearing it up on occasion in Indy and looked way better than what I remember him in Portland. I traded him for next to nothing and feel like QQ…

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    I tried to post as a QQ impersonator the other day, but they blocked my comment. Fuck moderation.

    QQ (I) said something like:


    Please quit jamming your cock down my esophagus. You know I have a sensitive gag reflex!


    Please stop this impersonator. It’s not funny anymore!”

    I don’t understand why Dime wouldn’t let me post that under QQ’s name. It’s a shame really.

    That’s why I think that QQ is his own impersonator. He’s an evil genius.

  • dk

    Its Sunday fun facts kids!

    Did you know that 76% off American nurses have homosexual tendacies


    47% are actual homos

    in additin of the 56% have regressed homosexual issues

    From AMA and google.

  • dk

    I think it was the rape your mom and all our multiple posts.. or they linked are ISP’s to emails because i couldnt post anything outside of dk or a fake email.

  • dk

    What would be funny is to get ten of my friends to post as QQ on every article! Then technically he wouldnt exist no more!

  • Diego

    Hilarious stuff “That’s whats up” and “Big Freeze”!

    Concur re. the twitter crap.

    Yeah, Brock was raving last night how he was going to go home and drink Coors Light, not Bud Light who would pay him no $–although Bud Light is a big UFC sponsor!

    I read this morn. that Dana White supposedly read Brock the riot act afterward–but notwithstanding White’s supposed dismay at Brock’s post-fight antics, you know White is loving it!

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    @ 29

    Since most nurses are female, that means the nursing industry is overcome with lesbians. I need to be a male nurse. I could have my own reality show where I try to convert all the lesbian nurses straight.

  • Celts Fan

    @QQ. Nice signing with Bass. What other guys do you think you need to solidify the roster? I like what you’re doing so far, but just like us, there seem to be a couple holes on the bench (scoring wing and pg for us, dwights backup for you)

  • dk

    @ Freeze Every nurse that I know is either gay or bi, no joke. Theres a place called Liberty Medical down here and I know at least 20 bitches there that are gay and bi… Life is good!

  • LakeShow84


    If we resign Odom we about to MOP up the league next season.. barring any injuries we winning 65+..

    JUST DO IT LO!!!!

  • G

    Love the Maureece Rice reference. I went to school in Philly when he did and I remember him just crushing cats when he played for Mansion. Also went to that game at the Palestra. Most ridiculous display of basketball ever. Both teams just cleared out and Rice and Bron just iso’ed each other for like 8 straight possesions. But back then Lebron had no handle and would just pull up. Rice def dropped him with that cross and took him to the rack like 3 or 4 times. Me and boys were loving that shit in the stands. The whole place was blowing up. There was actually a lot of future NBA talent on the court that day. Sean Singletary was sick for Penn Charter and Kyle Lowry was crushing for Cardinal Dougherty.

  • dk

    and to add, some of the nurses i know like getting their dick sucked by me. What a bunch of fags!

  • weezy f
  • dk

    Wade contract ext. Dime where you at! Hes not gonna sign!!!! Omg hes leaving…. Hahaha Wade and the Heat 2010 Heat up 30 million on the rest of the league mfr’s…

  • doc

    I was at that game too and Reece put Bron on his hands.He definitly couldnt stick Reece.

  • doc

    And dont try to put yall bum ass players on us.W@hat the fuck we want with duhon.

  • QQ

    @Big Freeze – Dude, seriously, if you think I am my own impostor, then you must be seriously remedial. Come on man, how does that even make any sense? Why would I do that? What benefit would it be to me? People like you and DK are the reason these boards turn into faggot bitch fests. Rather than staying on point and having intelligent, well thought out arguments with TRUE fans of this game, league, and magazine, we have people who intentionally try to trash these boards. It’s pathetic. Get a life. Get a better hobby. Please just stop trying to make me look like a freaking psycho. All i’m trying to do is post intelligently like i’ve been doing for quite some time now. Please DIME, moderate this.