NBA / Jul 1, 2009 / 6:05 pm

Rudy Fernandez not cool with Hedo-to-Portland rumors

Rudy Fernandez

Rudy Fernandez

The Blazers were supposed to have a logjam at small forward last year, when Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster were expected to battle with rookies Rudy Fernandez and Nic Batum for minutes. But then Webster — the one initially penciled in to start — suffered a broken foot that pretty much forced him to miss the entire season, and everything somehow worked out fine.

This offseason, it’s about to get even more congested. Webster is getting healthy, the other SF’s are still on the roster, and now Hedo Turkoglu could be introduced into the mix. The Blazers have been reported to be the team most aggressively pursuing Hedo, and the interest appears mutual.

But that’s not sitting well with everybody. According to an ESPN report, Fernandez is so upset by the prospect of Turkoglu being brought in, he’s saying he’d rather play in Europe next season. Fernandez isn’t a free agent, but he’s apparently been getting informal offers from teams in Greece, Spain and Russia. He’d have to be released by the Blazers in order to go overseas, but there’s always the possibility of a trade if he’s going to throw off the chemistry of a team that could contend for a title.

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  • D A

    Raps are offering 60 over 5 to Hedo. RealGM Suckaaass!

  • http://www.ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    Thats the stupidest rumor ever, Rudy plays the 1 and the 2, Hedo plays the 3. So theres no way theres any drama here (Batum is the one should get pissed because HIS minutes will be the ones taken)

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Rudy plays the 1?

  • Drink the Haterade

    Actually when Rudy and Roy are on the floor together he plays the three and I’ve always thought he was a three. Either way, I can see how he would feel disrespected by the Hedo signing.

    I mean the guy busts teams USA ass in the gold medal and all he gets is to sit behind a younger rookie. WTF?

  • kdjinx

    Rudy got about 12 of his 26 minutes a game last year playing SF while Outlaw played the power forward. You bet he’s pissed; not only are his minutes going to drop but paying Hedo and new contracts for Roy and Aldridge the dollars are drying up…. Less minutes, no dough, sure he’s ticked.
    Trade him to Minnesota for Flynn….. Hell, get real inventive and send Rudy and Jared Bayless to the T-Wolves for Flynn and Love, it’s a win-win for both teams if Rudy gets Rubio over here along with a combo-guard to back them both up… Portland gets the point and muscle it needs, do it…..

  • ERIC

    AND rudy is pissed that his spaniard boy Sergio Rodriguez was traded… rudy paid $500k of his OWN money to play for the blazers and he feels like he’s getting shafted..

    $50-$60 mill for Hedo is INSANE. Whoever bites on that is royally effed…he’s already 30.. does anyone think that Hedo is gonna be any good at 34-36?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    only time rudy plays the 1 is in nba 2k9. Hedo is about to milk someone dry and not even be close to worth it.

  • Baby Huey

    I hope that Raps offer is true, it might just save the Blazers from themselves

  • the cynic

    Wouldn’t adding Turk introduce the possibility of having Rudy start at the 1 because Roy and Turk could handle the PG responsibilties. Fernandez can’t handle any 3’s in the league defensively because he’s so weak physically. In fact adding Turk would free Rudy to do what he does best and that’s shoot the 3 or cut to the basket. Not sure if Turk is worth 12 mil though, maybe

  • top_gun

    Ben Gordon agreed to a 5 year deal for 55 mil…helping Dime out.

  • Arrogant
  • Kobeef


    and Chuck V agreed to 5 years $35 million.
    Detroit isn’t messing around. Something tells me a Rip trade is in the works.

    Interesting to note that Ben G is getting paid more than Tayshaun but less than Rip. Chuck V is getting less than all three of them but more than Maxiell

  • jzsmoove

    Colangelo aint that stupid (i hope) to overpay for Hedo that much. Its looking financially responsible in T.O. right now after a bit of a wait dont screw it up now.

  • MNTwolves

    Trade Fernandez to the Wolves!!!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Get that money Hedo. Dude ain’t even ring chasin, he is paper chasin. Best shot for a ring was with Orlando. Still Portland is most def. nothing to sneeze at.

    Rudy there is a home for you coming off the bench with the Rockets.

  • Redstorm11

    Knicks could use him
    n bayless in exchange of lee

  • carmikal

    Rudy acts like a girl yo. Everytime something doesn’t go his way he get the he’s Euro journalists involved and he starts running his mouth. If he has a problem with the situation then show everyone that should be starting and win the job hands down. If not shutup.