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Summer league “vets” steal the show, and the Knicks find a ghost

Anthony Randolph

Anthony Randolph

Big night in the Vegas Summer League, where the “veterans” outshined the rookies and toyed with some of the scrubs. Anthony Randolph continued his MVP-caliber run, dropping 42 points (13-22 FG, 16-21 FT), four steals and three blocks on the Bulls while looking like a more athletic version of Chris Bosh. Randolph has shown flashes in college and during his rookie year; we know, It’s Just Summer League, but the guy is looking like he’s gonna be a beast in the NBA. Few power forwards in the League have his athleticism and few small forwards have his size, making him an instant matchup problem. He’s still a little too skinny, but he’s putting on muscle, and was finishing strong at the rim yesterday. Stephen Curry had 10 points (3-15 FG) and eight dimes in the game … Nick Young went for 36 points (13-19 FG) against the Cavs. Young should also find his niche this season; he can be a real force as a pure scorer off the bench behind Gilbert Arenas and Randy Foye, a cross between J.R. Smith without the rough edge and Jason Terry without a conscience … Blake Griffin was not-as-amazing in his second pro game, recording 16 points and nine boards against the Hornets, and again struggling from the free throw line (2-5 FT). Blake was outshined by DeAndre Jordan (21 pts, 12 rebs, 3 blks) and Eric Gordon (22 pts), which is a good thing if you’re the Clippers. Serious question: If you look past their cursed history of simply being the Clips, doesn’t this franchise have a bright future with Gordon, Griffin, Jordan, Chris Kaman and Al Thornton? And Mike Taylor isn’t bad … Darrell Arthur reminded everybody he’s still in the NBA, getting 22 points for the Grizzlies against the Knicks, while Hasheem Thabeet had six points, six boards and one block in 22 minutes. Jordan Hill had 13 points and eight boards in his debut, but did you see who else is on the Knicks’ roster? Nikoloz Tskitishvili. Wherever they unearthed that guy from, Skita (12 pts, 3 blks) still looks lost half the time … Another random sighting: David Harrison on the Cavs summer squad … James Harden put up 23 points, five boards, five dimes and two steals against the Lakers, who got the win behind Adam Morrison‘s 17 points … Spurs perma-project Ian Mahimni posted a triple-double — 12 points, 16 rebounds, 10 fouls — against Denver. Coby Karl led the Nuggets with 19 points, and Ty Lawson added eight points (0-7 FG, 8-8 FT) and three assists …

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

Lamar Odom (photo. Tim Tadder)

A few days ago, Lamar Odom was supposed to be close to re-signing with the Lakers. Still no movement on that, and in fact, it’s being reported L.O. and L.A.’s negotiations have gone the other way and the Lakers have pulled their $9M-per-year offer off the table. In the meantime, Miami and Dallas are creeping into the picture … The Heat are also being mentioned as possible destinations for Carlos Boozer (via trade) and Allen Iverson (via free agency), which may or may not just be a tactic started in-house to make D-Wade more likely to sign an extension … The Suns bought out Ben Wallace‘s contract for $10 million of the original $14M, and now the Pistons are interested in bringing Wallace back. He would certainly be affordable at the veteran’s minimum, and the fans would love to see him back as a reminder of the good ol’ days, but does Big Ben really fill the holes left by Antonio McDyess and Rasheed Wallace? … And the early favorite for “Most Pointless/Forgettable Trade of the Year” was completed yesterday: The Hawks sent David Andersen to Houston for a second-round pick, cash and “future considerations.” If you’ve never heard of Andersen, it’s because the Hawks drafted him in 2002 and he’s been in Australia and Europe ever since, apparently working on that Arvydas Sabonis career track. So is this the Rockets’ way of addressing the Yao Ming situation, or did the Hawks suddenly decide they really needed a second-round pick for when Jon Scheyer becomes available? And what are these “future considerations”? If Rick Sund calls up Daryl Morey a year from now like, “Hey, I know what I want now,” will Morey even remember what he’s talking about? … We’re out like Skita …

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  • DvDJ Steve

    first baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the cynic

    Randolph is going to be an All-Star. Led all rookies in “WOW!” plays

  • topsource

    What is more intimidating about Anthony Randolph is that he is still 20, has grown almost a full inch this summer (now just UNDER 7 ft!) and has gained over 20 pounds of muscle by working out 3 times a day in downtown Oakland. His jumper is becoming butter and he is a lefty. He is what Stomile Swift SHOULD have become (remember him anyone???)

  • Steve Nasty

    Hope the Clips give Jordan some burn…he may put up descent numbers

  • Mr.Wang

    Big Ben is DONE. If the Mavs somehow gets Odom, a small-ball lineup of Kidd-jHO-Marion-Odom-Dirk ain’t too shabby……except dirk will get into foul trouble tryingggg to cover the opponents centers.

    I’m out like Big Ben’s Career & JFK….


    $9 Million per year? Don’t get greedy, LO!

  • added

    dont sleep on david andersen…he is a scoring machine from the post, has a great mid-range shot and can rebound…think of him as a less mobile and less talented gasol…

    and LO, what the fck dude?! take that offer man, cos you aint getting a better one elsewhere + you get to stay in LA…its like ariza all over again…

  • Sweet English

    Why do the summer league teams get these shitty ghetto open run session jerseys? I know it aint the league but damn, i play in the a regional league in the middle of England and our kits are still fresher than these whack joints.

    Do they have to bring there own shorts?

  • ponky_alolor

    LO is asking for more years and not for more money. dallas might just get desperate after gortat and throw him that.

    don’t see him that much of a good fit in miami since beasley should be their lead forward but if Riley wants to just surround D-Wade with talent then so be it.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    David Andersen is the REAL! Dude is about to open up cans on teams all over the NBA!

    No for real I know nothing about dude. In doing some minor research on dude he seems ok, and in Rick’s system I think he will do well.

    Long as Brooks is doing his thing and Tracy comes back hot and Trevor contributes in D and scoring along with the 2 rookies, Houston should be ok.

    Ben Wallace should play 1 year with the D and then bow out gracefully.

    Crunchbury needs to go overseas and I been saying that.

    I thought LO and Ron were boys? I really thought he would have been said yes. I guess LO sees all this money being thrown at dudes like Gortat and is like shoot let me see if I can get some of that.

    I am really shocked Fisher didn’t leave after this championship. You know leave out healthy and on top.

    Summer and Gilbert Arenas has been shockingly out of the Youtube’s and Sportscenters of the world? What is going on?

    Miami is back on if they have Wade, Iverson and Boozer!

    Ty Lawson betta thank GOD for free throws

  • SwedishMooze

    Didn’t Marco Belinelli and Jerryd Bayless dominate summer league last year.. yeah, time to tone down the NBA projections based on summer league numbers.

    @6 if Hedo can pull down $11m (55/5) then Odom should be in the vicinity.

    LO (29y-6’10-220) 14-10-3 per 36 and 49%/32/62, PER 16.6
    HT (30y-6’10-220) 17- 5-5 per 36 and 41%/36/81, PER 14.8


    LO 15-9-4 per 36 and 46%/31/70, PER 17.0
    HT 16-5-4 per 36 and 43%/39/80, PER 15.1

    Comparing 08-09 to career levels, I would have thought Hedo was improving given the hype around him… not necessarily the case and his shooting is down. Odom took a lesser role last year, so his reduction in points and assists is more expected, though his shooting improved.

    Granted Hedo took the reigns for the Magic in way that Odom didn’t seem to want in the playoffs, but Hedo’s doesn’t play with an Alpha dog like Kobe and when Nelson got hurt, Hedo had to initiate the offense more.

    08-09 playoffs
    LO 12-9-2 in 32 MPG 52/51/61, PER 18
    HT 16-5-5 in 39 MPG 43/39/82, PER 13

    Funny that the perception is that Hedo stepped up in the playoffs while LO fell off… If you trust the more advanced numbers, Odom was far better in the playoffs. In their careers, Hedo’s best PER in the playoffs is 15.8 as a rook for the Kings, Odom’s career low was 15.9 in 07-08.

    Regardless of the details, Hedo’s a 3 and better as a facilitator where Odom’s an athletic 4 and more physical rebounder… If I’m Odom and Hedo’s getting 11 mil, I’m looking for at least 10m too. Not sure if Hedo deserved 11m, but at least two teams were eager to give it to him… and if I’m the Blazers, I’d rather have Odom with the ability to play the 3 and 4 than Millsap who can only play the 4.

  • alf (from melmak)

    I know it is just summer league but has anyone seen the numbers of Adam Morrison?

    Already been ridiculed for saying that he will have a breakout season but if you look back, he was a college star in a very good program, been selected by Coach K to try out for the US national team, and a double digit scorer in his Bobcats days until the injury.

    If he gets the minutes from Phil Jackson, he can supplant a lot of players in the Laker rotation.

    Has also anyone sensed that Hasheem Thabeet will be a big bust this season???

    Anyway, I am still offering my entire meal allowance for the month to Dumars if he will agree to a Boozer and AK swap for Rip and Prince.

  • Jos

    I had read that Randolph had grown an inch and gained 20 pounds too, so I was really looking forward to seeing how he looked. I thought he might have that stretch look Garnett has, where his head looks like it’s perched really high. I didn’t notice that much of a difference though. Standing next to Connor Atchley who is 7 feet, he looked at least a full inch shorter. It doesn’t matter, I’ve been impressed by how he’s been able to finish his moves. He has always had the footwork and the great handles but his finishing was lacking. Now his jumper is falling off stepbacks, pullups, he’s finishing up and under moves in the post. He’s been great, obviously.

  • K Dizzle

    Lamar wants 9 mil?

    I’ll put it in perspective. Dude deserves at least Anderson Varejao money…

  • Atom


    Im not necessarily arguing with your conclusion, but just because Hedo got a ridiculous deal doesn’t mean LO has the right to expect the same.

    The playoff numbers I would be interested in seeing are for 4th quarter production. I think those would make it pretty clear which guy you want on your team going into the playoffs.

  • mules

    The Clips could have MJ, Magic, Isiah, Wilt, and Russell in their prime and they still wouldn’t do shit….not with Mike Dunleavy coaching them.

  • mules

    Who will end up being the bigger bust…Oden or Thabeet?

  • calvin brodus

    I still have night terrors over that skita choice. nugs used a #5 pick to that get mofo.

    that genius draft move was pulled off by kiki vandeveghe. same dude who gave kmart 6 years and max money.

    a hex on you, kiki!

    looking at varejos payday. how can odom get static for chasing benjis?

  • Junio

    Basketbawful would call Mahimni’s line a triple-bumble…

  • isotope

    Whats up with the Rockets just buying players? The 3 wnd round picks and now Andreson. And why give up a 2nd rnd pick AND cash? Looks like Houston has too much money and not enough roster spots.

  • http://deleted Luigi

    thx for the NY Love dime. Nick Youngs gonna kill nxt yr. n for those fans who watched the Wiz play last yr know what im talking about


    anthony randolph is a beast. the stronger he gets, the further he will progress in the league to all star level. And as far as lamar odom bring him on to dallas!! cuban u gotta make a move b4 theres no one else left to get

  • Chitown 23/33

    James Johnson looked pretty good yesterday playing 3 and 4.He pretty quick, with good footwork for a man that size.If management believes he can contribute right away I think Tyrus is gone. But I think Taj Gibson picked up another foul while I was writing this.

    Why would Dallas want another forward?!? They have Marion,Josh Howard, and Dirk already. Unless they’re trying to get me to believe that Howard is a guard or Dirk can play center I don’t see how it addresses their flaws as a team.

  • jzsmoove

    Skita playing at the pre-games?? haha if you had a heart ailment you probably flop dead if you saw him thinking its a ghost.

  • lifep

    Ahhhh…there’s that Duke hate again (Jon Scheyer comment)

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    Just sign already ODom

  • Mr. BBall

    I hear LO was signed 2 hours ago.

  • hansosword

    Where is Caligari?? Why isnt he playing??

  • http://shootingbasketballtips.blogspot.com/ Dodge Taylor

    Its tough being an Aussie basketball fan on here.

    First we have Mills free-falling in the draft and then breaking his foot. Second you use Ben Pepper as your one example of a 2nd round pick in the draft that never saw a minute in the NBA … and now you’re slagging off David Andersen.

    Andersen has been rock solid in his time in Europe and represented Australia at the Olympics.

    I’m sure there have been FAR more pointless/forgettable trades already. Pick one without an Aussie involved next time please.

    We’re still hurting from all the bad news re: Patty Mills … no more kicking us when we’re down.

  • Josh Tha roc

    David andersen will be a solid centre in the NBA.