No LO update, anytime now LO.

  • Mr.Wang

    Portland DEF needs an upgrade over Steve Blake, but at what cost for Andre Miller??

    I’m out like dancing with a drunk chick


    PS YI is not a power forward. Good ole Shawn Kemp would have him for breakfast and that’s the Shawn of today not the Seattle version.

  • ToAn

    greg oden IS not-so-elite however you turn it, so no problem with that at all…i hope to get some video from the USA interim game on sunday…here in Europe nobody is going to even mention it in the media so i hope to find something on the internet.

  • sh!tfaced

    “…the Blazermaniacs get more defensive than Britney Spears fans.” LOL. More defensive than Richard Jefferson being gay…?

    Good luck with the comeback, flatfooted Yao. Just hope the Chinese aren’t superstitious when it comes to having surgery during a solar eclipse.

  • ToAn

    ^^^^the blue-white game is on saturday, not sunday… and when Yao comes back 100% healthy (or something like that) i think he will get his 20-10 line again. he missed several months without playing and returned in great shape more often than anybody so i guess that’s not a problem for him if he misses 12 months or more

  • danny

    Wasnt randolph invited but chose not to go?

  • Ashlov

    Who’s Greg Oden?

  • dk

    @6 Yeah right, were do i sign up to wager the farm!

  • Steve Nasty

    Wasn’t Ed Obannon a part of a Japanese touring side? Why is Brook so hated? I know he loves Walt Disney or some shit like that. That makes him a pansy but why the hate? Can someone fill me in>

  • http://Gmail Janice Temmers

    This trade will work!


    Nets give the Warriors a unconditional first round draft pick.

  • showydisplay

    Ed O’Bannon mad he didnt get paid off of Coach K (videogame). UCLA was a beast on that mug.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Charles obannon was touring with an Asian national team. Still had ups too, although he looked 50.

  • d

    The Ed Obannon thing is interesting, although I can’t see how he’d win on it. Mike and Mike were talking about it this morning and brought up Greg Anthony who apparently had a t-shirt business while he played at UNLV. The business was thriving and Anthony was making a lot of money. The school (or the NCAA – wasn’t clear on which) forced him to stop the business. Greg Anthony offered to give up his scholarship and keep running the business and pay his own way through school. UNLV (or the NCAA) said no, student athletes are not allowed to make money. Kind of crazy.

    But then again there’s the other side. As much as it sucks to see all of these college programs making money hand-over-fist it’s a slippery slope to walk down by allowing student athletes to get paid. Programs are bad enough as it is, but what happens when the star gets more than a role-player, or a bench player. Do only football and basketball programs get paid? What about womens programs (now you’re into Title IX territory)? How do you decide who gets what share of the revenue? And how do you audit for compliance? In what instance does the player get to audit the school?

    It’s the players option on how to utilize school (whether or not to graduate or bolt for the professional leagues, whether or not to go to class, or whether or not to be the BMOC). But the money they save in tuition and room and board is like getting paid. So it’s not like the kids are getting totally shafted (just somewhat).

  • QQ

    QQ da Boss Bytches!!!

  • karizmatic

    If Yao Ming is even able to play again it will be great, it looks like he might be done to me. That realignment of bones is no joke, especially for a 7’6 guy.

  • scotsman

    As a nets fan i will take almost anyone starting over Yi. Boozer catches a lot of heat, but put him next to Yi and he looks like an all star. Davis wouldnt be bad either.

  • dk

    @15 Hey man, * coughs ( toolbag ) * how is everything. I was wondering what your squads gonna do ” if ” they lose to the Lakers again next year?

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    Oh my god, tell me you guys didn’t miss the Stephon Marbury UStream last night. It was epic. The guy kept up a stream of consciousness monologue for about 2 hours, completely unfiltered. And full of amazing quotes ranging from lacrosse to the hood to sex in the back of a truck to the LeBron dunk to roaches.

  • Atom

    Honestly, Yao’s game already involves a lot of labored movements on the court so I don’t see his numbers taking that big of a hit, as long as that ish doesn’t crack again.

    @ticktock6: I want to hear more about this Marbury stream. That guy needs a reality show. Would be way funnier than TO. If only he would hook up with Whitney Houston they could sell that 4 bank

  • Diego

    Great cracks regarding Sean May and Carl’s Jr., and Kemp!

    But I think Sean May is worth a shot. (But then again, I thought Shelden Williams was also, so what do I know?)

  • doc

    Yao gonna be good.He might gotta take 2 off like Big Z did.Big Z got hurt every year to.Then he had the same surgery and came back about 2 years later and havent missed a game since.And tuition and room and board aint paying somebody that pulled u in 100 million this calender year.Give me my fucking money I’ll pay my own way through school.They blind the public with that shit.Who wouldnt rather get 200 large then drop 40k on tuition instead of being told your tuition is payed now go play ball for me and ignore them jerseys filling the stands up with your number and them Playstation games where dude with your number on is the shit and he leaves after 1 year in your dynasty season and the constant sportscenter highlights that bring your school MORE fame and MORE fortune.Ohio State had over 100000 people come to the SPRING football game.Its really really FUCKED UP that Terrelle Pryor aint gonna see a cent of that.Get your money ED.And open the floodgates.

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    BNZA says:

    TMZ.com has video of LeBron James getting dunked on at his camp by Xavier’s Jordan Crawford, and will air it on Wednesday night.


  • bballinca

    Part of the reason why UNLV or the NCAA said no to Greg Anthony about paying his own way through school is because both knew the business was allegedly a front. THis way supporters of the program could funnel money to the players without it being illegal.

    The best is when UNLV players would work in the casinos as a hostess to sit people at shows. You know that in order to get a good seat you tip the hostess. Allegedly program boosters would give huge tips to players.

  • eddie habba

    just want to remind everbody that Trevor Ariza’s agent sucks!! HAHAHAHAHAHA