Smack / Jul 26, 2009 / 3:05 am

Team USA wraps up camp, and Stephon Marbury has issues

Eric Gordon & O.J. Mayo

Eric Gordon & O.J. Mayo

The summer league re-runs were fine, but nobody would’ve complained if NBA TV sent some cameras down to Vegas last night and aired the Team USA mini-camp exhibition game. Rudy Gay (27 pts) and Kevin Durant (20 pts, 8 rebs) were the stars of the show, with Brook Lopez (18 pts, 5 rebs) also turning in an impressive performance … There could be three or four spots open for the 2010 World Championship: We can see Boozer and Tayshaun being gently asked to step aside, Jason Kidd calling it an international career, and Kobe even taking a break after another long playoff run and finally getting that pinky fixed. So if there were openings for a PG, two wings and a big man, who would you take? … Nothing substantial to report on the free agent front, unless you think Rasho Nesterovic going to the Raptors is the move that puts T-Dot over the top. Is there a more anonymous dude in the League? This should tell you something: Rasho played for the Pacers all of last season, and yet his profile pic on NBA.com was still one from his last stint in Toronto … Lamar Odom is now rumored to be leaning more toward signing with Miami for $34 million over five years. We still think L.O. ultimately stays with the Lakers, but it’s not like Miami would be a bad move for him. If he gets on that team — and let’s say the Heat don’t land Boozer — the Heat are dangerous with a lineup of Mario Chalmers, D-Wade, Mike Beasley, Odom and Jermaine O’Neal for 35-40 games … The Grizzlies rescinded their original offer for Hakim Warrick, which may be a sign of them clearing up money for Allen Iverson … Meanwhile, the Knicks are supposedly gonna meet with Jamaal Tinsley next week. Because the last time they brought in a native NY point guard with a potential attitude problem, that worked out GREAT … On that note, here’s an e-mail from one of our boys: “I found Stephon Marbury on Twitter today and decided to follow him. Then I left the house, came back 2 hours later, and had to un-follow him. He was tweeting literally every minute and most of his tweets were crazy replies to himself. From ‘You’re making a sandwich and it’ll be dope’ to rambling self-help quotes. Steph’s lost it.” We checked, and here’s an unedited random sample of one of Steph’s tweets: “speak into my vision. If you can’t feel me don’t be near me. Its still love. I will feel you from a far. Don’t take it the wrong way.” … And by now you might’ve heard about Steph’s 24-hour live chat that has become just short of legend. At one point during the chat, Steph said, “I don’t care about the NBA, those days are over with.” If Steph really does go to Europe, there’s gonna be a major battle for whoever gets the rights to have him blog about it … Have any of you seen the show “4th and Long” on Spike TV? Long story short, Michael Irvin brought in 12 guys who are trying to get to the NFL (six WR’s, six DB’s), and the winner gets a spot at Dallas Cowboys’ training camp. Reader “Poppi Gee” suggested somebody come up with a basketball version of the show, which is a great idea, but which franchise should it be, and who should be the host? Mark Jackson having guys tryout for the Knicks would work, or Glen Rice and Miami. But it has to be a desirable team/city and the host needs to be somebody who can make it seem like a big deal. (Irvin’s over-the-top drama and intensity are a plus.) You can’t exactly pull off Pooh Richardson giving out Clippers tryouts, ya know? … The WNBA All-Star Game was yesterday. Diana Taurasi played despite her recent controversy in what was basically a showcase for the ex-UConn players in Connecticut. Swin Cash copped the MVP with 22 points, Sue Bird had 16 and 10 assists, Taurasi scored 18 and Charde Houston scored 16 for the winning West squad … We’re out like Pooh …

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  • yw

    1st. starbury is gone, haha

  • FLakers Fan

    I’m tired of LO and jumping off the Lakers’ bandwagon for now, I hope he sticks it to Buss and takes less money to play in Miami. They will be awesome with Haslem coming off the bench to go with that lineup. Spurs WC Champs in ’09-’10!

  • ludakrshna

    @ Dime
    Drew Gooden signed with the mavs

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    I’ve been watching that Starbury shit and had to turn it off just now. He started dancing off naked to Ryan Leslie and I turned it off.

    “Im doing meeeeeeeeeeee”

    It was certified insane, that can’t be how you get a contract in the L.

  • Q

    D Rose, Durant, Mayo, and B Griff…. Team USA will be unstoppable in 2012…

  • Yoooo

    Steph is buggin. Who would have ever thought he’d get to this point like 10 years ago??? Ron Artest is more normal at this point.

    Fellaz, add my site the joints u hit up everyday. MenWithGirls.Blogspot.Com dope ass articles

  • Tig obamo

    john wall durant mayo beasley

  • Coop

    Think you might want to change that to “those days are over with”, hmm?

  • haslem

    as a mavs sympathizer i don’t understand why they would sign Gooden. If the Spurs can’t turn you into a crucial cog for a championship team you’re hopeless.


    Mario Chalmers, D-Wade, Mike Beasley, Odom and Jermaine O’Neal is a nice lineup but can they beat the East elite teams, Cleveland and Orlando? How about this lineup LO, Fisher, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, and Bynum?

    LO got issues! LO goes, please sign that Denver Nuggets guy, Kinzia or whatever his name is.

  • sh!tfaced

    “Three teams are reportedly interested in signing Stephon Marbury. Unfortunately for Marbury, none of them are basketball teams.”

  • sh!tfaced

    If Starbury signs with a team, no one will be more excited than that city’s psychiatrists.

  • M Intellect

    Bruce – Ya line-up got 6 dudes.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jahovah23 JHov

    For anybody reading this this morning check out Marbury right now at http://www.justin.tv/starburytv he is high off of something and saying crazy ish! If you check it late just go to the archives on the page and watch..it is crazy!

  • http://www.nba.com smoove chips

    it takes enornous skill to make ronron look very rational.

    steph ,you are extremely talented.i don’t say that lightly either.

  • That’s whats up

    ^^^^^Marbury is high as hell on something….

    he seems sad and lonely, and that in itself is sad

  • gigi

    why are ppl always assuming marbury is on some type of drugs like really. maybe the dude is just a diff person period.

  • King

    Rondo, Durant, mayo, al Jefferson

    for team USA

  • Jayo

    They should have Starbury do a NBA reality TV show like 4th & long. Call it “The Last Shot” & let them play for a summer league invite with the Knicks

  • Lee

    Magic and the Lakers.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I watched a lot of the 24 hour marathon (what? I’m not working right now and I couldn’t look away) and I don’t think he was on anything. He also only ate like twice the entire time. Said he was fasting or something. And he wasn’t away from the camera for long periods of time, except once, and when he came back he was no more or less rambling than he was before. He seriously just sat on his laptop and talked nonstop all day. Now, some people have to be high to do that, but some don’t. I’m leaning towards that’s just his personality. He’s just a weird, weird guy. But I believe he believes everything he says.

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    He is clearly showing signs of someone in serious need of mental health, not even joking.

    its kind of sad because famous people seem to have a different scale for sanity or getting help or something….
    If most peoples friends were doing that/acting that way you’d go get some help

  • jzsmoove

    No worries for Team USA, its in good hands with Durant, Rose, Griffin and Mayo on board. The star power isnt where it should be at this point yet but the talent level is sky high. And with less baggage and drama. Once everybody sees the damage they can do, this team will be held in high esteem like the Redeem Team 08.

  • Shakers

    For team USA, Rose, Durant, Griffin and hopefully they can get Brandon Roy to join the mix. He’s perfect for that squad.

  • doc

    Marbury got people watching and talking thats all he want.U know the old saying,any pub is good pub.He do be tripping but since he look out for the poor he get a pass with me forever.

  • doc

    Its so much talent in the nba today its crazy.We got so much talent its gonna be hard as hell to choose from these dudes.Bron,Wade,CP3,Dwill,Melo,Dwight,and Bosh locks.They earned it from busting everybody ass that was supposed to be so called “ready” to beat them for the Gold.Kobe a lock to because he gonna play he a iron man he’ll be out there jing everybody eyes out if u think a 34-5 year old Kobe wont bust Olympic comp ass your a crazy person.Then I would go with Durant,Rose,and them last 2 spots up for grabs between Roy and Mayo and some bigs not named Boozer like Al Jeff,Bynum,and Oden.And just to say early we gonna run through that shit again EASY.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    ticktock6 — you trying to put him in a box?

    usa team — d.rose as the point, any two other fowards/bigs will do to replace tay and booz (healthy al jefferson, ronnie brewer), maybe grainger as the scoring wing (?)

    NBA 4th and long — greg ostertag as host, and not tryouts to longshots, but just him ‘working’ with the plethora of white guys the jazz have stockpiled at center (fesenko, koufos, suton, tomic, dragicevic)

  • http://www.twitter.com/AustinatDIMEmag Austin Burton

    @Amar — Don’t forget Curtis Borchardt. His high school (Eastlake, WA) was in the same conference as mine (Franklin), so one time they were playing at our gym and I bumped into him on their way in. At the time, he was the biggest human being I’d ever seen up close.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    yeah, but Borch isn’t currently on the team. All those whiteys I’ve named are all recent DP’s or guys with NBA contracts.

    Borch is a huge failure. The jazz team doctors are idiots if okaying him, and getting the jazz brass’ hopes up. Even 1st year medical students are taught about avascular necrosis . . . that shit never heals esp when it’s the navicular bone in the foot. That’s rudimentary. Just makes me sick that they were dumb-asses and said “yeah, he’s okay,” so the Jazz traded for him on draft night. Seriously, avascular necrosis of the navicular in a normal human being can be lived with . . . on a guy 7’2 and 270+ lb is a whole different kind of strain (esp for a guy making a living by jumping up and down and running).

    That’s part of the reason why Yao will NEVER be 100% again, his feet have taken such a banging from how big he is, daily. It’s a damn shame physiology has not kept in step with how big (due to eating, working out, training, and suppliments) anatomy can get.

    There’s a reason we don’t see brontosaurus anymore, shit that big did not become effecient at living.

  • Sanpitch

    I was in Vegas last night at the Team USA scrimmage. Let me tell you this, however old you think Oden is add 10 more years to it and you’s about right. Dude looks older in real life. Damn he is big, too.

    Why wasn’t Beasley invited and why didn’t Harris play, he was suited up?

    Kevin Durant and Rudy Gay stole the show. OJ Mayo is shorter than I thought and Durant is taller than I thought and skinnier. Durant will be on the next team no questions asked. Lopez would be a good big man for Team USA. Thaddeus Young looked like he was out to prove something. OJ Mayo canned 3 3’s in a row, then bricked his next 3. After Josh Smith crammed Mayo’s layup down his throat, Mayo camped out behind the line and never even considered driving to the hoop.

    Who feels in Michael Redd’s spot shooting? If Team USA brings Redd back, I will diarrhea down both legs! Dude plays zero d and is a walking turnover whenever he puts the rock on the floor. But a spot up shooter is needed on Team USA. So who is the next spot up shooter? Watching Kyle Korver last night, he could fill that role. What’s your take? He plays better d than Redd and you don’t cringe whenever he puts the rock on the floor.

    Who are the best American spot shooters in the game right now?

    So there might be a spot for him.

    My projection of guys who played last night that will be on the team in ’12:
    Kevin Durant
    Brook Lopez
    Brandon Roy
    Kyle Korver
    Rudy Gay / Josh Smith (for his defense)

  • the cynic

    rasho is a solid pick up for the raps; im surprised more teams weren’t interested in bringing him in to be a back-up center.

    when is marbury just going to go away? he is a never was, kinda like me

  • NC

    NBA dot calm is terrible at replacing player pics.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Shaq as host of 6 guys trying to get a tryout at center and 6 as point guards would be tight.

    A serious Shaq would intimidate the mess out of the 12.

    The banging would be fierce and you could bring in such greats as Kareem and Worth for the centers.

    You could bring in a whole plethora of LA guards who are old skool for the guards. I’d watch it.