NBA / Jul 22, 2009 / 6:55 pm

The Celtics Tried To Trade Big Baby For Jason Maxiell

Glen Big Baby Davis

While word surfaced this week that the Nets were among the teams interested in Glen Davis, one interesting trade proposal came to light: Davis, J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruitt to the Pistons for Jason Maxiell and a first-round pick.

While this deal was apparently quickly turned down, I do like where Boston’s head is at. Clearly you know that I’d like to see Big Baby stay in town, but with our current roster, I’d take Maxiell and a first-round pick any day of the week.

Other than the Nets and Pistons, the Hornets and Blazers have tried to work a sign-and-trade deal for Big Baby, and it appears that’s what the Celtics would prefer so they can get something back in return.

If you were the Pistons, would you have made that trade?

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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  • Sanssasin

    hell no. pistons are lottery bound this season.

  • Arrogant

    east got a lock of 4 -5 teams the other 3-4 are up for grabs…. pistons will make the playoffs

  • Mack Brownee

    If I was the pistons, I would fire joe dumars. he gets too much cred for that one championship season they had. larry brown is gone, sheed/billups/big ben are all gone, now it’s time for joe to leave, too. He’s made too many suspect moves starting with the darko pic which most ppl overlooked b/c they won the championship. Any other gm would have been fired after some of the moves he’s made, including trading chauncey for ai

  • Mik

    Hey Mack,

    Before getting on Joe’s case compare his performance with his peers. He’s one of the better GMs in the NBA. They went to 6 straight ECF under his management. That’s better than most teams. His one blunder was Darko, however most any manager with the #2 pick would’ve gone the same route.

    Now, as far as this trade, if I am Pistons I’m declining this trade. Why give up 1st round pick for 2 players that are filling the scrubs role at this point?

  • ctc24

    big baby my butt he suck

  • http://deleted Luigi

    Joe D knows what hes doing. after all. he did lead the Pistons in 6 straight ECFs n got plenty of cap space from AI/Sheed.

    they should be fine. i hope they trade Rip 2 Utah for Booz though or whereever

  • dk


  • dk

    Listen so Dime is so far up Bostons ass let me know what ply they use and how many sheets to clean up a good case of the shitz!

  • JCarr

    With the exception of the first round pick yes. Big baby has improved but as more teams start to scout him he will struggle. Detroit is not going anywhere this year so they shouldn’t give up picks but still take chances.

  • Mal

    You have it backwards, as usual. The Pistons offered Maxiell, and the Celtics turned them down.

  • Chitown 23/33

    Why would the Pistons offer Maxiell for an unathletic version of Maxiell? Makes no sense.

  • http://yahoo Chris Simoneau

    big baby is a better player than maxiell, plain and simple.

  • Yahtzee

    Um, the Celtics definitely offered Big Baby, not the other way around. Get your head straight Mal.

    Curry refused to play Maxy last year, he was looking great two years ago. Give Maxiell PT and he is one of the most exciting young bigs in the L.

    Remember his blocks on Tyson Chandler and KG? The dude eats babies.