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The NBA’s summer of $10M backups, plus T-Mac going to Utah?

David Lee (photo. New York Post)

David Lee (photo. New York Post)

With the biggest of the big-name free agents quickly finding homes, the next phase is all about reactionary replacements. Example: The Blazers thought they had Hedo Turkoglu the other day, but now that he’s going to the Raptors, Portland has turned their sights on David Lee. They can offer Lee the same $50 million over five years they offered Hedo, but is Lee even worth that much? He’s only had one good year (16 ppg, 11.7 rpg) as a starter, and those numbers were put up in Mike D’Antoni‘s stats-on-crack system where he was the only rebounder on the Knicks. And do the Blazers really need to spend $10M a year on LaMarcus Aldridge‘s backup? … Meanwhile, the Bulls are looking to replace Ben Gordon‘s scoring punch, so they’re trying to talk Jannero Pargo into coming back home from the Euroleague. The Hornets are also trying to get Pargo, but he’s a Chicago native, so that could sway his decision … And the Cavs, having missed on Ron Artest and Trevor Ariza, are now interested in Anthony Parker. Obviously not a game-changer like the aforementioned two, at least Parker is a smart vet who can contribute; he can be a threat in the stand-around-and-watch-LeBron offense, and he can play some D … Mike Bibby is close to re-upping with the Hawks on a three-year deal. From everything we’ve read, a lot of people assume there’s gonna be problems between Bibby and Jamal Crawford over who’s gonna start (Joe Johnson obviously isn’t going anywhere), but we don’t see it being an issue. We’ve been around and worked with Crawford enough to know he’s willing to accept a sixth man role on a playoff team — he’s never been to the postseason before — and especially when he’d still be involved come crunch time. Mike Woodson should be smart enough to know that a crunch-time lineup of Bibby, Crawford, Johnson, Josh Smith and Al Horford will win games for the Hawks. If anything, the loser in Bibby re-signing would be Jeff Teague, who may be on his way to becoming Acie Law V … Trade that could have been: T-Mac to Utah for Andrei Kirilenko. According to the Deseret News, the Rockets and Jazz were talking about it, but the Jazz pulled out. Crazy as it would have been just a couple years ago, it makes sense now. When he’s on his game, AK-47 does too many things for Utah that T-Mac can’t … Team USA is ripping through the under-19 world tourney in New Zealand; In pool play this week they beat Iran by 51, France by 16, and Egypt by 57. The squad is headlined by Seth Curry (Stephen’s little brother, sitting out this year as a transfer at Duke), DeAngelo Casto (Washington State workhorse destined to become the DeJuan Blair of the 2012 NBA Draft) and Trey Thompkins (PF who will get Georgia back on the map), but the star so far is Pitt point guard Ashton Gibbs. Through the first three games he’s leading the U.S. with 12.7 points and 4.0 assists per game. After sitting behind Levance Fields as a frosh, look for Gibbs to have a breakout sophomore run … We’re out like Acie Law …

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  • http://twitter.com/mikecheck1_2 Money Mike

    The Acie Law V comment was niiice. DLee shouldn’t/wont get 10 mil from the Blazers to be a back up, Kevin Pritchard is too smart for that.

  • alf (from melmak)

    T-Mac for AK: I got three words to everyone — micro fracture surgery. It would be better for the Jazz to trade AK and Boozer’s contract with that of Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince.

    That would give Utah a starting unit of D-Will, Rip, Prince, Milsap, and Okur. Might be good enough to win against most everyone except the Lakers.

    While I am in my fantasy world, I want Utah to get Sheed also for the MLE.

    Anyway, my meal allowance for the week is now waiting for the start of the men’s Wimbledon finals. Hope Roddick wins.

  • Valenfat


    Seriously, David Lee (or Milsap) needs to sign with the Thunder! Talk about an exciting up and coming team….

  • QQ

    Good job seeing the discrepancy between TMac and AK now.

  • Rafa23

    @ alf

    what do you hope roddick wins? one set? thats all he can do if he plays as good as he can.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Sad day that Steve McNair died. I hope Plaxico’s lawyers are smart enough to take his case to a jury–athletes are targets for criminals–there’s no reason Plax, or anybody, shouldn’t be able to arm themselves against impending danger; especially with all the violence surrounding athletes these days, a public defender should be able to get a jury to acquit him.

    The whole country should act like AZ–put it on your hip where everyone can see it…

    in basketball related thoughts–why would the Blazers even consider Lee unless they were unloading Oden or Aldridge?

  • sh!tfaced

    RIP, Air McNair

  • alf (from melmak)


    Roddick still has the fastest serve in the tournament. Federer despite all his greatness is still not Agassi when returning serves.

    With that said, Roddick is still facing tall odds but anything can happen on grass.

  • M Intellect

    Federer has beaten Roddick something crazy like 18 times out of the 20 times they played. Vince MacMahon’s theme song comes to mind.

  • sh!tfaced

    the last time roddick and federer met in a wimbledon final, a-rod was beaten so bad that in the post-match interview he said he should’ve just punched federer in face instead.

  • Ashlov

    “When he’s on his game, AK-47 does too many things for Utah that T-Mac can’t.”

    Yah, like stay on the floor. I won’t even bother dragging out the usual first round snipe.

  • Jay Jay

    The record between Federer and Roddick is 18-2. It’s safe to say that Federer owns Roddick!

    But with that said i do hope Roddick beats Federer!

  • Dagomar

    Lee has been one of the league’s best rebounders for a while now, and he’s still really young. Hell yeah I’d want him on my team. Is he worth it for Portland? Probably not. I think Portland should consider packaging a few of its young players for a big-time talent to take them over the edge, but that’s probably another year or so in the future.

    I have no idea why the Knicks are thinking of letting him go, but that’s NY for you.

  • ponky_alolor

    $10mil of confidence for greg oden > $10mil for D. Lee

  • Jay Load

    If anything, the loser in Bibby re-signing would be Jeff Teague, who may be on his way to becoming Acie Law V<====priceless…lol…

  • QQ

    Andy Roddick is like the Phoenix Suns (the great teams from a few years back) to Federer’s Spurs. Roddick might kick any other player’s ass, but when it comes to Federer, you all know Federer’s gonna beat him. You just know it.

  • KnicksFan84

    LOL Mike D’Antoni’s Stats-On-Crack System :)

  • dk

    @alf Wow, so your twlling me trading AK for Prince improves tge team, Ive heard it all now.

  • dk

    Can we keep the tennis crap off a basketball forum. I know theres alot of people with homo tendencies on here but lets keep the gay discussions on the gay sites.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs Before Slamball

    It tmacs head would prolly explode if he went to the jazz meanwhile their the team that kept him out the 2nd round the last 2 seasons while yao no showed. Plus would it really help to send tmac to a team that may ACTUALLY have more injuries durin the season during the rockets? And when AK plays his game hes good but hes no where what he used to be. All the cryin got to him.

    @dagomar, lee has never been a major leaguer until last year. Hes always been a overachieving role player. He was like ronnie turiaff, per minute he was good but no one expects him to turn into a superstar.

    @sans, I completely agree with you, between Mcnair, Springs, strahan gettin robbed, Eddy curry gettin robbed, marbury gettin robbed etc…plax kinda had a reason to carry it…My boys theory is they should just get more body guards, but even they only do so much and wouldn’t that just draw more attention to you? come on tmac back to orlandoooo….

  • kevin

    I’m so tired of everybody hatin tmac. Think about it ak47 for tmac???? That would be a steal for utah. When tmac is on his game he pulls 13 points in 30 sec. When tmac is on his game he is a 25 6 6 guy at least. When tmac is on his game he is a top 5 player in the league. Mark my words he’ll be back this year as the old mac fuck ak47 (wtf r u serious what a joke)…

  • D.H.

    @6 sans

    If you Americans would just give up your right to bear arms guys like McNair would probably be alive today. Its the morons who think they need to be packin heat 24/7 that are the reason for all these stupid shooting deaths. Get rid of the guns and your problems will go away.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    The Hawks are making a major mistake if they give Bibby a 3 year deal. He’s like Jason Kidd in regard to speed, but without all of the great passer and capable three point shooting baggage. Fuck them, in fact, for waiting THIS LONG to draft Jeff Teague when he may not even get the burn if the Black Jason Biggs is still employed.

    That team runs around like chickens with their heads cut off which means they need a solid, smart PG to get them in a positive direction. Bibby is washed up and at this point is a notch better than Anthony Johnson.

    Free Jeff Teague!

  • http://shaqtus.blogspot.com/ Let’s Go Hawks

    I don’t think Teague is going to be screw over like Law was because Woodson actually had a hand in this pick, whereas Billy Knight simply took who he wanted. Plus, this way Teague can learn from three really good guards in Bibby, Crawford and Johnson

  • Phileus

    @ dk, I know you’re really eager to tell us all about those sites, but please keep that crap off a basketball forum.

    If the Blazers take Lee, are they admitting that they have no confidence in Oden?

  • Big Island

    @D.H. It’s not necessarily the guns that kill people. It’s easier than stabbing someone, but there would still be a ton of violence. From what the police are saying, it looks like she shot him and then shot herself. She would’ve stabbed him, hit him with a bat, whatever. Crimes of passion my man. My guns have never shot anyone.

    I am with you on the stopping the violence thing though.

  • Dagomar

    @ Bron: never said he was a superstar, just that he’s been one of the league’s best rebounders for a while and still young.

  • baron von faulk

    @ DH

    The guns would still be purchased on the black market, man.

    Come down here to Texas and try to say that stuff about giving up guns, you wouldn’t make it off these rednecks porches before gettin’ some buckshot in the ass. What would you protect your home, land, and family with…a bag of golf clubs? Booby traps? A moat with crocs?

    RIP Air McNair

  • redstorm11

    i wonder if the blazers going for lee is not so much of him being a backup to lamarcus as it because they believe that oden cant stay healthy or wasnt what they xpected, if they sign and trade what should the knicks asking price be for both nate and lee? bayless and rudy plus picks?


    Houston Don’t need no AK LMAO! That would be the stupidest deal for both teams.

  • alf (from melmak)

    Pardon one more tennis post but that Wimbledon final was a classic.

    Roddick had a very big chance to go up 2-0 and he was up 15-40 in the 15th game of the 5th set. He blew his chances. Still, he can hold his head high.

    He extended Federer to the limit.

  • Diego

    Yeah, Teague will be Acie Law V. Woodson does not like to play his youth and is too bullheaded to realize you have to develop young talent. For a rookie, the window is short–you don’t show something in 2-3 years (like Law), other teams also don’t think you have anything in the tank.

    AND if Flip stays, Teague really will get no PT.