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The Warriors Hate Their Fans

I can’t take credit for that headline. That would go to reader “brett” in today’s Smack, who, in reference to the Golden State Warriors trading Marco Belinelli to Toronto for Devean George, wrote: “pretty sure the warriors traded belinelli cuz they hate their fans.”

It would most definitely seem to be the case wouldn’t it? Golden State has a looong list of head-scratching personnel moves over the last 10 years, the latest being dealing a fan favorite in Belinelli – a guy who still has potential to be a serious, if one-dimensional, offensive weapon in the League – for a guy, if we’re being honest here, who has little to no ability to help an NBA team. George may be the greatest guy in the world, and he may still be able to play a little bit of defense, but the reality is that he hasn’t done a meaningful thing on a basketball court in many years.

So then why would Golden State do this? Great Bay sportswriter Tim Kawakami sheds a little light this morning:

But even I didn’t imagine Nelson/Riley would give away Belinelli to Toronto for something as meager as George, who I know fairly well since I covered him his rookie year with the Lakers and have watched him fairly closely in the many years since.

This is just a dump. A we-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-this-talented-player dump. A terrible, misguided, noxious dump by a team now run by an erratic, tired coach and a GM who does his bidding.

(If they can’t do any better than this for the Wright dumping, whew!)

George is 8 years older than Belinelli, by the way. He has a $1.6M expiring contract this year, but Belinelli’s would’ve expired next summer if the Warriors didn’t pick up his option, plus Belinelli is MUCH MUCH BETTER than George.

Warriors fans might remember George from the 2007 playoffs, when he was a key Mavericks’ role player, and I think he even got a defensive turn or two against Baron Davis. George shot 20% in that series, so yes, he’s fantastic. (No, he never played for Nelson in Dallas.)

The only possible logic for this, I got from Marcus T: The Warriors were not planning on picking up Belinelli’s fourth-year option, which would’ve left him as a lame-duck all this season, potentially in a poisonous mood.

That’s what happens to bad teams. Bad, crumbling, weird (add: financially troubled) teams.

This is precisely how you wreck somebody’s value, as Nelson and Rowell have now done over and over again: Al Harrington, Marcus Williams, Patrick O’Bryant, Jamal Crawford, now Belinelli and definitely Wright, whenever they get around to giving him away, too.

I mean, what other team does this with recent No. 1 picks? The Warriors are doing it all the time now, in various methods, with most of these guys being decent players, except in the mind of Mr. Nellie.

-2001 No. 1 pick: Jason Richardson, traded by Nelson/Mullin to Charlotte during the 2007 draft for Wright and a $9.9M trade exception that the Warriors let expire.

Also Troy Murphy, traded by Nelson/Mullin in Indiana mega-deal.

-2002 No. 1 pick: Mike Dunleavy, traded by Nelson/Mullin in Indiana mega-deal.

-2003 No. 1 pick: Mickael Pietrus, let go as a free agent in summer 2008, signed with Orlando.

-2004 No. 1 pick: Andris Biedrins, almost dealt to Phoenix this summer, potentially included in any major trade talks the Warriors have.

-2005 No. 1 pick: Ike Diogu, traded in mega-Indiana deal.

-2006 No. 1 pick: Patrick O’Bryant, third-year team option not picked up, left as free agent after second season.

-2007 No. 1 pick: Belinelli, traded to Toronto today.

Also: Wright, acquired in trade draft night, now in Warriors limbo.

-Possibly 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013 No. 1 pick: Traded to New Jersey for Marcus Williams, (pick is protected in various ways in each draft) who was released near the end of last season, his only with the Warriors.

That’s quite a list. When you wonder why the Warriors get ripped–and if you get mad at the rippers–just go over that list, and the losses, and the wasted resources. And tell yourself there’s wisdom involved in these decisions.

Not total mindlessness.

See what happens to Belinelli in Toronto. And what happens to Wright.

But hey, at least the Warriors have Devean George to show for it.

So, so sad. And just the latest move in destroying one of the League’s most entertaining franchises by a front office that is totally inept and out of control.

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  • money

    god i hate this front office i mean if you’re getting rid of someone as talented as belinelli i’m sure there are much better returns than freaking deavean george and 1.6 millions in savings. that is such petty money in this league and especially considering belinelli’s talent. it’s so hard being a warriors fan.

  • loganlight


    There isn’t much you can say with those facts in the conversation. It looks like its going to be a long wait for Warriors fans…

    Nellie needs to go. I’ve never seen a coach care as less as he does and still get accolades… well, maybe George Karl. They need a complete overhaul soon. With Blake Griffin looking as good as he did in summer league, we might be looking at the Clippers 2.0.


  • sh!tfaced

    wonder what jessica alba thinks…

  • ab_40

    bellineli would get no PT next season. he’ll probably let some new undreafted shooting guard play on the two. no knock on morrow he did his thing last year but that wasn’t the exact plan for the GSW hehe. Wright maybe cleveland could trade for him for a seccond round pick and a bag of lays

  • Rod

    Steph Curry traded by the summer of 2011

  • D.H.

    I like this for my Raptors. Colangelo pulls another one out of the hat.

  • mike

    Colangelo is a genius.

    Bellinelli is boys with Bargnani
    Jack is boys with Bosh

    which one of Hedo’s friends is he going to bring in?

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    How the fuck do you explain these types of bone-headed moves?

    And isn’t the Sternbot able to do something about retards running franchises into the ground?

  • John

    Bellinelli is due for a breakout year, I just love his game. He can easily put up 16-20 pts a game. No doubt

  • AG

    This is insane. You realize Belinelli is making 1.5m for 3rd year of rookie contract and George is making 1.6m? Actually losing money on the deal.

  • Kobeef

    Here’s the top 10 ways the Warriors showed they hate their fans:

    1. Signing “Bad Porn” Maggette – a player who can only play the same position as S-Jax – to a 5 year $50 Million deal. Really, do we need to go on?

    2. Letting Baron “I saved your franchise” Davis walk in favor of giving “Moped” Ellis $66 Million.

    3. Letting Jamal Crawford – a perfect player for an uptempo system – rot on the bench for a year before trading him for nothing.

    4. Declining to void Moped Ellis’ $66 milion contract after he lied to the fans about violating the terms of his contract, and provied that he is not a franchise player.

    5. Signing Ronny Turiaf to a 4-year, $17 Million deal, therefore voiding the logic in drafting Brandon Wright, Patrick O’Bryant and Anthony Randolph

    To summarize,

    1. They have $133 Million tied up in…wait for it…Moped Ellis, Bad Porn Magette and Ronny Turiaf.

    2. They draft decent young players, but the coash is insane and refuses to play rookies drafted in the first round.

    3. Any player that generates some amount of fan support is usually the prime candidate to be dumped.

  • william see

    did somebody forget gil zero?

  • Kobeef

    oops–top 5

  • Brown

    As both a Warriors and Raptors fan, I have mixed feelings about this trade.

    Bellinelli wasn’t going to play in G-State’s loaded backcourt. He’ll at least get an opportunity in T.O.

    The Warriors front office is pretty much the worst in basketball. The on-court product is entertaining, but not in the least bit effective. Things won’t change so long as they have an owner, president and GM who are totally and completely inept and have zero basketball sense.

    It’s hard being a Warriors fan man…

  • einnod

    I love my Warriors but mang do they need to get rid of Nellie. I am so done with Nellie ball.

  • the cynic

    this artical is stupid. Belinelli had no chance of breaking the Warriors back court rotation with Ellis, Curry, Jackson, Azubuike, Morrow, maybe Watson. The Warriors have just given a young player the oppurtunity to make a name for himself and save his NBA career instead fading to oblivion on their bench. Of course the warriors got nothing in return, but cash

  • Lee

    Nellie needs to go. Dunleavy needs to go. The world will look so much better for the fans.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Why Why Why?

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Boy the three stooges who are the front office of the Warriors can really put a damper on your morning.

  • QQ

    why is magatte called “bad porn”?

  • s.W.o. 4 Life

    WOOOOO for Raptor Nation. Poor Warriors… Never been the same after lettin’ Boom Diddy boogie back home.

  • JA

    Too bad the raps couldn’t have throw in another scrub (Marcus Banks) to take Wright off of their hands too.

  • Dagomar

    QQ: lots of penetration, lots of scoring, but do you really like what you’re seeing?

    Kobeef: nice, that cracked me up. Warriors aren’t the Isiah Knicks yet, but they’re probably worse than the Brown/Jordan Bobcats and that’s really saying something. The Grizz, Wolves and Clippers all get honourable mention.

    In this case I think the issue isn’t so much that the Warriors gave up a really intriguing, improving young player who can shoot and play a little point, but that they received absolutely nothing in return besides a bit of cash lumped in with a broken down player. That’s the sign of a franchise that’s given up on winning.

  • http://dimemag.com B-DIDDY

    #16 you got it right. Marco is alright but didn/t we just get S. Curry. He is better than Marco? so what is the problem. We will see an improvement in the W dept. Look at the youngsters coming Up!!! Randolph Morrow Ellis Biedrins Black Jack— our bench is stocked Bad Porn, Turiaf, B Wright, S Curry. Not a bad Squad. Can they make playoffs???? depends on chemistry— I am a fan so until the season starts I am feeling better about this year then last. No injuries and a few much improved players (if summer league means anything?1!?! Ask Nellie All you do is out score your opponent and you win!!! We’ll see but i like our chances!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jzsmoove

    I feel bad for Golden State fans but good for the Raptors. Gotta keep Bargnani happy. I wonder though how Bosh feels about these moves going Euro?

  • rotceh

    To the front office in GS… i got an offer for you, and you’ll be saving money while you’re at it. Eddy Curry for Anthony Randolph :)

  • Seven Duece

    He wasn’t getting much burn nor was he going to start for them anytime soon, so get nothing for something while you can. On a side note – Devean George is STILL in the NBA?!

  • Leland72

    Marco for some big man depth would have been somewhat understandable, but I think this was all about the cash. I have a feeling that until the team is sold we Warriors fans are in store for a mediocre franchise. I could be wrong and George will be our second string power forward, that would be keep me from going to the Arena next year. Regardless, I’m thinking an Arena boycott is the way. Stop going to games until Cohan sells the team.

  • L@zychuCK

    I am happy for Belinelli … he should be able to get some ticks from the Raptors. Play along side of his Countryman… Yeah.. Warriors Front Office is … Bold and disrespectful at times.. But the media puts a pretty bad spin on most of Warriors’ move.. they managed to cut the fat on perimeter players and get a Veteran… Devean George is the this season’s Austin Croshere for the 07 warriors roster.. “ITS A THIN LINE… BETWEEN LUV & HATE….”

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    rocky in the T-Dot

  • a quick response

    not sure what the talk about patrick 0 is?(yes that’s a zero) Sure there are a lot of bad moves on the warriors’ list but letting go of the soft, i rather be shooting 3s, 7 footer with no post abilities should be considered a great one. in fact, here, take him back. I know the raptors have no use for him either

    raptors, to the playoffs and beyond!

  • LakeShow84

    How you people going to say he wouldnt have cracked the rotation??

    You guys realize Morrow and Azubuike are straight roster fill right?? ANY pro-player can go on a good 3-4 game tear in a run&gun system ESPECIALLY with eccentric ass Nellie drawing straws for scoring options.. Morrow is as inconsistent as they come and Azubuike is only out there cuz he plays mediocre D.. Only real guards Warriors got are Ellis & Curry.. and considering dude is pure euro shooter he couldve fit in that system.. Nellie just being Nellie..

    What summed it up for me was Golden State taking apart Dallas behind B-Dizz, J-Rich and Jackson (who i only give credit to stifling Dirk) with B-Dizz and J-rich looking GREAT together.. so how you immediately turn around and ship your PROVEN vet for an UNPROVEN rookie??

    Second funniest part was that J-Rich WAS the Warriors for a while then they taste success they ship their loyal franchise player..

    FUNNIEST part was Davis, Richardson and Jackson never played together for a whole year.. hence they never really gelled and they beat a SIXTY WIN TEAM..

    Go figure..

  • utahJZZ

    *bargnani – starters

    evans – off bench

    thats a solid team

  • bixby

    don nelson leaving dallas was great for the mavs. even his own son didnt want to work w/him!

  • baron von faulk

    I swear to God if the Warriors trade Brandan Wright to the Spurs for Matt Bonner’s contract I will be so happy…

  • Crusty Rim

    Yes Warriors hate their fans, Don Nelson wants the Warriors to implode and Dick Cheney brought down the twin towers.

    This is a good move. Morrow, Buke and even Watson worked harder and produced more on the floor. They deserve more minutes. End of story, Devon George does not even need to show up.

    Bellinelli was a fan favorite or something? So what. This is not the special olympics. He has failed so far, call it injuries, call it what you will. It’s a business.

    If it makes you feel better just pretend we drafted Morrow, Buke or Watson in that spot. Feel better?

    This season to me is about Randolph. The Warriors need a star to get to the next level, and he is the closest thing we got so far.

  • Crusty Rim

    Did some mongoloid call Morrow inconsistant? Well, in some ways yes, not shooting the ball. He has worked on other aspects of his game this summer, should have a better year.

    Buke and Morrow roster fillers? Like Marcus Williams and Jamareo Davidson? No, they are role players and apparently work a lot harder in practice than Bellinelli.

  • THE chuck swirsky

    maybe austin burton was hurt his warriors got punked.. again. by some small market team no less.

  • JustPuked

    I will not buy a single Warriors ticket or piece of merchandise until Chris Cohan sells the team.

    Slim Shady

  • Buffalo Brave

    Ahhh, there’s nothing better than a blind/stupid homer.

    Warriors fan, you cant be seriously backing or trying to justify anything that Gun Nelson and the warriors are or have done.

    I mean you can just look at the previously posted comments objectively and see the FAIL written all over it.

    They continue to do things that just do NOT make logical sense.

    If anyone can explain to me how trading a young talented player for an old and useless (ESPECIALLY on this team) one makes any kind of sense for +$100,000 on your cap please let me know.

    Have you warriors fans taken into consideration just how in the fuck the warriors are gonna make use of all these players you’re slobbering over?

    Seriously, take a good look at their roster of SG’s and just tell me how it’s gonna work?


    I could go on forever about their stupidity and they’re locked into one of THE most selfish players in the world (maggette) for another $40 million over 4 frail years? Good luck trading him.

    LMFAO @ you having faith in him actually PLAYING randolph, have we not seen this same scenario play over and over with Gun Nelson?

    Sickening, like i said i can go on for the rest of the night but i feel like puking.

    Like the previous post said, i’ve wondered for a long time how Dictator Stern doesnt intervene in situations like this where the franchise is a clear black eye on the league and just killing the fan base in the city.

    The Raptors just won BIG, marco played very well when he wasnt injured last year and actually was liberated from the bench. Huge pick up for them.

    Nelson should be paid the money Cuban owes him if for no other reason than to see where his next coke trip will take him.

    Im out like the warriors having another winning season in the next 7 years.

  • js

    Some Dumb A%! (LakeShow84) called Morrow inconsistent……..WOW….I guess leading the NBA in three PT % and staying over 50% overall shooting is inconsistent.
    I just love when people talk about squads they really have no clue about.

  • spirow

    Honestly you guys have great fans that support the team. . . But you guys should stick your fingre to the management. . . This is a dumb move by GSW. . . When i woke up today here in toronto i was wow. . . Brayan colangelo is on fire. . . First turkelo, then jack and now marco. . . Don nelson seems to be the one pulling the strings but the funny thing is. . . nobody in management knows whats goin on. . . Like children too impatient to hold on to their picks and developing their players!

  • utahJZZ

    the raps got it going on

    how bout this trade; Chris Bosh to New York for David Lee, Jordan Hill and cash. That can benefit bth sides, and it works in the ESPN trade manager

  • anon

    Belinelli needed to go because he reminded the coach of the state of Nellie’s belly. Which remains large. That’s a truly crazy explanation, so it’s got to be what the hell GS management was thinking.

  • LetsNBA

    “July 30th, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    utahJZZ says:

    *bargnani – starters

    evans – off bench

    thats a solid team”

    You forgot Antoine Wright.

    *wright – until derozen starts halfway thru season
    *bargnani – starters

    evans – off bench

    now thats a solid bench