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Top 50 Sneaker Stores: Da-Fresh (#36)


Just like an art collector scouring the globe for a masterpiece, sole searching sneaker fiends will go to great lengths to find an exclusive pair of kicks. Back in Dime #25 (August 2006), we put together a list of the Top 25 Sneaker Stores when the kick game had never been bigger. But while that list was limited to mostly US spots, we decided in our 50th issue to take it worldwide.

Many factors went into our rankings – selection, build-out, atmosphere and status – as a combination of all of these aspects create the quintessential locale. Remember, this is all about the kicks, so clothing selection was immaterial. After months of traveling and research, and talking to people in all facets of the industry, we came up with our list of the Top 50 Sneaker Stores in the World.

Each day we’ll be dropping a few new spots as we count down to No. 1…

36. Da-Fresh (Israel)
When Oliver Sasson opened Da-Fresh two years ago, he filled a huge void for Israeli sneakerheads. Offering limited edition kicks from around the world, Sasson prides himself on his ability to bring additional heat to the desert. Located on a little street in Tel-Aviv, Israeli celebrities, television personalities and basketball players such as Maccabi Tel-Aviv’s Lior Eliyahu and D’or Fischer can shop quietly for the industry’s hottest kicks.

#10 Tchernirovski Street
Tel-Aviv, Israel 63561


50. Sportie LA (CA)
49. Social Study (MD)
48. Black Rainbow (France)
47. MAJOR (DC)
46. Norml (Canada)
45. Attic (CA)
44. Premium Goods (TX / NY)
43. Espionage (Australia)
42. R.sole (MO / TN)
41. Gentei (MD)
40. No Boys Allowed (The Netherlands)
39. Goliath RF (NY)
38. Saint Alfred (IL)
37. Standard (GA)

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  • Will

    Please tell me that’s not the whole store because my closet has to have more exclusive kicks than that.

  • sh!tfaced

    Nice set-up in using “Da-Fridge”.

  • control

    This place is seriously #36? My closet is bigger than this place, they can’t even fit a FULL SIZED fridge to store their shit in…This place just looks like some random shanty stolen from a bag lady.

    Those 8 checker tiles (probably laminate) really set the place off…

  • will

    Seriously dime, you can do better than this. 37 – 50 are like WTF!!!???