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Top 50 Sneaker Stores: Sportie LA (#50)

Sportie LA

Just like an art collector scouring the globe for a masterpiece, sole searching sneaker fiends will go to great lengths to find an exclusive pair of kicks. Back in Dime #25 (August 2006), we put together a list of the Top 25 Sneaker Stores when the kick game had never been bigger. But while that list was limited to mostly US spots, we decided in our 50th issue to take it worldwide.

Many factors went into our rankings – selection, build-out, atmosphere and status – as a combination of all of these aspects create the quintessential locale. Remember, this is all about the kicks, so clothing selection was immaterial. After months of traveling and research, and talking to people in all facets of the industry, we came up with our list of the Top 50 Sneaker Stores in the World.

Each day we’ll be dropping a few new spots as we count down to No. 1…

50. Sportie LA (CA)
The depth and breadth of this list is evident by the fact that Sportie LA – an O.G. in the sneaker game since 1985 – is No. 50 on this list. Other than having been around for more than two decades, what sets Sportie LA apart from the pack is their crazy selection that caters to a wide customer base. From Nikes to PF Flyers to LA Gear Originals, Sportie LA strives for a mix between retro kicks and new styles and silhouettes. Being in Los Angeles has its advantages, especially with celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman and LeBron James stopping by to cop a pair.


7753 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

7454 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

14510 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Sportie LA

Sportie LA

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  • vcn

    .niche in charlotte, nc……. http://www.thenichemarket.com ….yeah vien ngo

  • shall remain nameless

    Good lookin out on the list dime. Didn’t even know about a few of the spots in my own backyard. Thats a d*mn shame too.

  • http://www.greenlighthalo.blogspot.com Halo

    Foot Action (Menlo Park Mall, Edison NJ) I got more heat there then anyone back in the day. From Jordan IVs, which sat on the rack and 5s (this is pre-pre ebay). This is pre-sneaker geek days. Back then their was no term “sneakerhead”. You were either down or not. True story.

    Halo (people know who I am and what I had).

    No its just a memory…..And im fine with that.

  • http://myspace.com/ferrel_gangsta ferrel

    Sneakers arent what they use to be. NO one wants kobe or lebron shoes. Kids now a days still love their retro jordans,skate shoes that look fashionable,and old skool basketball shoes like the first Iverson Questions,and older.

    And nobody like blake griffin so i dont expect him to have a big fan base other then nba scouts lol. hes a bust

  • Nukky G


    Griffin a bust??? Not likely.

    Perrenial All-Star in a few years? Book it.

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com/store CCB

    As a new shoe company this list will become as important to me as my wife. I don’t have a distribution network so I will go the consignment route with your list of stores and this will enable me to grow in baby steps. I appreciate the love you guys gave me on bouncemag.com and with sneakerfiles (even though the comments were critical for a first shoe off the assembly line), but this list is golden. I truly appreciate DIME and BOUNCE, as much as Nike gets love, you guys still find the time to promote something new. This is more than I can say for the other hoops mags.
    Chris Burns
    Founder of ARCH and CCB

    PS. The love for sneakers to be dead because the market is dominated by one profound force. Imagine if Hip-Hop was dominated by one region and people didn’t seek out something new…

  • http://www.centercourtbasketball.com/store CCB

    Left out seems between sneakers and to.

  • http://www.thearabparrot.com laMOLE

    sportie la would be #100 if it was top 100 spots in the world!


  • bliz289

    @ ferrel

    What are you talking about??? Go to a court or walk down the street and look at how many pairs of Kobes/LeBrons you see! The Kobe IV and LeBron VI both killed this year!

  • Michorizo

    Payless Shoe Source…I got my XJ-900s there back in the day!

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I see lots of LeBrons around…

  • http://myspace.com/40sand9s loc

    its time to rant.

    Im in Taipei, MAD nice sneaker shops but not SHIT for Size 13s, Im just fucked here. i go to stores, dig the kicks, ask for my size and get laughed. Shout outs to momentum in Shilin Night Market, they had the Kevin Durant Nikes up to like size 15, so i copped those and love them.

    So yeah, if this is worlwide, I want to give an honorary nod to Momentum in Taipei, they got it locked down for this city!!!!!