NBA / Jul 31, 2009 / 11:27 am

Tracy McGrady Guarantee: “I Will Be Back to the Player I Once Was.”

Tracy McGrady

In an interview with a Chicago-area TV station, Tracy McGrady seems awfully confident that he’s going to be back to the T-Mac we’ve been watching for the majority of the last decade instead of the ancient-looking, hobbled imposter we’ve seen over the last two seasons.

The guy is talking about giving people 30 right now:

“It’s really no comparison to how I feel now and I how felt trying to play all of last season,” McGrady said. “My knee is feeling extremely strong. The most important thing is I’m confident in it. You guys just stay tuned. I’m out here grinding in Chicago, trying to get back right, but yes I will be playing for the Rockets in the ’09-10 season.

“I will be in uniform for the Rockets this upcoming season, I guarantee you that, and I will be a lot better than I was last year. I will be back to the player that I once was.

“I will guarantee you that.”

McGrady doesn’t know when he will rejoin the Rockets, but he believes it’ll be sooner rather than later.

“I’m not really worrying about a target date right now,” McGrady said. The most important thing is just to get myself healthy, which I’m confident that I will be for this upcoming season.

“I feel that if I go out there right now I could get somebody 30 (points).”

While we’re skeptical about T-Mac’s ability to give anybody 30 today, we would like to see him back and healthy playing ball this season. He’s doing the right thing by working out at Tim Grover‘s spot in the CHI – they build basketball beasts there.

What kind of player will T-Mac be this season?

Source: myfoxhouston.com

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  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I predict barring another injury T-mac will return to the all-star game in the west and that says alot.

  • Starberry

    I believe him.

    – Steph
    “The best PG in the world”


  • abpin

    i hope he comes back. but it’s a little to late. yao and artest are gone.

    remember when d-wade got injured and worked out in chicago? then he straight beasted in the olympics and the season.

    i’d wanna see that happen for tmac.

  • JCarr

    Injury prone. Tmac era is over there could be some 30 point outings though, but he will never be that Orlando magic tmac again!

  • Ducky

    I think he will be OK at best but he is still T-Wac to me. No he didnt!!! As a Rockets fan, this is ridiculous. Notice he said that his glass knees feel better, but what about his cardboard back? Plus its his contract year and i bet he gonna play his ass off. i just hope the team doesnt fall 4 this injury-prone jackass…

  • Detroit Dave

    He meant 30 games of inactivity

  • capnkimo

    such a long time ago that he was averaging 32+ points a game

  • Michorizo

    he sure set the bar high for himself… “and I will be a lot better than I was last year.”

  • Arrogant

    I see him as a step under Vince Carter now if he healthy(old but still will light u up).. they need to make a move for a center asap…

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    I been close to Mac for a while and i know when he wants to do something its over! he is focused and almost fully healthy. when he coms back around December he is gonna show out and be a big factor in the 2010 free agent class. he got a triple-double this year while 50%. his new game and full health are gonna be fun to watch again.

  • Dennis Castro

    C’mon, it’s hard for great athletes to get that acceptance that they’re no longer the player that they were. It’s denial.

    I don’t expect much from T-Mac. I don’t think he’ll avg more than 20 a game and if he makes it through more than 50 games this season, he should consider himself lucky.

    Microfracture surgery is no joke and I think he’s letting his heart speak for him.

  • karizmatic

    I think T-Mac could probably give somebody 30, even in his hobbled form last year before shutting it down he was a threat to get 30, why wouldn’t he be able to do it now. That being said his body is old. I don’t think he’ll ever again be the guy he once was, but he can still be a standout NBA player. Hell, Kobe isn’t even the player he once was now. NBA mileage takes a toll.

  • Lionheart

    good to know you know they build beasts with tim glover, JO has been there all summer, dorrell wright is there, and wade is on his way back, if we get boozer we can make some noise

  • Notorious

    Does this come with a money back guarantee? Gonna be a lot of refunds issued, this dude is O-V-E-R.

  • Joe

    I hate to say it since he makes millions but he has been very unlucky. He seems to have been injured most of his career.

    People need to lay off T-mac tho. Some people make it sound like T-mac likes being hurt. Not like NBA teams have Dr.’s in their pockets to check up on these injuries he faking. (that’s sarcasm, don’t want some people missing it)

  • SWAT

    i can only hope…

  • Young Lebron 23

    If he can stay healthy sure

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    Why not? I reckon TMac and any 4 posters could give the Kings 30 while drunk right now

  • yoda

    well, i think he could score 30 on me, so he’s telling the truth :)

  • AB_40

    I hope he comes back strong. you know he’s gonna play ok to good and get a new contract for 7/8 mil a year for three years at a semi contender after this and hopefully win a ring there

  • Ian

    tmac gtfoh overrated bum.


    Mister.I Never Made It Out Of The 1st Round.

    Does this come with a money back guarantee?
    Guarantee to get out of the 1st Round!
    How is he going to change his style of play?

    His stats might be better because there will be no Yao or Ron-Ron but does that necessary translates to wins? He might have good stats but no playoffs for Houston!

  • Jsmoove

    Didn’t he guarantee a 2nd round appearance two years ago as well?

  • the cynic

    i bought some knives off TV a week and they gave me a money back guarantee….

    I tried to get my money back but they said “money back guarantee” is just a figure of speech and that it’s not against the law to lie because of the first amendment

  • http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?p=ztKqfEZj smoove chips


    while i want to believe he’ll come back a la Dwade,i cant.Dude had all types of injuries.does he have a HOF chiropractor coz half the time he was out with back spasms.
    And playing more than half the season would be a whole lot better than last season for me.on that I believe him.

    U could drop 30 on somebody(the NBA)?! I call your bluff.show me.

  • jksonics

    heard it before from tmac – empty promises.

  • flavur

    I believe in T-mac he’s gonna come back just like Wade did I hope they can get out of the second round again.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Without even really reading anyone elses post. I been saying when T comes back he will be a problem and that the storm is coming.

    When it comes I just hope your team got some type of insurance.

    LOL ok ok not to talk to slick but yea I am hoping and really feeling like dude will come back way better. Plus as far as the 30 thing, he was already doing that not feeling well so you know he will bust someone feeling great!

  • doc

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    doc you shall


    he’ll prolly get hurt AGAIN

  • http://www.dallasprosports.com Daniel

    God, I wish we had someone with the balls to make statements like that on the Mavericks.

  • Louis Williams

    You see what Tim Grover Did for Dwayne Wade and Kobe (notice Kobe didn’t wear all the braces and sleeves this year in the Playoffs as he did in the past few seasons)…nuff’ said. Some people just have to be shown instead of told lol!

  • jay

    i hope he can back this up..i aint hating on the guy but i really hope he can come back but history aint on this side..after micro fracture surgery no one can come back athletically ..he will not have his hops or first step..ill believe it when i see it!!! kobe drops 40 on him easily!!!

  • Brian

    T Mac guarantees a lot of things. The only problem is that he can’t back any of them off. Remember that guarantee to beat Utah in the playoffs? Didnt happen. T Mac is done as an “elite” player in the NBA. He can still pretend though…

  • bill

    C-viz = villaneava right (spelling?)

    That is so cool!!!

  • josh p

    you all have no hope. this man was a super star. he will come back good and do well. sure hes had a couple of injuries but i believe he will come back strong. tmac1…….

  • penguin213

    I don’t care what anyone says t-mac is going to be 100% this year! He is the best player ever anyone who says negative things then fuck there ass and andrew ramsey, virgil tumbaga, scottie, nathan reagen, arturo, and paul FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!!!!

  • QQ

    Penguin = Retard

  • nix

    tmac is DONE!!!!!!!!!!

    call him PENNY HARDAWAY why dont you..

  • http://google ALrocket

    maaan yall betta wake up n smell sum coffee. im 1 of the biggest fans of tracy, and not turnin on him like the rest. all i ask is he cums bak like he was in the magic. lets go T

  • ZlajaMac

    he ‘s man i believe him
    he is spirit of rockets

  • Mike Reed

    Haters gone hate, regardless. 7 time All star, 2 time Scoring Champ. He’s head good teams, just been unfortunate. KG didn’t get past the first round for a goos 7 years before he broke through and he needed to play with 2 other All Stars to get a ring. Don’t be a hater. T Mac works his ASS off in the offseason, and this time it will pay off and you bitches will lay off. He is a SUPERSTAR, top 5 player (get over it!) He’s BAAAAAACK!