NBA / Jul 7, 2009 / 6:35 pm

UPDATE: Orlando Summer League Action


Scouting guru David Thorpe, who spends a great deal of time working with Kevin Martin on honing his offensive arsenal, is out at the Orlando Summer League today live-tweeting the action. Because we don’t have the game on TV here, we’re relying on Thorpe’s eyes to get the scoop.

He’s really high on Ryan Anderson, who sunk back-to-back three’s in the Magic/Celts game. Thorpe went on to say that Anderson was the best player on the floor, followed by Gabe Pruitt and Coby Karl.

I was pretty high on Chris Douglas-Roberts coming out of Memphis. I berated Pat about wanting to write a feature on CDR right around the draft last year. We talked about how his upbringing in the boxing gyms of Detroit helped to develop a unique style on the court. Unfortunately, that style hasn’t translated particularly well to the League thus far. But there’s still hope.

“I think CDR can be a good bench scorer, but only if he learns to do it without so many dribbles.”

After a pretty rough opening day in the summer league, Sixers fans should be encouraged that Jrue Holiday is now trying to do what he does best – taking control.

Holiday is finally attacking off the dribble and it’s made a big difference.

Here are some other observations from Thorpe:

* T Williams is an intriguing guy. He’s a passer and a slasher, not a scorer. But he has potential.
* The Jazz vets are going to love playing with Maynor.
* Terrence Williams playing some pg. Smart move-he plays like a lead guard. Point forward is the appropriate term.
* Gotta love pg’s who turn down the open layup to get a teammate a dunk. Nice job Kevin Krueger!
* Holiday is not a finisher yet, but he will be. He’s big and craftier than you’d think.

Source: David Thorpe

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  • Mack Brownee

    first on boys!

  • LFan

    ‘Anderson was the best player on the floor, followed by Gabe Pruitt and Coby Karl.’


    If that doesn’t speak to the legitimacy of summer league basketball, I don’t know what does.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Hmmm just looking for

    Elijah Earley

    Nope not in here.

  • Billie Jean Hoyle

    Maybe this will help with the whole Summer League legitimacy debate-
    I once witnessed Marcus Banks drop 40 points for the suns. No shit, he looked like AI compared to the rest of the bums…

  • LFan


  • Kudabeen

    Josh McRoberts was playing like the kid out of high school to start. They said he had a between the legs windmill in warmups, then he proceeded to come out and try to cram everything he touched near the basket. That will earn him playing time for sure at least Jeff Foster’s minutes…

  • quest???

    @gee lmfao hahahhahahhaha

  • David

    Dime: Can you please do an article on the teams with the most cap space going into the big 2010 free agent market and who is available? I am curious if a team like the Heat could sign LeBron etc…

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    “Robert Swift may have the most ironic name in the league.”

    That was my favorite tweet of his.

  • 45%

    you can watch the games on NBA.com for free.

    Maynor is ridiculous…. he controlled everythng. he is gonna be so sickkkk

  • 45%

    westbrook shouldnt even be playin in these games he is 50 notches ahead of anyone on the floor.

    but i hope they keep him around so i can see him and maynor battle it out

  • Dirtball Rotten

    thats what im talking about Maynor!!!!! the most complete and true PG in the draft and he gets taken 20th, i hope he keeps doggin all the other rookie pgs

  • Kudabeen

    I love how people knock Summer League as if they can go in there and drop 10 points like nothing…

    Marcus Banks dropped 40, because Marcus Banks can ball. Was he the right point guard for Phoenix…No.

    This is just a showcase of potential vs production vs poser

    Nate Robinson, Marcus Banks, Belinelli, and now Ryan Anderson, Harden, and Hansborough show that they are pro material rather than toss away guys that fill a space…

    But whatever…Teams know that Marcus Banks can score, but the issue is him running a team. Phoenix Had Barbosa and the Heat had D-Wade in the scoring guard position. While I did think he should have helped Miami more he isn’t a floor general. He is a bulldog. Let him off the leash to do work and he will do damage.

    NBA is about fit unless you get that opportunity to become a star or at least a specialist. The NBA is about fit and opportunity. We see year after year journey men become integral parts to a team’s success.

    Hedo was a pass around potential player and now he is seen as a go to guy. Trevor was a pass around throw in player and now he is seen as a winning piece.

    Stars rise and fall…Summer League doesn’t determine success, but it tells real basketball people what limitations or growth potential a player has.

    Ryan Anderson had good games last year for Nets against better competition, so to see that he is doing even better this summer is major. He is not only scoring, but he is rebounding and making defensive plays. Bigger than all that he is being super efficient with shooting high percentages. These are traits that will allow him to not only get minutes for the Magic, but start. An efficient shooter/rebounder is needed next Dwight and Rashard. Magic need the floor spread and they need another rebounder. Anderson has soon that he is more than trade throw in.

    I love it all…

    Terrence Williams and Jrue Holiday are aggressive and making plays, but are STRUGGLING offensively. We will see how it develops. Just enjoy the flashes and developing parts of the bigger story.