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We Reminisce: Charles Barkley Elbows Angolan Player

One of my favorite sites, The700Level.com, points out that on this day back in 1992, in the midst of a demoralizing 38-7 (the Dream Team had reeled off 31 unanswered points at the time) destruction of the Angolan National Team, Charles Barkley decided to crack one of their players with an elbow after rampaging to an easy transition bucket. The incident happens at 3:17 of the video, but it’s worth wathing the whole thing to watch young(er) MJ, Magic, Larry Legend and Co. doing their thing…

Sir Charles’ reasoning for the ‘bow from The700Level:

Barkley claimed that it was in retaliation for Coimbra hitting him in the head as he got off a fast-break dunk, but with the US squad already leading 38-7, it was perceived as excessive on-court bullying on the part of the Round Mound. “If he keeps this up, they’re going to throw him out of the Olympics,” peeped fellow Dream Teamer Michael Jordan. David Robinson was similarly disapproving: “We’re trying to tell Charles that he can’t get too much out of control.” However, Charles continued to approach the situation with a sort of moral objectivity. “Eye for an eye,” said Barkley. “It’s a ghetto thing.”

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    Where were you in 1992?

  • srb

    i like the moments near the end of this where guys are getting doubled by larry and magic.

  • Simon

    Sick dunk by Jordan at 6:00!!!

  • doc

    Destruction at its finest.


    6:00. The highlight of the African career, Magic and Jordan!


    dam just watchin mj, magic and bird at the same time is crazy. that team kills any current team the nba could put together 2day. and the dunk that barkley had coming from the wing was crazy i had 4got he had bunnies like that. who the fu*k wants 2 take that charge. im ghost like tony starks and styles p

  • Ashlov

    I have every single Dream Team game on DVD. Paid $10 on eBay for it. Once in a while, I burn a fatty and watch some fantastic one-sided games.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    siiick. loved it. right down to Marv and the Czar.

  • ldawg23

    Do you get the feeling that Angola’s last basket was yesterday
    – Marv Albert


  • Kudabeen

    Charles is the same guy who thinks he is the moral authority on how the game should be played…too funny…

    This is Pros vs High Schoolers. It is amazing to see how far the International game has come and how now the NBA is actually being labeled the soft league. No touching and banging in the paint anymore…We are switching identities with the international game…

  • http://www.diznuts.blogspot.com Darkness

    I miss players like Barkley. I’m not condoning what he did, but just that passion and tenacity he played with.

    Nowadays, people that have heart stand out, as though they are the exception (and they kinda are in today’s NBA). I was brought up on them 90’s Knicks teams, and Big East basketball. In the league today, if you stare at someone too long it’s a problem, WTF?! And for y’all thinking I’m so old head, I’m an 80’s baby.

  • danocasa

    agreed darkness

    stern is so terrified that all of white middle america is going to shit their collective pants the next time a big, athletic, tatted black man gets in another big, athletic, tatted black man’s face, hes made sure that if any of them even THINK about showing some sort of passion in the heat of the game that they get fucked right in the ass.

    what happened to things like:

    -bad boys “jordan rules”
    -miami/new york playoffs
    -mchale killing rambis (and being assigned a singular personal foul)
    -barkley daring fools to take charges
    -karl malone breaking isiah’s face

    and so on and so on…so sad.

    bench clearing brawls are accepted in baseball, fighting is the major reason ANYONE watches hockey, and football is violent enough. just because ron artest (who is now on my team) is fucking crazy, doesnt mean that stern should ruin the game forever.

  • sh!tfaced

    The early ’90s was Charles Barkley at his best.
    Arguably the best team of all time if you put Hakeem in there and take out Laettner.
    I think they had different top scorers in each game too, don’t know about Laettner though.
    Unlike today’s version of Team USA are about just 3 players racking up points.

  • alamo

    Well nowadays nba players are just more cocky.
    Looking at old tapes when Mike was dunkin’ (and viciously!) on Pat, Ewing never stood out to make a scene nor to throw an elbow. But he simply made sure that Cartwright would get his part!

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Yeah this team was able to win by just showing up. IMO this is the only team that could still do that in today’s international competition. The players we have nowdays have to practice for three summers to win gold. My sneaker money says that players today don’t have the team concept like the dream team had. Look at how everyone shares the ball. GREATEST TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED.