Smack / Jul 21, 2009 / 6:13 am

Wolves still working on Rubio in ’09, plus Shaq needs a new hobby

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

There’s only one reason why yesterday’s Wolves/Clippers trade — the one sending Quentin Richardson to Minnesota for Sebastian Telfair, Craig Smith and Mark Madsen — means anything to Wolves fans: It’s yet another reason to believe Ricky Rubio is walking through that door sooner than anyone expected. Wolves GM David Kahn is in Spain this week to sit down with Rubio’s camp and talk about that contract buyout, and then yesterday it was reported that Rubio’s Spanish squad signed another point guard (Kristaps Valters, who may or may not be the Latvian Goran Dragic), perhaps indicating they may be ready to lose Rubio. With the Q-Rich trade (3-for-1), Minnesota not only gets Bassy out of the PG picture, but they also open up a roster spot for Rubio … (About that buyout: Since the NBA team can technically only pay a small portion, can’t the Wolves convince one of Rubio’s endorsers to pay the $6M up front, then pay the endorsers back after going to court and reclaiming some of the $15M that Michael Olowokandi stole from them?) … So let’s say everything goes according to plan and Rubio comes to Minnesota for next season. Do you think they’ll actually start him and Jonny Flynn together? Will Flynn get traded? Will just one of them start (Kahn said Rubio will be the starting PG from Day One) while Q or Wayne Ellington plays the two? … Carlos Boozer is in full politician mode. Last week, in an interview with a Chicago radio station, Booz did the whole, “I’d LOVE to play for the Bulls” bit — then yesterday he was quoted by a Miami newspaper saying he’d LOVE to play for the Heat. “We love the palm trees, the laid-back attitude, the sun, quality of life,” Boozer said of the city where he keeps an offseason home. “It’s like paradise here, and I would love to be part of the Heat. They’re a very good team, and I’m real close to some of the guys.” Not saying he’s lying, but if Booz was interviewed by the Tel Aviv Quarterly right now, he’d probably go on and on about how psyched he’d be to play for Maccabi next to Marcus Fizer … In the meantime, Miami re-signed backup center Joel Anthony. He’s a couple of blocked shots and six fouls against the likes of Dwight Howard and Shaq, but there’s not much else to get excited about … Steve Nash agreed to a two-year, $22M extension that should keep him in Phoenix through 2012. But we have a feeling he’ll get traded before then; for whatever reason, we’d bet Nash definitely ends up playing for the Knicks before he’s done … The Pacers aren’t matching the Raptors’ offer sheet for Jarrett Jack (4 yrs, $20M), meaning T.J. Ford‘s life just got easier only having to keep Earl Watson off his back for Indiana’s starting job, and Jose Calderon‘s life just got tougher. What’s the over/under on the number of times a drunk Raptors fan will start booing and cursing at Jack after looking at his face and thinking he’s Vince Carter? … Serious question for the readers: Who among you thinks Kenny Mayne is funny? And if you’re in that group, can you please tell us what we’re missing? Thanks … Shaq continues to act like a retired athlete, even though he’s not retired yet. First it was that Fat Camp show, now it’s a new reality show where Shaq is going up against other superstar athletes in their chosen sports (i.e., swimming with Michael Phelps, batting cages with Albert Pujols, eating shrimp with Joey Chestnut, playing Groupie D*** Roulette with Ray J, etc.). Just think, when Shaq actually doesn’t have anything to do one of these days, it’s gonna get ugly. Somebody should just stick him, Kathy Griffin, Hulk Hogan and New York in a big house and tell them there are cameras on when there really aren’t … Yesterday was a big day for the Dime crew, as we unveiled the digital version of Dime #50, available on newsstands now. Derrick Rose graces the cover of what we see as part celebration of our eight years in the game, and part looking ahead to the future. One of the features inside the mag is our ranking of the Top 50 sneaker stores in the world. (The WORLD, Craig!) Starting today, we’ll be highlight a few of those stores each day on DimeMag.com, so be on the lookout … We’re out like Q’s next apartment …

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  • yw

    1st. wolves r a mess, hope rubio gets to play with Mike D

  • alf (from melmak)

    Dime, congratulations on number 50. Let us just say that you have crossed over from being a popular college band to doing arena concerts.

    This is also very very funny issue. I absolutely love the Boozer and Shag references.

    Is anyone posting here ever went to Duke? I am now really curious at their methodolgies there. Look at how Boozer is turning out.

    As for Shaq, he will always be the entertainer that he is. I would love to see him in a reality show with Lesnar and Idol host Simon Cowell.

    Lastly, my meal allowance says what happened to Erin Andrews was truly sad. I just hate technology when used that way.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Congrats are in order also on number 50. I just realsed i’ve been reading Smack from way way back when Pistons (Whooo) won the chip! Keep it up.

    Just a question tho, was Olowokandi given a $15M contract?!?!


    What happened to Shaq law enforcement career? I forgot, Shaq and the police raided a house, but they raided the wrong house.

    Telfair — I remember when he was on Portland roster. Portland could have drafted CP3 or D-Will but they didn’t. Even my girl was heated about that! End of an era for him. He will join his cousin, Marbury in Europe.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    And for those who don’t know, Shaq will be the special guest host on next weeks WWE Raw.. I dunno if to be happy or sad

  • sh!tfaced

    ESPN says that Matt Barnes is close to signing with Orlando.


    Its gonna be a fun Eastern Conference, the Magic, Celtics and Cavs keep reloading.

    “Boozer claimed that he and the Jazz have “mutually agreed” to a trade…” “full politician mode”? Booze is selling himself to everyone just like a cheap whore.

  • K Dizzle

    Boozer got ripped on this article I seen. Full blast mode:


  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    “Boozer is an example of the worst of what the NBA too often creates: a true mercenary, a businessman, not a sportsman, dressed out in shorts and sneakers”

    Woahhhh (from K Dizzle link)

  • M Intellect

    LMAO @ Tell then there are cameras there when there isn’t!

  • alf (from melmak)


    Wow! WWE? Hope Shaq also goes into the ring and beat up Triple H


    That just describes how much Boozer has worn out his welcome in Utah. I really want to go to one of the classes Boozer attended in Duke. I am really curious at how they function there.

  • sh!tfaced

    I’d rather see Boozer get beaten up

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    I can almost see Big Show and Shaq sizing each other up.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    I’m hungry. I’m gonna go cop a couple biscuits from McDonalds.

  • G

    I personally DO think Kenny Mayne is funny, but usually its his one liners and not when hes trying too hard. Here’s a link not sure if it will make you like Mayne or hate him even more but if you go through all of them there are definitely a few good laughs.


  • Kobeef

    Joel Anthony was actually more effective than Jermaine O’Neal in a few playoff games this year. You can take that to mean that either:

    a) Jermaine is completely done at this point in his career, or

    b) Joel “the OTHER Canadian Basketball player” Anthony deserves to be paid more than the league minimum for his 10-12 minutes a game.

    Apparently Kahn made a statement to the media (except dime?) that the Rubio signing should not be misunderstood as an indication that Rubio is coming. If that is true you really have to wonder what the hell Kahn is doing. THis is how his roster looks now:

    PG – Flynn / ???
    SG – Ellington/ Q???
    SF – Q / Gomes/ Brewer / Brian Cardinal
    PF – Al Jefferson / Kevin Love / Darius Songalia/ Mark Madsen /Oleisky Percherov
    C – Etan Thomas

    Is there are more effed-up roster in the NBA right now?
    Five PF’s and only one PG?
    No wonder Rubio is staying in Spain.

  • Tbest

    @#4 Please explain how the Blazers could have drafted either of these guys. They were the 3rd and 4th pick and the Bucks and Hawks had the first two. Am I missing something?

    “Telfair — I remember when he was on Portland roster. Portland could have drafted CP3 or D-Will but they didn’t. Even my girl was heated about that! End of an era for him. He will join his cousin, Marbury in Europe.”

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Yep, Kobeef that is one ugly roster. I see a trade coming, involving Q and a PF maybe.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I so freakin tired of Boozer. If I was closer to his size and didnt already have a record and saw him on the streets I would kick his ass just for the hell of it.

    Kenny mayne is more amusing then he is funny. He’s more likely to get a smile out of me then a laugh.

  • DoubleA

    One of those PF’s already did, remember Mad Dog back to LA in the Q trade.

    Watching this as a Minny fan I think Kahn is simply wiping the roster clean of any reminders of anything that McHale ever did that didn’t work out.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Madsen is with the Clips now, Gomes is going to be the starting small forward, and Big Al should play center with Love at pf. A starting line up of Flynn, Ellington, Gomes, Love, and Jefferson is promising in a few years. Problem is they have absolutely no bench depth. Hello lottery.

  • Charles

    Hey guys congrats on #50!

    I have to say I think Kenny Mayne is really funny. He’s got that Steve Carell/David Cross off beat humour thing going. I have to say seeing him on Mayne Street are classics. I’m sure he’s not for everyone, but give him a 4 or 5th look and you may begin to see exactly what everyone else thinks is funny.

  • Dagger

    I love people who criticize Boozer for going after the money. These are the same people who would probably murder a friend for the millions of dollars Boozer is pursuing. I’m all for putting team first, but adults have to be realistic. I can’t really fault the man’s first priority being his family’s quality of life and, relatedly, their finances.

  • Kobeef

    Right – fogot about Mad Dog. I guess I am not tracking his career path these days..

    You are probably right that Al will be the starting 5 for the Wolves but he is really a PF who is playing Center becuase the Wolves don’t have a Center and haven’t since Olowokandi…which isn’t saying much. Again, this team is a mess.

  • flavur

    yeah I feel bad for flynn cus he’s gone out in the summer league and played better than ricky rubio and ricky will still start I would demand a trade cus In my opinion flynn is way better than ricky rubio.

  • dk

    Well Orlando is getting better still

    Nelson, Watson

    Carter, Pietrus

    Lewis, Barnes


    Ho, Gortat

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ dagger

    I know you aint talking to me but my dislike for Boozer has nothing to do with money. He’s just a bitch.

  • That’s whats up

    The Wolves are under The Curse of The JoeSmitto

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Yup you can throw Ryan Anderson in there as well.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    @ dagger

    You know the “looking out for my family” thing doesn’t apply when you’re already making $15 million a year and have already amassed a small fortune over his career. A good father/husband/provider can take care of his family with much less. My father supported our family on less than $80k a year and I feel like I had a pretty good life. There are still many dads and husbands out there who have mad money and still ain’t worth a shit.

  • That’s whats up

    Agree with Spliff at 29 – wholeheartedly

  • bobby stew

    The Bassy trade is also an indication that the Clippers aren’t messing with Iverson. I guess he’s going to Memphis or Miami possibly.

  • QQ

    way to recognize dk, appreciate it!

  • QQ

    @dagger: stupid ass comment. please stfu.

  • bb

    thinkin about daggers STUPID comment i thought about the “TOP 10 NBA SUCCESSFUL NBA BALLERS WITHOUT THE BALL”

    think about players past/present that make money aside from basketball/endorsements.


  • The Real Deal

    dick roulette with ray J hahahahahaha.

  • jzsmoove

    We know who Vince Carter is, he’s a marked man over here. Every single time his team comes to the ACC, its marked on the calendar by the fans. We wont mistake him for Jack. I personally dont despise him, I just miss the good ol’ days. But man when he’s in the arena playing for the other team, you should see the hate(which is really i assume broken love) fans gear towards him.

  • LakeShow84


    I was disappointed in Ray J picking cocktail.. girl was bad but she one night stand material..

    I wouldve picked Danger.. Baby Girl had somewhat of a body and was looking delicious on the reunion.. plsu some girls just look juicy.. and only a few of u truly know what that means..

  • LAballer

    i thought i was the only one on danger lol

    never woulda thot a chic with a tat on the side of her face would be that bangin to me..wtf?

  • Baby Huey

    @#16 – The Blazers held the 3rd pick in that draft, but traded it away to Utah for the 6th pick and a couple of late first round picks.

  • doc

    I was on Danger ass too.Cocktail was my 2nd choice so it was all good.Booz do look like hes a nut in life but he doing what he supposed to do at this time.Get as much as he can before its all over.@Spliff-80k is rich to some people.When I was a kid only people I seen with 80k was the hustlers.Put me in Boozer spot and im trying to rape the establishment.When they say feed they families they talking about generations well after they gone.Why settle for less instead of trying to get your family name on the level of a Hilton or something like that where your kids kids kids can do whatever the fuck they wanna do with they life.

  • hoopsguru

    Apparently DIME forgot to mention that not only is Shaq doing the reality show bit, but he is also gonna be the “guest host gm” on WWE next week! I can see it now, MDE vs. HHH in a Hell In The Cell Match!

  • danny

    doc, are you a dumbass?? “taking care of generations of generations,” WHAT a joke. I highly doubt boozer is looking out for his grand, grand kids so that they don’t have to get a job, or work in their life. Because their grandpa was an nba allstar. That NEVER HAPPENS-

    P.S. You know damn well he’s spending all his money living his life. some people in this site, put comments that make them sound like retards.

    Doc, you can go make your 20k over at mcdonalds feeding your family.

  • LakeShow84

    Danny sounds like a real bitter, broke ass neega..

  • doc

    @danny-nobody has money left over for they kids after they die?And Im the dumbass?Why would u doubt him looking after his grands?I dont get it.Danny I get a little more than that 20 playing ball overseas.And I know of plenty players setting it up so they kids can live the good life.Some of yall let them stereotypes get in yall head and run with it.So u think Magic Johnson kids out here struggling in the workforce?Or MJ’s?Or Brons and Kobe’s will.All ball players aint dickheads and if u think any baller with money run through it all its something wrong with ya thinking.With that said.I got 20k in the bank plenty times over and u can come look me up on my myspace facebook or google my name to see how Im living and I bet whatever its better than u.Talking about 20 k.Pussy I got Gucci shoes that cost more than ya most prized possession.BITCH.PS-Dont show me your myspace or no shit like that because I will find your girl on there and set up mission seek and destroy and show u how I feed the family.

  • K Dizzle

    lol!!! Doc wit the heat

    lmao @ I will find your girl on there and set up mission seek and destroy and show u how I feed the family

    there should be prizes for line of the day.

    @ Danny, you need to pull a Lebron and get Dime to get rid of that post, just make it disappear lol

  • Mahjid (from Brick City)

    thats why I love you guys!!! WHO IN THIS WORLD THINKS KENNY MANE IS FUNNY????????????????????????????
    Please enlighten me as to why espn finds him funny?

  • bill

    doc, loved your response initially them it went into whoa territory.

    You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Your posts are cool and I appreciate them as I am sure many others also do.

    *always amazes me how some silly comment will generate a massive response but if someone compliments your post, they usually get no response or something rather brief.