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Cities That Deserve An NBA Team

As some of you know, I am new to New York City. Right now I am staying out in Brooklyn, the future home of the Nets. This city has so much character and basketball tradition, it’s going to be exciting when they finally move into the Barclays Center. Talking to the BK locals here, they are excited to have a team they can call their own. They won’t have to share the Knicks with the other four boroughs and the rest of the state.

Picturing the Nets here definitely got me thinking about what other cities would be cool to have an NBA franchise. I know David Stern likes the having 30 teams, but it has been reported that teams like the Pacers, Grizzlies and Hornets might relocate.

If one of those teams were forced move, here are 10 possible options.

Las Vegas, pop. 558,000:
Pros: If this actually became a reality one day, it would be up there with Miami, LA and New York as one of the most desired locations to play. Like Brooklyn, the jerseys and apparal would be trendy with consumers. With the populatin always on the rise, Vegas is bound to get a major sports franchise eventually. So why can’t an NBA basketball team be the first?

Cons: For every reason it’s attractive, it’s unattractive for the exact same reasons. GM’s and coaches for both the visiting and the home teams will have trouble sleeping at night knowing that their players are out partying it up at Body English or Tao. Remember what happened during All Star Weekend? David Stern has also refused to put a team here as long as long as there is gambling.

Vancouver, pop. 580,000:
Pros: I just moved here from Vancouver so I am obviously biased. Vancouver is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Plus it has a severely underrated hoops culture. Yeah, they had their chance with the Grizzlies but their demise was due to bad management. If they produced a winner off the bat like Toronto, I believe the Grizz would still be in BC. Vancouver was one of the favorite road destinations for opposing players like Shaq, Kobe and Karl Malone. Even Stern regrets moving the franchise to Memphis.

Cons: Even though a lot of players liked visiting it, it was a tougher sell to get players to move there (just ask Steve Francis and Othella Harrington). Canada has higher tax rates and the weather is an issue. Vancouver will probably get consideration down the line, but there are definitely other cities ahead of them.

Kansas City, pop. 2,000,000:
Pros: Decades ago, Kansas City was home for Kings. The city is also home to two major sports franchises in the Royals and Chiefs. Seems like every time a team is relocating, Kansas City is discussed amongst the potential candidates.

Cons: With the Thunder, the NBA just awarded a franchise to a Midwestern city. I think Stern would probably prefer a bigger market next time a relocation opportunity comes up.

San Diego, pop. 1,300,000:
Pros: For some reason I’d always had a problem with the Clippers sharing their home floor with the Lakers. I always thought they should move to their original home in San Diego. The weather there is incredible, plus they have the population to back it up.

Cons: San Diego fans have a reputation for being a little fair-weathered. Yeah they support the Chargers when they’re good but attendance at Padres games tends to be average at best. Plus it’s not too much of a basketball city. The Clippers received tepid interest at best when they were in town in the early ’80s. The city also does not have an adequate arena.

Mexico City, pop. 8,800,000:
Pros: This is obviously a stretch moving a team south of the border. But if Canada can get a couple of squads why can Mexico? They’ve done a couple of exhibition games there over the past few decades and have had amazing turnouts. Mexico City also has a huge population and will get the support from the rest of the country. Plus, Eduardo Najara would always be employed.

Cons: From the logistical reasons to financial barriers of moving into another country would probably be too much of a hassle. Expanding the NBA down south would be a huge risk for the League. In these economic times, I’m sure Stern would rather go with a safe bet, but I wouldn’t rule out this city in the long run.

St. Louis, pop. 380,000:
Pros: Like Kansas City, St. Louis once had a team and has been constantly mentioned as a possible NBA city. The city supports three of the four major league sports. The area has also produced a number of NBA players like David Lee, Larry Hughes and Darius Miles.

Cons: The population seems a little low and like Kansas City, is considered a small market city.

Austin, pop. 760,000:
Pros: In playing one of those trivia board games, I found out that Austin is the biggest city in the United States not to have a major sports franchise. With the population hovering around a million and a half people (greater Austin area) and a lot of basketball fans (Texas Longhorns) this could be an intriguing pick.

Cons: The great state of Texas already has three NBA teams, so I’m not sure Stern would want another one there. Especially since San Antonio is just a few hours away. Austin already has a D-League team as well.

Seattle, pop. 620,000:
Pros: Let’s be honest, Seattle was wronged. Arena issues robbed one of the best basketball cities in the country of keeping their storied franchise. The good news is the Sonics got to keep their name and Stern believes that Seattle will have a team again someday.

Cons: The relationship between the city and the NBA has soured a little bit. I think the arena would have to be privately funded because Seattle tax payers do not want to build another expensive sports facility under their dime.

Tampa, pop. 380,000:
Pros: Tampa has been the site of a couple of Final Fours, so you know there are basketball fans. This city has three successful sports teams and the city really gets behind them.

Cons: With Orlando so close, not sure another Florida team would work. There aren’t any major basketball colleges in close vicinity. Tampa does not have a rich basketball tradition.

What do you guys think? What other cities deserve consideration?

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  • bballinca

    Anaheim, CA. Move the Clippers there. Orange County can support the Ducks and the Angels so why not the Clippers?

  • doc

    philadelphia need a team

  • Celts Fan

    DMiles is from E. St. Louis, Illinois, not Nellyville. All of Mo. Is better for him not being from there!

    2nd – how are you finding these populations #s? I’ve heard Mex. City has 22M people and I heard Van had 2.6M. Are these #s incl. Very close towns that are basically part of the city and you just have “strictly within city limits #s?”

    Also, I just got back from Vancouver and it’s Amazing! Can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone here. And yes, they deserve another shot w/ some competant people, but Seattle and SD (2 of my other favrite places in the world, SD being #1!) Should be first tho.

    Welcome to NYC and Dime man. Loving your work so far…

  • ProphetGk

    How ’bout a team in Milwaukee?

  • ProphetGk

    A good team I mean:)

  • Patrick Cassidy

    laughing out loud at doc’s comment

  • lifep

    The RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK (RTP) area which consists of “Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina. – Pop. 900,000+

    Pros: The rich legacy of college basketball tradition (Duke, UNC, NC State, all within 15 minutes of each other)in this area could naturally transistion into a pro team. The Carolina Hurricanes located in the RTP (hockey) attendance is booming and they have already won the Stanley Cup! People who root for UNC, Duke, NC State and the other local colleges would finally get the chance to rally around a single sports franchise! This area is consistently ranked in the top 10 “Best places to live” and is full of money and loyalty! Charlotte, home of the once Hornets and now Bobcats is about 3 hours away from the RTP area and probably a little too far to travel for season ticket holders and general attendees. Having a franchise in this area would instantly become a huge draw!

    Cons: Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats
    The Charlotte franchise hasn’t necessarily proven that NC is fertile ground.

  • Dagomar

    Where are you getting these population stats from? For some cities you are using the metropolitan population (Kansas City) and for others you are using only the downtown, city proper (Vancouver).

    Why not Montreal? Is it such a crazy idea? Almost 4 million people and there’s only two major sports teams. I really like the Mexico City idea as well.

    But let’s be honest here: the NBA is watered down enough as it is, so if teams come to these cities they have to move from other places. Right now the first city that deserves to have a franchise move there would be Seattle.

  • ProphetGk

    How about another team in Boston? I mean, if New York can have multiple teams and L.A. can have multiple teams, why not Bean-town?

  • Kobeef

    Minnesota really deserves an NBA team. I mean, they’ve been paying to see an NBA team.

    Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll be stuck with that D-League squad for at least 2 more years.

    In all seriousness, I’d put my money on the Maloofs moving the Kings and Las Vegas being the next NBA city. After that i’d say Seattle will get the team currently known as the Grizzlies.

  • Daddy Dollars

    Move Memphis to Nashville

    Move LA Clips to San Diego

    Move New Orleans to Seattle

    Expand to Kansas City/Cincinnati/St. Louis

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine

    @Celts fan

    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked Vancouver, where was your favorite place? I got those stats from the US Census Bureau. The populations are within city limits. Of course Seattle has more than 600,000 when you factor in Kirkalnd, Tacoma and all other neighboring cities.

    The RTP is an interesting possibility given the rich college basketball tradition. Anaheim is also a city that is discussed a lot. I believe the Clippers used to split time there years back.

  • willsmithismydad

    austin probably wouldn’t work. most of the people who live there are transplants from one of the other major areas in texas (dallas, houston, san antonio), and for the most part people don’t even pay attention to pro sports. austin is all about longhorn sports.

  • quest???

    San juan puerto RICO…what NBA player wouldn’t want to play on a tropical island with beautiful women and beaches?

  • quest???

    San juan puerto RICO…what NBA player wouldn’t want to play on a tropical island with beautiful women and beaches?

  • Matt Sturbate

    that must be the metro area for st louis cuz the surrounding area or greater stl area is like 2.3 million plus

  • robmo35

    Norfolk/ Hampton Roads area. I believe it’s the largest market in the country that has no professional teams

  • Saku 39

    Negative on Las Vegas. It’s such a transient city that I doubt they could build a solid fanbase. And if the team is bad? Fuhgetaboutit. I think people would rather watch one of Vegas’s many shows than watch bad basketball.

    Kansas City could be a good fit. They should relocate the Clippers there and call them the KC Masterpieces.

  • nic







  • chris

    nba sites have to be places that not just have a big enough population, but also have to be a place where 15,000 tickets will sell out every night, ie 600,000 seats a year, and nba seats are not cheap.

    the las vegas rollers are a sure fire hit; lots of folks would love to see a game while in town, nba seats are no more expensive than other vegas attractions.

    all of the others except montreal and vancouver/seattle are a problem because of the economy. Call the joint vancouver/seattle team “the pacific wave”, with half of home games in seattle, half in vancouver, and they will do well. there is a basketball culture in both cities.

    montreal? how many nba exhibition games have been played there (not many)? how many show up for college hoops (ditto)?

    all of the other sites will be a problem until the economy is better

  • nic





  • runngun22


  • runngun22

    Pittsburgh? Just look at the support the Pitt Panthers basketball team had last year.

  • Sam I Am

    Not gonna lie…B-More (Baltimore)

    or for sure Virginia

    I hate Virginia (Being from MD/DC) but that’s ONE BIG STATE and everytime I travel thru the bamas talking about the Redskins / the Wizards / the Bobcats / the Panthers etc

    just get them their own team already…Mike Vick can fund them


    BALTIMORE??? no love?

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    How about San Francisco let’s move the Warriors back over here across the Bridge and give Oakland another team. I’m tired of sharing. We have a big enough market that two teams can coexist like L.A.

  • TO

    @ Nic

    I think you just called out all the Toronto fans…

  • Ross

    San Antonio is only 1 hour away from Austin (maybe longer depending on what parts of the city your departure/arrival is).

  • Sam I Am

    @ Kwame…right??????

    lol anyways you agree about giving Virginians their own team or No??

  • http://Dime Youngwood

    Montreal babay !

  • Dirtball Rotten

    yea if baltimore can have a NFL Team they can have a NBA team, if the balt/dc area can support 2 nfl teams they damn sure can support and nba

    and i also 2nd the Norfolk/va beach area, drop a team on 64 and people from that area and Richmond would be all over it, its too many ballers from VA not to have a team

  • Celts Fan

    @Gerald – thanks for the info. I loved everything about Vancouver. My favorite food/bar was Chill Winston (very cool bar, AMAZING FOOD,) loved the 300 block of W. Hastings during the days (you know…) Shine’s reggae night on Weds., and going around Stanley Park was very cool too. Can’t really pick a favorite…

  • Celts Fan

    @everyone saying Va. Beach (I LOVE that area btw and have a ton of family there,) I don’t think it’d work. There isn’t enough corporate and private $$$ available in the area to really keep a team up. It’d be like a slightly better version of the Grizz. I’d love to see them get a chance though.

  • MissChick

    Orange County/Anaheim is a huge market and with a lot of rich folks, it would be a great market.

    “No” on Vegas. Most people who are in Vegas are visitors, old and retired, or white cracker trailer trash. There’s a reason why Las Vegas doesn’t have any professional sports teams.

  • Simon

    @nic, please retract your statement calling out the Raptors like that. Also, is your keyboard broken?

  • nowwhatyo

    please bring nba basketball back to seattle… we hurtin over here!

  • Shrink This

    Montreal should never, ever garner interest again from any pro sports league.

    Their bailing on the Expos was complete garbage and every few decades or so Quebec threatens to separate from Canada (though that could give the league some more international flavor I suppose).

  • Drink the Haterade

    its gotta be vegas, rich tradition with basketball and a mega spot for ballers in the off season.

    And yes we maybe transient, but those that in the basketball world here are ture fans.

  • Boofrog

    Green Bay!

  • jay

    this might sound harsh but lets look at reality and economics people. first off, i am jersey so if the nets can actually get to brooklyn great..i still think due to economics they wind up at the pru center in newark but that is just me or ask shaq! i am not going to say where i work but the nba should not have anymore expansion. sorry to say vancouver could not hold a team in the 90’s why would they be able to hold a team now? they cant..sorry! move memphis to seattle and they are good. memphis has been in the red for years. not to be harsh but no team should be in the mid west aka kansas city or anywhere else in the rust belt. two auto co’s are in bankruptcy..no way tampa should have a team…orlando is close enough..i do agree move the clips back to san diego or to the pond permanently! they are viewed as a jv team to the lakers anyway and will always be the B team in LA.
    so in a nut shell..grizzlies become the new sonics..clips to san diego..if the hornets and thunder cant keep their teams it was a dumb idea to move em in the first place..this aint the usfl..no teams should be in canada..period!

  • rean pogi

    it’s gotta be SEATTLE and VEGAS.

    but with Mr.Commish saying he won’t put up a team in Vegas until there’s gambling? hen it’s impossible to have a team there then.

    maybe if charles barkley or antoine walker is the new commish already then that’s the time. Go Vegas Gamblers! or Go Vegas Pontoons!

  • srb

    i’m glad doc and prophet made those jokes. that was just what i was thinking about doing when i clicked this topic.


  • pimp


  • Simon

    @Jay and nic, can you please explain why Toronto should not have a team? Although their on-court product may lack at times, they are certainly safe financially.

    Last year Toronto had the 10th best average home attendance and 14th best average attendance overall (home and away).

    According to Forbes (2008) Toronto was ranked 11th in terms of team value at $400 million.


  • baltimore


    just look at how much support the terps have throughout the state

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    I don’t know who says New Orleans is moving, but they’re not. Find another team to make rumors about. Attendance is great here and Chris Paul is loved more than any local sports figure with the possible exception of Drew Brees.

  • Tig obamo

    Connecticut 1 becuase its the richest state 2 because the suns are good and the mens would be better and 3 so they could kick bostons ass

  • Jaymac

    to jay

    orlando isnt that close if you are from tampa, its hard to make an hour and a half trip to go to a game, tampa needs a team like the body needs water

  • Ant

    Don’t even pay Nic any mind..he doesnt even know the site he is on. He said Slam headline…ummm this is Dime buddy..the real Bball mag…

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    On the real in some type of way I am just for all 50 states having only 1 squad. Turn all city names to state names (Cali. Lakers). I wrote about it some time ago. And I know it’s prolly only in my mind, but I think it would be live.

    Imagine 50 squads. People would be reppin for their states so hard. Picture one of the less attractive states like Mississippi beating New York in a playoff match up!

    I love it. I might have to just take the time and when 2k10 comes out delete some teams and add teams and get the fantasy draft on!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE


    Post 32
    It’s long and after reading it now I might change a few things but still the basic idea is still there. The more teams the better!

    Hope the link works.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I hate how vanc is not in the NBA anymore.

    hmmm, you’d think that players (who apparently DO love smoking up, right odom, beasley, etc) would have figured out the pot laws in Vancouver are QUITE DIFFERENT from the rest of the cities in the NBA . . .

    seems like a match made in heaven . . . taxes are out of control in vancouver, very high standard of living. imagine the revinue for asian nations though . . . if vancouver had a team and a chinese player — boom — that works out great.

  • Simon

    Solid read Big Poppi Pump aka Poppi Gee!

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Preshate that Simon.

    Something just hit me though, and this ain’t really dealing with the states. But with not a lot of thought into it, with a nice amount of players born from Africa shouldn’t Africa have a squad that is right up there amongst overseas teams?

    I’m thinkin so.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    @poppi gee

    they are building infrastructure over there to make sure that the next gen players have better fundamentals. right now guys coming out of africa aren’t hakeem (who was in their soccer pipeline for years) or deke (who is 7’2). most of the big guys are projects (sene, ibaka, etc) and the guards — well, you tell me the last time an African guard made the L. over the next few years African teams should get better because of this overhaul and infrastructure change — but right now the fundamentals are keeping them back. (relying too much on athleticism right now, and end up getting killed by strong fundamentals teams like Greece, etc)

    Also, there’s no singular AFRICAN team, the best may be Angola (still… they usual run the FIBA Africa tourney), but they don’t have any individual star. (Save for that dude with the portuguese name)

    The good news is that coaches (int’l as well as african) are working together to better develop players there . . . i believe there is a pan african bball academy right now that tries to bring the best talent together.

    Of course, wars and the lack of hoops / balls does hurt the people from being a bball force right now. Compare all the gear you need (+ coaches, uniforms, good shoes, tons of balls, hoop repair, etc) for a team sport compared to what you need in order to take care of your sporting needs for the marathon, sprinting or steeplechase . . . it’s a tough break over there, man.

    I’ve lived in Africa twice so I know that how they have it is much worse off than the worst off have it here.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Amar I must say I don’t think I have ever had a question answered so thoroughly. I got to give you props right there.

    Again I didn’t put much thought into it in asking the question, it just kind showed up in random thought. Still I fully get what you are saying and that all makes sense. Have to really hope things get better on so many levels (from hoops to life) over there.

    Preshate that.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    hey no prob man . . .

    the other thing is that if there is a prospect that kid will be moved stateside ASAP (or canada), to play college here or whatever. in fact europe is doing this too — like how they scouted sene and that guy the cavs drafted this year — and make them play on the junior teams on the club level.

    This effectively is basketball brain drain. those players are out of the system, and not available to help their OWN teams.

    you know that if you have one good guy on a bad team he can help the other players get better. (be it at the HS level or the pro level) by taking away the ‘best potential’ guys, the african coaches are left with the guys who really suck. these sucky guys are then the ‘national stars’ and the people who they have to run camps with / teach the next generation with.

    deke has done so much for africa — the real problems — but you and i know that he hasn’t held bball camps in zaire (now the congo). same with manute bol — who tried to fund regime change there, not teach how to box out. hakeem is actually an american citizen now. a lot of these players (not by their own ideas) end up leaving africa — comming back to help out — but in the process totally remove themselves from African Basketball Development.

    What would be of Canadian grass-roots hockey if all the best canadian players left to play college hockey in the US, and never went back to become coaches / mentors at the club level? It would be pretty bad.

    That’s what is currently a major problem in African basketball — no top of the whole “we don’t have stability and money to keep indoor courts to train professional athletes” issues.

  • http://www.geraldnarciso.com Gerald Narciso

    Man all great suggestions. I absolutely agree Baltimore should have been on that list. Great bball city with Carmelo, Cassell, Muggsy, Reggie Lewis, Marcus Hatten etc.

    Very interesting suggestions. San Juan would be cool too. Didn’t they house the Expos for awhile? Also Pitt definitely warrents consideration. What do you guys think of Louisville? You know they’re die hard fans in KY.

    @Celts Fan
    All the places you mentioned in Vancouver are good spots. Never been to Chilli Winstons but heard their brunches are incredible!

    Lol about the Odom and Beasley comment in Vancouver. Yeah I agree if Vancouver had a team and they had Yi, it would be a wrap! They’d sell out every night.

  • http://twitter.com/TomGyorko TomGfromCanada

    not Vegas, anywhere but Vegas.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    @Gerald Narciso — yeah, if BC had Yi, it would be better financially than if they had Nash . . . which is counter-intuiative unless you take into account foreign TV deal revinue.

  • Mack Brownee

    what about Columbus, MS? population 20K-30K… Mississippi stand up! we’re responsible for Big Al, monta, travis outlaw, jonathan bender

  • http://nike.jp/basketball/bg/home.html asmaticasiatic

    Muskegon, michigan…just moved here a year ago, and have atleast 18 months of school before i can leave…to top it off I tore my ACL at the local y and am out for 8 months to a year…a nba team would be great for the economy here and would bring some excitement to the city….lol

  • PG-22

    Puerto Rico, pop. 4,000,000

    Pros: Rich basketball tradition. They have a facility. Beat the dream team and are well known worldwide for basketball. US territory just two hours away from Miami. Players will love this destinantion for the weather and the women.

    Cons: They don’t have a basketball team.

  • Flip

    What do you guys think about an expansion to Europe? London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Athens would be the cities most suitable to have their own squad IMO as they’re big markets and have suitable arenas for NBA teams.

  • alex “robocop” murphy

    Bring back the Buffalo Braves!

  • Damon

    Flip, no way there is an NBA team in Paris :

    (population numers are 2.2M for the city, and 12M for the whole area)

    – the biggest indoor arena doesn’t fit NBA standards (13K seats, not enough VIP rooms), and there is simply no room at all to build another one
    – french people don’t love basketball enough, and NBA tickets would be too expensive, I remember selling a kidney to go and see Magic back in 91
    – as people say, there is too much to do there to go and see sports full-time. The biggest stadium around, built for the 98 World Cup, doesn’t even host a pro team full-time, may it be soccer or rubgy. The soccer team plays in a 45K stadium, and doesn’t fill it (40K avg.)

    Consider that the basketball team, when playing Euroleague, had 2.5K crowds in a 4.2K arena in when Tony Parker was still there (and really doing well at 17). The ticket was costing something like 7 euros…

  • BoJo20

    I knew someone was going to mention Pgh. We do not have the financial capability to support a 3rd team with a winter season. Pittsburgh is a small market team. In fact at one point we were the smallest city to have three professional sports teams.

    The support the Panthers have cannot be translated to NBA support. Many of those supporters are alumni. Others have only followed the team in recent years due to their success. Just like the Pens.

    If an NBA team came here and started winning then yes it would be successful just because we are a sports crazed city, but if they had a rough start then it would be a struggle.



  • BiG ShoT BoB

    What about Mars? We could have planet vs. planet? Who should start on the earth team?

  • doc

    Way to end it Big Shot.Thats the only place left.unless we giving heaven and hell a team too.

  • flyp

    As a lifelong Montreal resident, I can tell you that although we have an underrated hoop scene, an NBA franchise wouldn’t last in the city. During the winter months, the team bleeds the bleu, blanc et rouge of the Canadiens.

    We even have billboards that say it: The city is Hockey.

  • LA`Clipperz

    move the Grizzlies back to Vancouver

    put the bucks in vegas

    put the hornets in seattle

  • theginge30

    Montreal, basketball is much more popular then baseball in montreal and the NBA would gain another multicultural beautiful city to boot also population around 1 million probably more and if they share half the enthusiasm as the Canadiens in the NHL they’d still be way ahead in attendance of plenty of other struggling NBA franchises

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    How about my hometown? Hartford,Conneticut. Oh wait, We have the Huskies.

  • Andrew

    Louisville! The Colonels found success in the ABA here during the 70s

  • http://www.lifeofagiant.com Big Aaron

    Stern’s not expanding to two teams in the west and none in the east. He’ll add one and one.

    East – Baltimore (pro-sports are certainly well-supported in-state)
    West – Seattle (Stern has got some MAJOR ass-kissing to do up there)

    In the future, an exhibition game will be played in Mexico City and it’ll probably be a failure given it’s a very poor city.

  • http://nbainstl.blogspot.com Strength

    Dimemag you gotta do a better job than this!! St. Louis is a metro of nearly 3 million. We’re comparable to Denver and Minneapolis both of which have nba teams!!


  • http://nbainstl.blogspot.com Strength

    Also St. Louis is an independent city!! I.e. we have a County and a City but together we’re a population 1.4 million. The City population is irrelevant to the argument.
    We’re the biggest market without a team!!

  • http://nbainstl.blogspot.com Strength

    from this study from the University of San Diego.

    [quote] Sports teams (or franchises) operate in a similar manner, and each of the
    leagues has developed rules regarding franchise movement and location. In the
    NBA, an area with a radius of 75 miles surrounds each NBA team, and no other
    NBA team is permitted to locate within that radius without permission of the incumbent
    team. [/quote]

    B-More is 40 miles away from The Washington Wizards. StL deserves an NBA team. We’re a sports town.

  • kombayn

    These 4 teams are in trouble with their arena situation.

    Milwaukee Bucks – This is a team that could very-well be relocated in the near future when Senator Kohl passes a way and the team is most likely sold to the highest bidder.

    Minnesota Timberwolves – Target Center is getting old and it needs a new arena soon or a major renovation.

    New Jersey Nets – They’ll move into Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY or Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. IZOD Center is a dump.

    Sacramento Kings – It’s over for this team, they’re not going to get that arena built in Sacramento.

    Possible NBA Destinations:

    Kansas City – Brand new arena without someone occupying it. But the Sprint Center will have to give a favorable lease to the team that moves into the building.

    Vancouver – It was a shame to have them leave in the first place. They need to build the team as an international team like Toronto. That way the players will enjoy the vibe and want to stay in the city to play for them. They would have a passionate fan-base.

    Seattle – I think it was terrible how they were screwed but the team was bleeding money. A few teams are bleeding money and it’s not helping the owners, which is why the CBA is going to be a big deal. No new arena, no team in Seattle.

    Anaheim – They want a team, they could support it, but it’d be interesting how the media market would play out. Plus could they even get into the market?

    San Jose – Another place that doesn’t get mentioned much. They’re about to get MLB and neighboring Santa Clara is about to host the San Francisco 49ers. It’s a big-time city that could support a winning NBA team. But it could spell doom for the Golden State Warriors.

    St. Louis – I’ve always heard rumblings about St. Louis wanting a team. It could happen. I wouldn’t see why not.
    In the end:

    I don’t expect too much movement but those 4 teams have very real chances of moving though.

  • chris

    I have a better idea. Why not just contract some teams? Seriously, the NBA would find itself in a lot better shape if it were to lop 6-10 teams from the league. The talent would improve considerably and you wouldn’t have to put up with dead end losing franchises like the Clippers. Besides, I don’t see how any of the above cities mentioned will bring anything new to the NBA. It will be just the same old, same old.

  • Ashton

    Ummmm . . . . . . has anyone or anybody forgot about “Pittsburgh”?

  • Nhh

    Come back to Vancouver!!! The grizzles had such a huge fanbase but that retard michael heisley moved the teams!!!

  • Peter

    How about Buffalo, Long Island or Rochester NY?

    All big cities that needs a team. I think Seattle is the best city though.

  • AL

    Re: Cities That Deserve An NBA Team.

    Seattle definitely needs to revive their storied franchise. It’s ashame that they couldn’t agree to building a new stadium or at least renovating the old arena to today’s standards.

    Cities having more than 1 team representing a professional sport does not make sense to me (NY Yankees & Mets, Giants & Jets, Rangers & Islanders; L.A. Lakers & Clippers, Angels & Dodgers). Sure they have the population to do so, but why divide the city into further rivalry? With that said, Clippers should separate themselves from L.A. and represent either Anaheim or San Diego.

    And last but not least, San Jose, the 10th largest US City deserves a shot at a NBA Franchise. It has the benefits of being part of the Bay Area, so plenty to do while watching a basketball event. Demographically, it makes sense. It’s in the middle of Silicon Valley, with plenty of dotcom companies vying to snatch up luxury boxes/suites for their corporate clients. The HP Pavilion has hosted regional NCAA tournament events, so the infrastructure is in place. The new SJC International Airport is under construction and the bullet train connecting SoCal to SF with a stop in San Jose is in the near future. The Bay Area rivalry between the 49ers vs Raiders or Giants vs A’s
    has made for great sporting events, why not add Oakland Warriors vs new San Jose NBA Expansion Team? Maybe some competition will heighten the Warriors playing level and reputation?

  • M. A. Smith

    Kansas City is the obvious choice for an NBA Team

    *City population: 475,000+

    *City metro population: 2,000,000+

    *New tenantless arena with 18,500 seats and run by a major entertainment company

    *Great local support

    I hope a new team isn’t added in California. Seriously, don’t they have enough NBA teams there already?

  • http://yahoo.com MJ

    Baltimore is best because basketball talent is all over the city, not exceeded.If the Bullets were to stay alot longer, young ballers may’ve been influenced to proceed a future in the NBA.But because the city and state have not agreed on a new arena its least likey to land any time soon.Others:
    Kansas City
    Seattle-build new arena
    G-O-RAVENS!!!!,O’s!!!! and SAINTS!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com MJ

    Teams like the Clippers have a future in K.C. for the reasons:In L.A. sharing a court with a team better than you and least fans appreciating your success.
    The Kings needs to move to a bigger,more profitable market like Vancouver who has a larger arena,a super fantastic skyline and larger population than Sacramento.To add to the previous cities list for possible NBA sites: Columbus at the Nationwide Center, for NBA competition in the state of Ohio with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Pittsburgh at the new arena being constructed for competition with the Sixers in Pennsylvania.Notice both cities are supported with top rank college basketball programs:Ohio State Buckeyes and Pittsburgh University Panthers.

  • Jordan

    Teams That Are On Their Way Out(or should be):

    Milwaukee Bucks- They have been terrible for the past years. When Kohl dies, the team will most likely be sold.
    Los Angeles Clippers- Them sharing the Staples Center with the Lakers just bugs me. If they could get their own stadium(yeah, right), then they could stay. Oh, and I believe they also need to win at least 40 games.
    Sacramento Kings- Terrible. ’nuff said.
    Minnesota T-Wolves- Wow. Again. ‘Nuff said. Terrible attendance, not to mention absoulutely no hint of talent(except Kevin Love).
    Possible NBA Locations:

    Kansas City: They could take a team. 2,000,000+ metro pop., and the few times there have been exhibitions here, they’ve all sold out. The Sprint Center isn’t occupied by any sport team, the occasional exhibition or Kansas Jayhawk games. I could see the Bucks moving here.

    San Diego: Move the Clips back. San Diego could buildi a new stadium, or(i still don’t like the whole stadium sharing thing) share the Qualcomm Stadium with the Chargers.

    Vancouver- The Grizzlies leaving was a terrible move. They deserve another team. Move ‘em back to General Motors Place(but you might need a new sponsor). Stern could expand the NBA to 30 teams, one here, and one in Baltimore.

    Seattle- Stern has some ass kissing to do here. Move the Kings here. They dont have the funding for a new arena, so fix up the old one. Kings could come here too.

    Baltimore- Baltimore has so much young talent. Expansion team could come here, and maybe have open tryouts, or just add free agents.
    Well, all and all, this most likely won’t happen. If anything, the expansion, or possibly just the Bucks moving to KC.

  • paul

    montreal could no doubt support an nba franchise .. i’ve been to a celtics game, to a heat’s game .. place wasn’t even half full both times !

    of course the major sport in this city is hockey; but an nba franchise is cheaper to maintain and we already have everything we need to get one (maybe except someone willing to put out cash for one)… given time, ppl in this city would find another team to identify with, and maybe stop the habs from taking montreal’s sports fans for granted ……

    as for what happened to the expos, it’s a long, very complicated story ..

  • Tony

    I hate to break it to you, but the Bucks will never leave Milwaukee. Kohl will never sell the team, and there are already atleast 1 or 2 people in line from Wisconsin that want to buy shares of the team. The Bucks have been here for over 40 years and have been a staple in the NBA, so why move them?

    People keep bringing up KC. KC is nowhere near as much of a Major League town as Milwaukee and doesn’t have near as much money or buisness. In fact, I don’t even think that KC has any Fortune 500 companies by itself or in it’s Metro area, combined. Milwaukee has 6 within it’s city limits, and about 12 if you count the whole metro area. KC can’t even support the teams they have now, so why would they want another team? People just pick on the Bucks because they are ignorant and don’t know anything about the franchise.

    If you want to eliminate or move franchises, move the Heat, Hornets, Bobcats, T-Wolves, Clippers for starters.

  • Jay Rds

    Apparently you don’t follow basketball for you to say that there isn’t a major college basketball in the area. University of Florida is a hour and a half away. And the population in the tampa and st.Pete area is over 2 million…not to mention there is already a few arena here to support a NBA team.