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5 Teams That Should Sign Carlos Arroyo

Carlos Arroyo

It seems that all there are always rumors surrounding Carlos Arroyo – and none of them are ever true. Over a month ago there was one that saw Arroyo possibly ending up with the Sixers, and then over the weekend one that had him landing with the Bulls. But while neither of these seem to be actually coming to frution, here are five teams that should sign Arroyo this season.

1. Boston Celtics – It’s no joke that the Celtics need help at the point guard position. Otherwise, why do you think they signed Stephon Marbury last year? While they’ve solidified their frontcourt with Rasheed Wallace, Shelden Williams and re-signing Big Baby, the C’s need to add a veteran point guard (preferably younger than Sam Cassell) that can come off the bench and handle the ball better than Eddie House.

2. New York Knicks – The Knicks have been looking for another point guard all summer, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be Ramon Sessions. Arroyo can run and push the tempo in D’Antoni‘s system and would probably come back on just a one-year deal, making Donnie Walsh prefer him over Sessions anyway.

3. Miami Heat – After my man Patrick Beverly signed overseas this past week, everyone has been trying to figure out who the Heat should bring in at point guard. While Mario Chalmers has the starting spot on lock, Arroyo would be a great look to come off the bench.

4. New Orleans Hornets – It’s pretty clear to see that Chris Paul isn’t happy. And when you’re best player isn’t happy, you should go out of your way to do something. After basically giving Rasual Butler to the Clippers for nothing, Arroyo would fit in well in that Jannero Pargo-type roll as the backup PG in New Orleans.

5. Phoenix Suns – It’s clear that the Suns still haven’t found a replacement/understudy for Steve Nash, but after he re-signed this summer they can put that search on hold. Although they do have Leandro Barbosa (not really a PG) and Goran Dragic (not really that good a PG) or the roster, the Suns are in need of a backup so Nash doesn’t have to play 35+ minutes a night.

What do you think?

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  • S-SiN

    Heat, Hornets or Suns make sense to me, but Danny Ainge should go after this with all he’s got. A perfect fit.

  • bobby stew

    Best fit is with the Celtics

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball


    Ya the celts prolly should get him…if they feel like ignoring the fact that arroyo sucks in the nba. Hes always had a ton of hype and hasn’t done much whe hes not wearin a PR jersey.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    @Bron42: 100%

    Being in Orlando and watching him for a while, he just doesn’t have it when it comes to the NBA game. Always overdoing passes that end up off guys’ hands, into the stands and a deep passion to show off his lackluster outside jumper.

    He knows he is the best player on the PR teams and has been playing with those guys for years if not decades. That’s why he plays so well internationally against other countries who have 1-3 NBA players and then a bunch of bums.

    I’d rather have Brevin Knight.

  • knick

    I’m always amused with posts like bron42’s.nobody cares, yet your posting about him.its very simple, you don’t like it, keep it moving.stop being a hater.arroyo is a nice pg.if he’s not your cup of tea, down some arsenic instead.jerkoff.

  • Mark

    Philly needs a PG

  • Al Dogg

    Hasn’t Arroyo already proved that he’s not good enough for the NBA? Just because a guy thinks he’s god’s gift to basketball doesn’t mean its true.

  • quest???

    what tells you that he isnt good enough for the nba??? The reason he left is the same reason josh childress left, more money. Does that mean josh childress isnt good enough for the nba?..Arroyo has the skill to be a solid starting point guard or a great back-up point guard, his only problem is his attitude. He is killing the competition in the FIBA’S tournament. You can clearly see that he is head and shoulders better than any point guard there….His best fit is with the celtics..oh btw he is a 7 year nba veteran so i think he has proven that he can stick in the nba

  • quest???

    @nerditry i live in orlando and i had seen him play.. there is a reason why jameer nelson was shitting in his pants when carlos arroyo played for the magic. The team flowed better with arroyo at the point than jameer nelson.

  • liukz

    arroyo played the PG better than nelson in orlando…
    Howard said it a lot of times

  • mtindore520

    @quest??? right on the money w/ post#8…took the words from my mouth, he was very good starting with the Jazz he put in 12 & 5 but just didnt fit w/ Sloan…. I remember Arroyo in Orlando, i think 2 straight games where he came up big in the 4th not missing a shot and scoring 25 & 19

  • George W Kush Sr

    Whoever said Arroyo isn’t good enough for the NBA said so to let all of us know he’s an idiot.
    Never argue with someone dumber than you because you’ll just go in circles, just let the idiot be.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    And Im assumed with cornballs who overuse the word “hateR” for anyone who disagrees with someone. your not a hater if your stating FACT. Dude never did anything in the nba with anyone. He showed flashes with orlando, but for every nice “omg this kid is the truth” play, he had 3 bonehead, pass straight to the other team plays which is WHY he didn’t stick around. I mean keyon dooling was gettin burn over him. BUt your right, i’m just a hater and arroyo is the truth, which is why orlando let him walk. And im posting about him because um well I THINK this page is made just so people can post. Now if you want every post on this site to be kissin someone ass, then go to arroyos webpage and get excited about him there or if your a lebon fan, just work for dime and gas him up for a living. But please o please, retire the “hey this guys a hater for not liking my player” talk cuz its just kiddish specially when someones stating the obviously that arroyos NBA track record easily proved…can’t stay in the NBA but shits on people for PR, ya your right, i’m wayyy off.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    and ya, you should never argue with a idiot, cuz even idiots can be right from time to time and that just makes you look retarded

  • doc

    As long as the Sixers dont sign his ass Im good.Fuck the bullshit.

  • knick

    I’m amused at your grammar and your hyperbole.this guy is special.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    lol feel free to spend time highlighting and correcting my grammar like it really matters in a pointless chat forum.

    @quest, for the most part, josh childress was ass in the NBA. He was a borderline role player on a bad hawks team, which is why they wouldn’t give him extra money. And you say hes a stud but his attitude sucks, so why would coaches want him? obviously no one was heating up the phones trying to get him or he would of got the money he went overseas for. Hes NEVER been a great pg in the nba. He had spurts, just like every average pg does. Then fiba comes around and he looks amazing, then comes back to the nba and has spurts. thats his WHOLE 7 years. he never became solid or steady.

  • Flip

    @Bron: Borderline role player???? You got me rolling on the floor. The Hawks were tripping over their own feet trying to resign Childress and most (sensible) people would agree that it was one of their biggest offseason priorities before Childress bolted to Europe. Same goes for Arroyo: if you can stay in the NBA for 7 seasons, you’ve more than proven that you belong. That is, unless your name is Kwame Brown.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    Yes, the money is better for Arroyo in Europe because NBA GMs knew better than to pay him. He’s second or third rate talent, which one depends on the guys he’s supposed to pass the ball to.

    And LOL to Jameer shitting his pants over Arroyo. Like Prince was ever afraid of Morris Day.

  • sh!tfaced

    Boston better sign Arroyo, there ain’t a much better PG than him that the C’s have available for them. Pruitt is gone and Starbury is gone, and I mean f**kin’ damn GONE!!

    Right now they think House and Marquis can back him up, but what if Rondo gets injured? Holding the fort for 10-20 minutes is way different from holding it up for 48 minutes…

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    I lived in Orlando too when he played there, and for every play or game he performed well, there were at least 4 when he’d piss the coach or players off. He constantly broke plays, ignored calls for the balls and just did his own thing. There were no tears shed when he left and no rush to his door to stop him from heading overseas. True, Jameer wasn’t the player he is now, but Arroyo wasn’t keeping him from playing as much as his own inconsistency. He can’t stay on the same team more than 2 years because his attitude ends up alienating the same people he should be trying to impress or lead. His talent is good, his approach to using it, isn’t.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    How is it clear that Chris Paul isn’t happy? And the Hornets just drafted a point guard. They have three on the roster.

    I don’t know why I even bothered to comment on this… there are two spelling errors in the Hornets paragraph alone…


    The Celtics would be a great fit for him. For all of you saying Arroyo sucked in the NBA, he didn’t suck but its true he hasn’t played to his highest point. You guys should look at his performance so far in the FIBA Tournament. Yes, of course, most players in FIBA tournament are NOT as good as an NBA caliber player but wow… Arroyo’s game has improved so much since his last NBA season. He looks much more under control when he’s in the court and his decision making skills have never been so good. This guy is shooting 66% from the field and 62% from 3pt land in his first 4 games. I’m in shock the report didn’t show the San Antonio Spurs… Who’s going to help Parker off the bench? Best to fits in my opinion, Celtics & Spurs.

  • http://yahoo Chris Simoneau

    if he goes to boston, that just adds to a stacked roster. i cant believe those idiots at espn said that the spurs have had the best offseason. the celtics have lost leon powe. they added rasheed wallace and marquis daniels, and now possibly arroyo,and kept big baby, FOR THEIR BENCH? that is what i call loaded. they would have gone to the finals last year if they stayed healthy, now with this years additions? add arroyo and pass out the rings.

  • mikeo11

    man all of yall r idiots.he could have been one of the best point gaurds of the league.he is good enough to be a starter.its his attitude that kills him,thats why he got traded from the jazz.then he played behind billups and he did pretty good.He also played good in orlando….its kinda hard to consistint when ur choach doesnt know who he wants to start!!

  • tiger

    Some of u heaters need a history leason. m2004 olimpic Games the first Team to beat the so caled Dream Team of the Us was lead by a young BORICUA called Carlos Arroyo he abused the front court of the US he pased,stole did assists got rebounds he did all. In the PR Olimpic Team he is the Leader,in the Tel-Avi Team in his first year he gets MVP doing the same as he dose in the olimpic team. In Orlando he did the same the only difference is that in Orlando he had a choach that did not now who the hell he wanted to start. If you now about basketball when u bring inconsistency to the decision making from the part of the choaching you will make youre players to be inconsitant. More than likely the Carlos Arroyos heaters never have played Basketball and dose not now how to pass the ball so get your facts straight and then you can talk. If Carlos wasent god for the NBA Grant Hill,Carlos Bosser, John Stokton,Turk,Superman,and other NBA players would exprease how mgod he is. His only problem is his attitud…

  • Chris

    I ‘m puertorrican and i agree with most of you that mention Carlos attitud as a issue to his basketball career. But last week Carlos was interviewed by local news and he said that he learned to be a mature, more desicive, and compose player than before. And for those that saw the FIBA Tournament knows what i’m talking about. Plus he demostrated that he was in another level, as a leader, passer, scorer, plus defending hard as well, a true point guard !
    Give him the oportunity and you will see!

  • boricuaaaa

    I been watching Carlos Arroyo since he started playing ball! Yes he had his so called attitude and control issues when he joined NBA, like many other players! Everyone has a right to their opinion. But that he was not good enough, Jazz signed him to 4 year deal, then Detroit and Orlando. Think they like something in his game! But i see a better player now mature game decisions . I watched FIBA games and he is at his best now. If Team needs a PG they can get him at good price if you get my drift! {A lot players have problems when they used too starting and are put on the bench but you lean and mature some call it attitude}