NBA / Aug 31, 2009 / 4:21 pm

Al Harrington Thinks He’s Part of Knicks’ 2010 Masterplan

Al Harrington

Stephen Jackson’s trade demand was the big story coming out of the Protege Block Party on Friday. But we were also able to catch up with the Knicks’ Al Harrington. The 13-year vet out of St. Patrick’s High School in Elizabeth, NJ, is entering his first full season as a Knick. Harrington weighed in on the state of the Knicks as well as his mission to make quality and affordable shoes.

Dime: Tell the readers a little about Protege.
Al Harrington: Well the shoes are great. They’re shoes that will immediately impact the community. It will empower kids and allow them to be able to afford sneakers themselves and not need their parents to buy shoes for them. The days of the $200 shoes are pretty much over. I think it’s unfair because shoes are made at a price that is way, way lower than that. We wanted to be able to put out a shoe that is quality and is just as good as other shoes on the market that are $100 and $200. Kids can look good and with me, Stephen Jackson and Fat Joe wearing them – it’s giving the line a lot of credibility. Kids can wear them and feel empowered wearing them.

Dime: Do you have any input on the design?
AH: Yeah, yeah of course. We have great designers, but at the end of the day myself and Stephen, we get the final OK for the shoes we play with on the court. Then the lifestyle shoes and stuff like that, we’re not as hands on with that. But the shoe we wear on the court, we are definitely hands on.

Dime: This year is a contract year for you. How important is it for you to perform?
AH: It’s big for me but not only for a contract. Not only am I a player for the Knicks, I’m a Knicks fan. From day one, since I was little I was a fan because my mother was. So I just want us to do well man. I want us to find a way to make it back to the playoffs and that’s all I’m focusing on.

Dime: A lot of people look at guys like you and Larry Hughes as space fillers until 2010. Does that bother you?
AH: No I don’t look at it like that. My whole thing is that if our team wants to sign two max players, you still need a team you know what I’m saying? I know I’ll be a great fit no matter who they bring in because I’m a great basketball player. I can play the game in every aspect. Whatever coach needs me to do, I feel like I can do. So I’m going to be there, I’m not worried about it.

Dime: Do you think Nate Robinson and David Lee will be back?
AH: We need both of them back you know what I’m saying? Obviously they can’t get the years they want to get. But I feel if they come back and we have a great year, I think they’ll be taken care of. So we’ll see what happens.

Dime: What is your take on the two rookies Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas?
AH: I really don’t know that much about them. I played with the first time the other day at pickup at the practice facility. Douglas is very good young player with a lot of energy defensively and he can score the ball. Jordan Hill is a great athlete. He’s going to help block shots and clog up the middle for us. It’s going to take time with them, but I think they’re going to be good.

Dime: Are the Knicks going to make the playoffs?
AH: As of right now, I would say yes. I mean anything can happen. The way we play and the way that we score the basketball and looking at the guys we have now. If we can get some stops we could be a playoff team. I think we have to work on our defense and keep following coach’s philosophy on offense, I think we can be in the playoffs.

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  • ProphetGK

    NY in the playoffs? And Harrington staying a Knick, well I guess anything is possible….

  • control

    “and with me, Stephen Jackson and Fat Joe wearing them – it’s giving the line a lot of credibility”

    So, the softest powerfoward to play the game, a mental case shot jacker and a guy who has never ran one step in his life add cred to the shoe?

    Glad I like my hyperdunks and hypermax…

  • Bizz

    @ #2 LMAOOOOOOOO, HAD Al’s gotten the chance, he would have ATTEMPTED to pull a Sprewell on Don Nelson. Out of the 3 guys you listed, poor Al ranks 3rd on the pound for pound list haahaha

  • LaMont

    Ring the alarm so everybody can wake up. Good to see Al and jackson doing as Steph did. It’s a shame that many more athletes who grew up in the hood in single parent households, who often go pro early to help their families out of financial straits are not promoting these inexpensive alternatives to the $100-$200 shoes. Those who endorse Nike have sold out. Even if they are using the money to send a kid to school or doanting to some other charity they are still warping these kids mentally which supersedes any charitable donation. They have bought into a system that is simply pimping them out unitl they can’t be pimped anymore. The same system that limits their opportunities after their playing days are over. It’s all about getting theirs and too often in the end that is exactly what they get.

  • Scott

    Gotta admire what he’s doing with the kicks, but I still think he’s off his rocker if he thinks he’s part of the Knicks long term plans… hell, the Knicks don’t have long term plans past 2010.

  • LaMont

    he’s in the plans, he’ll be coming off the bench in limited minutes though, he’s a legit player as long as he stays within his limits

  • doc

    Al can make some bonehead plays sometimes but he got a lot of talent.Any good team could use him.

  • the cynic

    Harrington is going to be out of the league after this year because Al thinks he the shit when no team is going to offer him more then 3 mil a year

  • sh!tfaced

    Is it something about the Knicks that make players seem unattached from reality and/or dellusional…?

  • e

    i think its commendable that people like al and stephen jackson, and stephon contributed to the community when providing low cost alternative sneakers. Secondly the comment by control wasnt whatsup whoopty doo you got hyperflights…… YAyyyyyy and i think the proteges are hot and id cop a pair

  • George W Kush Sr

    Why are people ragging on someone who is trying to help people by making quality shoes at decent prices?

  • http://dime fan

    Chris Duhon=No Playoffs. Colts Coach PLAYOFFS. LOL. Al Harrington & Tim Thomas have to be 2 of the most talented players who never fully utilized their potential. Few players today have half of their skill sets. Talent though is only half the battle. If Duhon had some skills he’d be great. He’s every coaches dream & nightmare. We can’t have that bad a guard in 1 of the home of guards. Again if look right across the street or at your local tournament you’d find someone 5x better just not that P word correct. He broke down at the end of the season because he couldn’t handle starting. The other problem I have w/ the Knicks the style of play & players don’t match our culture. I still can’t believe they passed on Brandon R.O.Y. Jennings. Why? Can someone explain why we took someone not as good as Channing Frye. Wilson Chandler and Co. need a faciltator who’s a threat to help the flow of the offense. We also need stops and people who could play d.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    I could be wrong, but his been in the L for 10 years, going into his 11th?.. Time flies

  • foolio_iglesias

    Um,the only way those shoes approach the quality of ANY $100.00 basketball shoe is if the wearer replaced the stock sock liners with some type of orthotic insole …..I don’t know how buying said shoe empowers kids,but I’m no expert on socio-economic matters….

  • alldayjaybx

    Look Al im with you (pause) Be more unselfish and become more of a role player as well as play more D then they can talk 2010 and Beyond. great kicks and it’s great to see what you are doing for the community. but if i cant find a size 14 i will be nike loyal

  • jzsmoove

    Both Stephen Jax and Harrington are both valuable 3rd options on any team they play for. If they play and get paid accordingly as such, they would be collecting rings. If they were both FA’s today, I would price Harrington @ 4M/Yr, and an extra mil for Jax @ 5M/Yr for his added versatility.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    “I know I’ll be a great fit no matter who they bring in because I’m a great basketball player.” uh……………

  • BizzEataDickUp

    At least the shoes are made by American workers, and not by 10 year old slave labor over in Indonesia (Nike, cough, Nike)

  • 808

    “Kids can look good and with me, Stephen Jackson and Fat Joe wearing them – it’s giving the line a lot of credibility.”

    Since when has the name “Al Harrington” brought a lot of credibility?

  • Sacto_J

    fan – Brandon Jennings = ROY…? OMFG, that’s the best shit I’ve heard all off-season. He’ll be lucky to make the rookie challenge as a backup, let alone be mentioned even in passing for ROY. What’s in your pipe, cuz you’re tripping and I didn’t think you could smoke LSD….

  • http://dime fan

    Sacto J.

    Have fun with NBA 2K. Who’s your pick for R.O.Y. Let me guess Blake Griffin. LOL.

  • Sacto_J

    If I had to pick today, I would say that Griffin is a safer and more obvious choice over (lmao) Jennings (you ACTUALLY said that!?) Iseriously, though, I have to pull for my man Tyreke Evans here in Sac. At least he has a proven skill set and a team environment where he will be counted on to contribute immediately, whereas Jennings will be lucky to be the backup. If you’re laughing out loud over Griffin being favored to win ROY, I host a fantasy b-ball league every year and we’d LOVE to have a guy like you at the draft, especially when you pick Jennings in the 3rd round. Now that’s lol material….Griffin > Evans > Jennings = no brainer….

  • http://dime fan

    @Go Sac-Town
    I usually don’t have time for fantasy leagues. LOL. Real basketball players don’t do fantasy. I tried it one year and it was fun. I understand your picks better. Have fun. I hope all the names mentioned above succeed and make their respective teams better. I’m actually rooting for you guys as well. Udrih stinks. You guys even with Tyreke are still going to be bad though. You might even be worse off than us with that damn orange blue team that hasn’t been good in like forever. They haven’t been fun since the Clyde Frazier days. I wasn’t a Ewing fan. I respected him but they still stunk talent wise. Riley is building another one man show in Miami. I feel for you though. I know you miss White Chocolate and Hedo. You guys were one of the best,talented while being fun teams ever in the N.B.A. You’re worst player was Doug Christie and he’s better than half the N.B.A. today. I’d take him over Larry Hughes. LOL. Give me a year or two and I’ll get my fantasy skills up and come take over your league.