Latest News, NBA / Aug 10, 2009 / 11:01 am

Breaking News: Linas Kleiza Signs With Olympiakos

Linas Kleiza

After we mentioned in Smack this morning that Linas Kleiza was getting closer and closer to signing with Greece’s Olympiakos, Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports just announced on his Twitter that the Denver free agent has agreed to a 2-year, $12.2 million deal with an opt-out next year.

This is a huge loss for the Nuggets as basically all the team’s in the West went out of their way to get better this summer. While Kleiza was certainly no superstar, there was a reason that Denver refused to include him in any deals the past couple years. Now that Kleiza took the bait and joined Josh Childress on Olympiakos, do you see any other NBA free agents doing the same?

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  • K Dizzle

    Like Gee been sayin, Denver ain’t doin nada this offseason. Olympiakos gets NateRob or AI and they could put it on some NBA squads

  • ERIC

    I am sure the Nuggets arent happy about this. However, if they were going to lose Kleiza, they would probably prefer him go overseas than to a rival NBA squad. They still hold his restricted FA rights. It just shows the state of the economy we are in right now.

  • the_don_mega

    wtf is DEnver’s front office thinkin’?

  • Arrogant

    so he got more money than they offered allen iverson and nate robinson!?

  • aj

    The nuggets screwed this one up…Linas is one of those come off the bench and get buckets guys that everybody in the league seems to have nowadays…

    they don’t have another sf type behind Melo who can get his own…

  • JOB33

    maybe the nuggets’ mentality is that they don’t need to add anyone to compete in the western conf..? which is true..to a degree. but they aren’t gettin to the finals either

  • JOB33

    @ Arrogant
    they may have offered him more thinking that the nuggets would try to keep him, whereas no one’s really talking about taking on AI or KryptoNate for that much

  • muwu

    Yo Dime, I don’t know about other people, but my antivirus keeps alerting me of something whenever I go to your site. Might be something

  • Alvin

    man i really wanted him to come to the raptors..

  • http://dimemag.com pakman

    yea AI most likely

  • calvin brodus

    oh mylanta…

    the nuggies are fucking KILLING ME this offseason. there were lots of good trade offers for kleiza over the past few years (david lee at one point) and the nuggs always turned their nose up at them. now we lose kleiza and get jack squat in return. deja vu all over again (mutumbo anyone?). we aint got shizzle to back up melo at this point and we still havent picked up the big man that was the top priority this off season. the god damn front office is resting on their laurels from last season and its catching up with them real quick.

    to sum it up: FUCK!!

  • karizmatic

    Olympiakos needs to be the first European NBA team, the NBA just needs to add them to the league.

  • doc

    They gotta get more than 2 NBA bench players first.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Go Denver! Way to go in reverse! Wooo hooo nice offseason!

  • AB_40

    damn with dahntay jones gone and him that’s a big part of an 8.5 man rotation anthony carter is the .5

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    I hear ya, Alvin. I was hoping the Raps would land him too.

  • the cynic

    This could be a big loss for the nuggets. Kenyon or Nene will undoubtably get injured and Kleiza won’t be able to fill in as an offense 4. Plus this probably means extra minutes for JR Smith and the more you need Smith, the more he hurts you

  • jwhit

    How does Anthony Carter (bum) have job but not AI…LOL

  • wiz

    the nuggets should have got nate, starting smith at the 2 and nate the backup

  • lebronjames777

    ya what up hommies, ma man linas is super damn crazy about this nba, but he decided to make some cash overseas so he could get 24 rims to his ride, you know what im talkin bout, see me brothers, peace yall, c u l8er, now gotta ride my hummee to downtown where ill cath whith my gangsta hommies

  • Jules

    Of course he’s gonna go to Olympiakos, Jasikevicius is on that team, theyve been playing together for years, plus he’ll get more run now im sure