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Breaking News: Stephen Jackson Wants Out Of Golden State

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson

On this rainy and dreary day in New York City this afternoon, Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington were at South Street Seaport for a block party put on by their sneaker company Protege. One of the MCs at the event asked Stack Jack in front of the crowd whether he thought the Warriors were going to make the playoffs. Jackson paused then smiled before responding, “Um…I don’t think I’ll be a Warrior next year. I’m looking to leave.”

Harrington, who was standing beside Jackson, was gleaming with joy at this statement. As you all know, the two were teammates with each other for the Warriors and Harrington left on bad terms with the team – particularly Don Nelson. I asked Harrington if Jackson’s statement shocked him. He laughed then responded, “No I wasn’t surprised. We talk all the time so I knew already. Honestly sometimes you need a change and I hope this change is to come out to New York – that would be nice.”

After they posed for pictures with fans, I was able to ask Jackson more about his bold statement.

Dime: You made a big declaration earlier today by saying you wanted out of Golden State. When did you decide this?
Stephen Jackson: It’s not about a decision I made. It’s just things are in the air right now. I really can’t get too much into it right now, but I’m just looking to go somewhere where I can go and win a championship.

Dime: Are the Warriors aware of this?
SJ: Yeah they all know.

Dime: Is there anywhere specifically you want to go?
SJ: Either Cleveland, anywhere in Texas or out here with Al in New York.

Dime: So what have you been up to this offseason?
SJ: I have a foundation. I opened a school, The Stephen Jackson academy in my hometown so that’s the big thing I’ve been doing this summer. I had my second annual foundation banquet. So it’s been a great summer for me, I got married this summer, so God has been good to me.

Dime: You look a lot bigger and stronger. Who’s been training you?
SJ: Well, basically I’ve been playing a lot with Monta Ellis. I just play all year ’round, that’s the biggest thing with me. I really don’t do too much. One-on-one, working out with guys and running up hills, stuff like that I just play basketball. You know and it keeps me in shape. I love the game so I respect it.

Dime: Speaking of Monta, do you think he can play in the same backcourt with Stephen Curry?
SJ: I think so, because Curry’s more of an off guard and Monta is more of a point guard. But the way Don Nelson coaches and that style of play – anybody can fit in. Especially a shooter like Stephen Curry. So he’ll be fine.

Dime: Did you like being in Nellie’s system?
SJ: I loved it. It gave me a chance to show everything I could do on the court. It was great for me, but at this point, I’m 31 years old. I have four or five years left, I want to be in a situation where I can continually be in the playoffs and get another ring. So that’s where my mind is at now.

Al Harrington, Stephen Jackson

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  • That’s whats Up

    a true team player

  • doc

    If I was Bron Id be telling Danny Ferry to get on his fucking job.

  • Captain Jean Luc-Picard

    New York + championship? Hahahahahaha

  • doc

    Somebody need to get that little boy a doughnut he look hungry.

  • mtindore520

    I hope the cavs dont get a hold of him, he would fit perfectly at the two and three, which ever 1 bron doesnt play. Capt Jack is incredibly versatile…I dont think NY will take on his contract unless maybe its for curry or jeffries…Houston or Dallas might be fits…

  • hoopsguru

    Or the other option is to just try and make GSW a better squad, get back into the playoffs and make some noise. Im tired of all these guys saying they just want to be somewhere that they can win a title…..DUH! Doesn’t every player want the same thing? You don’t see TD jumping ship and look at the bling on his fingers. Sure the Spurs might not win it every year, but he doesnt just say Hey I want to go somewhere and win it this year. Or on the flip side, look at someone like Reggie didnt win boo all, but stayed with the Pacers his entire career.

    Maybe it is just said player that has to step up their game and do better!

  • doc

    But Tim does say,Pop its time to retool this squad is done.Which he just did for like the 3rd time.

  • jace

    stephen jack is the man. he’s pretty versatile, and i could see him fitting in with any veteran squad. doesn’t seem like he’d be a problem with chemistry.. he’s played in poppovich’s structured system.. and nellie’s loose system.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    The downward spiral just goes on and on and on and ….

  • hoopsguru

    Well, if GSW still had Gilbert and Jamison, they might be in a lot better shape than they are now.

    Sure, TD probably does talk with the higher ups, but he stays put. If Jackson had any juice, he would talk to Mully and Nellie and try to get some more help, not just say, eh screw it, trade me.

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    Why the hell dont they just retire Nellie?
    He has and never will win! His style is garbage…
    Tell him to go coach the globetrotters or and1.
    Get a real coach in there and this team could do very well

  • Mack Brownee

    s-jack to the mavs!!! TD called s-jack the ultimate team player when they won a ring together

  • Mack Brownee

    I mean ultimate teammate

  • jnuh

    Another borderline asshat who believes he deserves a shot at a chip.

  • JB


    Why sign the extension then, Jax…if you knew you wanted out. It makes dealing you a whole hell of a lot harder. And much like Al ruining value, him talking like this won’t get a deal done any faster.

    Go to the Cavs, they won’t win with you…since you take momentum out of games with your terrible shot selection.

    The future is Anthony Randolph, clean house.

  • Duke

    You can’t compare the Warriors organization to the Spurs. The Spurs actually know what the hell they’re doing.

  • iLL Mago

    Man, the next collective bargaining agreement is gonna be messssssssssssssssssssssed!!!!!!

  • Hilton

    Yeah the Warriors and Spurs are kind of hard to compare. The Spurs have a plan and the Warriors have Nellie.

  • L@zYchucK

    Jack is kinda spoiled. he got his big contract and now he wants out? he should try to improve the “air” in the organization instead man… so bitching and think of a better solution… i am a Warriors fan and there is officially no hope.

  • L@zYchucK

    stop* bitching…

  • fallinup

    “I’m just looking to go somewhere where I can go and win a championship.”

    Yeah, Steve. Like San Antonio, that would be a good fit. And if you would have stayed, you’d have more than the one championship you’ve won already… with SAN ANTONIO…. before you BOLTED! Dumbass.

  • abpin

    stephen jackson back on the spurs. wow. that’d be pretty great.

    ey gerald, is that you in the middle?

  • bubba

    uhhh Earth to Stephen.. you’re new extension that you demanded makes you virtually impossible to trade since all these teamns you want to play for are capped out. So STFU and play basketball.

  • flavur

    Heh at least he knows that his time in the league is running out unlike some players who just want money instead of a chip before they have to retire (Hedo Turkoglu)

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    i could see him in philly. they need a shooter.

    toronto dont have any more money, but they need stephen jackson; they need some toughness. their squad is full of puss’.

    NJ could use him, but stephen jackson dont need them again.

    as for a playoff team, hmmm…..new orleans could use him at the 2-guard. if he wants texas, then houston can use him. the same way they used artest. stephen jackson can lineup with mcgrady and battier at the same time.

    stehen jackson is a GREAT 3rd piece to have on a team…

  • itsakademiks

    i respect him for that. like he said, he’s 31 he paid his dues(people seem to forget he been putting in work he won a ring way back with san antonio) he wants a shot at a ring, if GS can get a nice package i dont see why they wouldnt grant him his wish.

  • http://dimemag.com B-DIDDY

    what ever jack– what kind of example is that for his teammates. If you can’t win a championship on your own why you complaining about it. He already got a one with san antonio. guess he is official a scrub send him to memphis maybe we can hijack oj or thabeet or gay.

  • Kobeef

    RJ to GS for SjAx
    Do it, Pop.
    Duncan wants a ring

  • the cynic

    @ doc

    That’s because Duncan has been the centerpiece of 4 championships. S-Jax can barely dribble with his head up

  • the cynic

    jackson should be grateful to the warriors for giving him that fat extension when he wouldn’t have fetched a third of that on the open market

  • sk

    what an ass. the warriors gave him everything he wanted, to the detriment to the organization, and now he wants out? nellie let him pretend he was lebron james last year; maybe he thinks he is now?

  • http://www.gmail.com BigSnacks

    @ sk and hoopsguru —

    I live in da Bay and can tell you, SJax is the man around here…if you played for Nellie and had to D up PFs when you’re a SG/SF, and played your guts out while GSW management aliented (sorry, cant spell) fans by pushing out Mully, BDiddy and JRich, you’d feel da same way.

    Don’t get it twisted, Mully hasn’t been running this squad for over a year now…Nellie made a play and pushed him aside…nice thank-you for bringing Nellie to the Ws, btw. Read the local papers and you’ll see the fans feel da same.

    SJax did everything GSW asked him to do an more. The fans love him here and whatever team gits him next will feel da same way…

  • http://www.gmail.com BigSnacks

    p.s. ask Timmy D in San Antonio how he felt about SJax and he’ll tell you he loved the dude…

    Now, off to the corner mart fo’ mo’ snax…

  • money

    damn it, captain jack. oh captain, my captain. why does he do this to us? it’s hard enough to be a warriors fan, without your team captain wanting out. like everyone says, why doesn’t he work hard to bring a championship here? Damn…

  • sh!tfaced

    The kid in the pic kinda looks like Oliver Miller.

  • hater

    send him to portland for bayless and webster.

  • Pathological

    And I dont blame him at all.
    The Golden Snake Warriors stay chasing niquors out of town.
    C.Webb,Spree,Jameson,Arenas,Boykins,J.Rich,Baron Davis,Tim Hardaway,Mitch Rich,M.Barnes,Joe Smith and etc…Monte Ellis is next

  • dubsfan

    please don’t do this…..arguably the best player on the team

  • mauitom

    I’d give him crap but GS is the worst franchise in all of sports…those fans (and there are MANY) deserve SO much better….

  • lilgmoney651

    S jax ran in the stands swinging/ was doned ultimate teamate by Duncan. Took a run with the Garbage State Worriors (much love Cali)/He watched Baron walk to get Mcgettee who play his position. Monta wanted out most of last season. Mullin on the verge of bouncing out. I think its Nellie and the fact G-STATE dont even know what to expect. He got the money- mission acomplished. Dont knock S jax he wanna be on a playoff team he can go to war with. G STATE NOT ON IT BOTTOM LINE – I would want out 2. Dont hate him cause he want a better situation.

  • Brown

    This pisses me off. He shouldn’t have said anything to the media. You’re supposed to be a captain, and this is how you handle a trade demand? What gives him this sense of entitlement?

    Fuck you S-Jax. You were the heart of the team and saying you think the KNICKS have a better chance at winning a championship is a big slap in the face to all Warriors fans.

    Trade him to Charlotte for Ray Felton and a draft pick. Serves him right.

  • S-SiN

    I got 2 vivid memories of s.Jack. one is him sticking 2 clutch 3s against the lakers to counter kobe’s 4th qtr heroics at Staples, when gsw needed to stay alive in last year’s play-off race with Denver and the other him going toe to toe with lbj back when.. BUT..

    “a i’ve been a lot with Monta a lot” and some place i can win a title like ny is my new staple of him. just goes to prove his facial expression for me. a bona fide RETARD

  • DaReason

    I’m from New York, but I gotta say the knicks? They aint gonna win a championship with you. The teams you wanna join are the Cavs, Magic, Wizards, Spurs, Mavs, Nuggets, Hornets, and Blazers. With you they’ll be title contenders or close to it. I didn’t list the Celtics or Lakers because I didn’t you could start with them, unless you don’t mind coming off the bench.

    I also must say that the Raptors would be very good with you and they;d be title contenders if they had you and a center. The Heat, Bulls, Hawks, and Grizzlies have nice rosters but you might not start for them and at best they’re just playoff contenders.

  • http://chriscohansucks.blogspot.com/ Chris Cohan

    Nobody quits after payday comes like Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, and Don Nelson.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    dont let the do’ hit u where the lord split u

    actualy this is a good thing 4 GSW…. clears the oldest log outta da log jam…. capisci????

  • chibi

    come play pg for the lakers, Cap’n!

  • kevin k

    man you guys complaining about him signing a big contract and now wanting to leave are straight retarded dumb! He signed when GSW had Baron and they were like 1-2 game away from the making the playoffs. When they upset the Mavs, that team was freaking awesome to watch. Capt Jack knows that the team is going full re-building mode with Anthony Randolph, Curry, Ellis, and Brandon Wright. He’s wasting his prime away hoping those guys develop into stars especially playing in tough western conference…

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Why am I not surprised??? There must be something in the water there. Get abig contract and Oops!! made a mistake I want out of here!!!!

  • chan

    what a tool. he whines and cries for a contract extension, only plays about half a season, and now wants out. what an ungrateful little baby. being a warrior fan, he was instrumental in the playoff run in ’07, so i’m quite disgusted about this after he talked about this being his home, and how this was his team. wow. he’s the ideal team player, huh?

  • the cynic

    @ kevin K

    no sir, you are the idiot. S-Jax signed the extension before this last season when Baron was already gone

  • jaysohn

    I really hope the Warriors are able to trade SJax but who is going to take on that inflated contract. Where is Isah Thomas when we need him. I just don’t get this guy if your wanting to play for a contender then why work out a hefty extension when you knew the team needed to rebuild around Ellis and young players. The Warriors and Nellie let him rejuvenate his career and image, making him a captain and this is the leadership is gives in return? Wow… and why be dumb enough to let it out in the media, lowering your trade value. Way to be a professional. I hope the Warriors are able to get something but I doubt it. I’m tired of the likes of Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Baron Davis, Al Harrington and others whining, moaning and quitting their way off of teams that are paying them millions to play ball.

  • JJ

    All you non-Warrior fans commenting don’t know SHI-.

    Warriors management is LOST. They have no f’n clue what the hell they are doing. Push out Mullin? Lose Baron for nothing? JRich for B Wright (who?), Belinelli for George (WTF?).

    They care about one thing – $$$. That’s how you stay the laughing stock of the NBA for 15 yrs.

    And the fans need to boycott this sorry azz franchise until that sorry azz owner sells. These loyal fans deserve better than this shi- of a franchise.

  • JJ

    I really don’t blame Jax. He’s contributed a lot to this franchise. He isn’t blind, he sees how this management treats players who have succeeded with them.

    Knowing the ineptitude of this Warriors front office, I really wouldn’t be surprised if in the future I see the headline:

    “Stephen Jackson traded for Brian Scalabrine”

  • jdstorm

    trade him to miami 4 Qrich. and if it doesn’t work out there is always memphis at the deadline

  • SD


  • magonigle

    Don Nelson is the best thing about the Warriors.

  • Garrett

    Jackson is a respected veteran leader. I am thankful to have had him for our 1 lol playoff run. Beyond that I agree, the timing stinks. Any team that brings him in is going to get a tough, hard nosed, player with great passion for the game. As bad as the season went last season he always played hard. I respect his trade request but publicly doing it was childish. I wish him luck and I hope we can trade him asap, last thing we need here in the bay area is a controversy and an unhappy player going into this transitional season. Hopefully a team can come up with a fair package and we can get this done. I think we’d both be open to bringing in expiring contracts or a young talent packaged with a big stiff exp. contract. Either or I wish him the best. I can’t blame him for wanting out…we are 2 or 3 years away from relevance

  • Jesse

    I’m shocked to see mostly reasonable voices here. While we understandably hate when players start making demands you have to look at what has happened in Golden State since he signed his extension. This is not what he signed on for.

  • warriors8fan

    all i got to say is i hope Stephen Jackson sees this..Warriors has done everything for him…When his career was pretty much over because he was a thug..they took him in..they have loved him the last three years..and this is how he repays him..i hope he gets traded to rockets cuz they are gonna be horrible and i know warriors will make it to the playoffs this year…a healthy monta ellis is all they need..so get rid of him to a bad team on purpose…nobody wants him but the warriors..so let him go

  • Real Basketball i.Q.

    Gstate has a great young nucleus and with the newly developed AnthonyR & AnthonyM along w/the addition of Curry, I was wondering why dont the Warriors trade Jackson & Maggette to Phoenix for Stoudamire.
    I mean, how did these guys get contracts before Baron Davis? If Baron was shoved out, Jack & Maggette shouldve been NON-options.
    And if he goes to the Spurs or Cavs, who will they exchange for him? Moon,Parker,Varajao? or maybe Ginobili,Jefferson,MasonJr? Yeah right…
    And not even NY b/c the GM is the old Pacer GM & he still dreams of the day Jack jumped into the stands…he’s stuck if those are his options.

  • Real Basketball i.Q.

    And Stoudamire has said he doesnt want to sign an extension with GState if traded there… thats there money off the books move.

  • Go Away Jack

    Jackson, if you wanted out you should have never signed that max contract extension. No contender can afford to or wants to take that monster contract. If you’re willing to renounce the money and take four or five million a year then I’m sure the Warriors will happily accomodate you. Drop the big money deal and you’re on the first train out of here. Good riddance.

  • http://dimemagazine rickster

    stackjack, in the heat of the moment you want a trade i know you are tired of nellies same ole b.s.but the team has ayoung group of talent around you monte, andris, randolph, azibukie nellie will be gone after next season and the team will be a able to develop with a new coach but you got to keep positive about the current sitiuation

  • dial up

    - You can’t have both the huge contract while on a title-contending team. That just aint happening stephen. Just another selfish dummy in the nba.

  • utahJZZ

    The Warriors have the worst run team in sports.

    They let a perfect player in their system in Jamal Crawford rot on the bench
    They traded Marco Belinelli who has an outstanding upside for Devean George
    They got a current backcourt of Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis, which is gonna get killed by any NBA squad ( imagine these two vs Deron Williams, and Ronnie Brewer)
    They passed up on Brandon Jennings

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.

    Dag. Does anybody in Golden State actually like playing for the team?

  • 808

    “”””I live in da Bay and can tell you, SJax is the man around here…if you played for Nellie and had to D up PFs when you’re a SG/SF, and played your guts out while GSW management aliented (sorry, cant spell) fans by pushing out Mully, BDiddy and JRich, you’d feel da same way.

    SJax did everything GSW asked him to do an more. The fans love him here and whatever team gits him next will feel da same way…””””

    LOL…give me a f$%$# break. Dude ran with Golden State for what….3 years??? And you clowns giving him props for “paying dues”??? 3 years with one team ain’t shit…It takes more than 3 damn years to build a championship team…

    Jax is just another spoiled brat masquerading as a “team player”, wanting to ride an all-stars nuts to a ‘chip.

  • anthony williams

    he should get traded to the cavs. for daniel gibson ,jj hickson and d. jackson and a 2nd round trade pick for captain jack

  • baron von faulk

    I like the trade to Miami for Quentin Richardson (17th time this summer already), and you may as well throw Michael Beasley in there.

    Or you could do like Mark Blount + Beasley, since everybody on the Warriors needs a blunt to deal with Nellie.

    That would give the Warriors the most troubled team with the most upside in the L, that of course they will eventually squander.

    Beasley, Wright
    Curry, Morrow

    Not bad, they could battle OKC for the annual ‘Best young team with a bad record’ for a few years.

  • George

    Jackson isn’t anything special we all wanted him to be traded anyways!! If yal want someone who shoots about 5-30 from 3pt range per game and plays NO “D”..go head well trade em fassst..!

  • Bobbo

    He already has a championship.

  • Swag0N .

    Yupp He goin bakk 2 The Spurs

  • die-lawn

    @ GEORGE

    Are you fucking kidding me? Steve jack has the best defense on the team…arguably top 5 in the western conference. he takes on the toughest defensive assignment EVERYTIME the warriors play.

    but i do agree we should just get rid of his ungrateful ass

  • nayton

    it takes time to tell yall.

    if steph jack leaves, it’s just a cold thing.

    steph jack made it seem like he was our leader, our captain. he has gone throught hard struggles for the warriors. played point, played just as well as a “lebron james” he signed with us and told us he would stay with us, and believe i remember something about till he retired.

    Shit Happens. Especialy in Golden State.

    It’s always.. “It’s For The Future” “It’s Whats Best” that kind of shit.

    We Believe? Only Time Can Tell.

    Without Jack our Line wouldnt be as bad as everyone thinks.

    Monta / Curry
    Morrow / Azubuike
    Maggette / Azubuike
    Randolph / Wright
    Biedrins / Turiaf

    We WILL definately have ALOT of CAP Space.

    Get rid of Maggette with Jackson in a Package, Definately More Cap space.

    Just don’t Get Rid of another player.

    Jackson is the Leader of our team, But i still see a Future in this team. I live in the Bay Area, so i stand up for this.

    Our Future. Curry, Monta, Morrow, Azubuike, Randolph, Biedrins.

    If Jackson Really wants to leave, The Warriors Management should get rid of him and get tons of Cash for him.

    This way, the upcoming 2010 year we can offer a REAL ALL-STAR. SOME BIGTIME CASH.

    The We have a Good Looking Young Team. Give Warriors a Couple Years, We’ll Be up there.

    But, If this Bullshit Warriors “Training Camp” Continues.

    What’s the Point of Even Being a Warriors Fan?

    Fans of the Bay Area, Are the Hardest. “Roaracle?”

    Come on, Stop this Training Camp bullshit, and Stop Throwing Stars away.

    Anyway, Jackson wants to Leave. Then let him, If He doesn’t Good. Captain is the Captain.

    Steph Jack will be an All-Star once he leaves the Warriors, This just proves how much Warriors are Underappreciated.

    The Guy wants a Championship, and Warriors arn’t it.

    He Can LEAD the Warriors TOWARDS the Championship.

    But a Low % Chance of getting it.

    He Wants One NOW. So I’m Guessing he’s Really going.

    Rumours i hope. Steph Jack, You gotta stay in the Bay Area! the Fans Love You as the Captain. You gotta be there to Kill the Lakers again at home!

  • Mike

    Jaskson can go.Very lazy on D if you watch him all the time,whines all the time…Its Morrow time