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D-Wade finds his politician side

Dwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

Dwyane Wade (photo. Chad Griffith)

Seeing as LeBron has given 15,000 “I’m cool where I’m at/I love Cleveland” interviews and yet you’ve still got dudes in New York City hawking homemade LBJ #23 Knicks jerseys on the street, there’s really no point in superstar free-agents-to-be saying anything about their situation in the months before they hit the market. Especially when they have a chance to sign a contract extension and don’t do it. Dwyane Wade probably gave Miami fans a lift with some recent quotes in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “Next year will be a big year for myself and for the team, but the plan has always been to stay with the Heat, and that’s still the plan,” Wade said. “I think everything will work out. I want to be one of those players that stays with one franchise for his entire career.” That sounds great, but since he’s not signing an extension, the speculation on what D-Wade will do next summer won’t be going away anytime soon … Working in the Heat’s favor, they can pay Wade the most money, they’ve got the familiarity he talked about, and, well, it’s effing Miami. For the other 29 teams in the League — or at least the handful of teams with a turkey leg’s chance at Mike Sweetney‘s house of landing Wade — they’re hoping Pat Riley doesn’t come through on his promise to make Wade’s supporting cast better, and maybe even that Wade’s legal issues in Miami are enough to make him want to get out of town and start fresh … One of the biggest factors nobody’s talking about is Michael Beasley. If he becomes as good as we think he can be sooner than later, that’s a big reason for Wade to believe he can win another championship with the Heat … Now that Yao Ming is grounded for at least a year, who will fill the void as the biggest basketball star in Asia? Could it be Hamed Haddadi? Probably not, but the guy has been making a strong case for himself on the FIBA scene. Yesterday, Haddadi led Iran to a gold-medal win at the Asia Cup, dropping 19 points and 17 boards on China to cap a tournament where he led the field in rebounding (13.1 rpg) and blocks (4.0 bpg) while adding 15.8 points a night. Iran got out to an early double-digit lead in the first quarter and led by as much as 25 in an easy W, and it didn’t matter that they shot 28% (4-14) from the charity stripe. Yi Jianlian struggled offensively (5-17 FG) and finished with 11 points and 11 boards, while Wang Zhi Zhi threw in 24 and eight rebounds … Yi did work throughout the Asia Cup, finishing in the top three in scoring (18.1 ppg), rebounds (10.4 rpg) and blocks (2.4 bpg) … Playing for Jordan, NBA D-League alum Rasheim Wright was the tournament’s top scorer (20.7 ppg), and finished strong by putting up 28 points, five rebounds and five assists in a bronze-medal win over Lebanon and ex-NBA players Jackson Vroman and Matt Freije … And a name to perhaps keep an eye on is Korea’s 6-7 forward Se-Keun Oh. He busted out for 31 points in a fifth-place game against the Philippines, and at 22 years old, should at least get a look from some scouts to see if he’s legit … We’re 100% not advocating violence against readers. Still, Sweet English‘s comment in yesterday’s Smack made us laugh out loud: “The next person who says ‘It must have been a slow day at the Dime Office,’ I will personally pull your skeleton out and sh*t down your throat. It’s the f*cking off season. No one is playing basketball. Of course its slow.” … And on that note, no, not much happened Sunday in the basketball world. But it was still an incredible sports day: Usain Bolt dusted Tyson Gay in the 100-meter finals at the Track & Field World Championships in Berlin, setting a new world record at 9.58 seconds. It’s just crazy how Bolt moves that fast without looking like he’s trying. Tyson Gay looks like somebody is trying to pull his head off his shoulders during a race, and Bolt gives you a little grimace at the most. Who would be the NBA equivalent to Bolt? We’re thinking T-Mac in his prime, who would do amazing things on the court while looking like he’d just woke up from a nap … Then you had Tiger Woods, blowing a final-day lead at a PGA major for the first time ever. If you’re looking for an athlete from any sport to replace Yao as a megastar in Asia, maybe it’ll be Y.E. Yang. The South Korean knocked off Tiger and is on some rock-star status right now … The other day we were talking about Michael Redd and how Redd compares to other top SG’s in the League, specifically Ray Allen. Nobody has seen Redd on the court since he hurt his knee midway through last season, but over the weekend told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel he expects to come back “stronger than I was before.” Remember, Redd goes into this season at just 30 years old, younger than he looks. He may have another All-Star season or two left in him … Ricky Rubio update: His $6.6 million buyout clause could be brought down to $3.3 million, and he could be given a few years to pay it back. That’s good news for the Wolves. Just wake us up on November 6, when Rubio (maybe) gets a crack at Brandon Jennings in the most anticipated Bucks/Wolves game ever … We’re out like Bolt …

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    What did I tell you about that China-man?

  • alf (from melmak)

    The sleeper from the FIBA Asia might be that 6’1 PG from the Philippines named Willie Miller. He is athletic, wide body, and having a scorers mentality. Might be good enough in the D-League.

    I am pretty sure Michael Redd will have an all star season.

    Also, my meal allowance says that if Boozer stays with Utah, a camera should be placed at all times in their locker room. What drama can we see there? Will he get punched by Sloan? Will D-Will kick him in the butt? I want to find out.

  • ponky_alolor

    d-wade isn’t going anywhere. his team has cap space coming up. all he needs is someone to pass to in the post and he’s inking that contract with the heat.

    sometimes i think he’s doing this ‘politician’ act just to keep other teams hoping and scrambling.

  • rean pogi

    who are you fooling dwade? he’ll be starting in chicago next season. it’ll be magloire’s team by then.

    next big basketball Asian star will be Se-Keun Oh. Yao’s done.

    NBA equivalent to Bolt? Rajon Rondo.

    I hope the buyout pans out.

    Willie Miller is the equivalent of Baron Davis. I’d say Gabe Norwood deserves a better look.

  • S-SiN

    Wade stays, u can bet on that. MIA can give him 30 mil more than any othter team. he won it all in 06 with fading Shaq and them, so it might seem like all he needs is just a bit of help, in the reality things done changed in the east. i agree, Beasley has to pan out, but they really need a major roster make-up to become a contender again. post presence? sure! but bottom line is they need quality to surround one of the game’s most capable prodigies. yep, u ain’t seen the best of Dwayne Wade yet..

    and he stays


    Hamed Haddadi — Praise him to Allal


    The sleeper from the Philippines can score with the best of ‘em alright and is athletic as they come, but Willie Miller is already 32 years old. He’ll be like the Sam Cassell of the D-League if they ever bring him in. The guy also has a reputation of “disappearing” during big games and it ain’t because he’s a choker.


    Yeah that comment was kinda funny by sweets.


  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    elhamdu lilleh! That’s not Farsii but that’s as close as I get. For real “God is Great” can be answered in reply for any question in Arabic culture no questions asked. Even what time is it(?), works.

    All Star sub status depends on winning teams and absurd numbers. If Milwaukee is sniffing .400 Redd has a chance to regain All Star status, but, really, how on earth are the bucks going to win that efficiently? They’re the Bucks.

  • Sebastiano

    I’d be interested to see which NBA players runs the 100m the fastest!

  • K Dizzle

    Chances Michael Redd makes it to the all-star game as one of 5 guards over:
    D. Rose, Joe Johnson, D-Wade, Vince, Ray Ray, Rondo, Dev Harris, Jameer. Not good. He kinda on the 2nd tier with Mo Williams, Calderon, if healthy Gilbert, Ben Gordon and Rip….so like maybe 2% chance for Mike sniffin the ASG

  • Shrink This

    Michael “I’m not just the president, I’m also a client” Redd

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    TMAC just looks like he woke from a nap cuz of his lazy eye. One time at a game, I swear he was checking out the lady in the stands to his left and shooting at the same time. lol

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    Redd has that patch missing on the top of his head like Manu. Redd and Kobe have the worst hairlines in the league! I’m not counting guys that shave it like Vince Carter, just guys with hair.

  • M Intellect

    Carlos Boozer had a chest-to-scalp hair transplant.

  • Mannywood29

    I’m pretty sure S. Korea isn’t gonna make much noise on the basketball scene, but we won the gold medal for baseball in last year’s Olympics, and now we got a major golf titlist! And he beat Tiger! For a country so rich in athletic talent like the U.S., the people could never understand what these victories mean to the S. Korean people.

    And we’ll still fuck ya’ll up in math hahaha

  • http://creampie.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    haddadi apparently being the best player in the fiba asia speaks volumes of how “behind” asia is in the game… sad, im not dissing, but gotta admit it’s true… kinda sucks some teams would resort to “naturalization” (freije, vroman, wright, and some) just to make their teams a bit more “respectable”… whatever happened to having pride running a team born and bred in *insert your country here*… damn…

  • http://creampie.com solomon (el latino machismo)

    and i mean, remove wright, vroman / freije and maybe you get either s. korea / phils / china / iran in the final four of fiba asia… shoulda been like that…

  • JA

    “T-Mac in his prime, who would do amazing things on the court while looking like he’d just woke up from a nap”

    Look at Dime making fun of T-Mac’s lazy eyes.

  • Sweet English

    I wouldn’t hurt none of you really. I’m a baller not a fighter.

    F*ck the Asia cup. I saw a Video link which I thought said ‘Video Highlights! Lebron vs Jordan!’

    It turned out to be Lebanon vs Jordan. My confusion was equalled only by my dissapointment.

  • Kobeef

    If you do that math, Usain Bolt (once up to speed) covers 50 yards in 3 seconds. Imagine that in the NFL. 3 seconds from Mid field. I don’t think QB’s can throw that fast.

    Bolt is redefining his sport. People always thought big guys were too slow out of the blocks to run the 100. Turns out they were wrong.

  • Kobeef

    ^”Lebron vs Jordan!?”….classic…

  • Sweet English

    Kobeef it’s not even a joke. I actually happened.

  • Jurg from Denmark, Hi

    A big hi hi to all smack reader.

    Not much make Big Old Jurg want to come to retire and speak again on this great page, but to see Sweet England in the Smack just made me vomit in my own mouth. And I still not like him.

    Tiddle pip from Jurgo and I was from Denmark.

  • That’s whats up

    so, what would Bolt’s 40 time be?

    Al Davis is probably trying to sign him right now “to compliment our quarterback Jim Plunkett”

  • Dagomar

    Sweet English on a role the last two days. Two great comments on the last two stories.

    This line was also brilliant: “a turkey leg’s chance at Mike Sweetney’s house.”

    Overall there is no story more tired than the 2010 free agent frenzy. Chances are sky high most of the big names will just end up signing with their current teams. It’s going to be a summer of disappointment, and I’m dreading seeing all the articles hyping it up or criticizing Wade, Bron etc. for being noncommittal.

  • Kobeef

    @That’s what’s up

    Rough math – using the time above, Bolt would cover 40 yards in 2.04 seconds. That’s twice as fast as Deion Sanders’ record.

  • Kobeef

    @That’s what’s up

    Keep in mind that 2 second time is with a running start, clocked from 40 years to finish…so a true starting from stop 40 yards would be about 4 seconds.

  • dk

    @6 Lmao I hope that was sarcastic. I wonder if he worships Muhhamed* the guy that fcked a 12 y/o.

    One more year and D Wade will be back on top battling Orlando n Cleavland ( if Bron stays ) for the 1

  • spaynter5

    must have been a slow day in the dime office…


  • sh!tfaced

    LMAO. Lebanon vs Jordan as Lebron vs Jordan?! That’s one hilarious misread. Damn, English, you know your on a roll when even the unintentional turns out great too.

    Though the only real Lebron vs Jordan video highlights would be James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford and not Lebron vs MJ.

  • Octopus Jonny

    Mike Redd? All Star? 09/10 season? Really? As a Bucks fan I hope y’all are right on this…as a realist, PUH LEEZ.

    I hope Mike can prove me wrong and come back dropping 26 a game, but I highly doubt he’s living up to the final 2 years of his deal.

  • utahJZZ

    Spoelestra has gotta let Michael Beasley play!