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Does anybody want David Lee?

David Lee

David Lee

Thank Oscar that the program directors at NBA TV decided to start showing some of the best games from the ’08-09 season in neat little one-hour increments this week, otherwise the general inactivity these days would draw a basketball fan stir crazy … The NBA free agent landscape is like combing through the used CD rack at a store that’s already been raided by the broke college students: There’s still some interesting, slightly attractive product, but nothing too great. Case in point: The most intense “bidding war” lately has been over C.J. Watson — a second or third-string PG on most teams — and that just ended since the Magic pulled out of negotiations and it’s looking like C.J. is headed back to the Warriors … Meanwhile, David Lee is the biggest name left on the board that anybody seems to want (sorry, A.I.). Lee told an New York paper that he and the Knicks, “agreed on what I thought I was worth,” but the Knicks don’t want to do anything to jeopardize their 2010 free agency plans, so he’s either gonna sign with them for one year or a sign-and-trade will be worked out … We understand the Knicks’ train of thought, but you have to have SOME decent players on the roster if you’re gonna attract a LeBron or D-Wade next summer. Right now the only Knicks under contract for 2010-11 would be Eddy Curry and Jared Jeffries (unless for some reason they don’t cash in on their player options), and Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas (and Ricky Rubio?) … Most of the teams who can have afford what we’d imagine Lee thinks he’s worth are done for the offseason. Is there any chance of working something out with Utah? They want to get rid of Carlos Boozer, who would only be on New York’s books for one year, and he’d be the low-post scoring threat the Knicks don’t have. Lee works as a third big man behind Mehmet Okur and Paul Millsap; he’s not necessarily a guy who has to be a starter on a playoff team anyway … The Bucks sent Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems to the Raptors for Carlos Delfino and Roko Ukic. Johnson was on the verge of becoming the worst starter in the NBA before Hakim Warrick‘s arrival in Milwaukee made him expendable, but we’re not sure why the Bucks needed another PG in Ukic and a below-average wing in Delfino … The comment of the day came from that “Worst Starter” post. Reader Seven Duece wrote: “That a living person could play worse than Eddy Curry is hard to fathom. Dampier sucks because he doesn’t have the talent. Eddy just wants to eat. us. all.” … Summer is apparently the time for NBA lawsuits. Over the weekend we told you about O.J. Mayo getting sued for allegedly not paying for $150,000 worth of jewelry, and today it’s Carmelo Anthony suing a former business manager who bilked him out of $2 million. According to the suit, the ex-manager used $1.75M of Carmelo’s money to start a business in 2008 without his client’s knowledge, and the other $250,000 was used to make investments that ‘Melo also didn’t know about. Who would’ve thought you’d run across such slimy people in the basketball industry? … By now you may have heard about Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable punching one of his assistants and breaking the dude’s jaw. If there’s one NBA coach you could see doing something like that, who would it be? Honestly, we wouldn’t be shocked if Scott Skiles decked somebody one day. And if Latrell Sprewell got suspended for 70-something games for getting physical with a coach, how long would a coach get suspended for f*cking up another coach or a player? … We’re out like Delfino …

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  • AB_40

    nah I think byron scott can take a man out. if jerry sloan wins under 30 games in a season he might just do that.

    and about david lee. it’s preaty obvious that he’s not that good of a player. he’s a third or fourth string guy on a good team. and not a semi franchise player. that man wants semi franchise player money but he’s not getting it from new york because well they’re litteraly gonna buy a whole new team next summer.

  • K Dizzle

    Please tell me cnnsi knows the diff between Antonio Daniels and Rasual Butler

  • Mark

    Why would the Bucks make that trade, at worst Johnson would have been an expiring contract after this year if he didnt show any more promise, delphino had to spend last year in Europe for a reason…he sucks

  • alf (from melmak)

    Jerry Sloan would be top on the list of NBA coaches who could potentially punch someone from his team.

    My meal allowance is even hoping that it would be Boozers jaws that gets broken with those punches. I do not want just one punch on his face. It has to be in the multiples.

    Anyway, I am just thinking out loud. If Larry Brown does not take back Iverson, maybe, just maybe, he could be a fit in Utah.

    Imagine a backcourt of D-Will and AI. I think that would be awesome. He might even be a good soldier out of fear that Sloan might punch him to dreamland.

  • pitball

    @2 holy balls that is hilarious. Makes you appreciate the great journalism you find daily here at Dime where they accompany the d.Lee article with an actual picture of his dumb mug.

  • Mannywood29

    @ post 1

    Obviously David Lee is never gonna be the best player on a championship squad, but 3rd or 4th string is kinda harsh. Lee is the kinda player who’s gonna produce wherever he goes, who hustles and doesn’t need plays drawn up for him. I would absolutely want him on my team, always. Maybe not for 10 mill a yr, but for around 6-7 million I think he’s a tremendous asset.

  • Valenfat

    i like turtles.


    Don Nelson would be tops on my list of coaches that would punch someone. But he’d prolly get choked out right afterwards.


  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    David Lee should get Anderson Varejao tattoed on his back, just to remind people why he is worth $10M…anytime anyone balks at him he could then tear off his shirt like a hulkamaniac and point at the tat screaming, “Why?! THAT’S WHY!” I wish the Cavs would have given AI a look…someone please pick up the Answer…

    Oh, and Rick Mahorn throws women around on court, given some more face time, an NBA gig, he’d drop anybody on reflex if nothing else…

  • sh!tfaced

    If you put David Lee on a team like San Antonio then there wouldn’t be any arguing about his skills.

    If there will be any punching done by a coach, it would be Kurt Rambis punching a wall regretting his decision…

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO @ the hulkamaniac comment.

  • Patrick

    In what way is Paul Millsap better than David Lee? 16 and 12 shooting 55% from the field and not getting injured.

  • That’s whats up

    I could see Phil Jackson just staring a player down with a disapproving look and making him cry, just like your pops used to do when you were young and smacked your sister

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Skiles ain’t breakin no one’s jaw though. That big *** trainer for the Denver Nuggets I think with the dreads …NOW HE would break someone’s jaw, and a couple of other bones lol.

    He only like a trainer or something.

    David Lee seems like he was made for NY. Perhaps D’Anthony is seeing something where he is not as valuable in the system.

    Can’t figure why A.I. is gettin the Marbury treatment.

    How come Baron Davis doesn’t seem to get near the amount of drama that T-Mac gets and he hasn’t really done anything worthy of a pass?

    For that matter aren’t there a couple of players that should get that T-Mac drama in regards to being injured and having the hype and skill and not getting anywhere with it?

    I’m just saying fair is fair. Seems like T gets the business when other dude’s are hidin behind the radar and doing nothing as well.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Perhaps Melo (and the other NBA players) should have stayed in school longer. Maybe perhaps taking a Business management class or an accounting class. Same thing happened to Vince Carter with his first agent. Dude got him for his whole rookie contract.

  • http://hornetshype.com ticktock6

    You think CNN/SI knows the difference between Rasual Butler and Antonio Daniels? Please. They don’t even know the team plays in New Orleans. Evidence from last season:


  • GayforRudy

    Obligatory… “Must be a slow day at the Dime office”

    Obligatory… “Hey it’s the summer! Go F yourself”

    Oligatory… “F you Big Jurgo Hey Hey the Great Dane”

    Hey I have an idea! How about you guys at Dime put together a fantasy basketball article? Not that the “fantasy doctor” is any good… but it might give people (me) something to talk about rather than these lame Smacks.

  • Dagomar

    The problem with the proposed trade is that Lee and Millsap are very similar players. They’re both hustle players who grab a ton of boards and get most of their points on putbacks and garbage around the net. I think both of them are extremely valuable off the bench but neither are starters. Lee doesn’t deserve starter money, for that reason. On the other hand he’s the league leader in double-doubles and something on the order of 6 million/year is about right. I’d definitely like him on my team.

  • Josh Tha roc

    Yeah get jurgy back on here.

  • dude pretending to be Jurg

    From Nov 27th 2008:

    “Oh yes, hi hi it is me big Jurg from Denmark.

    Thank you for wondering but I have been in England. Such a dirty place and women not so kind.

    I want a big shouty shouty to a big favourite in Jurgy’s basketball community for the man Youngfeg. I always thought you were my favourite dime poster and now you have your very own column. You are almost revered like Prince Frederick here in Denmark. And what a wonderful column you write. I did not understand all of it because Jurg is not man of colour but just so funny it was in many parts.

    And this is good time for Jurg to write to Mr Austin Burton and Mr Fantasy Doctor to say – it is time for Jurg to have a column on Dimemag.com for the top ten best European players. Because i am in many european countries and i know what the people like. And because at the night clubs Jurg says his name is Dirk Nowitski he see’s inside of lots of womens sheets in europe.

    And Jurg would do this work for free.

    Thank you good sir. This is from Jurg and I am from Denmark, Hi. And this is in europe.”

  • GayforRudy

    Awaiting moderation…

  • Diego

    Yeah, @ 1: Third or 4th string for David Lee? Huh? Concur with Dagomar @ 18 that Lee is basically the same as Milsap. (And every NBA championship team typically has 1 hustling, complementary role player starter–often at power forward. Five gunning starters is not a formula that works.)

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    knicks are making a mess. from scott layden to isiah thomas to now walsh and d’antoni.

    sign david lee long term already. he is the only rebounder on the roster. and sign lil nate too. he is the energy you need off the bench. i dont understand what the hold up would be.

    meanwhile, they trying to get ramon sessions?..WHO?!!? and/or ricky rubio?…WHY?!!?

    rubio is gonna be traded before he even turns 23yrs old. every team will have multiple chances to get him later in his career when he as at least proved he can (or cannot) ball.

    for all the knicks fans out there, including yall in the Dime office….
    Knicks aint gonna win shit until they FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI!!

  • Ben

    The Knicks also have Wilson Chandler and Danilo Galinari under contract in 2011. Those are two pieces that a LeBron would love to play with. The 22 year old Chandler has shown he can play and Galinari will unequivocally be a star if healthy. The combination of his ball skills and shooting ability are remarkable for a guy of his size and age (just turned 21). He missed most of last season with back issues but when he did play, he showed signs of stardom. Watch him take over a game on D and O in one of his few games:


  • JH

    The biggest difference between Lee & Millsap is that one is white & the other is black.

    As we proceed with the stereotypes…I imagine the biggest difference is that Lee is a hustler w/a high basketball IQ while Millsap is a strong & athletic banger w/unmatched potential.

    Something like that.

  • dial up

    yep not that much difference between the two. One actually won games, the other put up points/rbds for another perennial loser. Think i would rather have the winner.

  • K Dizzle

    @ Gee
    Baron’s at least been out of the first round. Most memorably when TMac thought he “was finally out of the first round” then Baron brought the Hornets back to boot Mac and of course, the Warriors upset over the Mavs. I think Baron’s problem is that while all the other good points have a better big as an option (CP3-West, TP-Duncan, Nash-Amare, DWill-Booz, Kidd-Dirk, etc), Baron’s usually been the best player on his squads. He finally gets one in Brand….who then bounced to Philly. Maybe Griffin’ll be that guy…

    @ dial up
    That’s cold. You put DWill in New York and DLee gets huge wins too…

  • doc

    Yeah Gee B Diddy bullshit through a season and then goes to the second round in a contract year.Mac cant get out that first.

  • utahJZZ

    Utah should trade Carlos Boozer to NY for Lee, the sign and trade would see Lee making 8.5 million a season. After that Utah should trade Mehmot Okur to the Rockets for a second round pick.

    Deron Williams – Eric Maynor
    Ronnie Brewer – Kyle Korver
    C.J Miles – Andrei Kirilenko
    Paul Millsap – Kyrlo Fesenko
    David Lee – Kosta Koufos

    That can compete with the Lakers

  • Mack Brownee

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  • ponky_alolor

    @9 sans, i couldn’t agree with you more.

    damn i still can’t get over that Varejao 10mil deal. and you got David Lee over here struggling to get a deal.

    @ dagomar, $6mil ain’t bad for lee, it just gets worse when put beside that Andy deal. Ugh.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    Oh snap, I got a comment of the day shout out – thanks! I’m still shocked that a guy like David Lee that can bring so much to a team without disrupting chemistry hasn’t gotten much love. Damn, how much money is he asking for?

  • Josh Tha roc

    Thank dude pretending to be jurgy hshahaha