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Don’t believe LeHype?

LeBron James

LeBron James

Nobody on this magazine/website’s staff is dumb. We’ve been at this game for years now, and believe we have a pretty good read on the pulse of both the industry and the fans. So we knew that by populating the site with several posts yesterday that were directly or indirectly about LeBron James, there would be some heavy backlash from some readers. But the level of some of the hating was crazy … Over the weekend, Dime’s Aron Phillips went to a Nike media summit/sneaker launch in Akron, Ohio, dedicated to LeBron, so naturally he returned Monday with tons of photos and stories. And naturally, not everybody was a fan. But before you accuse Dime of turning into a vehicle for LeBron, consider this: We’re a basketball publication, primarily dedicated to the NBA, and LeBron James is the biggest reigning figure in the NBA. (Yes, Kobe is the reigning champion and arguably the best player, but LBJ is the face of the League.) If this site existed in 1989, don’t you think there’d be a sh*tload of Michael Jordan content? Especially if some of us had just come back from an event in North Carolina where we played five-on-five with MJ, got a sneak peek at his newest pair of Jordans, visited his old high school, watched the screening of a Jordan documentary, and generally got to do stuff that most people don’t get to do? Not to come across as whiners or anything, we just don’t understand the root nor the amount of the negativity … Anyway, right after Tony Parker turned his ankle in a European Championships qualifier and scared the hell out of the entire San Antonio fan base, Pau Gasol gave L.A. a fright when he broke his finger in a Team Spain practice yesterday. Gasol is expected to miss at least three weeks with the non-shooting hand injury, and should be OK for training camp … You have to hand it to Wolves GM David Kahn for at least being open and honest with his team’s fans. While not as lengthy as the open letter he wrote to Minnesota fans a couple months ago in the local paper explaining why he drafted Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn, yesterday Kahn penned another letter explaining why he hired Kurt Rambis. “We will be a running, up-tempo team,” Kahn wrote. “Yes, there will be many instances when we will need to rely upon Al Jefferson and a halfcourt offense, but our identity will be fastbreak basketball. As a player, Kurt was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers ‘Showtime’ teams. Those teams thrived by using an up-tempo style, yet knew how to score in the halfcourt when necessary. They also played outstanding defense. Kurt is committed to employing such a style that will complement the young, athletic players we are assembling.” … Somebody get Kahn in the same room with Nellie and let him sell the idea of letters to fans. We’d love to read Nellie’s morning-after thoughts on why he started Speedy Claxton and Acie Law over Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis in an important game. (Will Golden State have any important games this season?) … With Big Baby having re-signed with the Celtics, Leon Powe is closer to reaching a deal with the Cavs. When the Celts won the title in ’08, Powe was an invaluable piece, but his latest knee injury allowed Baby to vault him with a strong ’09 postseason run. If Powe comes back all the way healthy from this new injury, which one of them do you think will have a better career? … Bulls rookie James Johnson might’ve been the most obscure first-rounder this side of Christian Eyenga on Draft Night, but he might be the best pure athlete in the rookie class. Johnson is a kickboxing competitor with a 35-inch vertical who benched 185 pounds 18 times at the Draft combine. But at the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot the other day, we got footage of Johnson showing off a whole other set of skills that could land him on MTV. We’ll drop the video later today, so be on the lookout for it … While we’re still trying to figure out where Ben Wallace fits into the Pistons plans, we ran across a column in the Chicago-area Daily Herald where the writer says Wallace originally signed that gigantic fail of a contract with the Bulls under pressure from relatives. You buying that? Believe us, we’ve seen plenty of NBA — and overseas, and college, and high school, and streetball — players who have a relative pulling the strings and influencing every decision. But that’s usually when said ballplayer is a rookie or just making his way in the League. By 2006, Ben Wallace was a grown-ass man making his own calls. More likely, he decided on his own to cash in on the biggest contract he’d ever receive, only his body just didn’t hold up and his flaws were exposed. Not that anybody’s saying that to Ben’s face, but still … We’re out like Speedy Claxton …

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  • weezy f

    the haters gotta hate dime…keep up the good work

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    The reason for the hatin? Backlash of EXTREEEEEME self-marketing. The complete overexposure of Lebron standing in contrast what he has achieved so far.

    And then all this “wittness-chosen one-global icon-i’m the best and the coolest” bullshit. I cant remember Michael Jordan hyping himself that much in public.

    I think there is a good chance it turns out Bron is not that special, he is good but not “God disguised as Michael Jordan” good. Kevin Durant just will have an equally good career when its all said and done.

    Bron will only be the most aggressive selfmarketer of all time. Not a title to be proud of.

  • http://www.basketsim.com BNZA

    ps. the fitting term for LBJ is “media whore”


    If this were ’89 and the site was filled with stuff about Michael Jordan? Then most of us wouldn’t mind. We would even welcome it. LeBron is one arrogant loser and he always makes excuses, thus all the hate. Jordan never referred to himself in the third person. And I think Kobe never did that too.

  • ponky_alolor

    well dime, there is a growing negativity against lebron, whether he deserves it or not. His looming free agency, handshake incident, and consfiscated tape added fuel to the fire.

    Truth is the cat is an all-world talent but he needs some dose of humility in handling certain things. I’m an LBJ fan and of course the negative backlash is there but in the age of self-marketing, it comes with the territory.

    Being the face of the NBA along with Kobe, there would always be haters.

    I think Leon Powe would be a better deal than that Sideshow Bob contract.

  • F.L.A.S.H.

    kobe may have a lot of haters, but he’s the most loved player in the WORLD, some kids may like lebron, but every kid this generation from china to brazil has pretended to be kobe and shot fadeaways in an empty gym, KOBE is the face of the league, lebron is just a self obsessed sore loser

  • ShowKase

    The problem is not Lebron, its the MEDIA!!! Yall been hyping him up since high school! A majority of these media “experts” really want him to be the next Jordan, but it AINT GONNA HAPPEN. He’ll continue to receive backlash, as long as the media is around. If you are continually force feed something, eventually you are going to get sick of it. His accomplishments just dont measure up to the hype…..right now. Besides, that n**** rich! Who cares if people hatin on him! And I’m not even a LeBromance fan.

  • Oscarisalakerfan

    yeah theres haters everywhere…The haters come back because they find something intriguing hating someone…
    i hate lebron but i understand why you guys publish so many articles on lebron..

  • zcw

    He has a “witness” tattoo on his leg. If Jordan had the Air Jordan label tattooed on his arm we’d be calling him a douched*ck too.

  • ace

    Yes. LBJ is a media whore and Dime has no problem with shameless pimping.
    There is no way LBJ compares to MJ or Kobe at this point.
    He is talented. Yes. But at this stage in is career, he is way too hyped. That and what seems like his ever growing arrogance and irreverence is definitely leaving a bad taste.

    What does it say, when almost all of your reader’s comments (at least thus far :) reflects this !

  • http://www.myspace.com/jkwryter Gunner J. Matthews

    LOL at the “LeStans” on here
    He’s good but he aint on MJ’s level

  • kulas

    LeBron’s signature “Greatest of All Time” in his locker room says it all… he hasn’t earned a single ring, and he’s already claiming GOAT status? Imagine MJ doing that back when he was not a champion yet, how would that make the basketball fans feel?

    The commenters here are also correct about the fact that here in other countries, we would rather see Kobe than LeBron, that is from what I observed. Kobe is mentioned in articles, tv coverages, and basketball shows more than LeBron James.

  • http://www.dimemag.com A-Slam

    people wanna hear about Lebron, there are more Lebron lovers than haters out there so majority rules. Sure you may not like hearing about him, but collectively basketball fans as a whole do. So get use to it, there’s always 1 or 2 nba’ers a year who get overhyped or a feel good story that everyone is sick of by the end of the season. Bitching and moaning won’t get you anywhere though

  • utahJZZ

    lebron james is the most overrated athlete in the history of sports

  • utahJZZ

    lebron james is the most overrated athlete in the history of sports

  • A-Lid



    Why the fuck would dime show pictures of his car?

  • LA`Clipper

    Lebron james is the most overrated and overhyped player on the planet.

    LeHYPE james getting dunked on gets talked about more then deron williams and chris paul, fukin ridiculous

  • nu jerseyNET

    Fuck the NBA and dime

    LeHYPE james is the most overated athlete of all time

    I will never forget the fact that the NBA gave the rookie of the year to leHYPE, instead of carmelo

    I wonder if LeHYPE took a shit on the NBA logo, DIME mag would probz form a petition to make it the new logo

  • sh!tfaced

    LMFAO. You gotta love the hate…

  • mrparker

    Bron 09 = Mike 89

    There was the same amount of hate/backlash at Michael. He was the first guy to have his won 200 dollar shoe. He had the biggest endorsements. He led the league in scoring every year and was considered selfish. Then he learned how to share(cough Scottie Pippen got good cough) and the love never stopped because he won. The same will happen with Lebron.

  • Maynard

    I think more so than even the backlash against LeBron in particular, what you’re seeing is that people are a little iffy on these first-person accounts, which come off like bragging that you guys are sending people to this stuff. I’m not trying to hate here, I’m just saying that’s how they’re probably perceived. It’s not so much reporting on the event itself, as it is on how awesome it is that you’re there. I mean, the five-on-five basketball game writeup was a little awkward (and sort of not believable).

    It’s the same theory about when a company sends your office cool things to pimp — like the Jordan Gatorade bottles — and you gush about the product AND how great it is that you received it. Like, that’s great, but not a lot of people get stuff like that, so they’re not exactly going to jump at the chance to share in your experience.

  • LA`Clipperz

    LeHYPE james is the most overrated atglete in the history of sports

    He will never be on jordan/bryant level


  • Soopa

    Surround Lebrong with Gasol, Odom, Ariza, Fisher and you dont think he’d have a ring?

    Pair him with a in-his-prime Shaq and you dont think he’d have a ring?

    Sometimes I hate that you aint shit in the NBA until you win a ring. LeBron has never played on a team, which without him, would even have made the damn playoffs and you’ll hating on him like that? He is still a kid basicly aswell!

    I love that he has flaws and that he didnt feel like shaking hands after maybe the biggest loss of his career. Thats something i can relate to. Where as Dwigth Howard being happy go lucky on his live video stream basicly hours after losing in the finals is somthing i loathe.

    Think back at players like Barkley, Malone (just managed to pick two who didnt win a ring lol), Jordan, Pippen and the entire Knicks/Heat squards of the 90’s. They were some first class a-holes on the floor and we all loved watching them! Loved watching Mason to see who he’d clothsline next.

    Basicly im saying just enjoy his game while he is in his prime. Win or loss – we’ll never see the likes of him again, so for you guys to hate on him cos he is good at making money is stupid and says oh so much more about you then it does about Lebron.

  • Soopa

    *would’nt even have made the damn playoffs. Pretty bad typo :P

  • Joeyy


    It’s a really good thing you were invited to this “LBJ event” and it’s great from you to share it with us and let us know everything you saw there, seriously.
    But, in my opinion, maybe all the story could have been told in 2-3 articles, but not sooo much (there actually was a post about LeBron’s car.. ??)

    Thanks for all the work you put in for this site and all the posts and everything, but again, 6(?) posts about LeBron in Akron on one day, that’s a bit too much for me ;)

    (excuse my english, I’m from Europe, and keep on with the site, it’s a great one)

  • Chris

    Just to be different from all the LBJ stuff … you wonder who would have the better career between Powe and BBD? If both were healthy I’d take Powe any day of the week! The guy is just unrelenting under the basket and has a crazy knack for drawing the charge! He doesn’t have the shooting range of BBD but I’d take his hustle over that. It all depends what system they were playing under as well I guess. Sorry that they both couldn’t stay in Boston! My 2c worth.

  • weezy f

    whoa utahjzz is a moron!! lebron is not overrated at all..he does alot of things

  • tbone

    if this were the 80’s, it wouldnt be jordan.. it would be magic.

    jordan didnt do jack yet at that point and wasnt the media boy lebron is right now.

    get your mind right. youngin.

  • http://bt.davka.info/ SparkyJay23

    You feel we’re a bunch of haters because you fucks wasted a post on a fucking challenger??

    what next?

    Lebron has a diamond earring?

    The hate comes from you spouting the shit that comes out of a PR camp as fact.

    He’s Been swept in the finals and been show to be a classless fuck and it us who have the problem?

    To be richer than Tiger he’s gonna have to do a lot of winning and talking shit when you’ve been beaten and running round confiscating tapes (i’ve still got that sweep on my pc LeBron) isn’t helping get it done.

  • L@zychuCK

    YES the Warriors will have important games… Leon Powe is SoOOoOo gonna be better then the Big Baby… if the Cavs sign Leon the frontcourt will have no holes.. Varejao,Powe,Big Z,and Shaq .. say wat u want but thats a pretty dame good frontcourt with youth and old ass wisdom… i would love see read Nellie ‘s letters if it was about how he backstabbed Chris Mullin and didn’t stand up for a guy that hired his old ass… LBJ is da bomb PERIOD.

  • ponky_alolor

    Uhm, I’m all for MJ and his greatness. He’s the GOAT, no one not even LBJ and Kobe come close. But I’m sure if he was playing today, we’ll all get fed up with all the twitter crap, youtube clips and insane media hype. What’s worse there will be TMZ clips of MJ after a long night gambling with Charles Oakley etc. Or maybe some footage of him messing up playing baseball.

    No one gets to escape the media nowadays. LBJ is no different, he’ll get that kind of stupid hype we all hate. Bottomline, he’s a top tier talent and as long as he uses that ability more and worry about the image less, he’ll be fine.

  • Bill

    Perks, KG, Rasheed, Big Baby compared to Varejao, Powe, Big Z and Shaq

    Not much of a competition there
    Celts would kill them

  • Trouble Man

    Bron 09 = Mike 89 (Good call)

    Surround Lebron with Gasol, Odom, Ariza, Fisher and you dont think he’d have a ring? Pair him with a in-his-prime Shaq and you dont think he’d have a ring? (WORD)

    Dime’s got some of the most diabolical haters this side of Buck Nasty. Where is all this hate coming from? I can’t hate the man’s game or the confidence he has in himself or his global business success or even the mistakes he makes. HE’S 24 YEARS OLD!! Keeping hating tho, it’s only going to make him work harder in the off season & punish your favorite player come the season.


    MJ carried himself with class, on and OFF the court!

  • Soopa

    @BRUCE #28.

    Sure. But why do we want a MJ copy? Been there, done that.



    Blind loyalty by LeBron’s douchebag. LOL.

    GTFOH! You and LeBron deserve each other, you both don’t know what’s it all about and don’t know shit about sportsmanship.

    Your BASICALLY a kid and an arrogant loser like LeBitch.

  • Flying_Aussie_Dutchman

    Like I said before. Let some people write a dime peice and let them see how they go with their replies

  • Soopa

    Theres just people you cant have an argument with without them resorting to insult lol. And im the one being called a kid eventhough ill take that as a compliment, cos its been some years since i was a kid :)


    We want another MJ because it is good for the game not some sore loser!

  • KB24

    LeBron needs to rape a white girl Like my man Kobe did to get to the next level. Haha.

  • sh..

    i wanna hear more about artest, no love for ron ron giving his iced out watch to a Chinese middle school basketball team captain to help him with his tuition for the rest of his life?

  • 2946

    would you ppl have preferred it if dime didn’t publish anything about lebron over the past week?!~ the offseason is always so slow and dime had some good inside stories & pics that i know most basketball ppl want to see.. regardless of who they write about i’m just happy to have some new stuff to read about daily since no other sites update as often and no other sites write stuff that is as enjoyable to read.. innit?

  • Shrink This

    Dime, just keep doing what you do.

    The haters are gonna hate regardless. I wouldn’t even bother acknowledging them. No one’s forcing them to read you.

  • That’s whats up


    At this point, Baby’s game is more sound than Powe’s.
    But the downside is Big Baby shows his emotions like a menopausal woman, hot-flashes and manicures included

    It’s a toss up

  • That’s whats up

    …and lmao at someone’s comment yesterday about Marbury stuffing a bra and joining the WNBA, just to get a job – Juwanna Starbury

  • heavy d

    When Powe was healthy he was the better PF. Excellent signing by Cleveland. Has risk if he can’t make it all the way back to healthy, but the upside potential is huge. I’d been advocating my team (Hawks) make that same move since the start of free agency and we’re still shopping for a backup PF. If we don’t land Joe Smith, we might be forced to get one at Big Lots.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Long as DIME isn’t holding their pre-selected contest give-a-ways, to cats who ain’t even been on the site since winning I am fine on the LBJ stuff.

    …wondering why DIME would just have a picture of that Celeb dude from that Tool show on VH1 just around? Specially with dude looking sssuuuuspect? Hmmmm How you doing?

    Anyway how long can LeBron continue to be the “face” of the L without a championship? For real when will it be like, “Ok you great and all but if you are going to the L representative if you will, then you need to get that trophy.”

    Cause I am saying it’s very possibly he won’t get it next year or year after next even if he goes to NY.

    Then not like this would happen either but food for thought. If KD somehow say complained, and got traded to a winning team and won it all before LeBron …does that jump him over LeBron as the face of the L?

    So we are getting to like an average of about 2 NBA players going overseas per summer. Pretty soon overseas will be looking like NBA Jr. Or is this a perfect bridge that Sterny needs in trying to get a squad overseas?

    Why doesn’t Minny go after A.I. if they are running an up-tempo style? Just wondering.

    Also wondering if this movie being advertised “Streets of Blood” is any good?

    I am out like Contest and giveaways that are real….

  • http://www.dimemag.com bullet380

    For the most part, I do agree that Lebron is hyped by mainstream media. However, Michael Jordan was just as hyped but no one had a problem with it. He was the most coddled and pacified player, probably in NBA history, but fans overlooked it because they were…..well, fans. Lebron is getting a lot of hate for being just as hyped as MJ was.

    I’m not comparing the two, but it seems to me that MJ’s arrogance and “media whoring” is acceptable, while Lebron’s isn’t. Why does MJ get the perpetual “pass”, while others don’t? And, please don’t give me that GOAT @#$*, because in my opinion he isn’t the GOAT.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    To say that Kobe or Jordan were not arrogant is hilarious. Kobe has a fucking song called “K.O.B.E.”. Jordan was the first to refer to his teammates as his “supporting cast,” and he’s the guy who really started thinking of himself as a brand (i.e. “Republicans buy shoes too.”) Wade has a mural in his house of him dressed like spiderman. Here’s a shocker: when you make tens of millions a year and are one of the best in the world at what you do, you get arrogant. Especially if you’ve never had the money before. And you need that swagger to maintain your greatness on the court. The cats who aren’t arrogant are the Vince Carters of the world.

    There’s always been a healthy level of hate for Lebron, mostly stemming from the exposure he’s gotten, but it’s skyrocketed once the majority started saying he’s the league’s best player. There’s a feeling he hasn’t accomplished anything, which seems bizarre to me. Granted, he hasn’t won a championship. But he got a gold medal, an MVP, two all-star MVP’s, he’s the most statistically brilliant player since Jordan and he’s led his team deeper into the playoffs than they had any right to go for years running. According to 82games.com he’s also the most clutch player in the league. Let’s face it though – until Bron wins not one but a few championships the hate will continue.

  • Logan Light

    Just my 2 cents…

    Thank you DIME. Forget the negative crap… everyone knows that this is a slow time for the NBA, so reporting on a media summit for one of the best players in the league is more than acceptable.

    Forget the fact that its the slowest part of the season… LBJ is worthy of the coverage in my opinion. Do I get tired of seeing him on ESPN everyday? Sure, but I get over it and accept it because he is that good. He handles the media well and he’s entertaining. And guess what, the haters are playing into his ‘media whore’ hands by keeping his name in their mouth. If they really wanted to hate, they would just ignore him.

    Here’s one DIME reader who you DIDN’T lose yesterday. Thanks.


  • rangerjohn

    ok 2 things i agree with who ever it was that said labron is a media whore. evidenced by the snatching of “the dunk” tape, nothing bad is allowed to get out.

    second, labron never “allegedly” raped anyone so im ok with most of the hype. i mean he is not tim duncan off the court but he is no kobe either.

  • dc

    if this were 1989, we probably would still have a problem because at that time, Jordan still hadn’t won a championship. but who knows? Jordan wasn’t the “media whore” that LeBron is. also, if this were 1989, we’d be reading about it in our local sports section. bulls fans anywhere other than chicago wouldn’t be exposed to the same access, therefore we wouldn’t tire of hearing about his exploits. this age of internet and 24/7 access to people who want to always be seen/heard/admired is annoying.

    and dime, to start a column trying to defend yourself only makes y’all look soft. it’s a bit of “the lady doth protest too much”. get a lil charles barkley in your system – do what you do and make no apologies.

  • jksonics

    man up dime, no need to cry about this – for every hater that takes time to type out some hate how many non-haters you think just read the article and move on? if the haters don’t want to read it, go read something else!? reacting to the hate in such a public way in smack almost makes you just as bad.

  • FK

    @ bullet 380

    What are you going on about son? Jordan coddled? Are you retarded?

    Jordan earned his press by owning the league WITH CLASS. He took his lumps as a 23 year old and shook hands afterwards. He took a pounding from teams like the Pistons but played relentlessly through it.

    If one (smart) team played Lebron as tough as the Pistons played MJ, he would either

    1) wet himself
    2) quit
    3) press charges, criminal & civil

  • CJ

    most of you cats are too young to remember this, but jordan had his haters back in the day. and there were a lot of ‘em. like dc said, in 89 he still hadn’t won a championship. the bulls weren’t even considered contenders.

    people also felt that scoring champs could never win championships and that he would have to take less shots to win the chip. fact is when you’re the best player in the world, you’re gonna have haters. kobe has ‘em, lbj has ‘em and mj had ‘em.

  • Kanye West

    There will always be haters thats just the way it is,
    hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids.

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    It’s funny to see the MJ comments here and it’s EASY to tell who wasn’t actually around for the early part of Jordan’s career, where he was compared to someone like Iverson (high scoring, selfish, bad attitude). This whole thing about “Jordan was loved/a winner/blah blah blah, LBJ is a douchebag/hasn’t done anything in the league” is funny to read, Jordan was a polarizing figure until he won his first title – if LeBron doesn’t win a title in the next two or three seasons you can start to wonder if he’s Nique 2K, but until then, it’s pure hate. (Mainly coming from the West coast too, I wonder why!)

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    Damn me and CJ said pretty much the same thing at exactly the same time!

  • Bill Bixby

    If this were 89, and Jordan was on this site. I probably would never see it. This site is slow already, think of it in 89… with dial up modems, and no true ISP. Hell, Windows 95 was still 5 years away. :D


    Way too much Lebron Slurpage Dime. And article or picture everyday, come on Geesh. Can anyone say OverKill.

  • fallinup

    Bron’s the “face of the league”, because media types go for what sells to those casual fans. Don’t blame us for hating the fact that ya’ll can’t find other… better… more creative stories than ‘what’s Bron Bron eating for breakfast today’ articles.

    There’s a ton more out there in the basketball world.

  • MSkittle

    My theory on Ben Wallace is that he used to be on roids but then stopped taking them.

  • spaynter5

    ya know i’m from ohio….favorite team is the cavs, played against bron in high school…and i’ve been a fan but day by day i keep finding myself liking him less…he’s becoming a premadona…maybe he should ease up on all the self marketing he’s doing…

  • karizmatic

    First off, I don’t think most of the haters realize the nature of writing a column about anything much less basketball. If Lebron is one of the biggest things going on in basketball and you’re writing about basketball, ehhh you’re going to write a lot of articles about Lebron. There also happen to be a lot of references on this site to Kobe, Wade, Durant, the Celtics, and a lot of other players that make the game great. Not to mention articles about Marcus Williams who hasn’t done anything but seems to get a lot of love from Dime anyway.

    @ Doc

    You obviously have no idea about marketing at all, but that’s okay because most people don’t think in those terms. Why wouldn’t Dime post something defending themselves and addressing a controversial issue? It keeps all you haters coming back to their site to see what they say next. All they have to do is say “Lebron” and that’s an automatic 50-100 posts of snide remarks, comments, love, and hate, which they can then show as traffic on this site. You know one way to stop the “media” from talking about Lebron would be to actually stop caring about him. But if you care about basketball you have to care about Lebron. You know why? BECAUSE HE’S THAT DAMN GOOD and that’s why instead of ignoring him all you cats can do up here is try to hate on him.

  • http://www.dimemag.com bullet380


    C’mon bruh. You can’t tell me MJ wasn’t coddled. I’m old enough to remember MJ as a rookie, all the way until his final retirement. I’ve SEEN him yell at referees during a game and never get a tech. Nowadays players get techs for looking at a ref funny. Jordan himself admitted that the media wasn’t as hard on him as they could have been (i.e., the paternity suit, the gambling cases). Any other player at that time would have been crucified in the media. Jordan was arrogant; a polarizing figure as suggested by another commentor.

    Most people won’t admit because they’re MJ fans. I like Lebron. I like Kobe. I liked MJ. But don’t try and tell me that he wasn’t coddled by the league and the media.

  • Phileus

    “Don’t blame us for hating the fact that ya’ll can’t find other… better… more creative stories than ‘what’s Bron Bron eating for breakfast today’ articles.”


    Maybe all-Lebron all-the-time is fine for casual fans but people who read Dime aren’t casual fans. THings like that James Johnson video are cool. You don’t see that everywhere. LeBron? We can get him anywhere.

  • ERIC

    His lame “KING JAMES” nickname just rubs me the wrong way. And WITNESS/CHOSEN ONE, etc that he hypes up himself is atrocious and a turn off. Great talent, but a self-absorbed sore loser. Kobe is superior and I would choose KOBE 100 times over LeBron.

  • Michorizo

    Great Job Dime, Keep up the Great Work.

  • the_don_mega

    @GEE – i still wonder why you,FED,doc,and me hasn’t won anything around here… Dime doesn’t care about they people…

  • quick wit it

    @FK (47) hahahahaha he would definitely do #3
    and @phileus (58) that’s the truth

  • mrparker

    Anyone who speaks of Jordan as if he was always beloved needs to revisit the 80s. He was more polarizing than any non-criminal athlete.

  • CJ

    To DC and DJ Leon – all i gotta say is great minds think alike.

  • GayforRudy

    Dime Staffer #1: “Hmmm it’s been really slow lately… but we need some content for the site.”

    Dime Staffer #2: “How about we verbally suck off Lebron again!”

    Dime Staffer #1: “Great idea… and then when our readers get sick of him we can tell them to get over themselves!”

    Dime Staffer #2: “Brilliant!”

  • GayforRudy

    Overheard conversation ^

  • jzsmoove

    I cant wait to see Nellie’s open letters, it would be hilarious as hell…If Ben Wallace held up his own during his monster contract, he would be at least a debatable HOFer. But he aint…Same scenario with Oakley before, nobody said nothing about him making 10M/Yr cuz he brought it. There are just no Oakleys around anymore and teams need those…Powe over Davis any day.

  • rlf

    you guys are not unbiased, you clearly are here to ‘promote’ lebron. and that’s not your job. you are not suppose to be paid off by lebron’s people. you should be beyond that.

    face of the league?

    because you the media wants him to be. the fans not so much.

    the face of the league is one kobe bean bryant…around the world, just check it out.

    kobe was in france on sunday and the people were all over him, in FRANCE. i was even surprised by that.

    hype lebron all you want. in the end, he got a very good dose of who is the face of the league around the world, this past olympics and from various accounts mr. james was none to happy about what he saw.

    and for you to be justifying your ‘love or hype’ for lebron says it all.

  • fred a stair

    shut up lebron haters just enjoy a good basketball player i dont care much for kobe but i still respect his game

  • will

    I dont like the tone of the first part of this. He is only the face of the league because the NBA made him the face, not the fans. And if you are putting more of him on your site BECAUSE he is the face of the league, then who owns you?

    I mean, he is good, but to me he is no better than Bosh or Wade. He gets more touches than anyone in the league, so naturally his stats are going to be better. I wish people would get league pas and actually look at the games and what goes on…..nvermind

    Forget it, the reasons I like your site dont exist in the first part of this “article” or whatever you call it.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    did you all really compare lebron to jordan? Ringless Lebron? Dunk contestless lebron? College Championshipless lebron? That lebron? YOu dunked on me so gimme the tape and get out my camp lebron? I’m too big of a winner to shake the hand of the guy who beat me lebron? oh ya, ur right…hes the second coming..

    See heres what alot of people at dime dont seem to get. JORDAN WASN’T A BITCH!! If you pumped this site full of jordan stuff early in his career, it would still be somewhat interesting. Lebron loses points because while hes talented, he comes off as a spoiled dick and EVERYTIME something doesn’t go his way, he has a bitch fit and the media tries to come up with excuses on why its ok for just him. You think if AI or Sheed did the handshake stuff, the media wouldn’t have ripped them? What if kobe confiscated the tape? the media wouldnt rip how hes self absorbed? But when lebron does it we get “o well its not really a big deal” meanwhile ever since high school in almost EVERY sport your taught to shake hands after the game, meanwhile lebrons too much of a winner…winner? He hasn’t won shit. SO its not just that lebron is a media who, its the fact u all ride him no matter what he does “this just in, lebron catches the bus” ooo wow, lets write a page long article about it. Lebron mows his lawn, 5 page article…While jordan didn’t come straight to the league winning titles, he at east respected the guys he played against and carried himself different. Its like comparing jeter to arod or tom brady to jay cutler. Also, plain and simple…lebrons PR PEOPLE SUCK. So it doesn’t make us haters, it just doesn’t make us dick riders either. Lebrons as talented as anyone in the nba but he still can’t really shoot or dribble and hes still a diva. Jordan hes not.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @will, I don’t think lebron is better than wade or kobe….but hes miles, correction, lightyears ahead of chris bosh.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    Lebron is the new Dominique Wilkins, the only difference is Lebron knows how 2 create HYPE around him. Plain and simple, Kobe is this decades MJ and Lebron is Dominique…….only he knows how 2 create his HYPE.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @the_don_mega, ya we said that a while back, dime gives all their gifts to dudes who like post once in a blue moon, meanwhile i’ve been here to fight with almost every poster on this site at least once lol

  • LakeShow84

    @ DIME

    You guys shouldnt have to back up what u spew (lol).. most of us understand its slow right now.. Gotta keep the checks coming! Even though i personally have disdain for Lebron all his coverage dont bother me.. Its the media INTERFERING with actual basketball knowledge.. Yes Lebron is a freak talent but he is not cream of the crop yet.. let dude grow into it.. So i didnt even trip off yesterdays Le-onslaught..

    And i agree with RLF.. Kobe (whether you like it or not) is the face of the NBA to everyone except the NBA.. Cuz call me crazy but foo’s in China were going buckwild when they saw him.. Lebron ehhhhhh not so much lol sorry Nike.. gotta step up those marketing commercials!

    But i expect the same thing from the NBA regarding Lebron.. another cakewalk schedule with some preferred foul calling from the refs.. ahhhhhhhhhh oh well.. LA bout to hold another trophy up on that ass..

  • LakeShow84

    “did you all really compare lebron to jordan? Ringless Lebron? Dunk contestless lebron? College Championshipless lebron? That lebron? YOu dunked on me so gimme the tape and get out my camp lebron? I’m too big of a winner to shake the hand of the guy who beat me lebron? oh ya, ur right…hes the second coming..”

    BRON42 throwing bows out there lmao

    @ WILL

    I feel you but since not a whole lot players can duplicate the stats even with those touches people stil going to dick ride LBJ.. i feel you though.. Lebron CONSTANTLY has the ball in his hands.. and for that reason i dont think he will ever win a chip.. Hes like a new fad in sports.. when it comes around we all jock it cuz we’ve never seen anything like it but as the years roll we begin to see that the old school way always wins.. Like run’n’gun, mobile quarterbacks, juicing.. Defense, pockets passers and pitching always shows the new fads the door..

    fact of sports..

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    @the_don_mega I know right. You would think the loyal readers/commentors would have won something, I mean a bookmark, shoelaces or a note that said F Off! or something lol.

    Is what it is though, I just can’t wait till the next contest cause I used to come diligent and serious trying to win. Next time in, ya boi is straight Clown mode.

    Since DIME is addressing issues today, then they should shed light to:

    -We ain’t had no send questions to a player that they can answer in a minute
    -Used to love the we argue you decide articles
    -Pass the mic – It’s some “Regular” cats with some real insight that still need to get in the cipher
    -Did we run out of H.O.F. nominees to discuss yes or no on
    -Where in the world is C.G.F. does he even work for yall anymore, cause his articles on clothing and shoes were better in my opinion than those of late.
    -Personally I would love to see some exclusive interview ish in a Q and A format from DIME that hits the internet before the mag.
    -Oh yea what ever happen with that whole NRF or league that DIME workers was ballin in?
    -No new….”new” DIME female modeling pics..as they relate to basketball (had to throw that last part in their for the haters lol)

    Holla back DIME since today seems to be address the issues day in SMACK??

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Oh on that last one I was actually asking a question as in …Are there no new female “modeling” pics? Always enjoying the eye-candy DIME? Come wit it!

  • Ian

    LOL the jordan/kobe nut huggers are awesome. jordan wasnt like lebron he was humble and wasnt a sore loser?? people gtfoh with that bullshit. jordan 89 was the same shit as lebron 09 whoever said that is right. like i said before judge everyone the f…in same damn.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    For all the haters….name 5 things that happened yesterday that was better to have on than the Lebron lovefest.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    “Ringless Lebron? Dunk contestless lebron? College Championshipless lebron? That lebron? YOu dunked on me so gimme the tape and get out my camp lebron? I’m too big of a winner to shake the hand of the guy who beat me lebron?”—HAHAHA fawk’n classic! Yeah i think they’re hype’n THAT lebron. At least dominique had already won a slamdunk chip and Queen James hasn’t done ish but claim himself 2b “the chosen one” or “king james”, maybe in winless, no other stars in this city, hasn’t had a shot at a chip in any sport 4 who knows how long city Cleveland.

  • Ian

    “Kobe (whether you like it or not) is the face of the NBA to everyone except the NBA”
    well i can say that bron is the face of the nba to everyone except laker fans?

    truth be told here we have kobe haters/nut huggers and not much love for bron but i have yet to meet a normal kobe fan either way deep in hate or creepy love.

  • Ian

    dunk contest???? who the fuck cares just because jordan did it??? for real dunk contest??? nice to see people being objective here. kobe won 3 with shaq when he wasnt even the best player on the team and 1 with gasol and the best cast around him. jordan got owned by the celts and detroit and needed a top 5 player in the 90s by his side , the best rebounder , prob the best coach , best sixth man , best three point shooter to win 3 more and lebron best teammate has been mo williams. guys i hate bron as much as skip bayless but get real please. jordans team when he retired made the second round and game 7 bron wouldnt even make the playoffs. im i sayin hes better than jordan no but hell he is bron overrated?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    to all the lebron fans aka dime….dont get me wrong, jordan and kobe can be jerks too…but they were never the self proclaimed greatest ever. Both came into the league andtook their knocks and worked for where they are now. Kobe came to a stacked lakers team as a rookie who was gettin booed for shootin air balls. Jordan had the crap beat out of him by the pistons. Lebron on the other hand was callin himself the g.o.a.t since high school and was just given a team. Didn’t have to work for anything or prove anything really. Also, on camera jordan was almost perfect, there arent many times u can point out where jordan blew a interview or had a mistep. Kobe on the other hand is sarcastic as hell and a jerk but hes still usually subtle with it. I mean just look at his whole “Raja bell? I don’t even know that kid” speech. Lebron just pretty much doesn’t care what he does and the media covers up for him, thats where the dislike is…Lebron could headbutt a fan right now and the media would be like, “well since when is headbuttin really a big deal”

    @sans, they could be talkin about camps, stay with one player or watch him during a workout…do like cribs and try to follow a player for a day….talk about jay will playin for the CBA..etc…writing is about bein creative the way C.G.F does, not just milk lebron like dime is his own tmz…..”lebron uses right guard, what would you use if you were him” type articles are just straight lebron ball strokin….

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @ian, i said dunk contest because plain and simple, anything that lebron might not win, he doesnt do. Jordan and kobe both went out and did it. hell tons of greats have done it so ya…before i start callin lebron king or anything like that, dude needs to win some shit. And i didnt say he was overrated, his hype was overrated. ANd you can’t use that “oh his team is sooo bad crap” cuz just like when i said that about tmac, u went “ya but thats why his stats are so high” same with lebron. If were gonna compare jordan and lebron, lebron has alot of catchin up to do, and that includes winning a dunk contest since some many people day dream that lebron is this great dunker even though he only does 2 dunks.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Face it Dimemag (Aron Phillips), you blew it. The readers understand that you went to a Nike/Lebron event. Ok cool, so write one or two articles highlighting the interesting parts and move on.

    Based off these above comments and many comments before, the majority of dimemag readers don’t give a fuck about what kind of upholstery is in Lebron’s Charger or what kind of hors d’oeuvres were served at his shoe party.

    Dimemag took the LBJ dickriding way too far, and consequently they lost the respect of the readers. Then dimemag has the nerve to make the readers (you know, the people who make dimemag and aron’s paycheck possible) seem like they’re the ones who need to change.

    In reality, the thing that needs to change isn’t us readers. No, what needs to change is the shitty content getting vomited from Aron’s brain and digital camera to Dimemag.com.

    I think I speak for the majority of dimemag readers when I say that 4 to 5 lebron articles per day is too much. If I wanted to get a LBJ PR release every time I checked online basketball news, I would go to Lebron’s website.

    Dimemag should have just apologized to the readers. Instead they tried to blame the readers for not wanted to read Lebron articles all day. Classy move Dimemag. You guys must have the same PR people as Lebron.

  • Ian

    one dunk contest and three point contest dont mean shit personally i think lebron has one dunk but who cares really two points is two points. tmac hasnt gotten out of the first round i dont call players that go deep and never win losers that is almost all on their supporting cast. did u see the team that went to the nba finals in 07? crappiest cast everrrrrrr tmac couldnt get that bunch an 8th seed besides we saw it this season what happened when tmac is out. there is one big diff in getting his numbers and getting deep playoff runs (bron , robinson , malone) than getting his stats and doing shit (iverson , tmac).
    you dont have to win the whole thing hey no one can alone.

    now heres my problem with jordan nut huggers everytime someone calls someone else the goat they compare some stat to jordans. well dude has to win 6 to be the best WHY FUCKING 6 and not 11 like russell? oh well he has to lead the league in scoring a bunch of times. why that and not rebounds and blocks??

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    just make a seperate link


  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    I said I was done with dimemag till the season starts after the Lebronfest, but I had to come back to reiterate how sick people are from reading about Lebron 24-7

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @ian, the contests mean something cuz your putting your name on the line. Lebron doesn’t like doing things with a risk like that. He only did the high school dunk contest cuz it was in cleveland and 4 of the 5 judges were cavs players and the 5th was a browns player. Lebron has to be the golden child or who won’t do it, thats spoiled. As for tmac, you can’t say anything about this season bein better with him bein out cuz a)they had artest this year to fill in b)yao was healthier this year, in the past he was more injured than tmac was. c)they beat a inexperience blazers team. 90% of his career, tmac supporting cast was just as bad if not worse than lebrons. yao is the best guy tmac has played with and hes injured half the time and doesn’t close games. As for stats, not only does tmac put up well rounded stats (so its not like hes just s scorer) his stats go up in the playoffs. Hes top 5 alltime in playoff scoring and his assist go from like6 a game to 8, so that would be his supporting case. But i know me and you will go back and fourth about this so ya…Ps. Even with tmac losing in the first round. He still wasn’t a bitch about it the way lebron was when he lost.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    By the way, great comments #2, 29, 40 (lol!), 66, 73 and 74 (genius!), and 79. Yeah i read them all, unfortunately.

  • Ian

    dont get me wrong i dont like lebron im just saying some of the hate he gets (gamewise) is not fair.
    tmac yeah we shouldnt discuss that one again hehehe.

  • Celtics10

    If you hate lebron so much tell ppl in the league to stop him!Hold him to 10 pts a game make sure his team is in the lottery then you wont have to see him anymore. This world thrives off negativity its sickening ppl need to get a life. The dude getting it done only thing left is to start collecting rings an get that triple double for a season. So if you dont like bron suit up an stop him an the cavs otherwise shut the hell up!

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    well the hate in this article is less about people hating on lebron, and more about people hating on dime trying to FORCE FEED lebron to everyone and then gettin their feelings hurt when people don’t respond well to it. Lebrons a great athlete but do i really care that aron has a man crush on him? Jordan just had a camp too ya kno, why not write a article on that instead of 8 seperate ones about how lebron likes his grilled cheese cooked.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @celts, last i checked the magic and the spurs stopped him…so hes not really gettin it done now is he.

  • GayforRudy

    Thanks Freeze… I try my best.

    Just for the record there are 100 comments as I’m typing this. Roughly 44 of above comments either blasted Dime or Lebron.

    Assuming there were roughly 8 Lebron articles (all of which went down on him) over the last day or two roughly 44% less Lebron articles would’ve been a more acceptable number.Luckily for me, I didn’t read any of those articles.

    And I don’t ready the sneaker articles either…because Nike doesn’t pay my check. But perhaps they pay the Dime staff? And Dime plugs Lebron 24/7

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    What kind of conversations would be goin on if the cavs were playing in the Western Conference???? At least Melo is put’n in his work.

  • elaly

    i dont like lebron, but when u have a basketball writer go to a conference/summit wtv it was called, focused entirely on the current if not upcoming face of the league then what do u expect? You want dime to not write articles on Lebron and write articles on the latest disney movie kobe watched?? I mean what other news was going on to trump any of those articles anyways? It’s mid summer, there is nothing going on….

    people just like to hate… people on here seem to love to bring up Durant when dissing Lebron, mainly citing his lack of accomplishments…THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF IRONY…. what has durant done? its stupid to hate on an nba website devoting articles to the face of the nba especially in the nba’s offseason when there is NOTHING else outside of rookies to talk about…

    If kobe holds some conference of his own for a week, and dime sends a columnist there, then you would have a stream of kobe articles… would you still hate on dime for that?? I mean i dont get it….

    then ppl wanna hate on his handshake as if that actually matters… who cares?? really who cares?? how does this matter?

    then u wanna hate on lebron self-promoting himself too much… i mean do u not understand business?? do u haters not understand the corporate world?? You play ball to make money first and foremost…. then as a player if ure good, u get endorsements, shoes, clothing lines, etc etc to make even more money while you are still playing ball…

    dime u need to have an age verification for everyone that wishes to voice their opinion… because some of these posters clearly do not understand what the value of money is while they live under their parent’s roof…

  • GayforRudy

    And reading about sneakers, sneaker stores, Lebron’s sneakers, Lebron’s car, etc. is mind numbing… I’d rather read people’s opinions insulting Lebron.

    And the Kobe and MJ comments aren’t even needed. I don’t care who is “the best”. I just care that Lebron is all hype and Dime is drinking the Kool-Aid…. OHHHHH YEAHHHHH!

  • doc

    Jordan wasnt handed the Bulls?Yeah sure.He only shot whenever the fuck he wanted and beat his team ass at practice if they talked shit in a scrimmage.When Mike was 24 he was getting the same hate Bron getting from dudes now.The league was on Mike dick from the jump too.All them NBA videos.He’s god in basketball shoes and all that shit was BEFORE he won 1 ring.That 63 point game that you would think is the best accomplishment ever for a young player in the playoffs because you seen it your whole life was in a LOSS.They got SWEPT.U would never know.But Bron average 38-9-9 in a whole series and all you hear is he lost.The bottomline is the NBA hypes up the greats from the young days of they career because they know they great, and the haters who like other players dont want that greatness to shine so I guess they figure if they talk shit it wont happen.Bron42 u a baller so u know dam well u writing that Bron aint a winner bs is out of pocket.Because his win percentage at 24 shitting on Mikes.Yall wanna put a finished Jordan and compare when the real b-ball heads know when you compare a great you comparing them at the same time frame as the ages they are.Any of that other talk is from yall own crazy ass minds.This youngbuck 24 years old he still a damn baby in NBA years and if you dont know that you dont need to read this site.Bron so good one dickhead got on here and posted like 15 times saying the same dumb shit.Only Mike and Kobe getting that hate in their prime hate on em years(Mike 86-91)-(Kobe-04-09)now its Bron turn.And he dont gotta win no fucking dunk contest he gotta win chips.People right when they say he a great dunker because he can do his 2 dunks 1000 times apiece and bang on your fucking head everytime.

  • GayforRudy


    “then u wanna hate on lebron self-promoting himself”

    And Lebron “self-promoting himself” is the definition of redundancy… Look it up… I’ll wait.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol @ Ian

    Of course you would say Kobe isnt the face of the NBA.. let me re-iterate.. Kobe is the face of the NBA abroad.. Here in the states?? where the media, bloggers, writers get to write WHATEVER they want and people buy into it?? Yes LBJ is the face of the NBA.. but in the rest of THE WHOLEWIDE WORLD, and i doubt too many people in boonesville Turkey or France are truly Laker fans, Kobe is that man.. Kobe is the face of the NBA internationally.. and please dont try to argue it like u always do..

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @elaly, guy were not retarded, we understand its their job to update us on lebron stuff bu EVERY LIL THING HE DOES is kinda overboard. they hype him enough during the season as it is…Aron could of combined all his articles into one good one isnted of 8 half assed fragments (no offense to aron) but his articles were like one big run on titles “my day with lebron” which actually could be a cool article. We could go to any site and read about lebron, thats the easy way to get a article…instead why not pull some strings and get real basketball insite…send aron to attack athletics and write a article about nba offseason training OR have him go through a training session himself like a nba guy. We did that out here with one of the tv anchor people. Or talk more about summer leagues..or Mjs camp…

    Although I do agree with you about lebron vs durant lol…i think their just talkin potential though.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @doc, jordan was handed the bulls, ya but he had vets on the team like oakly who weren’t gonna take his shit and other nba stars in the league werent gonna take his shit. Lebron was nearly in tears when he wizards started fouling him, meanwhile jordan got 2x by the pistons for like 2 years. thats what i mean by him having to prove himself.

  • iamrich

    lets get serious dime, you guys posted a pic of an emty gym and the outside of the salvation army. Your as much a part of the over-hype as everyone else. I’m surprised i dont see an ESPN LOGO ON THE SITE SOMEWHERE…

  • sh!tfaced

    Yo Dime, I’m gonna have to go with GEE on the model pics request. Bring out the EYE CANDY! To at least dilute the haterade running through our veins. We want some chic pics! LOL.

    And I gotta give props to the Dime Crew for today’s smack, at least it brought out some spark to an otherwise another slow day by serving a few shots of Haterade…

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    and i dunno why u tryin to bust in bein captain save a hoe…if you read it, u’d see i only mentioned the dunk contest cuz they compared him to jordan…ya lebrons great but he aint won shit so he aint the goat, aint this aint that..you can’t be the self proclaimed greatest, just ask marbury.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @doc, not to mention i never said lebron was bad or ovverated. I said HE overhypes himself. He puts up great stats but his ego is what makes people not like him. SO i dunno why you jumpin on me about shit when i’m not even really trashin lebron for once..need to save that shit for another day…This article isn’t about “is lebron good” its about “is dime pushin him too hard”..we all kno lebron is a legit baller, but we aint gotta hear about every lil thing he does like outside of him there is no basketball on the planet.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    I dont come to a basketball site to read about lebrons day at the beach or his fuckin car…

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    and lastly if your gonna talk about lebrons win %, the majority of the cavs wins are them beatin up on the bullshit teams in the league…They had a losing record against the top teams in both conferences.

  • LakeShow84

    BOOGA said it!

    “What kind of conversations would be goin on if the cavs were playing in the Western Conference???? At least Melo is put’n in his work.”

    @ DOC

    Screw the win %.. this aint horseshoes bruh.. close dont count.. u either win a ring or u dont.. And last time i checked the “greatest” didnt have nothing resembling a Jordan outing in the Finals.. and he shouldve avg. 21-9-9.. getting to the foul line 18 times a GAME?! shit dude got it all handed to him.. BUT he still done shit with it.. and wouldnt a TRUE great take that loss (which he acted like a puss with) and use it to get better?? Dude been everywhere BUT the gym..

  • iamrich


  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    It’s funny how anyone who criticizes Dimemag for their recent supersaturation of LBJ is classified as a “hater.”

    I don’t hate Lebron or Dimemag. In fact, I have liked and read Dimemag for years now, and I enjoy watching Lebron James play.

    You will fags please stop calling everyone a hater just because they state critical opinions that differ from your simplistic mindset?

    I swear it’s the most overused word.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    Oops, I meant:

    Will you fags please stop calling everyone a hater just because they state critical opinions that differ from your simplistic mindset?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    hater and swagger need to be retired

    joe torrie said swagger today and i almost threw up in my mouth

  • iamrich

    @ big freeze:

    word up with the over used hater talk (ENOUGH)

  • Claw

    In the NBA today there is only LBJ and Kobe, and you are in one camp or the other. Being from Akron you want a hometown boy to do well and if Dime went to some Kobe sneaker/camp I’d be dogging them out for being on Kobe’s jock.

    Not feeling LBJ’s no handshake or his reasoning, just admit you f*d up and move on. I don’t get the dunk tape that wasn’t even anything special, another bad move, even if Nike took it he should have told them to give it back. Who is his advisors? Stop hiring your boys from St. Vs, need to upgrade that sh*t.

  • jzsmoove

    BREAKING NEWS: Lebron just bought some over-the-counter “chocolate milkshake” from GNC. No suspensions from the NBA cuz he used a crazy straw, just a timeout to think about what he did.

    Lebron articles are boring

  • jzsmoove

    BREAKING NEWS: Lebron just bought some over-the-counter “chocolate milkshake” from GNC. No suspensions from the NBA cuz he used a crazy straw, just a timeout to think about what he did.


  • jzsmoove

    LBJ articles are so boring now……………

  • doc

    @lakeshow-Mike aint even sniff a Finals at 24 so what else can I compare it to?Naw Lebron aint the Goat but he got Goat potential which is why they love to promote him.Lebron sells.Love him or hate him.Bron and Kobe the only ballers on this planet that pull 100+hits everytime.@Bron-U funny as shit with that captain save a hoe line.Yeah you know Ima rep for the real ballers.@Big Freeze-Will you “fags” stop calling people a “hater”.Aint that the pot calling the kettle black.At least I got 30 comments on here with people spitting stupid hate with nothing to back it up that we all just ignored to use the word hater.You said I take dicks in the ass.I think you need to check your own simplistic mindset dumbass.

  • GayforRudy

    #122 I agree.

  • doc

    What Im supposed to say yall not loving?Im from the hood I can use whatever word the fuck I want I used it first.The people who shouldnt be saying it should give it up.Knowing a HATER when you see one is embedded in my Philly SWAG.

  • GayforRudy

    Posting comments is much more interesting that reading sh*tty LeDouche articles.

    Should Dime change their name to Lebron’s Knobslobbers or is it just my imagination?

  • GayforRudy

    Doc how about you stop dropping the Philly name? Your a disgrace to our proud city.

    On a side note, I didn’t know they had anything but dial up in the hood…

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @doc, ya but you gotta admit, just cuz you disagree wit someone don’t instantly make you a hater. If i cant dribble wit my left hand and someone points it out, does that make them a hater or just statin the obvious? too many people milk hater this and hater that

    @GayforRudy, Proud city? i was born in pittsburg in new ken and all I’ve ever known about philly people is ya’ll cranky as shit lol But doc reps your “proud city” so i dunno y u trippin

  • dh

    Suggestion Dime,

    It would be nice if we could rate the comments on this site.

    Then we could rate the stupid ones (ahem 14-18) and the honest and respectful ones how we see fit.

  • douglas copeland

    dime stop explaining away your man crush on Bron. Ian anything you say about Kobe is backed by your deep rooted hate for him.Shaq & Kobe were the best on those three championship teams.Kobe didn’t have a second option on his team that just won the ship that was averaging 20 PPG in the playoffs, Pau was averaging like 16 or 17 ppg.Kobe was averaging that every year in the playoffs when the Lakers won there three ships. Now you saying Kobe needed Pau….Ian your ridiculous. Your opinions aren’t supported by any logic or fact,your on your own island of ignorance, you do the DR alot of shame.

  • douglas copeland

    dime stop explaining away your man crush on Bron. Ian anything you say about Kobe is backed by your deep rooted hate for him.Shaq & Kobe were the best on those three championship teams.Kobe didn’t have a second option on his team that just won the ship that was averaging 20 PPG in the playoffs, Pau was averaging like 16 or 17 ppg.Kobe was averaging that every year in the playoffs when the Lakers won there three ships. Now you saying Kobe needed Pau….Ian your ridiculous. Your opinions aren’t supported by any logic or fact,your on your own island of ignorance, you do the DR alot of shame.

  • douglas copeland

    but it’s good Ian.As long as we keep beating yall in the western conference playoffs, which it’s looking like we’re going to be doing for a while, I’ll take your hate as nothing but fear that you guys aren’t going to win anything else while Tim is in a Spurs uniform. His era is over..he had a great career though…it’s our time Ian.

  • GayforRudy


    I hear ya…haha

  • LA`Clipperz

    Lebron james is easily the most overhyped, and overrated athlete of all time, even the most blind cavs fan can admit that lebron gets too much hype.


  • utahJZZ

    As a die hard utah jazz fan, im disgusted that leHYPE james getting dunked on gets talked about more then Deron Williams.

    I recall watching the NBA E.Conference finals, The magic used the pick and roll to absolute perfection, but all I heard was Doug Collins praising LeHYPE james, yes he is a good player, but he is not on Kobe Bryant, nor Michael Jordan level.

  • Ian

    i agree with everything u said on the posts man.

    sarcasm man do i care who is the face of the nba in greece?? hell no.

    thats kinda creepy sayin my name im all your posts and a bunch of times and yeah im the ignorant when u said kobe doesnt have a 20 ppg scorer? pleasee man this is the retardiest shit ive ever heard so let me guess someone who scores 20ppg is better than gasol or garnett? hey al harrington scored 20ppg hes awesome.
    you are dilusional love how you always talk spurs on every post u write sayin its your time. what is that?? who cares?? off topic you know that??

  • Ian

    la clipperz he might be second jeter takes the top stop.

  • Ian

    see what i mean about the crazy kobe fans you guys have over there. someone made it sound like kobe had to carry scrubs this season and that gasol isnt that good because he scored less than 20ppg.

  • Jason

    Keep up the good work Dime. Thanks for your coverage on Lebron and his MTAG Tour. I signed up for the Los Angeles tour date on the Baller’s Network yesterday after reading about it here.

  • douglas copeland

    when all else fails pull the creepy card out and throw it around and just as I thought Ian you took something and ran with it. Read the blog I said Kobe didn’t have a 2nd option player as 20 ppg scorer when he won his ship.Shaq had that with Kobe when he won all three of his. How you brought KG into this I don’t know.Al Harrington has never even made it to the playoffs but one time. Kobe cultivated the talent he had,Lamar wasn’t as good in 2005 as he is now.Bynum wasn’t as good in 2005 as he is now.Those are two of the main reasons for our sucess with acception to Gasol and Fisher who was already a Laker on the three championship teams. Kobe cultivated that talent and most importantly the Laker orginization was patient with them…L.O. and Bynum were being thrown around in all sorts of trade rumors when we were getting ousted in the first round two years in a row.We stuck with them we made it to the finals last year and as you know Ian we’re the champs this year and will be for years to come.Cheer up you guys got Theo Radcliff and Richard Jefferson.LMAO.You guys will be right in the thick of the hunt for 4&5th seed in the playoffs.LMAO.Dismiss everything as crazy and creepy Ian but find a plantain to bang against your TV and you can catch up on what’s going on today.We’re the 2009 NBA champions Ian, you guys have seen your best days and are making your last attempts of restructuring your team before you officially declare it the rebuilding era for the Tim Duncan’s Spurs.

  • douglas copeland

    Lakeshow Ian doesn’t get it, how do you get me saying Pau didn’t avg.20 PPG in the playoffs as me saying he’s not a good second option. It’s clearly stated Ian Shaq had a guy on his,in Kobe that could easily have got traded to another team and have been a valid franchise player and number 1 option. CAn you say that about Pau Ian?You can’t Ian this is evidenced by Pau leaving Memphis and coming to LA to be on a team with a real franchise player and number one option.Eventhough Pau was supposed to be a franchise player for Memphis he realize he wasn’t a number one option and was a better second option, he came to LA with Kobe and won his first playoff game and ship.

  • knock knock

    Most hilarious thing ever. Cavs-wiz playoffs. Lebron doesn’t even have to dribble, he picks up the ball and bulldozes to the rim. FIVE STEPS, and both blind mice hold their whistles.

    Maybe the fact that the ref’s wont call fouls on lebron anymore has to do with the hate. Lebron averaged less than a foul during the WHOLE PLAYOFFS. If that isn’t favoritism, then there’s no such thing.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    haters gotta hate lovers gonna love
    I don’t wanna do none of the above…
    I’m gonna piss on you…

    sorry, Chappelle Show relapse, but before I take a sip of this haterade that I am sure somebody spit in, I gotta say that I cannot believe the hatred made 150 comments on an August day with nothing else to talk about. 150!

    And it ain’t like Bron personally markets himself. Blame Nike. Blame Mike for creating an atmosphere where overhyping happens so often. But in the end, blame own fuckin feet and forget about this silly, silly ish.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    One hundred fiftieth!

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Why wasn’t anyone crying when DIME put up picks of Joe Jeezy’s whip?

    @ douglass–you are the reason so many people are leaving the state of CA…whiny ass douchebags that happen to live in the same county as NBA Champs. I think you got some unresolved envy aimed at Ian. And if Kobe ever passed to him, Gasol would get 20ppg easy, instead hie rocks, what, 18.8 on nine shots a game?

    Out of all the asinine comments today “doc” made the most sense.

  • That’s whats up

    I haven’t seen this many posts since rangerjohn was defending George W. Bush

  • ej

    I’m not sure anymore if the media, e.g. Dime, really believes their own propaganda, or if they are just trying to create interest in their product. In any case, it’s only a matter of time before a person’s true self is shown. We are seeing more and more of Lebron’s true self being revealed. Adversity reveals character, or the lack there of. However, the media will stay in Lebron’s pocket as long as Lebron is putting money in their pocket. The media can give life to any idea or concept. But we the people are the ones that will determine if it will stay alive or die. The true Lebron is eroding the created Lebron’s image. Pretty soon the media and establishment will begin to see that this guy is becoming plutonium. His game can’t erase that.

  • K Dizzle

    Any chance this gets up to 500+ like the 4 Finger Muppet tee giveaway?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Booga

    LOL dayum, see this is why DIME puts up articles on Queen James cuz it keeps all of us interested in who’s gonna say what next. *sly geniuses* All i know is Queen James is creating his own NBA grave by over hyping himself, he needs 2 jus shut tha f*** up and let his game speak 4 itself. MJ use 2 talk mad ish, which is part of tha game but he didnt proclaim himself tha greatest or king, he earned those titles (on and off tha court), which is what LeHype needs 2 do. Kobe acted like a dick too but them rape charges humbled tha guy, now he lets his game speak. If LeHype doesn’t shut his mouth he’s jus gonna be anotha T.O.

  • kulas

    I think the reason why I can’t relate to LeBron and more to kobe bryant is because lebron’s commercials are more about him being a blessed being, the chosen 1, the greatest of all time before he even steps on an NBA court.

    Meanwhile Kobe is loved abroad because he is portrayed as a product of hard work, determination, resiliency, and love for the game. Kobe, although he is an elite athlete, he doesn’t have the overwhelming physical ability that LeBron has, which most of us can’t relate to.

    back to the topic, Lebron buys into his own hype. Yes, he is a once in a generation talent. yes he can and could be the greatest of all time, but man, the media.. it’s like the media is telling the fans that he is destined to be that, like he was sent here on this earth to do that. If he fails, they make excuses (most of them, not all). We can take the failure, most of us are not haters. But the tantrums? Him defending his decisions with even dumber comments? His non-series clinching buzzer beating shot in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals ranking number 2 on the best game-winning shots ever? Come on, basketball fans are not dumb. We are all witnesses? GOAT? KING? Chosen 1? Please. You’re a great player, yes, but win a ring first.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    did anyone else see this?

    Kobe charges for his player site.

    Thanks to the haters over at BALL DON”T LIE!


  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    And could everyone stop acting like Lebron wirtes his own ad campaigns. Like Obama writes every word of his speeches. Or Mike eats Ball Park Franks…

  • Ian

    douglas dont be a fool kobe won his first series without shaq with gasol you talking games not series ok man.

    sans i have no idea what is the deal with him mentioning me all the time he takes shit personal.

  • elaly

    @sans… honestly I wouldn’t be too surprised if Obama wrote an overwhelming majority of his speeches…. at least the intial ones and then they go through like 8000 drafts until we hear what comes out…but still…lets say about 70% are his own words, thats still 70% more than Bush’s input… haha

    and in terms of lebron, i dont understand how u can insult someone for any self-promotion… like that concept just makes no sense at all… none whatsoever….

  • Sweet English

    How is any of this hate any less biased than any media reporting a Lebron story.

    This is why i don’t come here anymore. No one has an opinion any more or wants to discuss a point, everyone just wants to hate, hate, hate. Its boring.

    Im out.