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I Hate You Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

Perhaps I’m just the only one, but I feel betrayed. It’s like when you go to a party and a girl tells you that she’ll meet you there and either a) doesn’t show up or b) is making out with some other dude in the corner. The point being, you set your sights on someone, made the effort, laid the ground work, and then you’re left high and dry and with no Plan B. I imagine that’s how the Timberwolves feel right about now.

While word officially broke this morning that Ricky Rubio wouldn’t be making the trip to Minnesota this season, the writing has been on the wall ever since the NBA Draft. While he was rumored to go as high as No. 2, before slipping to the Timberwolves at No. 5, Rubio has been back-and-forth about his NBA future. But why?

Here’s a kid who has been playing professionally since he was 14 and got his chance to start for an NBA franchise at Day 1. Sure he must have been a little confused when Minnesota took Jonny Flynn right after him, but perhaps one of the two were headed out of town.

The Knicks had been pursuing Rubio since before the Draft, and I guarantee the he wouldn’t have signed a six-year deal with Regal Barcelona had he been sent to New York. Six years?! By the time Rubio finally makes it to the League he’s going to be as irrelevant Fran Vazquez.

If you don’t remember, Vazquez was selected 11th overall in the 2005 NBA Draft by the Magic, but rather than playing alongside Dwight Howard, he decided to continue playing in Spain. While Rubio’s contract supposedly contains an affordable buyout in 2011, you have to wonder when he will actually make the jump.

Lucky for Minnesota, they have a Plan B in Flynn and can put all this Rubio nonsense behind them – hopefully making Timberwolves fans forget about him for at least a couple years. Personally though, I’m upset that I’m stuck with a couple more years watching Rubio on YouTube and not SportsCenter.

Now that it’s done, what are your thoughts on this whole situation?

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  • Ansonious

    What a buster

  • control

    Wow, that picture is HORRIBLE.

    Probably better for this kid to stay in Europe, with arms like that he has to be WEAK. He looks like an twiggy alien Trevor (Trailer Park Boys reference).

    Hopefully this kid gets his weight up before coming to the states to be crushed.

  • Scott

    You think you hate him, image how much Kahn hates him, lol.

    Better yet, I wonder what Gillette is thinking since they already put him in a commercial, lol.

  • srb

    pretty bad when you get nothing for the fifth pick.

  • gmoney

    I hate his ass too…he wasn’t ready to get his s*it pushed in by cp3, deron,tony parker and the rest of the elite guards in the west….
    Look at him hanging all over himself, what a hipster doofus…


    hate is a very strong word lol

  • bliz289

    AP, how many times did you show up at a party and your girl was making out with another dude???

  • robmo35

    Mike Miller and Randy Foye are probably looking a lot better right now

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    Haha. It’s happened a couple times…

  • nola

    1. it’s ground work not ground word
    2. they do have a plan b. they drafted “plan b” right after

  • Simon

    @control, nice TPB reference!

  • Dagomar

    He got his contract bought out by the Spanish team, and the Wolves weren’t able to do that, right? But a 6-year deal? Ridiculous.

  • nets

    he is acting his age and is being a douche

  • Boofrog

    he’s a bum. why in the world wouldn’t you come to the NBA?

  • The Real Tryrone

    Ain’t no doubt y’all that Rubio’s gonna be a baller and that Aron is a loser y’all. Which cat writes his name as Aron and ain’t be no doubt that Aron be ditched by many girls who then be mackin’ with other dudes. Punkass.

    True thugs NEVER lie.
    The REAL Tyrone

  • calvin brodus


    i second simon on the ups for the trailer park boys reference. ill never understand why that show hasnt blown up in america.

  • http://nerditry.com nerditry

    I doubt this was in his control besides signing the dotted line. Feels like agents, managers and his Dad orchestrated everything when he wasn’t drafted by his preferred teams.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    In understanding the article. The title alone is appreciated.

    Somebody go find Samuel Jackson to cuss Rubio out!

  • Shrink This

    Rubio is a bitch.

    I only wish he could come to the NBA so his overratedness could be exposed once and for all.

  • BMW

    So what does Minnesota get for that departed draft pick?

  • vince

    explain to me the fuss about a shaun livingston type of pg, but much smaller?

  • control

    calvin brodus

    I’m not sure why the show hasn’t taken off in the states either, you’d think most of American could relate to being poor and stoned while engaging in amusing criminal activities…

    Shit, the amount of trailer parks around Metro Detroit alone would give them a very loyal following…maybe the show just hits too close to home.

  • http://smack! JOB33

    The girl is makin out with another dude in the corner Aron?! You’ve met my ex-wife i see!

  • LakeShow84


    So i guess we will have to wait 3-4 years to watch him get smashed on..

    But by then he might ACTUALLY be ready.. cuz right now?? playing out west with his Harry Potter build would be called “being thrown to the wolves”..

  • http://www.gmail.com UglyBetty

    Serves the T-wolves right for not trading him!! They deserve it! They should have seen the writing on the wall a long time ago and use Rubio as a trade chip for next year.

    Teams like the T-wolves, Bucks and Warriors, who just draft without a plan makes me damn sick!

  • http://xgarcia.blogspot.com/ Xavier Garcia

    You guys have to get a better translator for your sources.

    In Europe, shit works differently, yes its a six year deal, but is Rubio going to stay there six years? Fuck no! The way the deal works, but year TWO hell have all the options to pay off his buyout and bolt to the NBA. The only reason the contract is longer is so that Barca feels more secure.

    The kid has done everything in his power to come to the NBA this year, and yet he keeps getting shit for it. I dont understand it. Its not his fault his team would only accept 3.5 million EUROS in order for him to leave, can any of you get a loan for that? Well, at a 100k a year salary, neither could Ricky.

  • sh!tfaced

    Hah! That picture of Rubio says it all. He just FUCKED HIMSELF in the ass by signing a long term contract with a non-NBA team after being drafted as a lottery pick in the NBA.

    Te odio, Ricky Rubio.

  • XTC

    It’s not his fault, if the Minny organization did the homework required they would have known that less than #2 draft spot makes it so he couldn’t afford the buy out, it was no surprise if you want to blame someone Blame minny for not realizing that if he wasn’t taken at the top then he wouldn’t be able to pay for the buy out. Minny should have been shopping him with nike/addidas for an endorsement so he can pay for the buy out himself. Or do this kid a solid and trade him tot he knicks for future picks/young talent/money compensation it is one of the only cities that would net him a large enough endorsement to be able to get out of his buyout to play in the NBA.

    Be mad at him all you want but when he comes over in 2011 if not sooner then you will see what he is made of, the kid in D’antoni system especially will be flawless.

  • dukesman2000

    Aaron, seems like you need to step your pimping up, Buddy

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    All this talk about Ricky Rubio is giving me a headache.Can westop talking about him and move on? Please?

  • Rafa23

    lmao at everybody not understanding that it was impossible for him to come to the NBA because of that ridiculous buyout. so he went to another team in europe where he can get some good money and leave in 2011.
    is it really that hard to understand? what should he have done?

  • Brown

    @ Xavier Garcia

    Rubio is guaranteed $6-7 million over the next two years. That’s quite a bit more than $100k/per.

  • hadoken

    aron, that’s what you get for trying to turn a hoe into a housewife…

    as for rubio and the twolves, it’s minnesota’s own fault for drafting him. everyone knew rubio didn’t want to go to minnesota or memphis. put yourself in rubio’s shoes. would you want to give up being a god in beautiful and tropical barcelona to come play for the twolves?!?! and have to deal w/ minnesota winters? the answer to that is a definitive HELL NO! if it was ny or any other city, he would’ve broke open his piggy bank two days before yesterday to come over here. but for minnesota? kahn can deal with that buyout bs himself.

  • Kobeef


    But he had to pay-out almost 6 million to buy out his contract – so he was basically working for free if he came to the NBA.

    Why they hell would he move from Spain to Minnesota if he’s not going to get paid?

    The Wolves screwed the pooch on this draft.

  • Jules


  • Rafa23

    Xavier was talking about the seasons before.

    100k per season, but a 3.5m buyout: not affordable because he hadn’t made enuogh in his career… understood?

  • the cynic

    terrible article. Rubio will be in the NBA in 2 years, if its not on strike that is

  • Jose

    Personally I think he made the right decision. There hasn’t been really any foreign players who make it big. They have been over hyping this kid way too much. People don’t know that playing in the NBA is a different style. Most foreigners play good in thier country but when they come to the U.S. they never make it big. If he had stayed. He would have slowly been forgotten. Being a so so player. And you Never hear talks of him in sports center or anything like that.

  • SJ

    Correction to my reply on a different post… everytime I look at this picture, Rubio gets gayer.

  • Harris11

    Rubios a tool who cares if hes not comin to the wolves. Flynn can out perform him in every aspect of the game

  • mellmeister_straightfromShaolin

    Can’t blame rubio, Who wants to play for an NBA Team if you wouldn’t get paid?

    It could’ve been good if the Knicks traded Jared Jeffries(SF deficiency for the T’wolves), some Draft Picks and some Cash consideration for the kid, and NY could blow him up for endorsements so he could earn from it too.

    I feel bad for Kahn. dude got a Chorizo up his *ss right now. hahahaha!

    Viva La Espana B****es!!!!

  • Spencers Mom

    Many of the so called experts gave the Kings, and other teams, grief because they didn’t draft him & picked Reke instead. Unless it was LA or NY, he just wasn’t coming over. He is skilled but I don’t believe he has the required NBA physical & mental toughness for 82 games plus. Also, he has too many advisers who are not helping him at all.

  • anen


    1. “It’s like when you go to a party and a girl tells you that she’ll meet you there and either a) doesn’t show up or b) is making out with some other dude in the corner.”

    Nah man this is more like: During class a girl tells you that she’ll meet you behind a building after school to make out, But WARNS YOU FIRST THAT SHE MIGHT NOT SHOW UP if her parents come early to pick her up.

    So why the F*** are you Hurt or Surprise she did not show up??? She warned you! It’s not her fault.

    2. “Sure he must have been a little confused when Minnesota took Jonny Flynn right after him, but perhaps one of the two were headed out of town.”

    Confuse??? More like Hurt. Timberwolves Hurt his feelings that day. It’s like a guy asked out a girl to the prom and then says to her uhm you know I’m also taking out this other girl I’m interested in too I hope you don’t mind; We’ll take turns dancing between slow songs. WTF!!! That was pretty much Ricky Rubio’s reaction to that.

  • matthew

    I’m pretty sure there is a $1 million buyout for this contract starting after the first season. An NBA team can contribute $500,000 to that.

    This is not a big deal. In fact, it makes it more likely he’ll be in the NBA 1 year from now, as opposed to 2 years from now when his original contract is up. It was not possible to get the $6 million or whatever in cash to buy out Jovenut.

    People should chill out a bit. A year from now teams will be throwing picks and players at Minnesota for the rights to Rubio.


    He’s a EURO TRASH DOUCHE For entering his name in draft and not playing after being drafted. NBA should set up rules so this kind of incident doesn’t happen again. T WOLVES got screwed on a pick hard like jail rape style hard….best thing to do now is to not allow Rubio to enter the League because its a privilege to be in the NBA. Or if he wanted to re enter the league he will have to pay fees to join the NBA.