Smack / Aug 26, 2009 / 5:58 am

Isiah can’t avoid controversy, and Chalmers speaks on Mike Beasley

They're selling $6 hot dogs over there...

They're selling $6 hot dogs over there...

Here we were, glad to see Isiah Thomas handling everything perfectly so far in his tenure at Florida International — even going above and beyond in recruiting — and then the reminder comes along that scandal (even if it’s silly) just seems to follow Isiah around like that jheri curl aroma followed A.C. Green for so many years … Here’s the story: FIU was scheduled to play in the early-season Coaches vs. Cancer tournament, and initially believed their first opponent would be Ohio State. But then they found out the tourney schedule had been changed, and OSU was replaced with North Carolina. Now FIU is pissed, and threatening to pull out of the tourney. “We will not be bullied into a unilateral decision to play North Carolina after we already agreed to play Ohio State,” athletic director Pete Garcia said yesterday. The company that puts on Coaches vs. Cancer said the contract with FIU stated they could play Ohio State or Carolina, but FIU says they were told specifically they’d be playing Ohio State … “I had no idea,” Isiah said. “No one contacted me, our athletic director, no one. Maybe in 2010, 2011 we can play North Carolina, but not this year.” Look, it’s not like Evan Turner and the Buckeyes were gonna unleash any less of a beatdown than Ed Davis and the Tar Heels. Just take the L, enjoy the extra exposure, move on and use it for your own recruiting advantage. (“We play top-notch competition.”) You have to wonder if this has anything to do with Isiah not wanting to kick off the next chapter of his career by losing to Michael Jordan‘s alma mater in a game where Mike may very well be in the building to watch. And crazy how FIU goes from nonexistent on the college basketball map to a relevant player thanks to hiring Isiah, now they’re feeling all entitled … Regarding Isiah’s last job, we read where one Knicks beat writer said Danilo Gallinari has looked good (and healthy) training in Europe this summer, and may even be a “focal point” of New York’s offense. Yeah, good luck with that … With Michael Beasley‘s name still heavy in rotation among NBA circles, Dime’s Gerald Narciso spoke to Mario Chalmers about his teammate’s issues, the Allen Iverson situation, and whether he thinks D-Wade will stay in Miami beyond this season … And later this morning, be sure to come back to DimeMag.com for another exclusive Q&A with Dwight Howard … The FIBA Americas tournament tips off today, with a good matchup right off the bat: Brazil vs. Dominican Republic. Leandro Barbosa and Anderson Varejao lead the Brazilians, while DR has Al Horford, Francisco Garcia and Charlie Villanueva. Two of the guys in this game — Varejao and Charlie V — just happen to have two of the most polarizing contracts in the NBA, but can get started this week proving they’re worth the money … Looking for Troy Bell? We found him … Following the Shaq vs. Pau Gasol debate we had last week, we should re-clarify that our “Who’s Better?” arguments are meant for who’s better right now, not over the course of the players’ careers or in their primes. Remember that when considering yesterday’s matchup: Baron Davis vs. Mike Bibby … Too bad this Dallas Cowboys gigantic scoreboard issue didn’t come along at a better time for the U.S. economy. If Jerry Jones‘ sixty-yards-wide, $40M big-screen debuted back when shows like “Cribs” were in their heyday, you know rappers and NBA dudes would be in an arms race to see who could get the most ridiculously huge TV in their home. We can just hear Zach Randolph now: “I call this the ‘Cowboys’ TV. Yeah, you know I got Scarface on right now. The only two movies I really watch are Scarface and Goodburger.” … We’re out like 1-0 Florida International …

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  • S-SiN

    Huge chance that the comment below Isaiah’s pic on top of the page is an extract from an actual conversation at a Knicks game

  • yoda

    goodburger nice :D

  • sh!tfaced

    Zach ‘Eddie Winslow’ Randolph also likes the first Transformers movie…

  • Tig obamo

    goood burger hahahahaahahaha why u dooo zach raw like that (pause)….

  • quest???

    That dr vs brazil is going to be sick!! I’m going to be there. If u have direct tv I think you can see the tournament because they will be televising it. The game starts at 4 pm.

  • Flip

    I don’t understand all the hate on Gallo. The kid is young, got injured early and showed promise whenever he stepped on the court. just wish he wasn’t playing for the Knicks..

  • M Intellect

    You better tell Ben and Austin that the “whose better” series is about here and now because Ben talks about Davis being “far superior and has been more consistent over the course of their respective careers” and Austin still thinks that a “man’s track record still counts for something”…

  • Danny D

    For real, Danilo’s got game. Hate for no reason. Arguments without reason.

    That’s becoming more and more the Dime way.

    I know Slam and lots of other sites have a better beat on things than you guys. But c’mon, is this a tabloid or some shit?

  • control

    Why do you need a reason to hate someone who plays (or lives, or likes) for NY…playing for the Knicks is reason enough to throw around some blind hate.

  • Simon

    Good call M Intellect… DIME trying to tell the readers what the point of the articles is when the authors aren’t even perfectly clear. Please don’t hate on the readers DIME!

  • Shiptar

    news about ricky rubio: Barcelona is paying his current club DKV Joventut 3,7 million Euros. He is signing a 5 year contract with Barcelona but his contract has a clause, that he can go to the NBA. But I don’t know after which year.

  • LakeShow84

    Lol aint no one hating on Gallinari but if u think you can REALLY make him the focal point of the offense and make it in the playoffs you smoking rock..

  • bam blaam

    haha who the hell are these coments talkin about gallinari for? He hasnt achieved nothin but an injury riddled season. Why dont you hope your boy has a healthy back for a full season first, then he can work on his d, his shot, his passing, what can this kid NOT work on?? He hasnt achieved anythin in the euroleague or nba worth mentioning, so stop mentioning this wannabe.-

  • jzsmoove

    Zach should watch that movie , Waiting…, from Ryan Reynolds. Funny shit, and should easily make him decide to shed off some pounds or at least keep away from Applebees.

  • LakeShow84

    The Batwing bitch!!

    THE GOAT!!!

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    “Now you see how I flip my balls up like this and it looks like a drumstick…we call it the drumstick. Make sure you wash you hands–A LOT!”

  • haslem

    lol at scarface line dime, good stuff. why does everybody on cribs love scarface?

  • Atom

    By “focal point” the beat writer better mean “guy who watches game from the front row” or he better be looking for a spot with Lucas and Cool Beas