NBA, Video / Aug 10, 2009 / 8:00 am

Jerry Stackhouse Got In John Wall’s Way

Even though Jerry Stackhouse is like 60 years old, this dunk by John Wall is still straight filthy.

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  • Jase

    Filthy. (So much for that Knicks contract for Stack…)

  • sh!tfaced

    That was STACK-NASTY.

  • http://www.examiner.com/x-490-Chicago-Bulls-Examiner Christopher Cason

    Stack should have confiscated this tape. Way worse than the LBJ tape.

  • Marci

    These kind of dunks happen everyday, nothing special.

  • flavur

    wait till john “The Great” wall gets to the NBA you’ll be seeing dunks like those on the regular


    dam jerry. im a mavs fan. but i cant have ya back on this one. that was filthy mcnasty and u should be ashamed of yourself. u might as well hang it up, get ya money and get out the league. and if u gonna stay in the league, get out of the way of young athletic fast break finishers such as john wall. ouch. aight im out like stacks knee cartilidge

  • jzsmoove

    Nothing special about the dunk except Wall got over and (well-aged) NBA player. Woohoo. Having said that, it is time Stack, it is time.

  • Kobeef

    I am really looking forward to watching wall in college.
    I hope he turns out to be more Derrick Rose and less Jason Terry.

  • Kingstons Finest

    Stack is still cool wit me tho…he put in work back in the day…

  • Tbest

    I’d rather see someone get dunked on challenging a shot, than being a punk and just standing there watching someone dunk. This goes for all dunks, not just this one. Everybody hyping it up every time someone gets dunked on are fools. True players challenge shots; sometimes they get banged on. Big deal. It seems like since LBJ got dunked on Dime post every summer pick up dunk they can. Are they just trying to make LBJ look better (“see it happens to everyone”), or are they really that impressed that someone dunked on another player in a pick up game?

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    agree with kobeef — this kid could go either way. Jason Terry comparison is not a bad worst case scenario BUT with all the hype around him he could be labeled a bust right away

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    Stackhouse’s ppls couldnt confiscate this?? he is a free agent trying to get a deal right now, HAHAHA

  • knock knock

    Wow. Doesn’t even look like stackhouse can jump anymore. He just jumped like 5 inches in the air and couldn’t even use his 200+ pound body to push the kid outta the way. Nice dunk, but i have a feeling that this kid is goin to be a bust anyways.

  • Jase

    Nothing short of filthy!

  • Saku 39

    @ Tbest

    I agree completely. Getting dunked on can be an exciting and humiliating play but I have much respect for the guy who picks himself up and continues to challenge shots, as if nothing happened.

    Nice dunk by Wall but Jerry has gotten his in his day (Duke vs UNC).

  • Simon

    Let’s really look at this one. He is a young basketball player who dunked jumping off of one foot and finished with one hand. His hand barely got above the rim. He got hit a bit but the dunk was already well on its way.

    I am not familiar with John Wall, so maybe HE is filthy, but to call this dunk filthy is just pure hype. If anything, the crossover is the sick part of this play.

    On the Stackhouse note, he should have been in better help position to meet the player before he got up. That is how you stay in the league when you’re getting older.

  • karizmatic

    Yeah that pretty much seals the deal on Stack. He needs to call it a career.

  • QQ

    I’ve seen John Wall play in person and I’ve got to say this is especially sick since even though he is right handed, he clearly prefers to dunk off his right leg with his left hand. It’s a great move and a great dunk regardless of who he dunked on, but to dunk on a former NBA all star is the icing on the cake.

  • KnicksFan84

    Wow that was not a goodlook for Stackhouse. At least his house on MTV cribs was hot back in the day ;)

  • doc

    Stack got dunked on by the number 1 pick next year.Aint no shame in that.He aint some average cat.

  • lifep

    I was there, I belive the night before this happened. This is the Pro Am on North Carolina Central’s campus. I have video of CJ Leslie giving dudes buckets!!

  • knock knock

    QQ- you are an idiot. how the hell do you know if he prefers to “dunk left handed off wit his right arm” ESPECIALLY when he’s clearly right handed, and dunked with his right arm. Sickka people throwing out random comments, to hype sum1 up who isn’t that good to begin with

  • layzie

    ain’t nothin’ special bout that dunk… the guy is playin basketball so that’s normal, you’ll be more surprise if people playing football get dunked on… come on…. let’s be realistic. stack is about 30 – 32 years old and john wall is just about 17 – 20 yrs old… its more of a surprise if stackhouse dunked on john wall. i know john wall is the talk of the town ryt now but don’t put this too special ayt! even lebron get dunked on by other player but that doesn’t mean his way better than lebron. let’s wait till john wall enter the NBA. i hear people labeling mic beasley the next lebron, that he’s way more skilled from the players he used to played. but when he arrived in the nba.even wade had to admit that he’s slow footed. beasley is not a player superstar caliber he’s just a player with size,talented..not athletic coz’ he can’t even jump high than haslem….and no BRAINS! even defensive skills.. hooooooooooohhhhhh….

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Stack just stop dude it’s so comical at this point lol. How many street dudes got stories about how they did Stackhouse lol.

    Just stop.

  • QQ

    knock knock – you are an idiot.
    Watch this and tell he doesn’t prefer dunking with his left hand off his right FOOT. And that doesn’t even include the stuff he does in warm up lines, which I have seen personally. I don’t even like him that much, I mean his team was a piece of shit they lost to a bunch of scrub teams despite the fact that they had more talent than some D1 teams. He’s clearly extremely talented and his upside is very high, but in HS if you’re supposedly as “good” as wall is you should be able to lead your team to the win regardless of coaching or how good your teammates are. Next time think before you open your mouth.

  • e

    stackhouse got a rep of being tortured by street legends as well as younging on the come up this is nothing new for him

  • Daddy Dollars

    It looks like Stack is coming from basically a spot where you would typically find a power forward or center playing help defense. It would probably have got tossed if it had been someone of size there. I know Stack used to crown people back in the day so what goes around comes back around.

  • SagJism

    Ok, so let me get this right, it is a special dunk when you barely dunk with 1 hand on a help defender and that makes this a great dunk? If you look at the tape, #4 was suppose to step in and slow him down, thats why Stackhesistated. Lets see some footage of stack taking it bakc to him and see what he does against stack on O. It’s not like Stack has every been a great defender, even when he ran with us (Pistons).

  • WC

    It’s a pick-up game. Give me break!

  • LukeCage22


    POWER MAN!!!

  • Simon (Melbourne, Australia)

    Seriously I have to ask aparrt from 5 people over in the NBA does anyone actually play defence at all????

    Every clip has i have seen has this guy run straight through people, obviously they are getting caught watching this guy cause of the hype, he looks as if he struggles to control himself from having a fit.

    For once I’d like to see some guy take on teams, get hard fouls and make the shot, whether it be a lay-up of jump shot, dunking like he does means nothing without someone actually being near him.

    Oh yeah and if they actually called travels 3/4 of the NBA would have to retired cause its the most rigged call, helps the NBA change who wins.

  • Close

    Ummmm. tweet, travel ball. No basket!