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J.R. Smith & Jason Richardson Suspended

Jason Richardson & J.R. Smith

Tough break if you’re a Nuggets or Suns fan today. After a solid season by both J.R. Smith and Jason Richardson, the two have been suspended by the NBA after they both were recently convicted of driving offenses.

Smith will sit out the Nuggets’ first seven games for pleading guilty to reckless driving in New Jersey. Richardson will miss two games after he pleaded guilty to drunken driving in Arizona.

Both suspensions imposed Friday are without pay. The NBA said Smith’s was also for his poor driving record. Smith was involved in an accident in 2007 that caused the death of a passenger in his car.

While I admire the NBA taking action, I think that seven games for Smith is a little much for this offense. Then again, he might have been out in George Karl‘s doghouse anyways. What do you think?

Source: The Associated Press

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  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Wow I so did not know that the NBA was suspending dudes for how they DRIVE??? LOL!

    NBA bout to be communism all over. Wow.

    Way over the top, Stern needs to fall back, that is the on the law to take care of that.

    What can seriously be next…?

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Pathological Lier

    Bad day for the 2 J.R.’s…

  • Shady

    I respect the decision. NBA players are paid a exceptionally well and sign contracts that require them to follow the rules of the NBA. The players are the face of the league and are in the public spotlight. Irresponsible legal acts like this should be punished.

    David Stern is not punishing just for “how they drive”. DUIs and reckless driving put their own lives at risk as well as those around them. Their contracts forbid them from dangerous activities (the teams have millions of $$$ invested in these people) and an NBA player hurting or possibly killing a civilian would be horrible for league image.

    For those of you saying this is crazy, just think if the NBA was your multi-billion dollar corporation and the players were your product.

  • Sanssasin

    to the nba: don’t hurt yourself in slapping their wrists.

    this pro athlete/drunk driving thing is ridiculous. you got people like jr smith and donte stallworth killing people and ….. i’ll leave it alone.

    if your going to send a message about dui, is a 2 game suspension doing anything??

  • JRav

    Any news about Shaqs recent car troubles equaling suspension?

  • Danraps

    @ Poppi Gee, I SO didn’t know that driving while bombed is an actual SKILL of operating a car and to be suspended for that is just off the wall crazy my man!!!

    You dummy, there’s no communism, he punished them because they made the NBA and everyone in it look bad for being idiots, considering they have guaranteed paycheques until their contract runs out, so they don’t lose their jobs like other people would.

    The law did take care of it and now they have to face the consequences for embarassing themselves and being a danger to everyone on the road as reps on behalf of the NBA.

    But you let me know when drinking and driving is allowed and I will agree with you my friend.

  • mellmeister_straightfromShaolin

    I’m from NY, but i’m rooting for the Nuggets.
    7 games is too much… tsk…
    Don’t know what Stern is doing…
    but if he’s reading dime,”Hey Stern!!! N.B.A. is the National Basketball Association not the Narcotics and Booze Authority…”

    I’m out like Referee Donaghy who’s getting his ass served like a Pinata behind bars.

  • Michorizo

    So who’s better Smith or Richardson?

  • “Big Hook”

    Stern is trying to not let Goodell out do him with laying down the hammer. First Lewis now the two JRs. Stern needs to chill.

  • Danraps

    @ Big Hook

    Dude, Lewis got suspended because it’s in the collective agreement between the league the and players…they agreed to it! It wasn’t because Stern wanted to do it.

    How are people actually thinking they don’t deserve any punishment at all just because they play in the NBA? Like they don’t have a responsibility to not act like dummies while being on GUARANTEED contracts to their teams?

  • jzsmoove

    2 games should be fine,3 max. 7 is way out of line and is a very trivial number. Where did Stern come out with this?

  • doc

    7 is a little much 2 I dont have a problem with since they multiple offenders JR including slamdancing a cat through the windsheild before.

  • K Dizzle

    So Phoenix just gonna plug in Barbosa or a rookie for two games…

    As for Denver, “Starting at guard for your Denver Nuggets……….”

  • eddie

    Smith plead guilty to causing the auto accident that killed his friend. Seven games isn’t enough.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Ok yea doc, now that I can see as far as the repeat offenders deal, and can see suspension for that and yes especially when someone has passed away do to it all.

    Still I think when, someone has pleaded guilty, no life has been taken and the law has handed out it’s punishment then the L needs to step back (Mike Vick) and just let the dudes play, and in the mean time educate cats. That NBA image stuff can miss me, cause it’s a whole lotta things going unfined and unpunished and uneducated that also help make the NBA look bad, if you wanna go that direction.

    It still gives off a dick-tatorship feel to me.
    Suspensions for noise-pollution coming next…the players better cut it down lol.

    Danraps your way is one way of looking at it. Lol he called me a dummy. Ok I’ll oblige. Well you’re a boogar nose. You happy now?

  • doc

    Yea Gee Stern trying to keep up with Goodell.

  • hoopsguru

    While I agree that they are employees of the league and should be punished due to inappropriate conduct, does this mean that from here on out anything that happens off the court Stern will have a say in?

  • calvin brodus

    u a cop?

    the nuggs are sooooooo overdue for some good news this offseason. so overdue. i cry as i type this.

  • Danraps

    @ Calvin

    No dude, just being realistic…Like its some right to play in the NBA? You fuck up, take the punishment, which is what these guys will since they won’t appeal it. I just find it funny how everyone thinks the law should deal with it…well they did, and now the employer is dealing with it too. So I don’t understand why everyone thinks these guys are being treated so poorly.

  • Danraps

    @ Poppi Gee

    Yup…just let em play ball….poor guys

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    aron philips–

    7 games is too harsh for reckless driving? SERIOUSLY?!!?
    he is lucky. the dude (accidently) killed his best friend.

    you tell us, what is suitable punishment?

    bobby phils is dead (speeding) because of reckless driving.

    i dunno if the commish and/or the league should get involved in off court legal matters like this….but its hard to say their wrong….

  • schoops

    JR killed his friend not long ago. Now he drives like this? He should be happy he works for the NBA, most other employers wouldn’t sent him packing long ago. Playing in the NBA is a privilege, not a right.

    Side note: JR Smith I think wins the award for biggest piece of Sh*t playing in the nba. Dude kills his friend n keeps on trucking. Wow.

  • Chise

    JR Smith’s “bad driving” was responsible for the death of another person.

    If you think 7 days is way too harsh for that, then you’re an idiot.

  • kowtz

    I bet LBJ won’t be suspended let alone fined if he admits to smoking weed a couple of hours ago… ;)

  • Yucca Man

    Seriously, think about this from a business perspective. The NBA is a business and as such it needs to make a profit. It’s players are paid a RIDICULOUS amount of money to help bring in this profit. These profits depend completely on average Joes like you and I cheering for and adoring these players way more than we probably ought.

    If too many players run amok with the law, don’t you think that hurts business. Don’t you think if the league is filled felons that average Joes are going to stop cheering for these players, stop attending games, stop buying jerseys, stop watching the games on TV, etc., etc., etc.? Why don’t you go ask the Blazers’ front office about this kind of thing? That NBA contracts are guaranteed only makes the situation even more volitile, from a business perspective.

    That’s why the NBA insists on allowing suspensions for this kind of crap in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. And now to act like these players are somehow victims of punitive commies in the NBA because they get suspended — that’s rather sad.

    Honestly, sometimes I feel a bit embarrassed by how much you and I overlook so we can cheer for our team and our guys.

    I’m a teacher, and if I get convicted of drunken driving I’m toast. Does that mean my school district is filled with a bunch of punitive commies?

  • ccanuck

    @Poppi: You are silly, my friend. You don’t think your employer has the right to suspend you for mistakes in your “personal life” when it leads to serious charges? Reckless driving endangering lives and actually taking one? Please.

  • Al Dogg

    JR has already killed someone and still doesn’t get it. He is as stupid as he looks.

  • http://dimemag.com/2009/07/jared-dudley nano

    To the JR’s who once again messed up: what is wrong with you two? The world is sick of people like you putting them in harms way, you don’t have that right. Go far away for a long time and try to get your lives together. If you can’t get yourselves together, stay away. You have shamed yourselves, your families, the NBA, THE ORGANIZATIONS AND FANS, THE CITIES that have welcomed you. Grow up or get lost.

  • Obesitymaster

    WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If anything they haven’t been punished enough! DO YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW! You guys are probably just a bunch of Denver/Phoenix fans who are sore just because their team is gonna be down a SG for 2 games! Most of would go to jail for the stuff these guys get away with! ALL THE TIME!

  • Obesitymaster

    TO ALL THE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO THINK THAT TODAYS PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES ARE SO DEPRIVED. Lebron will see more money in a month than a lot of us will see in our ENTIRE LIVES! TODAYS PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES ARE CONSTANTLY BREAKING LAWS but the jury always seems to give just a little bit more sympathy to the RICH GUYS! Just a coincidence right?

  • Obesitymaster

    Who was it that asked who was better Richardson or Smith?
    Bring on the dunce cap.