NBA, Playground, Video / Aug 7, 2009 / 7:00 am

Kevin Durant Doin’ Work In The Goodman League

The more I see, the more I think THIS could actually happen. The sky truly is the limit.

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  • fiyaman

    i like that


    um…..ok………wtf was that?, 1st!!!! FINALLY

  • bobby stew

    I have a whole new respect for KD. I even saw Beasley on this tape. KD is small but he plays big. Who else was in this league?

  • Sambuu

    I thought this was the video with the 30-40 footers…

  • Skeez

    I agree……KD is a beast!!!

  • king ralf

    some sick dunks there

  • http://www.espn.com Sho-Nuff

    He’ll never face anyone at that league that can play NBA caliper D. I’m surprised he doesnt’ go off for 50+ every game.

    And 1 “ballers” went down there and won a game. Dudes in that league can hoop, but not or a Durant level. KD murdered Big 12 competition. If Rick Barnes knew how to use him right it might have gotten worse for the Big 12.


    KDiggz is a monster, the league is in trouble for years to come. The DC/MD area produces great players, and shouldn’t be slept on. One cat from DC that I’d like to see make it to the league. . . Baby Shaq. Dude’s a beast.

  • ShowKase

    Give KD a 25 pound muscle sandwich and some winning seasons, and you’re looking at a superstar.


    ive never in my life seen a player with that height and athletic build do the things he does. everybody always says he needs the 20-30 lbs of muscle but its really not that crucial. His offensive game is flawless. and the best thing about durant is that he’s not satisfied with his game and he only gets better with time. its his worth ethic that will make him the best offensive player in the league in a few years. never seen a player that tall with such smooth handles and footwork. never

  • KHenry

    KD is the real deal. That right hand in and out dribble had those defenders looking like fools.

  • Simon

    I knew he was sick but we don’t get to see him on the TV that often (especially here in Canada). That was the first time I got to see his handle. Sick.

  • doc

    Did he play for every team?

  • LD

    ridiculous. he makes it look like the rim is at 8 or 9 feet.

  • control

    The rim does look like 9’8 or 9’9…KD is almost dunking without jumping on some of those. Guy is fucking smooth though.

  • tl

    damn be easy and kd (two #2 picks) on the same team

  • QQ

    I think you mean he’s big but play’s small. Kevin is a legit 6’10 with a long ass wingspan, of course the rim looks shorter.

  • alimoe

    even more impressive with the the stellar D they are playing…

  • Jah

    Think Kevin Durant will be a first round Fantasy pick this year?

    He’s close.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    What gets me is those long ass arms. There is no one in the league he can’t get his shot off on. Check out that dunk @ the 40 mark dudes arms bring the ball so high that the guy standing there just says forget about trying to block it.

  • DaKid

    He is playing against inferior talent but he makes them look straight stupid. I had no idea he had moves like that.

  • gigi

    pretty sick stuff. guna have to stream some thunder games this season.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    Lord please let Coach Brooks give him 8 iso’s a game and yell out, “To the rack!” For real, his handle is crazy nice.

  • Rob
  • e

    his upside is unbelievable he already has a monster offensive game but he’s gonna add so much more in years to come imagine durant when he adds 15-20 pounds of muscle imagine when he develops his post game and gets a solid fade away or just muscles his way to the basket and his isolation game will only get better he will the mvp of the 2010 -2011 season

  • baron von faulk

    He makes Portland look like downright fools, eh?

  • Mark

    Wow, what’d he average, like 0 assists?

    Ridiculously talented player though.