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LeBron James Innovation & Inspiration Summit

LeBron James

When I said this was my dream job, I wasn’t kidding. Fresh off seeing Kanye West on Wednesday night, I spent the day travelling to Cleveland, Ohio for the LeBron James Innovation & Inspiration Summit. Over the next 48 hours, I’m going to get first-hand insight into everything LeBron, as well as an in-depth first look at the Nike Air Max LeBron VII. Not bad.

When you roll with The King, you get treated like royalty. And this weekend you’d think I was part of the royal family. Here’s a quick preview of what Nike has in-store for me tomorrow:

9:00 AM – Depart for LeBron’s hometown of Akron where we’ll visit the Ed Davis Community Center where LeBron played ball as a youth and worked out this summer

12:00 PM – LeBron will officially unveil and discuss the Nike Air Max LeBron VII – Nike’s first performance basketball shoe with a full-length Max Air cushioning system. Much like when I was in Los Angeles with Kobe eight months ago, LeBron and the shoe’s designer Jason Petrie will answer questions in front of a global webcast hosted by Saturday Night Live‘s Kenan Thompson. You can watch the webcast HERE and watch out for me.

2:30 PM – Depart for Saint Vincent-Saint Mary High School, meet with LeBron’s high school coach Dru Joyce and wear-test the new LeBron VII. Let’s just say there will be a trio from the Nike Recess Federation’s Team Air Force 1 in the house holding court.

I’ll be posting updates and pictures as often as I can throughout the day, so be sure to keep coming back. Also, if there’s anything legitimate you’d like me to ask LeBron, let me know in the comments below.

Nike Air Max LeBron VII

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  • bobby stew

    Ask Lebron which Cleveland throwback jersey does he like the best. The yellow Cavs jersey or the orange ones? And does he think steroids are common in NBA locker rooms?

  • danny

    Wow. the “summit” is really too much. This is all hilarious.

  • http://dimemag.com Big Freeze

    What is with these PR/ marketing events? Do they make you write positive spun articles in exchange for attending the events? First G-shock and now Nike?

    I think it’s awesome that you can attend these events 9 it does sound like a dream job), but I just don’t appreciate it when corporate led PR events get covered like they’re actual news stories. You are giving Nike and G-shock positive coverage in exchange for them indulging your senses. My poppop was right, the news is dead.

  • jay

    ask him if he’s goin on cribs so we could see his pad.

  • http://dimemag.com/ Aron Phillips

    @Big Freeze

    No one makes us write anything. What negative spin is there chillin’ with Kanye and LeBron? It’s not like it’s the Nike Air Max Weird Al VII. I’m giving Nike and G-shock positive coverage because these events are sick and the products are too. Just living life and sharing it with the readers.


    dream job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://emmcee.blog.is Emmcee

    And you also get paid for this?!!

  • http://www.LRJ23.com abt

    Dear Aron Phillips
    exciting to see your post after the event. It’s my dream job to attend Nike USA event specially about LeBron!

    if you have chance, can you ask them?
    1, will Air Max LeBron 7 has NikeID?

    2, Since nike already designed lebron shoes over 7 yrs, it should be good time to retro fans favourite lebron II. will it happen?

    3, how Lebron feel to work between new designer, Jason Petrie and Ken Link? any big different between Jason Petrie’s team and Ken Link’s team?
    Will Ken Link design his future shoes? cuz Ken Link is my favourite designer.

    thx alot

  • http://IthacaBaller BCMAC

    Yo AP! I got a good question for you, Ask him what his vertical leap is as well as making sure he knows how big of a deal it is to get that second contract.

    Figured you’d love this…

  • danny

    Lmao at this writer. Just another one that writes like he’s on lebrons payroll. It’s sickening and pathetic at the same time.

  • danny

    To Big Freeze, Of course lebron/nike make the writer who attends write positive articles about lebron. It’s that when you don’t have a positive spin that they want, that they will kick you out.(lebron tape) And this writer want’s all the “exclusive” coverage they want. Even if it means not having any morals. -

  • http://dimemag.com Dime Magazine


    Have fun at work today…

  • mumadone

    Ask him if he ever went to KFC with Delonte…..

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    I know dudes that’s hating are mad they don’t have a job like that. Is there a such thing as being happy for the next guy in the world today?

  • danny

    I highly doubt anyone cares enough about a whole “summit” introducing another in the line of lebron’s ugly ass shoes. There’s a reason they are never very popular and nike actually loses money selling them. They can try to build the brand all they want, with inviting people from magazines to write a positive spin. But who really cares?

  • http://www.yahoo.com AzuraTate

    This sounds like an awesome job. Doing a job that you love, where do I sign up. I was listening to the radio and heard about a ballers event that is coming up in cleveland, do you know the details on that? I would live to be able to take my husband…