Latest News, NBA / Aug 24, 2009 / 12:41 pm

Michael Beasley Checks Into Rehab

Michael Beasley

According to Yahoo! Sports, multiple sources have told them that Michael Beasley checked into an unidentified Houston rehabilitation hospital over the weekend.

Sources said the Heat encouraged Beasley to check into the facility to address possible substance and psychological issues. He is expected to spend time with former NBA player and coach John Lucas, who is renown for his success in working with troubled players.

For those that don’t know, Lucas found his playing career hampered by his dependencies on drugs and alcohol, and since 1986 has operated the Houston-based John Lucas Athletes After Care Program. If there’s anyone out there that I would reccomend Beasley talk to, it would be him.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

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  • quick wit it

    first- and thank god my bulls didn’t pick him, but it is good that he’s gettin help if he needs it

  • Celts Fan

    If the only “dependencies” he has are what’s in that bag and bottle, he good…

  • Celts Fan

    He needs to get help for them awful tats. WTF…

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    Damn, I knew he had Derrick Coleman’s game, but that’s where the similarities should have ended.

  • karizmatic

    This is some bull, but on another note anyone that has wings tattooed on their back probably has some mental problems that need to be addressed.

  • wiz

    So all this drama cause you can see a plastic bag on the floor…..who can say there was weed in the bag but since were assuming things I think see some purple in that sprite bottle lol ………

  • calvin brodus


    “you in here for some marijuana? marijuna? this is some bullshit!”

    “marijuana is not a drug. i used to suck dick for coke.”

    “i seen him!”

    “you ever suck dick for marijuana? i didnt think so.”

    half baked classic right there. bob saget is awesome. he killed it on entourage last night too.

  • dial up

    dang beasley is such a wimp. Not just in real life, but when he’s on the court he trys to play like a damn guard at 6’8. Lucas just needs to teach him to play like a god damn big man. It’s that or bust.

  • LakeShow84

    Bob Saget on Entourage was nuts last night lol

    Frickin straight weirdo.. I wonder if dude is really like that?? How funny wouldve the behind the scenese been of Full House.. they acting all leave it to beaverish on camera then as soon as it stops they all switch into Richard Pryor mode.. nuts..

    Beasley must have serious issues cuz the herb thing aint even that bad.. But doo starts acting like he wants to kill himself and needs to go to rehab for WEED?! thats doing 8 much.. he must have serious self esteem issues..

    Way overblown.. ON HIS SIDE which is even crazier..

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Seems like more of a PR move than anything.

  • mtindore520

    this leaves a bad taste in my mouth, he’s so damn young and so freakin talented, i read those suicidal text and i feel bad for him because cuz he’s darn young actually one of the 1st NBA player to be younger than i am(KD was the 1st)… i hope he gets help and plays his ass off next year, john lucas is one of the greastest people at what he does…. Maybe he got depressed because he couldnt blaze up(i use to be like that)…

  • dk

    Weed and Alcohol can cause serious ” depression ” , morons. Yeah, its not as bad short term as smoking rock, etc., but the long term affects can destroy a persons mental outlook just the same…

    Go ahead and keep drowning your sorrows about slavery or the cancelation of Arrested Development over some liquor and weed, it wont have any adverse affects….

  • dk

    Oh shit I forgot, Pat get rid of this fucking kid!

  • Kobeef

    Wow. I thought some of his comments were messed up but this is serious. This sucks for Dwayne Wade and Pat Riley. Beasley is obviously not getting himself ready for a breakout season. More like a breakdown season.

    After Beasley posted the weed pics he started talking about suicide. It was seriously messed up. Smoking weed is not a problem but talking about suicide on twitter when you are an NBA player means you have big problems.

  • Duke

    This guy must have been really dependent on weed just based on his twitter comments. Being a former pot head myself, I feel for the guy and know what he is going through. Time will heal his pain! Gluck to him.

  • shake&bake

    He’s looking like the NBA Vince Young.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Jeff Chen

    The wings tat isn’t bad…The glasses tat under the S is bad…

  • bigcov

    shoulda drafted OJ

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    When Rose accidently cut himself eating fruit in bed or something like that, everyone on here ripped him for trying to kill himself over a girl or something like that. Now that Beasley is wyling out, everyone all sympathetic n shit. Lets just say I wish I had his problems…6’8, 230lbs, agile, smooth J, handles, playing in Miami with one of the best Superstars in the L, given every opportunity to shine as Wades #2 option. This cat couldn’t make it in the real world if these are his problems. He better get back to reality or give back that NBA paycheck and go get some help.

  • Ross

    Rehab for depression? How emo.

  • Vibes

    Cornrows are played out like the Jerry Curl kid….
    Let it go!
    Maybe we’ll see his dumb ass on A&E Intervention TV Show.

  • AB_40

    6’8 isn’t a big man haha be real

    but hey I hope he get’s rid of the alcohol drugs and sigarets and stops being a bigger image faker then kobe bryant. he has the fakest swagger in the world

    and I know fake busters from africa and he’s faker then them haha

  • Blue

    damn…there’s a lot of hate going on here. beas wasn’t given a fair shot in his rookie year. the heat seemed to ride him harder than anybody else on the team. they said his defense was too bad to be a starter, but mario chalmers’ d was just as bad, and he started just about every game.

    people were complaining about his behavior as if he was choking out his coach or whatnot. the kid has had a rough ride. yeah, so he makes millions of dollars and has a lot of things that he should be happy about. same goes with michael jackson, dave chappelle & heath ledger.

    some people are just more psychologically fragile than others. it’s just the hand that you’re dealt.

  • jay26th

    If I got paid as much as an NBA player I think it would be a pretty easy to stay away from that mess.

  • scotsman

    this all but seals the deal for wade to leave in 2010 if you ask me

  • Big Island

    jay26th – the money just makes it easier to get all of those things and you have nothing but free time on your hands.

    The glasses hanging from the S is mega cash…

    In all seriousness, I hope he comes out OK. You hate to see stuff like this happen to anyone.

  • pdx

    if he thinks people are against him, he should just think about stephon marbury and i’m sure he’d feel better

  • pdx

    @blue: you can’t even compare a power forward’s defense to a point guard’s defense and even so chalmers averaged 2 steals a game including a game where he had nearly 10 steals… not bad if you ask me

  • bam blaam

    OKAY, enough with these dudes saying they go into depression if they stop smokin weed to play bball games for 10 years. You must be kidding, or talking about being addicted to that rock. I don’t give a flip about beasley smoking weed during the offseason, just about how 90% of his shots are jumpshots. -

  • Blue

    his steals were mostly gambles which took him out of position if he missed on the gamble.
    my point was mostly that chalmers’ getting blown by was most overlooked. he still got the start every game.
    i guess i was tryin to say that a lot of beasley’s problems on and off the court were mostly blown out of proportion for whatever reason.

  • pdx

    @blue: no doubt… beasley was definitely picked on his rookie year by everyone from coaches to the media

  • Michorizo

    Does he have fairy wings on his back?

  • Blue

    right! i really didn’t get it man. homeboy seems like a nice enough guy. not anything like a thug in my opinion. mostly misunderstood i guess.
    i just don’t understand the hate…ya know.

  • Seven Duece

    Best of luck and kudos to him recognizing he needed help.

  • flavur

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!! now how the hell are we supposed to trade this motherfucker now no one wants a crazy suicidal on their team (LAKERS) shit now he’s more useless than ever. I knew we shoulda taken that man OJ Mayo would have had one of the highest scoring backcourts in the whole damn league if only man if only.

  • utahJZZ

    Beasley smokes weed, thats about it. This got wayy too overblown

  • Jules

    Damn, I knew he had Derrick Coleman’s game, but that’s where the similarities should have ended.

  • Jules

    ^^ haha meant to just quote that, but this is fuckin great

  • LakeShow84

    At least he pulled more boards than JO.. How is Jermaine going to be given starters everything and Beez dont even get to have his minutes when JO is getting dunked on by midgets and cant grab more than 3-4 boards a game.. FROM THE CENTER SPOT..

    The only problem is he got drafted by an old school president in Riley who aint going to wipe kids asses like other team execs.. Riley is old school so he gave the spoiled ass kid the shit treatment (as he should) and clearly its backfiring.. Its more of an example of how more and more people are nowadays.. emotionally weak and dont know what hard times really mean.. shit the richest of us have the biggest MENTAL problems..

  • WinDelRoj

    derrick coleman? always thought antoine walker

  • Buffalo Brave

    Damn this is sad, obviously alot of you dick’s have no experience or understanding of substance abuse or you are substance abusers in denial.

    It’s a serious issue, especially throwing the suicide aspect into it.

    Remember everyone is different, and handles situations differently.

    God bless you beasley, i hope you pull through and live up to your potential of greatness.

    Just remember you now unquestionably have an allergy, and you just cant smoke that shit anymore.

    You’ll be better for it.

    Fuck your hood cronies, they dont want shit so leave them behind man.

    On a side note i never really thought about a derrick coleman comparison skill and game wise.

    Fits him well.

  • http://replicajewelry.blog.com/ eronne

    what if Michael did smoke marijuana, lots of people do, especially NBA players, I don’t think it is a big deal anyway neither did Beasley has any serious substance abuse problems. If he is not a NBAer in a famous team, maybe nobody would care about this.

  • http://law.ufl.edu Big Freeze

    You guys do know that there is a bag of weed, a box of blunts, and another baggie with an unknown substance in this picture, right?

    Look it up. If you zoom in on this pic, you’ll see a bunch of drugs laying on the table near the mountain dew bottle. Its no coincidence that Beasley closed his twitter account and hopped into rehab after posting this picture.

    Twitter is nothing but bad news for famous dumbasses.

  • spirow

    Everyone whose laughing, it’s not a funny matter at all. . . May be he does have psycological problems and needs weed to cope with his problems but dosn’t cut the fact that something is troubling him . . . You don’t know whats going on behind the scenes, we can all speculate but not everyones a fighter in tough situations . . . I didn’t like beasley b4 thought he was too immature because wade and riley called him out. . . but damn now i feel bad and his team mates should come out and support him. . .

  • http://www.teachyourselfbasketball.com/ Rami

    That’s funny. I first realized heard about the photo on realgm. I noticed what he had in the bottom left corner and the next day he’s in rehab.

  • rick773

    I do feel bad for the fella. I hope he gets all the help he needs and bounces back I just hope it’s after DWADE signs the contract with the CHI.