Smack / Aug 24, 2009 / 6:30 am

Mike Beasley gets in trouble, and Ron Artest starts some trouble

Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley

We’ll start with the Twitter-sponsored portion of Smack: Over the weekend Michael Beasley closed his Twitter account after he took some heat (no pun intended) for posting a pic that may or may not have been bags of weed. Nothing too major, but this is the exact kind of thing that kept Beasley from being a surefire #1 overall pick a year ago. No disrespect to Derrick Rose, but you take a lefty power forward with Beasley’s game and Tim Duncan or Blake Griffin‘s personality, and the only thing he needs to worry about is getting a suit to match the team colors of whoever has the top pick. Instead, this is almost like watching the early part of Lamar Odom‘s career replay itself … Ron Artest used Twitter as his bulletin board to spice up the next Lakers/Rockets game. “Houston did me dirty,” Artest tweeted. “I can’t wait til next year when we go to Houston. I’m not shooting. All defense. Somebody getting locked da f*** up.” For what it’s worth, it didn’t seem like Ron-Ron was all that eager to re-sign with the Rockets in the first place, but who knows what went on there. And we really don’t see Artest going an entire game without shooting, especially if Trevor Ariza busts him up a couple of times and the crowd gets on him … Watching so many NFL preseason games lately and seeing the guys simply fighting for a roster spot — along with the news that one-time high draft picks Cedric Simmons (Greece) and Kedrick Brown (Turkey) signed with overseas teams recently — it got us thinking of some NBA players whose careers could be made or murdered with their performances this season. On top of the list you’ve got Darko. Although he’s still just 24, with one year left on his contract and a starting spot potentially being handed to him in a system where EVERYBODY can put up numbers, this is a crucial year for Darko. If he can’t produce in Mike D’Antoni‘s system, that could be it for him. Then again, since he’s 24 with a seven-foot frame and decent shot-blocking skills, we could also see Darko getting NBA jobs well beyond the point where he’s actually useful just based on potential … Other guys who need to show something this season or start brushing up on their currency conversion rates: Dominic McGuire, Amir Johnson, Antoine Wright, Shelden Williams, Ian Mahinmi, Alando Tucker, Julian Wright, Josh Boone, Sean Williams, Shawne Williams, Dorell Wright, Adam Morrison and Renaldo Balkman … That said, Balkman picked a bad time to get in trouble. Already clinging to the few minutes he’s getting in Denver (he went from 15 mpg in the regular season to 2-3 mpg in the playoffs), Balkman didn’t endear himself to George Karl any more by getting popped for DUI on Saturday … With the FIBA Americas tournament tipping off this week, Team Mexico is having all kinds of problems. Their two biggest names, Earl Watson and Ed Najera, are out: Watson didn’t get his passport paperwork done in time, and Najera was told by the Nets he can’t play … Team USA as a whole is sitting this one out, with nothing to be gained since they don’t need to qualify for the World Championships. But if the U.S. could’ve competed, wouldn’t this have been a good opportunity to put some college kids out there and see how they fare against the likes of Argentina, Brazil and Puerto Rico? … Carlos Arroyo and J.J. Barea are back to lead a PR squad with homecourt advantage, and try once again to win some games in spite of big man P.J. Ramos, one of our office favorites because he might actually be the worst basketball player in the world (dead serious); No Ginobili, Oberto or Nocioni for Argentina, but they do have Luis Scola and Carlos Delfino; Barbosa, Varejao and the infamous Tiago Splitter suit up for Brazil sans Nene; Raja Bell, ex-Florida guard Walter Hodge and ex-Texas buckets specialist Reggie Freeman will play for the Virgin Islands; and Maryland star Greivis Vasquez will play for Venezuela … A sleeper to watch out for? The Dominican Republic squad. They’ve got Al Horford, Charlie V and Francisco Garcia signed up. Not sure about their guards, but that frontline is nice … And somebody PLEASE do us a favor and put this tourney on TV. Please? … We’re out like Najera …

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  • sh!tfaced

    Super Cool Beas… Gods Son… Those are the DOUCHEST tats I’ve seen in a while… And a BAG of weed on the side (no pun intended)… Too bad he took down the link… LOL

  • K Dizzle

    If Ron is seriously upset, ain’t nobody on THIS Houston team bustin his ass. Ariza don’t got Kobe and Pau drawin attention so he won’t see no daylight. And Shane Battier? pffffft

    Watchin NBA Roundtable: Los Angeles Lakers. They got Magic, Rambis, Worthy, Scott, McAdoo, Wilkes, Kupchuk and The Logo reminiscin. Good show. Hilight was Magic talkin about how they didn’t care who scored or who got the press, but the endgoal was havin the other squad lookin at the scoreboard at the buzzer and knowin they got much foot put up that ass. And Big Game talkin bout that wraparound behind the back pass when Magic looked him off and had the whole arena leanin left then came back right side to Byron for a vicious tomahawk…
    Damn, it feels good to be a Laker fan

  • Josh Tha roc

    Surely cisco can run the pg, he has played some in the NBA.

  • RICK773

    The more beasley screws up the more DWADE comes closer to coming back home

  • Korver

    barea has been told by Cuban that he can’t play

  • quest???

    @ dime I will be there at the fiba’s americas tournament… JJbarea is not playing and I also used to think he was the worst basketball player ever, but he has vastly improved his offensive and defensive game. He will surprise a lot of people. The Dominican Republic will be sick. Last week there was a little tournament in Puerto Rico with Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and Puerto Rico. Brazil won it, Argentina and Canada sucked, especially Argentina who got blown out by double digets each game…BTW I was sitting behind Brazil’s bench and Varejao and Barbosa are pretty cool dudes.

  • quest???

    damnn extreme typo…i meant to write I also used to think that PJ RAMOS was the worst basketball player ever, but he has vastly improved his offensive and defensive skills. Last week he attended a Houston Rocket’s training camp.

  • quest???

    Walter Hodge is a bitch, he is puerto rican but since he cant crack the squad he is going to play with the virgin islands

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Ron is mad because he claims the Rockets messed up his “Bird” money or “Bird” clause because they didn’t sign and trade dude and he has to be a free agent again for 3 years till that “Bird” ish kicks back in.

    To me he is just tryin to create somethin to keep his name out there and get some juice going for when that game happens.

    Still can’t wait to watch it and see if he actually backs his words.

    B Easy with the Weedsy. While other sports have problems would it be safe to say that Basketball players probably smoke more weed outside of anysports not X-games related?


  • shake&bake

    Is anyone surprised that Beasley had weed??

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    Ha ha Beasley’s tat is super whack. You can’t call yourself cool in your own tat. Is supercool beas his nickname or something? And what’s up with the ladies angel wings and sunglasses hanging off the s? You better than that homie.

  • That’s whats up

    Beasley has his weed dealers number tattooed on his left forearm

  • Kobeef

    Here’s the link to Beasley’s tattoo/weed pic

    Apparently he freaked out after everyone noticed the weed and the smokes in his picture and said things like I don’t feel like livin’, and I can’t win for losing. Someone needs to get this kid some help or he’s going to ruin a lot of talent.

    Adam Morrisson make or break? Are you kidding? Morrisson is a winner, he’s got a championship ring! (kidding). Seriously, Morrisson was very good in summer league and showed some confidence in his game for the first time since he cried on national TV.

    Darko is going to blow up this year under Mike D’s system and the Knicks are going to sign and trade him to Cleveland for Miami for Dwayne Wade (confirming the order of the 2003 draft). Then the Knicks will use their space cap space to sign Lebron. I read it in the NY Post.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    I would have shot myself in the knee if the Bulls would have picked Beasly over Rose. That’s a cardinal sin here in the Chi. You never pass over homegrown for some out-of-state Sh!t. We would have had Dwayne Wade instead of Kirk Hinrich if it wasn’t for Wades 03′ NCAA tourney, the Final Four and Punk ass Pat Riley.

  • Josh Tha roc

    I think Dom mguire did enough last yr to prove he’ll stick around for a while yet.

  • Dennis Castro

    If Beasley was dumb enough to have that ish laying around while he was taking the pic, then he deserves the scrutiny. What an idiot.

  • ef

    I’m trying to figure out if your Darko description was just copy-&-pasted from a previous post on kwame brown

  • Kobeef


    Ok – disclaimer. I don’t interpret every word that Lebron says as a message he is going to NY. BUT. There are some pretty serious statements in this quote from Lebron.

    “My loyalty is to Akron. I’m looking forward to this upcoming season, but I’m looking forward to the summer of 2010, too, to see what may happen. No matter what happens that summer, you know, I’m still here. I’ve got a nice big house here that I’m always coming back to. You know, I love this city and I’ll always give back to this city no matter what my profession; if it takes me somewhere else”

    1. His city is AKRON, Ohio (not Cleveland)and his heart will always be in AKRON. THis is important. People always suggest that he will stay in Cleveland because it is his hometown…Lebron seems to make it clear that he doesn’t see Cleveland as his hometown.

    2. He is excited to see what happens in 2010 and will always live in AKRON even if he works elsewhere.

  • control

    Memo to Beasy:

    When your drug dealer asks paper or plastic, take paper.

  • That’s Whats Up

    His tat should read SUPERTOOL BEAS

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    LMAO@ Beasley with the classic Myspace/Facebook picture of the Bag of Weed. Pretty much any LaME or petty dealer is posting a pic of a bag/pound of weed with something written under it like “Holla at ya boy for that drizzy” or “They call me 10 a key” or some stupid $h!t like that.

    I guess we forget that he’s still a kid for the most part, just happens to make millions (for now).

  • http://www.myspace.com/hollywoodbluesband chief youngblood

    I’m telling you right now take my man Adam ” the conundrum ” Morrison off that list cause he’s gonna shine this year (relatively speaking)

    props to Kobeef for seeing through the negative adam morrison spin. you know a little suffering makes the shooting stroke that much sweeter

  • sh!tfaced

    LOL@SUPERTOOL BEAS… With a wrench hanging on the S… Should also change SON to SOB…

  • doc

    @kobeef-yeah Bron aint from Cleveland at all.They just adopted him and mad he might not show the love back.I say go get that bread fuck the Cavs if it come down to that.B Easy slipped up with that pic.He gotta be more on point than that in the future.When Adam do something in a NBA regular season game we’ll give him props.But just because he got off in summer league on a team where he was the ONLY player on the real team dont mean he gonna do that shit come November.

  • heavy d

    I know that’s supposed to be a pair of sunglasses hanging off the S, but in that tat they look like regular glasses. Urkel represent!

  • jzsmoove

    Dominic Mcguire and The ‘Stache will have breakout peformances. Nothinh overly major but enough to keep them in NBA lineups.

  • http://www.myspace.com/beenobrown BERN BROGDEN aka BINO BROWN STR8 UP N DOWN


    I take exception with several though…

    Dorell – was actually coming into his own before he hurt himself. He’ll stay in the L. He aint even 24 yet.

    Amir and Sheldon – they should produce now that they’re in a situation where the focus is a lil’ more on them, at a point where they’ve been around long enough to know it’s ‘go hard or go home.’ Before, they were in situations where a polished big or big(s) was in front of them, limiting thier tick. Hence the DLeague assingments or the trade carousel. Now it aint so.

    Adam Morrison – time to see if the kid can contribute consistently a good 20/25 minutes per night.

    Renaldo Balkman – he aint goin’ nowhere. As long as he stops DUI’in then he’ll be that dependable role player he’s always been in the L.

    Darko – good shot blocker. If there’s a coach who wants a good shot blocker, then there’s always a job for Darko…always.

  • dz

    When is an adult going to stop “getting in trouble” for smoking a little marijuana, or even a lot? Test for steroids and ban people for coke and meth, but the NBA should lead the charge on letting people get stoned if they want to. Bullshit.

  • doc

    He aint get in trouble dz.NBA people regular people and its plenty of them that smoke weed point blank.He just shouldnt of had it in the pic.He’ll be alright.He’ll be okay he more successful than a lot of grown ass men and he aint even allowed to drink legally yet.

  • LakeShow84

    Aye that just looks like weed baggies..

    I thought they were ACTUAL baggies.. like tension baggies.. That couldve been baggies for anything lol.. his dumb ass shouldve played it off and said he ripped open a sandwhich or some shit..

  • LakeShow84

    And aint nothin a Laker fan wants to hear more than Ron Artest say “Im not shooting.. All defense.. Somebody getting locked the f&*# up..”


    If he stays true to it, that attitude right there will get us another chip..

  • LakeShow84

    well shit after a second look u can actually see the herb in the bags..

    Oh well ni$$a, theres always FUBU!!

  • Collaboro

    Dime was overdue to give Tiago Shitter a shout out! Or for that fact, even mention his name in a sentance.

  • utahJZZ

    supercool beas is pretty pimp, he smokes weed, big deal LeHYPE james does (did), pretty much every athlete has. Beasley’s on 19 he’s still really immature, but according to Heat sources, he was the first person at every practice, he sucks at Defence, but is eager to learn. The only thing wrong with Beasley is his fucking cornrolls, awful man, just awful

  • hyparize

    thats what up is right. anyone who calls themselves “supercool” is a “supertool”

    and who is he talking about, “God’s son”? Dwyane Wade won’t like that, he respects religion.

  • Blk Caesar

    News Flash… Beasley checked into a Houston rehab for substance and psychological issues… and I wish I was joking about it but its real… I hope he gets it together.