Smack / Aug 4, 2009 / 5:16 am

Minnesota messed up again, plus Allen Iverson going to Greece?

This never would've worked...

This never would've worked...

Can’t the Timberwolves do anything right? The same franchise that used its first-ever draft pick on Pooh Richardson when Mookie Blaylock, Tim Hardaway and Shawn Kemp were still on the board; that cost itself five years of first-round picks just to overpay Joe Smith under the table; that wasted Kevin Garnett‘s prime by not getting him a good enough supporting cast; that may have fumbled their biggest post-KG opportunity at the ’09 Draft; that’s taking way too long just to eventually hire Elston Turner as its next coach — they’ve done it again. On the same day we gave Minnesota credit for making a sneaky-good move in free agency, they turn around and get in trouble with the NBA for leaking details of their 2009-10 schedule before the League officially releases the schedule later today. The Wolves, Cavs and Rockets all got fined for leaks … That said, we know it’s always a big deal when the schedule is released because it’s usually during a slow part of the offseason, but from the League office’s perspective, what’s really the big deal about a team releasing bits and pieces early? Does it have something to do with ticket scalpers? Television money? At the same time, if you’re a team in a league where everybody’s complaining about losing money, why even risk a fine for something as small as pre-releasing a schedule that’s gonna be out the next day anyway? … So who finds a team first: Allen Iverson, David Lee, or DaJuan Wagner? The Iverson situation took the predictable European twist yesterday, with rumors of Greek squad Olympiakos offering A.I. the same two-year, $10 million deal they pitched to Nate Robinson. (Olympiakos is also talking to Linas Kleiza.) As for D-Lee, his agent said there’s nothing new with the Knicks, and it’s looking more and more like Lee will just take NY’s one-year qualifying offer and hit the market again next summer … Speaking of Juanny Wags, Dime’s Austin Burton sent this e-mail on Monday: “Just saw two of the most random jerseys out on the street in a 15-minute span: DaJuan Wagner (Cavs), and a white T-Mac Raptors jersey from the pinstripes/dinosaur days. McGrady actually looked kinda bootleg. It might’ve been fake.” … A few days after Bruce Bowen was said to be deciding between retirement and signing with Orlando, now Boston and Cleveland have joined the fray. We asked about Bowen’s legacy in Smack over the weekend, leading to yesterday’s post where we asked how you’ll remember other players/coaches near the end of the line: Grant Hill (talent or injuries?), Phil Jackson (great or just lucky?), Mike Finley (star or role player?) and more. Another name that came up in the office yesterday was Rasheed Wallace. How will he go down in history? … Shelden Williams officially joined the Marko Jaric Club of players whose arrival to a new teams is only a big deal to the fans because it means his wife will be attending some games. Williams signed a one-year deal with the Celtics, making wifey Candace Parker automatically the hottest thing in the Boston crowd whenever she shows up … Are you rooting for a Lottery team? One of our writers thinks your squad is just one player away from getting back in the playoff picture … Craziness on Twitter last night, courtesy Rudy Gay: “Just now witnessed a robbery! Only in Baltimore, I need to get out of here!” … Another of our favorite NBA tweeters, Marcus Williams, has somehow kicked up his Twitter production even though he has a job now. MW opened up this can of worms last night: “L.A. is the new guard capital! We have no power forwards or centers. Every pickup game is guard infested lol. We killin NY in guards now!” You tell us: Which city has produced the best guards over the last few years? Off top, we’d have to say Chicago, but tell us what you think … We’re out like Shelden …

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  • omar

    yay first……..

  • yw

    1st. Childress is getting 8 mil a year, no way AI is settling for 5 even if he goes overseas.

  • the_don_mega

    Sheed… can be remembered with his on-court antics (technicals galore)… as a player that was very talented… as one of the players who somehow changed the way we look at PF’s (Dirk & KG)…

    but for me… i’ll remember Sheed as the final piece of the puzzle during Detroit’s championship year…

  • KB24

    Seattle has produced a lot of guards…Json Terry, Jamal Crawford, Nate Rob, B Roy, T will…etc

  • vince

    “Speaking of Juanny Wags, Dime’s Austin Burton sent this e-mail on Monday: “Just saw two of the most random jerseys out on the street in a 15-minute span: DaJuan Wagner (Cavs), and a white T-Mac Raptors jersey from the pinstripes/dinosaur days. McGrady actually looked kinda bootleg. It might’ve been fake.””

    I’m willing to take up the challenge of anyone on here as to who has the more obscure jersey collection…

  • K Dizzle

    Chicago? Who? Rose, Will Bynum, DWade? That’s all i got

    Seattle definitely been bringin it and Cali ALWAYS brings out guards…not just professionally, but from the prep and college rnks too

  • IGP

    I’ve got a pretty obscure collection. Kobe’s rookie year, David Robinson white, black and dream team 3, reggie miller dream team 3, shawn kemp and gary payton green sonics (the year they had new jerseys), Vince Carter raptors, tmac orlando, alonzo mourning hornets, barkley on the suns. I found this old store one time in Glens Falls, NY that sold jerseys for like $5.00 and I got a ton of them

  • M Intellect

    You found a store one time at Band Camp and bought a bunch of jersey’s of players in their prime?

    That is not obscure. Props because some of them are OLD school but them shits are not left of center. Every jersey you bought was when the player was a star.

    Vince was talking about an Atlanta Hawks Rasheed Wallace or a frickin’ Mike Redd Rookie Year.

  • melvin

    Indy is the guard capital!!!! We got Conley, George Hill, Teague, C-Lee and Gordon!!!!!!

  • mules

    “Williams signed a one-year deal with the Celtics, making wifey Candace Parker automatically the hottest thing in the Boston crowd whenever she shows up”

    Ya’ll are trippin’…like she’s gonna show up to watch hubby ride pine. Besides, Candace is hot FOR A BASKETBALL PLAYER, she can’t hold a candle to the models/professional-hot-chicks/strippers that many professional athletes pull. KG’s wives is hotter, Mrs. Shuttlesworth is hotter, if Pierce’s chick got a nose job she’d be hotter, and Perk’s wife has a fantastic personality. Anyway, I think the crown for hottest Celts fan has to go to Giselle whenever her and Brady are at a game.

  • KnicksFan84


    Dime please post this dunk as a separate thread. It’s so sick and this is what I expected the Lebron James getting dunked on to be like.

    Antonio Daniels DESTROYS AK47!!!

  • That’s whats up

    The only jersey I own is the #10 Rodman in Spurs Black.

    That’s all I need……

    (and note to the first poster, you misspelled gay)

  • Young Lebron 23

    dont forget philly. we would lock down any guards haha

  • Amos Leak



  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    DWade, DRose,Will Bynum, Jenero/Jeremy Pargo, Corey Maghette(sf maybe), Dre Igudola,Shaun Livingston, Shannon Brown, Luther Head, Dee Brown, Anthony Parker
    I can’t really think off top of many more guards from the CHi.

    Washington has Crawford, Nate, BRoy,J.Terry, R.Stuckey,

    Cali, Baron Davis, Gilber Arenas, Jordan Farmar, Darren Collinson, JKidd,Marcus Williams, PPierce(sf maybe), James Harden, Andre Miller, Deshawn Stevenson, Earl Watson

    Texas. Deron Williams, TJ Ford, DJ Augustin (via New Orleans), Stephen Jackson (Sf maybe)

    That’s all i can think of. Looks like Cali wins for quanity.

  • haslem

    what city has got lots of big men in pick up games anyway?

  • john

    and let the choir say together in unison…wtf ?!… i live in cleveland and we may not be great but we aint did half that dumb sh minny has

  • http://joe.com joe

    I won a Dajuan Wagner Cavs Authentic jersey on the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk.

  • karizmatic

    Rasheed Wallace will go down as a player who had enormous amounts of potential that he never lived up to. Got a ring though. Derrick Coleman with a ring.

  • Will

    Seattle area FOH stand up:

    Jason Terry
    Aaron Brooks
    Nate Robinson
    Will Conroy
    Marvin Williams
    Martell Webster
    R Stukey
    T Will
    K Burleson

    thats just off the top of my early morning head.

  • Will


    Seattle has steady wave of big men at most pick ups.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    @20, we are only referring to guard play. and NBA players only so K.Burelson and Conroy don’t count

  • FK in T-Oh

    “Pooh” Richardson maybe one of the only cats in NBA history who’s game was able to live up to his name

  • Ric Hardwood

    the list was best PG’s only right? Chicago had Isaiah Thomas and Tim Hardaway… that kinda settled it for me…

    That Daniels on AK47 dunk was crazy! but the only copy of the video was filmed on a TV?? Lebron should take notes from AK47 on how to confiscate tapes!!

  • Ric Hardwood

    oh and my obscure jersey entry is an Away Raptors Alvin Williams jersey…

  • rangerjohn

    you missed at least 2 more from texas, shaq grew up in SA and kevin durant. there was also acie law. or devin brown lol.

  • bballinca

    I’ve got a Dirk Nowitzki german national team jersey from when I played over there.

  • vince

    @7…you call that obscure. if dime would arrange something we could set up something to show the collections maybe. im thinking about starting a blog too, with some other collectors.

    let’s just say my sam perkins sonics jersey already goes beyond those sonics jerseys you mentioned. and i go way deeper than that… ;)

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    @26, We are only talking about guards and Shaq is a center. He is also a military brat who lived in New Orleans, Texas, Europe. But Tex is where he went to High School.

    Kevin Durant is from Baltimore/DC area and is a (6’10)Small Forward

    Not sure about Acie Law, but i you are right about Devin Brown.

  • http://www.f-the-refs.net Chicagorilla

    Obscure doesn’t mean people who suck does it? alvin Williams is not a good jersy to “collect”.

    that’s like me bragging about having a Jud Buschler throwback, or Pete Myers.

  • vince

    obscure means you dont see it much. buschler would be even crazier, since that person never played in the nba.

    alvin williams is e pretty nice jersey if you’re into ‘obscure’ jerseys. yes.

    then again i dont mind people collecting ‘obscure’ kobe and bron jerseys. keep doing that.

  • Jimslam

    Vince, Chicagorilla was talking about the great Jud Buechler (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jud_Buechler).

    I’ve got his jersey in red, along with Steve Kerr and Kirk Hinrich. Also have a Jay Williams rookie year black/red pinstrip jersey, and a Michael Jordan #45 red.

  • mules

    I have a #45 Brimingham Barons jersey (the White Sox farm team MJ played for).

  • bballinca

    Jud Buechler was very much an NBA player. Was in the league for a long time. Played at U of Arizona.

  • RonnaBonBon

    t’wolves messed it up last year when they traded a legit perimeter shooter for a role player….they could have had OJ MAYO MAN!

  • what are we doing

    I’m from chicago, so of course i have to say Chicago…but you guys just don’t understand…that’s the way we grow up playing here…chicago ball in playgrounds is where guards are made and developed…most big men here get banged. And being a guard myself, i would know. Chicago hands down!

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    i saw a kid rocking a Nets jersey with “Petrovic” on the back, trying out for the high school team I coach in the NW, and I said, “You a Drazen fan?” and the kid looks at me and says, “Who? What? Drazen?” Damn kids. But that’s a pretty sick uni if you ask me.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Don’t forget Cali got GP too.

  • lifep

    To quote Rakim: Doesn’t matter where you are but where ya at!

    Cali keeps on makin’ them…
    NY keeps on fakin’ them
    UNC keeps on takin’ them!!!!

  • vince

    Buechler – yes
    Buschler – no

  • Kudabeen

    Can’t let ya’ll just diss my family…Pooh Richardson did his thing. He wasn’t superstar, but he was productive for the wolves. They sold high on him, but

    Rookie 11ppg 6.8apg 1.6 spg 1.7 to/pg 31 mpg
    2nd yr 17ppg 9apg 1.6spg 2.1 to/pg 38 mpg
    3rd yr 16.5ppg 8.4 apg 1.5spg 2.5 to/pg 35 mpg

    Then he went to Indiana…

    Let’s see Mike Conley, Jennings, Rubio, or any of these PGs produce like this their first 3 years…The league was much tougher for guards then. These post 2003 guards have so many advantages that wasn’t their prior…

    In that draft There is only one PG that was better top to bottom than Pooh in Tim Hardaway. Pooh had game and he represented Philly nice. He played with me as a youngin and gave me a little confidence…can’t blame Minnesota at the time for drafting for program (UCLA vs UTEP)

    And just on player potential Shawn Kemp is the only other choice that really could have been better, but not many knew what Kemp would become and his rookie year wasn’t all that great.

  • Big Island

    Dude at the gym has an Olden Polynice Supersonic jersey. I want to have Rudy Gay tweet about me robbing the guy for that jersey but I would wear it every day so I’d be easy to catch. Plus I am a fatass so I might bust the seams.

  • vince

    olden sonics… nice. if someone has one of these mail me:

    kevin willis – old hawks or heat
    strickland – spurs/blazers
    fortson – warriors

  • lifep

    No colleges produces more quality pros than the colleges in

    N.O.R.T.H. C.A.R.O.L.I.N.A Baby!!

    Chris Paul
    Earl “the Peal” Monroe
    Vince Carter
    Rodney Rogers
    Antwan Jamieson
    Corey Maggette
    Michael Jordan
    Elton Brand
    Jay Williams
    Kevin Martin
    Shane Battier
    Chris Duhon
    David Thompson
    Rasheed Wallace
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Ronald “Flip” Murray
    Grant Hill
    Tim Duncan

  • LakeShow84

    Dont forget trading Brandon Roy for Randy Foye..

    I was always smile @ that one..

  • Kudabeen

    FK in T-Oh Post 23:

    Damn man LMAO! Just read that post. You can’t diss my dude like that…That’s just wrong…LOL

    Pooh (Jerome) Richardson was respectable in The L…

  • doc

    Pooh Richardson and Alvin Will get a shout out today.ALvin Williams took me to workouts everyday my 9th grade year.I used to watch them all in the gym.Seen AI and Eddie Jones tussle.AI was about to be a rookie and Eddie was talking shit saying its his court.AI proceeded to score the next 5 points to win the game while talking some very disrespectful shit along the way(U cant stick me PUSSY etc).At the end they ended up wrestling for 3 seconds.Since we talking high schools in the area now Reke Evans was a hop skip and jump outta Philly lines.I think my cuz Sean Singletary can stick somewhere if he get the right shot.Sheed going down as the second best big man ever from Philly besides Mr. Bean(100 for the slowpokes).Highschool National Champs from the Public League,Killed them for 2 years at UNC and didnt even go to class from December through March Madness because he knew what he was about to do.Went to the league and was a presence from day 1 on the Bullets playoff team that lost to MJ and Pip.Went to Portland and was a beast, and if they wouldnt have choked 15 up in the fourth of game 7,or better yet if Kobe and Shaq aint just do what top 5 all time dudes was gonna do, they could’ve got Indiana outta there.And yall know what he did in The D.Kiss the ring haters!Sheed old now and when great player get on the old side the haters can finally say bullshit like I told u hes a bum.It happened to all of them:Mike,Ewing,Keem,David,Shaq,AI sharks smell blood in the pool.U know Kobe gonna get it rough as soon as he average a dub.People come on here everyday talking about how Bron gonna be old and he only 24.Ask any great big man who played against Sheed and I bet u they say he was always one of their toughest matchups.

  • sh!tfaced

    anyone who sports a rudy GAY jersey when actually not in a game that involves Memphis is automatically downright obscure.

    bought a fuckin’ BRETT FAVRE Minnesota Vikings jersey. how’s that for obscure?!

  • doc

    I got a authentic Doug Overton 14 Bullets jersey now top that.He from Philly and had a summer camp Uptown every year.I did my thing and that was my MVP award because the trophy was little as shit.

  • Kudabeen

    Doc were you at The Bellevue in Philly coming up? I think we are in the same age range. I remember Wesley Person, Eddie Jones, Iverson (his Reebox connect), Mo Cheeks, Pooh, McKie, and so many other college and high school cats coming through The Bellevue. To be 13-15 years old and play with grown men was THE BEST I’ve ever felt on a court. Everything you do is multiplied by 5 as a youngin’…

    Great times…

    If I stop being a lazy ass I will get back in local league play and start playing more competitive again…I’m 100% healthy, but the passion has waned for play. I’m more on the skill building, coaching, and scouting tip right now.

    Shouts to Philly!

  • vince

    @32 I know Jud Buechler. Just learn to spell names right. It’s the same dumb thing when people write Eric Gordan.

  • doc

    @kuda-Yesir everywhere the ballers was at I been through there.Shit its money in coaching and scouting aint shit wrong with that.As soon as somebody stop paying my ass to ball Ima fall back off that shit myself.Scouting something I would try to get in to if I aint ball.

  • sickness7

    DWade, DRose,Will Bynum, Jenero/Jeremy Pargo, Corey Maghette(sf maybe), Dre Igudola,Shaun Livingston, Shannon Brown, Luther Head, Dee Brown, Anthony Parker, sherron collins, patrick beverly, tim hardaway, michael finley, isiah thomas, doc rivers

  • sickness7

    i know some are old but i saw some other people posting old players….

  • Swedish Mooze

    How long before someone Twitters themselves out of the league or down the draft board or off the radar? I signed up for Twitter to follow some NBA guys and I had to shut it down after 2 days… turns out I don’t care to hear from Ron Artest every 8 minutes.