NBA / Aug 24, 2009 / 6:28 pm

NBA Free Agent Faceoff: Raymond Felton Vs. Ramon Sessions

Ramon Sessions

Ramon Sessions

Everybody likes playing armchair general manager. I know I do. With plenty of quality free agents out there, it got me thinking. If I were calling the shots for some organization and needed a point guard, which player would I take: Ramon Sessions or Raymond Felton? Both players remain unsigned and are restricted free agents.

Here is the argument for both:

Ramon Sessions, 12.6 ppg, 5.7 apg, 1 spg, 44.4% fgp: Unlike Raymond Felton, Ramon wasn’t a lottery pick who came into the League. Sessions was undrafted out of Nevada and had to grind to get to this point. In two seasons as a pro, Sessions has proven he can get guys buckets as well as score points himself. He dropped 24 dimes in a game versus Chicago as a rookie and had a couple of 15-plus assists games this year. Sessions has a suspect jumper – shooting less than 20 percent from beyond the arc. He is also a little slim and can get taken advantage of on the defensive end, but his quickness makes up for it. At just 23-years old, I can see him putting up stats for the next several years.

Raymond Felton, 14.2 ppg, 6.7 apg, 1.5 spg, 40.8% fgp: Felton came into the NBA with the red carpet rolled out for him.
He was an All-American in high school
and college. At UNC, Felton won a National Championship with the before becoming the fifth pick of the ’05 Draft. Raymond is fundamentally sound who is solid in every possible category. From a physical standpoint, he is bigger and stronger than Sessions and is a better defender. On the flip side, some argue that Felton has not lived up to his billing. Yeah he is putting up decent numbers, but for Charlotte to make a playoff run, don’t you think they need more out of a starting point guard?

Verdit: If I were a team that needed a point guard, I would have to go with Sessions – assuming they came at similar price tags. Especially if I were a run-and-gun team, Sessions would be a better fit.

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  • SayItAintSo

    Unlike Raymond Felton, Ramon wasn’t a lottery pick who came into the League undrafted out of Nevada.
    Was an All-American in high school and college.
    Won a National Championship with the Heels before becoming the fifth pick of the ’05 Draft.
    Verdit: If i were a team that needed a point guard, I would have to go with Sessions – assuming they came at similar price tags. Especially if I were a run-and-gun team, Sessions would be a perfect fit.


  • jlee9

    first, not to be grammar police dime but “Unlike Raymond Felton, Ramon wasn’t a lottery pick who came into the League undrafted out of Nevada.” isnt correct because it implies that Felton WAS a lottery pick who came undrafted out of Nevada (which, as you say later, he wasn’t). Maybe replace “who” with “and”?

    second, i’d take sessions because if i’m not mistaken he had some breakout games last season. plus isnt felton injured alot? or am i mistaking him for someone else?

  • bigcov

    I don’t know how you picked Sessions over Felton? There doesn’t seem to be a reason you just say that you would. Felton has better stats and they both are bad shooters so….

    you actually gave more positive for Felton..better defender, physically bigger, and a stronger pedigree.

    If the only knock on felton is that he may not have lived up to his billing we have to ask who made that billing first of all and what do they expect of him?

    Charlotte needs more out of a lot of players to make a playoff run, felton is not the weak link on that team.

  • Michorizo

    I would take Iverson for one year and hope for better options next year.

  • http://www.in_n_outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Why aren’t the 76ers offering these guys any money… They have to have some money to spend right?

  • flavur

    I say pick whoever costs less

  • the cynic

    Felton by 2 million a year

  • Steve

    Sessions got his stats in 27.5 Mins per game and Felton in 37.6 Mins per game. So on a 48 minute equivalent per game Sessions has far superior production.

  • doc

    Give me Felton.

  • Parker

    Sessions will be better and cheaper-easy decision. His numbers are comparable to Felton but Felton got 10 minutes more per game. The Knicks will get a steal if he signs for 4 million….

  • bam blaam

    sessions unless your an idiot. Felton is NOT a superior defender in any way. You think that’s why charlottes eying a.i.? He isn’t a very good passer, both pg’s don’t have a shot. But sessions knows how to run a team IF given the minutes.

    What is feltons pedigree by the way?? Who cares what he did in college, if he hasn’t done anything in the nba worth mentioning.

  • Ashlov

    Sessions has heart, and worked his way to where he is now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he improved over the next few seasons. Felton will forever be what he is now; a mediocre point guard that would be better suited coming off the bench for a contender.

  • mtindore520

    Sessions has to work for his minutes every night because Skiles likes to start Ridnour so he’s a little bit of an unkown, but when he did start he was spectacular, i remember he went 42 against Detroit goin head to head w/ Rip in the 4th. with Charlie V., sessions kept the bucks in the playoff race after Redd&Bogut went down,sessions is nice and all, but…

    I really like Felton’s solid game his jumper has always been his weak spot, but thing i like is he can play the 2-guard spot very well, offensively and a lesser extent defensivly against bigger players, in his career he’s started many games at SG w/ Brevin Knight(rookie year) and DJ Augustine(now), coming up big. Also he played his role great during last years playoff run….

  • mr22

    bigcov, he picked sessions cause sessions can play point guard. he’s a true point guard that can play uptempo and slow. i’ve only seen felton play a few times but seems to me he’s more of a combo guard like ben gordon but nowhere near as good. clearly if you need a pg, sessions is the pick. if you need spark off the bench, maybe felton.

  • Octopus Jonny

    Sessions wasn’t undrafted, either. He was a 2nd rounder that spent some time in the D League.

  • Cameron

    If Sessions were given starter’s minutes there’s a very good chance he’d lead the league in assists.

  • Dagomar

    Give me Sessions.

  • sh!tfaced

    Sessions was the 56th pick in ’07. But yeah, I’d pick Sessions too. He’s the better playmaker, and most likely to come cheaper.

  • jzsmoove

    Give me Sessions. Felton is what he is now. I want to see what damage Ramon can do.

  • Derik

    Session fo sho, i don’t see Felton has any room to improve….

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    I know Sessions is the hot name right now because he is a coveted FA, but all of you forget what Felton can do.
    They are similar in their game, but Sessions is maxed out right now, Felton has more upside and is better than him now. Felton’s jumper isn’t great, but he’s not Avery Johnson and he is a good defender. I don’t know how anyone can say he is bad or mediocre at defense, he moves his feet well, stays in front of his man and doesn’t get shitted on.

    Also the argument made that Sessions is a True/better PG is confusing to me. Felton doesn’t have one real offensive threat on his team that can either shoot or finish plays yet he still gets plenty of assist. Not to mention he is sharing the PG spot because the BCats are dumb when it comes to player management. Felton is also a born leader, great ball handling skills, equal passing skills to sessions if not better, can create for his team, and on top of that he can score.

    Also to the write of the article, how can you say you would pick Sessions because he is better at running, when Felton won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP at UNC running muthaf^kas out the gym (Literally) every night. He is now trapped in a system that wanted him to walk it up and dump it in to Emeka every trip down court. That should change with Tyson Chandler, but the BCats are so cheap Felton may not be back with them to find out.

    Most of you have never seen either play in the NBA so to judge them on stats alone is just plain silly.

  • dialup

    gorilla- you obviously dont watch charlotte. You do realize that he won a championship years ago dont you? Felton is a ballhog point that doesn’t even pass the ball before he can get his shots up, hence why switch up him at sg. He consistently gets the most minutes on the team, and puts up horrible stats. Sessions gets lesss than thirty a game, and the fact you said his system is walking it up and dumpin it to emeka, you obviously have never watched an nba game down in south carolina. Loser.

  • lifep

    Felton …all day

  • Trey

    dialup your credibility was shot when you said the bobcats play in south carolina….charlotte is in NORTH CAROLINA. That being said I watch raymond play every bobcats game. He is a great PG very underrated. The fack is we play in a very slow tempo system and if felton went to a run n gun system ala diantoni, he would be great. Ramon only has such a high ceiling. How much better can he get? I dont think he can get much better, is he even a guy who can play 35 mins at the PG position. Ray has proven he can play in a fast system (UNC) and a slow half court system (Bobcats). He can do either one, cna handle a huge load of min, and isnt a ball hog at all. He is a great passer, better shooter, very underrated good defender and is a TEAM LEADER. You cant have too many TEAM LEADERS they are great morale for the team and Ramon is just a quite backup PG. I take felton.

  • hunter11

    While I agree with Narcisco that I’d rather have Sessions, the analysis ranges from shaky to non-existent. I can’t tell if Narcisco watched these guys play last year…and I know a lot of the comments are being made by people who didn’t watch these guys play.

    Sessions’ questionable defense is the result of his lack of understanding of positioning and moving his feet. However, he improved on defense later in the season…a good sign that he was listening to Skiles. What a lot of folks don’t mention is that in the last 1/3 or so of the season, PGs going against Sessions were not putting up stellar lines. In Sessions’ 44 point game against Detroit, Stuckey didn’t exactly get his. Also, I wouldn’t call Sessions “a little slim”. He played quite a bit of SG last year and generally held his own. Anyway, if Sessions is “a little slim”, I guess Aaron Brooks would be something less than anemic.

    As a couple of people already mentioned, Sessions is the better floor general. He gets guys very good shots (they don’t always convert). And, sure, he has a bad outside shot right now. He realizes this and doesn’t jack up bad shot after bad shot. Instead, he tries to get guys shots in their comfort zones…including himself. He’s also not someone who has to dominate the ball. He’s very willing to throw the outlet pass when there’s an opportunity for quick offense.

    So, the case for Sessions goes well beyond the stats. The stats only tell a partial story inasmuch as his role changed constantly last year. Players generally perform better when they come to work each day knowing their role. If Sessions ends up in NY and D’Antoni tells him “you’re my starter. you’re going to play 35 minutes a night.”…well, he’ll flourish and I think that team will surprise. MIL was a tough out many nights last year even though they played half a season without Bogut and Redd.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    All you need to know is that Felton’s had the ball in his hands since day 1 and what does he have to show for it? Charlotte drafting DJ Augustine last year.

  • http://sevendeu2u.wordpress.com/ Seven Duece

    ^ and with a lottery pick at that, when they could have had Robin Lopez.

  • hunter11

    hopefully they would have taken Brook and not Robin.

  • Rooshil

    Raymond Felton.