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NBA Trade Rumor: Knicks Pursuing Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio
Ricky Rubio on the Knicks almost makes too much sense, for so many reasons. And talk about a lure for potential free agents next summer? Not only would a big time free agent get to play in New York, but he would also get to run with a pass-first playmaker who would only want to get said star open looks.

Here is what our friends at RealGM are reporting:

With Minnesota Timberwolves’ President David Kahn bound for Spain this week, some feel the trip isn’t necessarily to bring Ricky Rubio back to Minnesota.

One insider tells RealGM’s Alex Kennedy that Kahn could be working out a scenario where Rubio would be dealt to the New York Knicks.

“The Knicks have closed off negotiations with all free agent point guards until next week. I think they’re making a push for Rubio and if that fails, then they’ll reopen talks with their other options,” says the source.

“Kahn and [Knicks’ President] Donnie Walsh are close and New York is looking for a cheap point guard who could help attract free agents next summer. Rubio fits that mold. I think that’s what this latest trip to Spain is about, working something out with New York.”

The Knicks have been in talks with multiple free agent point guards, most notably Ramon Sessions.

And then where would Sessions end up? The market for him would be pretty non-existent beyond the Clippers.

Source: RealGM

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  • Scott

    Sessions should go to Philly.

    Who would the Knicks move for Rubio?

  • bd

    why would kahn go to spain to work something out with new york?

    that makes no sense.

  • Yoooo

    Yo the Knicks are gaying their franchise up. The team used to reflect the city, hardworking, gritty hustlers. Tough guys if you will… Now they’re trying to get all these soft ass premadonnas to play some Euro style ball. It’s not gonna work! The people of NY don’t want the Rubio’s or Gallinari’s of the world representing them.

    And why would Rubio attract a free agent? The bol has done NOTHING. The pistol pete comparisons have to stop after the hair. The REAL pistol avg’d like 44 with no three point line in college. Has Rubio averaged over double digits yet?

    I live in Jersey but I’m reeling for u Knick fans. It aint right they tryna play yall signing these bum ass softies

  • Yoooo

    O and D’Antoni is NOT a Knicks type coach. His system is ass and not conducive to what knicks fan want. A championship…

    Matter of fact Dime should do a breakdown of what you think each team’s ownership is gunning for. Cuz obviously a LOT of Gm’s arent trying to win chips

  • MoxWestCoastRep

    This is worse than Fedor talks in the UFC…

  • http://www.ragingspaniard.com Xavier

    That rumor makes no sense, the Knicks have NOBODY that Minny wants. Why in the hell would Kahn make this deal?

    Also, dont tell me its because Rubio doesnt like Minny since that would be a lie, in an interview with a Spansh paper yesterday Ricky said that after visiting the franchise,he fell in love with it.

  • http://myspace.com/nickymancinelli nick

    knick management KNOWS that right now he is the best point guard available PERIOD. EXCELLENT MOVE.

  • Captain Jean Luc-Picard

    This is a ridiculous rumor!

    The issue has and has always been THE BUYOUT!!

    What could the Knicks do that the Wolves can’t do to get Rubio out from under the buyout: nothing.

    No team is able to pay more than $500,000.00 towards the $8M buyout.

  • Kobeef

    What the Knciks have that Minny wants:

    2010 first round pick, unprotected.
    Done Deal.

  • sh!tfaced

    Looking at the current Knicks lineup, there isn’t one real tough player on the roster. Charles Oakley and Anthony Mason can take on the whole team by themselves and mop their glamboy finesse ball playing asses all over the garden floor.

  • Rucka

    Knicks don’t have 2010 1st round pick; this is realgm make-believe.

  • http://twolfpack.com Derek

    The Knicks don’t have a 2010 first round pick. They gave it up years ago and now Utah has it. Suck on that one NY.

  • will

    I dont understand why Dime posted this. We all know the Knicks can still only pay up to 500,000 twords his buyout.

    Maybe Rubio can make up more of the difference in NY because of more endorsments, but you didnt elude to that in the article.

    I dont understand who write this stuff sometimes. One day I find an article that I cant find anywhere else written perfectly for serious basketball fans.

    the next day I find this mess.

    Cmon guys, give me a reason to use my quota time at work.

  • Kobeef

    The Knicks should do what it takes to get Rubio.
    He has been the best young PG in the world since he was 14 and will be the best PG the NBA has seen in a long time.

    Also, he is a perfect fit for D’Antoni’s system.

    Who would the Knicks give-up in 2010? John Wall? Beyond him there aren’t a lot of great players coming next year and even wall might not be as good as Derrick Rose.

  • steve

    forget rubio, the knicks are better off with ramon sessions. instead of a flashy unproven euro pg, they could go for the proven NBA point guard of the future in ramon sessions. i see sessions as a better scorer than rubio as well, while his passing game is right up there with him.

  • mr22

    what’s up with this “perfect fit” for d’antoni’s system talk. no offense but that line is really played out man. i think 95% of pgs these days are a “perfect fit” for his “system”.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Knicks need A.I. period point blank.

  • DDz

    It makes a lot of sense. Endorsments in the largest market would pay for Rubio’s buyout, and than some.
    He can make only 3 mil per year, only 2 years are guaranteed for the rookies now, and since he’s financing his buyout, it would mean that he would play for free in Minnesota.

    Kahn & Walsh could possibly work something out with sign and trade for David Lee going to Minnesota or to a third team. Mark Blount’s 8 mil expiring contract would do it

  • AB_40

    what can new york give to minnesota?

    and why are people talking about endorsments? the leauge is worldwide. there is internet connection with half of the world so they can see what players are doing. if it was 1980 or somewher in the 90s it would make sense but now? not so much.

    I think he’s gonna play for a euroleauge contender the upcoming season.

  • Jams

    Yep, it’s NYC therefore the GM for the Twovles will go to Spain on his dime to bring back a “pass first” point guard. In Minny, everybody is clamoring for a shoot first, shoot second, shoot third, rebound and shoot again point guard.

  • redstorm11

    new york is still the biggest media market in the world, thats why the biggest sports marketing agencies are in madison ave, i could already see rubio on telemundo with a gatorade and tmo commercials if he does get picked up by new york, if he doesnt the moment he walks through the door in minnesota you can start counting down the days till he bolts via free agency, unless he is overrated like telfair or horrific injury like livingston.

  • joe

    The knicks have nobody the timberwolves want david lee and jordan hill are power forwards the timberwolves already have big al and kevin love. Also rubio said that he would be fine playing in minnesota and would love playing with jefferson. Kahn and maybe even rambis are going to spain to try to get the buyout done so he can comeover and playfor the t-wolves. RUBIO WILL NOT BE A KNICK! Rubio already has 600,000 dollars in endorsements lined up if he can play for the timberwolves this year. also if the timberwolves are starting to get better and close to the playoffs when his contract runs out he will re-sign because why would he go to the knicks who will be worse than the t-wolves because they wont get wade, lebron, bosh, or stoudimire.

  • http://leogau.com Leo

    I agree that this is ridiculous. NY has no pick and no players to give Minn. Why was this even published.

  • http://www.hot1047fm.com Steve Gomez 10a-3p on Hot 104.7 Modesto, Ca

    Gotta love Knicks fans. They seem to be more concerned with the image of the Knicks then If they are actually winning games. Style over substance. Complaing about the Knicks playing “Euro” or “soft” basketball. But what if the Knicks start winning with that style?? Then all of a sudden they’ll be saying that the play “team” ball. They pass, cut, and play unselfish. Common traits of “Euro” style ball. Watch!

  • rolandtorres

    if this were fantasy league the commissioner would have to reject any more pointless trades from kahn.

    knick fans still living in past of riley’s ewing-oakley thugball teams but nba has already changed rules so get with it. it’s euro league rules now, so you’ll get euros and like it

  • DannyNY

    I don’t understand why everyone hates NY and the Knicks so much. Why is there so much hate for us? We haven’t been good in years and when they are actually trying to turn the franchise around people hate on them.

  • DannyNY

    I don’t understand why everyone hates NY and the Knicks so much. Why is there so much hate for us? We haven’t been good in years and when they are actually trying to turn the franchise around people hate on them. And for all of you jackasses that are saying the Knicks have noone to give Minn, I guess you have never heard of Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington or expiring contracts… please don’t be so ignorant just because you hate NY for whatever reason.

  • DannyNY

    And any TWolves fan that is hating on the Knicks saying how much they suck, you should take a look at your team… you had the best power forward in the game and gave him away…your team is a joke and light years away from being a contender so I guess we are in the same boat.

  • http://www.knicks.com John Starks

    What exactly has been the Knicks “style”? Losing? They don’t have style at all. For anyone who’s saying that they will go soft with Euro-style players, have you seen this kid play? In case you have forgotten, Gallinari IS a Euro player, and he looked pretty good in summer sessions. I doubt that you know more than Donnie Walsh and Kahn when you say that the Knicks have nobody to offer. Walsh is actually the best thing that could have happened to the Knicks. He’s not adding old talent to the roster like the old Knicks, hes building a great team and has a pretty good foundation with Chandler, Nate, Lee, Hill, and Douglas who looked fantastic in summer sessions. I for one would take Ricky Rubio over Duhon in an instant, Duhon is a cancer to the team who has no jumpshot and turns the ball over too frequently.

  • Stojko Jr.

    DannyNY, let me explain: people hate Knicks fans because you’re deluded enough to propose trading Ricky Rubio for Wilson Chandler.

  • LakeShow84

    I agree with the fake Starks!

    Bottom line is Rubio is major upgrade orver Duhon.. And bottom line is Rubio is set to succeed in an uptempo system because his forte’ is passing the rock and in an uptempo system what more do you want from a guard??

    The real question is what BS will NY make Minn. eat for dinner??

    could be Chandler and/or Lee with some Jeffries sprinkled in.. Wait is Jeffries still on the team??

  • utahJZZ

    i think Gallinari for Rubio might work,
    I think Ramon Sessions should take a long look at the Clippers

  • DannyNY

    Hey Stojko Jr.,

    First of all I didn’t propose a trade at all, I said that the Knicks have some tradeable players and Chandler is one of them. I would not expect you to know if Chandler is a top talent or not b/c I assume you do not live in NY and do not get to see him play too often. If you did, you would know that Chandler has the chance to be a borderline allstar. You are obviously a dumb bastard because instead of trying to discuss the topic like an adult you have to resort to being a wise ass bitch. So I guess you really have no good reason to hate NY other than you are a miserable fuck that I would love to kick the shit out of.

  • Kourosh

    I do think the Knicks have a tremendous opportunity in getting the dream team that they want despite having the salary cap drop in its recent projection. Eddy Cury and Jarred Jefferies’ contract makes a combined $19 million affecting 2010 cap space. If these two contracts were traded away and cleared, Knicks would only have 4 to 5 rookie contracts remaining for 2010 cap.

    Some how I believe a sign and trade of david Lee or a Nate Robinson for a possible Rubio and some other t’wolves veteran would do the trick. those are the knicks only trade asset that I believe would attract the wolves. If a trade is not made and by the looks of Rubio’s contract buyout, Rubio will stay in Spain for 2 more years… Time and money that the Wolves do not have.

    If Curry returns to his old form and can average close to 20 points 10 rebounds a game as he did back in the 06-07 campaign then I do see a possible mid season trade for T-mac. Knicks would offer Larry Hughes and Eddy Curry.

    With Yao out… Houston will certainly be enticed to this offer.

    If the Knicks are able to trade away and not take on Eddy Curry and Jarred Jefferies’ contract and a potential contract extension of David Lee. and bringing in Ricky Rubio and attaining t-mac’s expiring contract. Knicks will be well under the cap to sign two max players. Obviously its not a gaurantee to get Lebron, Wade, Bosh, however from the list of free agents I see in the class of 2010 the knicks can def. form a perenial team, by having proven veterans around the POTENTIAL young core of

    1. Toney Douglas
    2. Wilson Chandler
    3. Danillo Gallinari
    4. Jordan Hill
    5. Ricky Rubio

  • control


    I hope you or a family member gets cancer. Fuck you and Fuck NY.

  • SMAN..

    Well kourosh..thats seems like an ideal scairano, but realistically that wont happen. Houston wouldnt be interested in Eddie Curry, for the fact that he has a bad history of being injuried and overweight. There was one season where he was in shape and put up 20 and 10, which was his contract year. Also, his current contract takes away from the Rockets plans to spend in 2010. The Rockets also have signed David Anderson from Europe and is expected to be the starting center, a cheaper and more skilled player than Curry. I believe its in the best interest for the knicks to sign both Lee and Nate and build a young core which includes Chandler, Hill, and Gallinari. Because like you said its not a gurantee we get Wade or Lebron.

  • DannyNY

    See this is what i am talking about… People hate NY for no fucking reason… Control, that is really crossing the line, my younger brother actually died of Lukemia 2 years ago so I guess you got your wish… it is sad that you are that miserable a person to wish that on soemone… where the hell are you from? It’s funny how us New Yorkers are hated all over b/c we are such assholes but I don’t know anyone that would wish that on someone. You stay classy and proud.

  • Johnny Laker

    Control – That is crossing the line man, you are a punk ass bitch. Wishing cancer on someone is not a fuckign joke and it sure as hell ain’t funny… Danny is right, people have this hatred for NY but it seems like you are no better…. You deserve a punch right in the fucking face.

  • Piston Passion

    Wow, that punk Control took that too far… there is no need for that man, you are definitley showing that you are a big trash bag… You are probably a little faggot that sits home jerking it to his computer all day… you deserve a beat down. Don’t sweat it DannyNY

  • Guitar Hero

    come on, 90% of Europeans don’t even know there’s a city called Minneapolis.
    Of course there’s a big difference in having a future superstar as Rubio in NY or Minnesota.

    Now, can the Knicks work a sign-n-trade with Minny with D Lee and Nate for Rubio and change?

  • Guitar Hero

    and some asshole said Gallo is a soft player just because he’s an Euro? Please. Dumb bitch.
    Gallo is a tough guy, you’ll see…and a very good player.
    That dumb american idea that all Euros are soft is absolutely laughable.

  • joe

    The timberwolves dont want robinson or lee! if they wanted somebody it would probably be for someone like wilson chandler and somebody else. they already have love who is kinda like lee who is a good rebounder and has some good offensive skills and so we dont need lee. we dont want robinson if were going to trade rubio because then jonny flynn we’ll be our starter and robinson will want to be there starter the whole time he’s there. The timberwolves will only trade rubio if the trade actually has a chance to make them better instead of a give-a-way. if there is a trade it wont be for lee or robinson. i dont think there will be a trade though beacause the timberwolves dont really like chandler or else they would of traded the #5 pick to the knicks for the #8 pick and chandler that was reportedly offered on draft day.

  • Seven Duece

    Nothing like signing another euro-trash project with a cult following with another to make me glad i don’t live in NY. If the do, then hopefully Sessions goes to Philly and balls out. Maybe Miami can scoop him up.

  • LakeShow84

    Aye Danny..

    I feel ur pain bruh.. im from the BaY Area in Cali and everyone always got some necksense to speak about Frisco when most wouldnt make it out of certain areas.. Same with NY.. Just the country folk hatin on us city kids..

    “Writing to my peoples when they ask for pictures, thinking Cali just fun and bitches”

  • Museum

    Yeah, poor NY and Cali folk, you guys have it so hard. It’s like this: people hate on you guys because you think the world revolves around you. Case in point: thinking that Rubio would never want to play somewhere that isn’t NYC, and that the Wolves would trade him for any of the mediocre players on the Knicks roster. It isn’t going to happen. Yes, we’ve had a lousy team recently, but trading Rubio (at least for whatever NY would offer) wouldn’t help.

  • sweet

    Are F kidding this is the best rumor today I hope it is true cause I’m tired of sucking

  • redstorm11

    um you mean the world doesnt revolve around nyc?
    and its not us big city folk who want the players to play here, its the people who handle them. they want the most money possible since they only got a certain cut. big city offers something most mid level markets cant and that is exposure…exposure is free marketing, so companies such as tmo or gatorade or nike will pay a lil extra. why is brandon roy not the cover boy for a company? or al jefferson or deron williams? unless your name is chris paul or dwight howard and you re from a small/mid lever market team you are not going to get top dollar from a marketing stand point. here is another example al harrington goes to the knicks n gets his own line of kicks to sell at kmart you think that shit would happen if he was in golden state or indiana?

  • david

    Hello, I’m a DKV suporter of Ricky, and we see him playing and working for the team during the last 4 years. I don’t know if he will be playing here (badalona) next year but I hope that where ever he goes he will make the best and magic basket he use to do here. He is the Harry Poter of Masnou.

  • Museum

    Yeah, considering he started that line of footwear with Stephen Jackson and you can’t negotiate a deal like that, design the shoe and get in stores within a couple months, it so happens I do think that could happen if he was in Golden State. And what do you mean other than Chris Paul, other than Dwight Howard? So other than those two guys, other than Tim Duncan, other than LeBron James, other than T-Mac, other than VC, other than KG, other than David Robinson, you can’t get an endorsement outside a major market? That’s how it works, you become a front line star and you get endorsements like they do, it doesn’t matter where you play. Who are the NYC guys during or since Ewing that got a bunch of endorsements because of where they played? There aren’t any. If Rubio totally blows up, KG already showed you can get huge $$ in Minny. He’ll get plenty of smaller endorsements if he doesn’t turn out to be a bust. The difference between a major market and the others is vastly overrated.

  • Steve S.

    Would it surprise anyone if the PG that the Knicks were going to trade for was Flynn? The Wolves need a superstar and marketing machine (Rubio), while the Knicks need a more traditional PG (Flynn). The fact that Flynn played at Syracuse can’t hurt. I have NO real reason to believe this, other than the facts thate were provided, but it makes sense.

  • redstorm11

    You said it best they have to become front line studs, rubio is far from a sure thing which is why they want to get him the most money rite now. now i dont know about you but i dont see anyone dying to add tim duncan over say dwight howard in terms of marketing. so coming into the league you think telfair would have gotten that shoe deal with adidas if he wasnt from ny instead of lets say portland?

  • ReneNYG1

    Control your asshole.Rubio is going to be dishing to Gallo who will be dishing to Lebron,sign me up for championships,New York Rules we are the big apple and it’s a shorter flight to spain,Rubio my hommie and New York perfect together,the only player I ever herd compared to Pistol and Clyde in the same sentence.The world’s money revolves around New York the rest of you guys are fucken tokens,that’s why they hate us because we got the cash and they got the gas.

  • jay

    For you CONTROL…first, pls excuse my English guys cuz im not really good at it..Now, were just here to talk or discuss whats goin on out there with our fav teams..CONTROL, pls control your emotion ok, its just sport bro,to wish someone to have a cancer or to wish his family members to have that horrible disease is just unhuman.. a dear sister of mine just passed away of cancer and i witness how terrible this desease is, so i wont wish this to someone no matter how i hate him.. how woudl you feel if someone wishes you that..again its just sports bro…May GOD forgive you!!!

  • Rubio>knicks whole team

    This is coming from a timberwolves fan and this is all i can think of that may work but the knicks are giving up a lot.

    Timberwolves: Chandler, Douglas, Hill and Future 1st round pick

    Knicks: rights to Rubio(you can deal with it), Blount (this should about equal all there player or possibly Songlia since he has 2 years left)

    I also have to ask when does Curry’s contract expire he could be delt to the wolves if it ends next year.

  • Rubio>knicks whole team

    I tried this on trade machine

    Timberwolves: Curry(expiring this year), Douglas, Hill, Chandler

    Knicks: Blount, Brown, Cardinal, Rubios rights (they must sign him not us)

    We loose some cap space but get young talent

    I would consider it

  • http://dimemag.com/2009/08/nba-trade-rumor-knicks-pursuing-ricky-rubio/ Minnieapolis

    –Knicks get Rubio and Steve Blake
    –Blazers get re-signed David Lee (4-5 yrs @ $30-40M), Ronny Turiaf, and Kelena Azubukie – $15M contracts in / $15.5M contracts out
    –Wolves get re-signed LaMarcus Aldridge (4-5 yrs @ $30-40M but still making $6M this year), Anthony Randolph, and Monta Ellis $21M contracts in / $23.3M contracts out
    –Suns get Al Jefferson, Jerryd Bayless $14M contracts in / $16.3M contracts out
    –Warriors get Amare Stoudemire and Travis Outlaw $17M contracts in / $18M contracts out

  • http://deleted MNTwolves

    Now I know how Heat, Raptors and Cavs fans feel like. Whenever Bosh, Wade and Lebron are linked to reports of leaving to their teams and going to NY. The only difference with the Timberwolves is that we even haven’t seen Rubio with a Timberwolves jersey and NY fans/press are already clamoring over him to come and play for the NY Knicks. So let me guess, if NY had it’s way. Their starting lineup for next season would consist of LeBron and Bosh and some center at the frontcourt and then Rubio and Wade at their backcourt? LOL every NY fans would probably cream in their pants every time they see that lineup next season.

  • Museum

    Nah, definitely not for Telfair, but being a NYC playground legend has a lot of cache, that gave him a lot of notoriety. Rubio has a lot of cache too, and while the dollar figure might be a bit higher if he went to New York, at least at first, he’ll be fine in MPLS too. He already has a ton of money in local endorsements lined up that the Wolves are using in the buyout negotiations with his Spanish club. And he’s not a sure thing, but if he’ll get the benefit of the doubt if it does look like he’s going to be good, thanks to all those Youtube clips. People want him to be crazy good, he’s got a ton of hype. You may have already seen him (briefly) in a Gillette commercial in the US.

  • anen

    he only showed up in Gillette commercial for a split second I don’t think he got paid that much for that

  • Museum

    I doubt he got a large amount for that too, but I can’t think of any other European player who’s never played a minute in the NBA appearing in a TV ad in the US. No way that’s happened before. Point being that he’s going to be fine endorsement-wise no matter wherever he lands, assuming he doesn’t bust. Again, he’s already got a large amount lined up in the Twin Cities that could be used to help pay his buyout.

  • Museum

    “No matter wherever” = bad English, sorry.

    Just read some of the other recent comments. Wow. The internet. The ReneNYG1 one is the best, I can’t tell if it’s real or someone doing a parody of the New York Dork attitude. I’m sure there’s fans in NYC that aren’t total morons, redstorm11 seems to be a competent guy, but there are some serious crazies out there.

  • melg

    u idoits……… there is no way the knicks r gonna trade hill, chandler, nd douglas for rubio…… r u kidding me………. i think rubio should have stayed in spain who the hell is goin pay his buyout if he can only get 500,000 dollars…….. the knicks should get sessions. i dont know y the hell r the waiting for 2010 if they can get young talent now for a cheaper price……. nd lebron shouldnt come to the knicks…. it will be a 1 man team again like when stephon marbury was there…. they should learn from there mistakes…….

  • Stojko Jr.

    Danny, I’m sorry about your brother.

    On another note: in addition to berating me for (allegedly) not discussing the topic like an adult, you call me a “dumb bastard,” “wise ass bitch,” and “miserable fuck that I would like to kick the shit out of.” That’s excessive.

    As a non-NY sports fan, I find it frustrating that New Yorkers seem to think that exciting players from other parts of the country should be handed over to New York teams for little or nothing in return. And I know I’m not alone. The Rubio chatter is the latest in a long line of examples.

  • This will work

    Minnesota: Chandler, Hill, Douglas

    Knicks: Gomes, Rubio

  • DannyNY

    Stojko Jr

    You are absolutely right man, I apologize for getting defensive like that. It just annoys me how so many people hate on NY because they think we should get all the best players just because it is NY. That is not the case. We are just fans like everyone else. We want our teams to get the best players possible. Why is it crazy for the Knicks to look into getting Rubio if he is available? Granted, I agree that the Knicks may not be an ideal trade partner for the Twolves because we may not have any players that they are looking for. But why is it wrong for us to want our team to do its due diligence and look into every available player? Believe me, us Knick fans know what a joke they have been the last several years. I do agree that there are some fans that come up with the dumbest trade scenarios possible that aren’t remotely even. But that is the case for all fans of all teams, not just NY. And I don’t think it is being arrogant or cocky to say that a lot of players would like to play in NY because of all that the city can bring them (endorsements, night life, exposure etc…). That is not to say that I think badly of other cities and I think NY is better than everyone, I don’t. The reality is that NY is one of the biggest media markets in the world so why wouldn’t NY fans hope that the intrigue of playing in NY will help their team get top players? Why are the Knicks considered dumb for trying to clear their cap space so they can make a run at a Lebron or a Wade,or a Bosh? I realize that it is a longshot to get any one of those players but you still have to try. And if they don’t get any of those guys, it is never a bad thing to have salary cap flexibility. I realize that NY has a bad reputation but there is good and bad in every city. I just wish people would not stereotype a whole city because of a few knuckleheads. There are more than 8 million people in the city alone (the 5 boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island) and 19 million in the entire state. There are bound to be some jackasses mixed in with that many people.

  • Stojko Jr.

    It’s cool, Danny–and you make a lot of good points. Honestly, New York *is* a huge draw, which is one reason the rest of us get so defensive. (If I were LeBron, I’d want to win a championship in my hometown and then head to NYC asap.)

    And for the record…I don’t actually hate NY. I’m just a really frustrated Wolves fan who’s hoping this rebuild works out.

  • Feral


    The Knicks don’t have their 2010 first rounder to exchange to the Wolves in any Rubio trade. They already owe that one to Utah at the moment.

    This “rumor” doesn’t even deserve that somewhat pejorative name. It’s remarkably inconsistent with everything except the startling solipsism of New York fans, who think the Minnesota franchise will toss them an excellent point guard prospect for the likes of Wilson Chandler. It ain’t going to happen. Saying “it almost makes too much sense” is complete gibberish. It makes no sense at all, and Donnie Walsh said so in response to the draft-night hot air on ESPN almost two months ago now.

  • melg

    dis is all bullshit….. there is no way the knicks r gonna take rubio if he is gonna stay at spain for another 2 years.. they need a point guard now….. so they better go with sessions…… nd there is no way the knicks r gonna trade chandler, hill, nd douglas for rubio…. chandler is the only one who can defend in the knicks….. nd douglas can score way better than rubio… if the knicks r gonna trade for rubio its gonna be for cash..

  • melg

    actually i wouldnt even get sessions… he sucks at 3 pointers… 22%.. so basically 1 in every 5 three pointers he makes….. im think a.i. will do a little better than sessions in ny…….i dont think wat happened to marbury will happen to a.i. he was beasting with the nuggets until he was traded to the pistons who i think play old fashion nd slow…. for the knicks he will get to run a up tempo game…… nd the knicks can get him for 1 year for a cheap price nd see how it works out…. if he does good he can attract free agents in 2010 to the knicks….

  • melg

    if the knicks get no one this year… nd dont resign lee or robinson…. i think the starting lineup should be…
    C- Darko
    PF- Al
    SF- Wilson
    SG- Larry
    PG- Chris
    then coming off the bench…

    C- Eddy or Jared Jefferie- cause mike likes him for some reason
    PF- Jordan
    SF- Danilo
    SG- Joe
    PG- Toney

  • anen

    well this rumor is false afterall

  • MNciv

    Sure NY is a great place, but what all of us are guilty of is bias towards our place. Trading Rubio for NY’s garbage would be stupid from any other perspective other than the people in NY or the East Coast media. Sure, so much of it is about market size. The disparity is only made worse by the sense of entitlement NY fans have and their assumptions that all of us “out here” are just waiting for our chance to get to NY. Nothing could be farther from the truth. MN fans are loyal, but not stupid. If Kahn traded Rubio to NY you would see empty seats for a long time. Do you really think that the fans here would still support the team? They have to work hard enough for our support as it is. With the moves MN has made this year and the potential for 3 more 1st rnd picks next year people here are getting excited for basketball again. It’s obvious that the big media wants Rubio out there because they talk about these so called “rumors” so often. Look at it this way: If people in the big market towns didn’t look down on smaller markets then perhaps fans of the smaller markets wouldn’t hate larger markets so much. Some criticism is justified. The media spends far more time tearing down MN for its dumb decisions than it does reminding people how stupid the Knicks franchise has been in the last 5 years. We are honest about the mistakes our teams have made. The Wolves made some stupis decisions and we have been paying for them for years now. NY fans will have to live with the stupid decisions of their teams as well. Why should we help you out?