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One more impact player available for an NBA championship run

Either of them have room for S-Jack?

Either of them have room for S-Jack?

Just when you thought the serious NBA title contenders were done making moves for the summer, a potential game-changer may have just hit the market. No, it’s not Allen Iverson. In an interview with Dime’s Gerald Narciso yesterday, Stephen Jackson revealed he wants to be traded from Golden State, specifically mentioning the Cavs and indirectly mentioning the Spurs as two teams on his wish list. Here’s the thing, though: Jackson isn’t in any position to call the shots here. Remember, just last year he signed a contract extension that has him getting paid $10 million in 2012-13, when he’ll be 35 years old. The Cavs, Spurs, Celtics, Heat and a couple other playoff teams could use Captain Jack right now (Michael Beasley as trade bait?), but that contract looks like one that’s headed for the Knicks, if anywhere. (Oh wait, Isiah isn’t running that show anymore.) … Speaking of Iverson, straight from the Talking Reckless Files, ex-Sixers GM Billy King went in on his former nemesis/life-saver. Among other things, King told the Charlotte Observer that A.I., “never made the people around him better in the first place, because it’s always about Allen.” You can read the rest here. First of all, for whatever headaches A.I. may have caused King, he was also responsible for King being employed as long as he was. By carrying the crappy rosters King put together to the playoffs year after year, A.I. actually hurt his own chances at a championship because he prevented his GM from getting fired earlier … We’re not surprised, though; we knew it was a bad idea to let King talk in public when he first started popping up on NBA TV last year. That was a laugher right up there with ESPN hiring Matt Millen to help their NFL coverage. Seriously, if you were trying to be the foremost TV network covering hip-hop, and you could likely hire any ex-rapper who wants to get into TV work, would you choose to bring in Magoo, Pras and Skee-Lo? … J.R. Smith (7 games) and Jason Richardson (2 games) were each suspended by the NBA for the beginning of next season, stemming from their respective legal troubles. J-Rich pleaded guilty to DUI months ago — a case that was mostly overshadowed because Charles Barkley just happened to get in trouble chasing BJ McKie at the same time in the same city — while J.R.’s suspension stems from the ’07 auto accident in which J.R.’s friend was killed. Considering NFL receiver Donte Stallworth was suspended for an entire season due to his role in a fatal auto accident, do you think J.R.’s punishment was too light? … We can’t remember a role player being so publicly pissed off about being traded as Courtney Lee. Ever since Lee was shipped from Orlando to New Jersey as part of the Vince Carter deal, we’ve heard 3-4 times from either Lee or his buddy Dwight Howard speaking on his behalf about how upset and hurt Lee was over the trade. “I just hope [Orlando] will be happy for me when I grow into the player that they wish they had,” was the latest from CL Smooth. “I’d like them to one day say ‘I wish we would have kept him.'” Unless this is just a healthy bit of motivation, the kid needs to chill out. And realize that if it came down to you or Vince Carter, they’re gonna take Vince 10 times out of 10. Go talk to Quentin Richardson or Chris Gatling about stability in the NBA … Dime’s Austin Burton thinks Michael Jordan is overrated, although AB still thinks MJ is the No. 1 player of all-time. How’s that work? See for yourself … Notable stat lines from the FIBA Americas tournament: Leandro Barbosa scored 21 and Anderson Varejao had 19 points and nine boards in Brazil’s win over Argentina, whose only double-digit scorer was Luis Scola (19 pts); Walter Hodge put up 18 points and three steals, but it wasn’t enough to get the Virgin Islands past Canada; Carlos Arroyo posted 18 points and six dimes to lead Puerto Rico over Uruguay; and Greivis Vasquez had 17 points, five assists and two steals for Venezuela, but they lost to Panama … We’re out like Gatling …

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    That dummy did not justify why MJ is overrated!


    Note to Courtney Lee — Life difficulties are intended to make us better not bitter! God will forgive you!

  • Atom

    Jesus, Dimes’ lips must be tired from kissing Iverson’s ass all the time. King is just saying what any unbiased observer could see: Iverson does NOT make people around him better. Thats why he didn’t get an invite for the Olympic Team ( and Dime basically threw a hissy fit) and he has no team, and no decent suitors, right now. He has been a prolific scorer, and probably the greatest scorer ever of any player under 6′, but dude is selfish and his D is all kinds of weak. No reason to blast King for stating the truth.

  • L@zychuCK

    Dude but a President of ANY organization should save some face for a franchise player.. the one that brought in da tickets… the answer.. anyways A.I. was pretty sick to me while he played… Does GSW need Stephan Jackson.. that is my question

  • Atom

    Jackson is the only one who passes the ball. Without him, it will really be a team playing at the Y.

    I am not saying AI isnt sick, dude can is still wrecking defenses by himself when he has it going, but look at the last teams he was on. Both Detroit and Denver were playing better ball with him out of uniform. Basketball is 5 on 5, and Iverson gets into that “me against the world” mode too much. He will just keep dribbling looking for a seam and waste the shot clock. He has to step back and play within an offense if he has any aspirations of gettin on a championship caliber team.

  • Niko

    Couldn’t agree more with Atom about AI. Surely there’s a reason why reportedly the only offer he’s looking at is made based on his effect on ticket sales. But by all means let the ass kissing continue.

  • Lee

    I’d take Tony Parker’s 50% over Iverson’s 40% any day.

  • Arno

    Is J.R.’s punishment too light? Certainely not! The NBA isn’t a court of justice and one legal punishment is enough. Imagine that I get suspended from my job at Wal-Mart or GE for DUI : it would an intolerable intrusion in my personal life from my boss.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    People get fired for DUIs all the time…if you have an ethics clause in your contract it can take you out.

    Hey, anyone read THE PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF SPORTS IN AMERICA? I just finished it, and it is the best sports book that I have ever read. Check it out.

  • FedEx

    I agree with Arno, from a legal point of view JR paid his dues, why on earth does he have to serve a suspension in the NBA for it as well.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    Oh, and show me anyone who could make Aaron McKie, Eric Snow, Tyrone Hill, and Dikembe Mutumbo look like offensive juggernauts. Sure, AI hurt Stackhouse and Iggy’s offensive games, but dude was all heart, always played hurt, and carried a poorly run franchise for a decade. This hateration is too much for one of the 50 (yeah I said it) greatest players in the history of ball.

    And Austin was right on the Jordan issue. GOAT never walked on water, and was hated on before he matured into statue material. Yes, Mike is the beast of all time, but he is human. Like Barkley he’s a shitty gambler, and has had a terrible post playing career as a GM. And he had to jack a majority of his team’s shots to even be effective. Anything you hate on AI about, Jordan was guilty of too; he was just better at hogging the rock.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    And Mike didn’t care when kids were getting shot for his gear. No one ever did less with their national exposure to better humanity than Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Whether that’s because Republicans buy sneakers too, or whatever profit motivation lurked behind his decision making, he pointedly and repeatedly decided to be nonpolitical and uninvolved in public issues that his opinion on could have greatly changed.

    Yes the greatest, but still flawed, still human, just like all of us.

  • Bill

    So wait canada’s 2-0

    WHAT UP!!

  • Spliff 2 My Lou


    Celebrities shouldn’t be expected to be a force in social and political change. Yeah it would be nice if they were but you can’t fault them if they’re not. The last thing we need is more super rich people pushing the agendas of the wealthy. We already have enough senators and representatives who do that, both democrat and republican.

  • rangerjohn

    i would like steven jackson on my spurs but who do they trade to get him?

    actually thinking about it, how about steven jackson for matt bonner and roger mason jr, trade works on espn.

  • http://mundoalbiceleste.blogspot.com john

    Oh dear! This whole FIBA Americas has gone totally crazy with Venezueala losing to Panama and my team Argentina going 0-2 already after losing to Venezuela and Brazil (please check out my match report).

    It’s crunch time when they take on Panama in their next game which is a must win. Or else it’s gooodbye to soon for them. I’m very concern about this. Though we improved and played better against Brazil, the presents of Barbosa and Verajao was just too much. Scola is doing a great job but it is all too clear that he needs the rest of the team to step up to the plate.

    This is just insane!!!

    Should we fail to qualify on merit from this tournament, I think we could still go to Turkey as one of the wildcard berth based on their strong FIBA world ranking.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    @ Spliff

    I feel you, but as far as Jordan being faultless, that is just one of his flaws, in my opinion. Especially when you take into effect the tolls that big money has taken on athletes, from Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton in the League, to Curt Flood in professional baseball, who opened the door for players, like Jordan, to make the money and impact that they made in their careers.

    I don’t even need to bring Jackie Robinson into this conversation, but Al Harrington has done more with his fame and notoriety than the Mike that everyone wanted to be like. I’m not hating, I’m just saying…

  • http://BigTmusic.com Balla

    Know matter what anybody has told him, or says, Courtney Lee got traded because of that missed layup in the finals. You can not choke in the clutch in the biggest game of the season.

    I am still a fan of his, but he needs to watch more pro sports. Choking in a crucial game (unless you are Kobe), as a player or coach, will pretty much get you fired/traded/waived which ever is more beneficial to the team.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    not to say Mike doesn’t have his own charities.

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    @ john

    Varejao hit a 3? Andersen Varejao? Really?

  • control

    I don’t know if I could call Stephan “ghetto smurf” Jackson an impact player. Unless you are referring to the fact that he negatively impacts his team’s chance at a championship…He should shut the fuck up and work on his own game over the offseason, instead of hanging around Mobile, AL searching for leprechauns (proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZfyrIPw3wY).

    Dime, too bad you didn’t have a contest to interview some of the players you interview for Dime commentors. I’d love to have the chance to tell SJack he sucks.

  • jzsmoove

    Michael Vick, employed. AI, not employed. Cant say much about facts.

    Stechen jackson needs to chill out with this trade BS. Its just another example of players signing for big bucks to get theirs, then turning around “Trade me cuz this aint working” crap. Contracts should have a clause where if a player demands a trade, or forces a trade from management that he should pay a fee, or “buyout”.


  • jzsmoove

    Michael Vick, employed. AI, not employed. Cant say much about facts.

    Stechen jackson needs to chill out with this trade BS. Its just another example of players signing for big bucks to get theirs, then turning around “Trade me cuz this aint working” crap. Contracts should have a clause where if a player demands a trade, or forces a trade from management that he should pay a fee, or “buyout”.

    Austin Burton,

  • jzsmoove

    sorry for double post……….

    Austin burton, overrated……………

  • dmitry of jersey

    Stephen Jackson needs to shut up. If he wanted to play for a contender this year, should have held off on signing that extension. boo fuckin hoo.

    And he must be out of his mind if he’s considering Houston a contender. On Dallas, he would be the same position as Matrix.

  • dial up

    lol “A.i. had carried his sixers team for years.” That quote right there is hilarious, the sixers have sucked for years. Even without a.i., they’re at least making the playoffs every year unlike when he was there. He was always a mediocre player, and leader. 100 million dollar man??? Yeah, right.

  • Phileus

    Billy King ripping AI? Are you fucking kidding me? Aside from LeBron’s amazing Sweep Team, I can’t think of a worse one-man team making the Finals than AI’s Sixers. They would have had NO business being there, or even in the playoffs, if not for AI, let alone swiping one game from one of the top-5 all times teams at home.

    At the end of the day, AI gets into the Hall of Fame, and Billy King is forgotten by history.

  • Gunner J.Matthews

    Why did I see Walter Hodge’s name and say to myself “Is he still playing”?

  • Ross

    Jack’s already won a ring, he doesn’t need to be complaining about another one.

  • heavy d

    I saw Walter Hodge’s name and thought “THE Walter Hodge? No way.”

  • AB_40

    stephen jackson for bonner and some scrubs haha

    I can see bonner stealing minutes in GS together with devean george hahaha that’s what coach Nelson does

  • Mannywood29

    Even though I know this will never happen, I am tempted to say bring Captain Jack to the Lakers for a reunion with Ron Artest. I think this would be awesome. Not from a basketball standpoint, just for entertainment.

    Then again, S-Jack might be able to play pretty well within the triangle. He can handle bringing the ball upcourt, has the size to guard 3 positions, and shoots the 3 ball decently. Ron Harper 2.0, maybe.

  • jyoung4

    Stephen Jackson isn’t worth it. Any player that pulls this stuff isn’t worth it.

    http://www.BasketballinBlog.com – NBA News/Discussion

  • ponky_alolor

    Courtney Lee sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend.

    He’ll be fine. Well of course it wouldn’t hurt if he made that Finals lay-up and didn’t bite in ALL of Kobe’s pump fakes hehe.

    i initially thought cavs should trade guys like Delonte for S-Jack but that contract looks downright scary.

  • doc

    Its funny how King crappy rosters made the playoffs ever since AI left.

  • doc

    @Phileus-Yeah that sound real bright.A team that won 60 games and had the number 1 seed in the East shouldnt have made it.That Sixer team would humiliate Bron in them from that Finals year.We only beat LA once but played them closer than anybody else that year and they were one of the greatest ever.It basically comes down to if you wasnt to young and from Philly u know what that team was about.If you just one of them dickheads who think since somebody score the most points he’s the whole team u just one of those fans that dont know shit.Yeah he average 30.That dont get you where you wanna go or he would have made it them years he was averaging 30 and we was winning 20 games.Did yall ever see a game end 30-29,ok then.

  • doc

    Dont get mad because a cat that know AI and worked with him for years told what he feels.And u fans who never met the nigga AI a day in yall life gonna tell Billy he wrong?Fuck outta here!

  • Skeeter McGee

    Does AB think LeBron is already better than MJ, as well? Jesus. That was not a justification for such a bold, foolish claim…