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Random Question of the Day

Pac-Man (right)

Pac-Man (right)

How long would you last in the ring separately against (1) Manny Pacquiao, (2) Kurt Angle, (3) prime Bruce Lee, and (4) Anderson Silva?

As often as you guys call Dime writers crazy on a daily basis, you don’t even hear most of the insanity that goes on in the office. Every couple of days it seems, somebody says something just flagrant: From “I could beat J.J. Barea one-on-one!” to “I swear Melyssa Ford was giving me ‘The Look’ at a hot dog stand!”

Yesterday, somebody claimed he could last 10 seconds in the ring with Manny Pacquiao. Right now. Names will be withheld to protect the foolish, but we’re talking about a getting-on-30 former D-3 college point guard who is basically the Baron Davis of Dime’s main rec league, in that his conditioning keeps him from dominating. Given two months of training with a world-class trainer, our colleague said, he could go a whole round with Pac-Man.

Lined up across from the best boxer in the world (Pac-Man), how long could you stay in a fight? What about an Olympic gold medalist wrestler (Angle), a world champion MMA fighter (Silva), or the greatest pound-for-pound combat machine (Lee) the world has ever seen?

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  • theArsenal

    1st?! If you cant stay up in a ring against anyone for 10 seconds, you’re a donkey

  • Phung

    I’d say I couldn’t stay in the ring with anyone listed for longer than 10 seconds. Except for Kurt Angle. I could handle him for a solid 12.

  • Spliff 2 My Lou

    I have to agree 10 seconds should be doable. You’d have to run around a damn fool but it’s definitely doable. Anderson Silva and Kurt Angle would be rough though. I’m at least bigger than Bruce Lee and Manny so I have some kind of advantage albeit a small one.

  • http://youtube.com/jordanownskobe Pathological Lier

    I could be the heavyweight champion if I wanted to,slim down,then dominate the lightweight divison.

  • http://dimemag gyps

    ive had orgasms longer than 10 seconds, man up!

  • David_Brandon

    watch everyone gonna talk wreckless now…

    my dude silva is way too nice to even talk about. if you watch ufc, you know what he did to rich franklin.

    bruce lee…man, i wanna say i could take him, but being way real?? i just dont wanna get hit w/ that infamous inch punch he put ni**as to bed w/. lol

    pac man? hmm, i box too so i’m not really worried about him. 10 seconds is whatever. he’s gotta watch his chin too, cause anybody can get got. ask carmelo.

    kurt angle tho? i could wear his ecw ass out…

  • sh!tfaced

    If I’m getting guaranteed money no matter what happens, like they do in boxing, wrestling and MMA, then I’d flop like Ginobili on the first solid punch, stay down and get paid…

  • http://dimemag Gus

    bwoosh wee was wack i bet he never counted to infinity

  • Michorizo

    I would kick Manny in the Nuts…that should buy me atleast 15 seconds

  • Gus

    10 sec with bruce lee?? really? bet he never counted to infinity. chuck norris would whooop his ass. I’d also rather get a piggy back from chuck chuck instead of brucey

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    I can backpedal, ten seconds is possible. I’ve been great a dodging punches my whole life, but Angle would be tough to get away from.

  • LakeShow84

    I could hang 10 with Manny cuz i would act like i knew what i was doing and he would be cautious..

    I doubt i could hang with Kurt Angle seeing dude won an olympic gold medal in wrestling and its easier to get dropped FAST wrestling than boxing..

    I doubt i could hang with Silva cuz dude would catch me slipping after 5 seconds.. the man is nasty from the feet up..

    Bruce Lee would murder all three of these niggas so i damn sure wouldnt step in a ring with him.. Anyone read his book?? Bruce was a real life God of War..

  • the cynic

    i never saw bruce lee in a real fight, but im sure he would mop the floor with me.

    Kurt Angle is one of the best wrestlers of all time, but I could probably last at least a full minute of fighting off my back, if i just drop to my back to start the fight, before getting KTFO

    Not sure of Pacman’s range but i have a near 80in reach and could probably land a couple of jabs in the 30 seconds it would take him to bust me up inside

    I probably couldn’t do anything against Anderson Silva, but he might decide to play with me for a full 10 minutes before knocking me out

  • the cynic

    for anyone who wants to see a real flop youtube

    Burke vs Tank Abbott

  • Celts Fan

    Anyone that thinks they’d last longer than 3 seconds against anyone is a damn fool (other than MAYBE Pac Man – it’s harder to win really quickly in boxing. It might take him 3 punches to put me out instead of one quick strike it’d take the other 3.)

  • Taj

    Who ever said that was foolish! Look at Manny smiling in that pic above while Diaz’s face looks like its been in a blender on “frappe” for a few mins! LOL.. That should make whoever said that re-cant…

    Bruce or Silva would probably be the only ones I would even dare challenge. They seem like nice enough guys, they would let you have a couple shots in before they turned it on.

    Angle just got busted with HGH in his ride, so he’s most likley coo coo!

  • Mack Brownee

    1)30 seconds b/c I could dance around the ring to buy some time before being knocked out

    2)15 seconds which is the amount of time it would take angle to catch me

    3).01 seconds no explanation needed

    4)7 seconds rough estimate of how long it would take for silva to knock me unconscious

  • jerricboy

    stop dreaming… 10 seconds with pac-man would be impossible for the ordinary person. he can hit you with your guard up and still knock you out. he’s got a meanest badest left hook. ask ricky.

  • http://smack! JOB33

    1) At least 27 seconds with Pacman. Reason being, they count you out at 10 seconds. I could just fall 3 times and let the ref get to 9.

    2) However long they got me written in the script for.

    3) Easily 15 minutes, ’cause I’d be clutching his ankles and kissing his feet.

    4) Right after the beginning round glove tap.

    But really though, toe to toe, pound it out brawling, 15 seconds at most. And that’s if I’m lucky.

  • Patrick

    I think 30 with manny. the other 3 as long as they wanted to let me. maybe 1 or 2 seconds

  • That’s whats up

    I wouldn’t last 20 seconds with those 4 mentioned, my ex-girlfriend or my current mother-in-law

    that’s just fact

  • Tim W

    bruce lee will own

  • http://smack! JOB33

    Yo where’s QQ? I figured that fool would be talking about sending a picture of his abs to all those guys and scaring them off.

  • foolio_iglesias

    Man,Pac man would probably wear me out in 2 minutes,Bruce Lee would probably just kick the shit outta my arms and legs,Silva would just grab and break me up without much ado,and Angle would do the same,wow,I would just run,really,because those dudes are trained to react to weak ass feints and to immediately counter opponents strikes…so attempting to throw a punch or kick would just result in me getting fucked up two times quick fast….

  • http://smack! JOB33

    look up Bruce Lee on wiki. I checked it out a couple months back. Some of the shit he could do is mind boggling.

  • Gunner J.Matthews

    Angle is the only one who I have a chance of beating

  • JR

    Pacman would chomp on you, if he saw that your boxing stance was messed, but if he thinks you could box, 10 seconds MIGHT be possible. 5 more seconds before he realizes that he can KO you with nothing more than his jab.

    Bruce, well I never really saw him, but in movies, I’d stay out of his way. If you ever saw old videos of Danny Inosanto (who trained with BL) then you probably wouldnt want to mess with the master.

    Silva, he is trained to take you down on the mat asap, but he might dance around for 10 secs just to see if there is a chance you might get a lucky punch in.

    Angle, he is trained to take you down asap, so no either.

    D3 PG, hmmm I wonder who that could be.

  • gohead

    If anderson silva toyed with me for 10 secs, i’d last. that guy is a beast. he’ll either knock you out or triangle choke u to death.

  • Ian

    im three times the size of manny so ill take him a while to wear knock me down.

    angle would prob suplex me in a couple of secs.

    lee wouldnt even get in the ring but then again i prob wont feel a thing itll just be goodnight for me.

    silva no idea who he is.

  • Tim W

    no one would have a chance against bruce lee:

    Lee also appeared at the 1967 Long Beach International Karate Championships[39] and performed various demonstrations, including the famous “unstoppable punch” against USKA world karate champion Vic Moore. Lee told Moore that he was going to throw a straight punch to the face, and all he had to do was to try and block it. Lee took several steps back and asked if Moore was ready, when Moore nodded in affirmation, Lee glided towards him until he was within striking range. He then threw a straight punch directly at Moore’s face, and stopped before impact. In eight attempts, Moore failed to block any of the punches.[42]

  • http://smack! JOB33

    @ Ian
    Size don’t matter unless you’re a porn star

  • sh!tfaced


    sending pics of his abs and his douche ‘dragon’ tats

  • Da_Griff

    Man, bruce lee would kick you upside the head in a second. Too fast. He used to break heads by accident just fooling around on set.

    Angle… Submission holds take longer than 10 seconds.

    Pac Man? Drop your hands for a second and you’re goin’ DOWN! Some dude up there reckons you can “pretend to know what you’re doing”… hahahahahahaha. Dumbass!

    I’ve never seen silva, but i gather he’d just put you on the floor then punch the living crap out of you. You would not last 10 seconds.

  • http://smack! JOB33

    @ Griff

    Silva is straight sick on his feet, but he is a black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu(sp). But his stand up game is straight nasty.


    Bruce Lee — The greatest martial artist that ever lived.


    Why a prime Ali isn’t on the list? Or a prime Mike Tyson?
    Ali > Tyson BTW!

  • iain.

    ‘They don’t know Melyssa Ford drive a Honda Accord’ haha..

    I doubt anyone here could last 10 seconds unless they have trained self defence at a pretty high level, or just have a granite chin.

    QQ been sending people pics of his Abs WTF?

  • M Intellect

    Sending Abs is gay.

  • rangerjohn

    this all depends on the rules.
    pac man, in a boxing match, maybe close to a round maybe the whole round simply due to size.

    kurt angle, for all those “i could last with kurt” simply because he went the wwe route, NO F*ING WAY! did anyone see the pros vs joes with him, where he took it relatively easy on the joes?

    @ cynic, you gonna drop to your back with a wrestler? and olympic wrestler? wow thats crazy, you got some nuts on ya.
    again a minute is a long time with angle.

    bruce lee, he was MMA before mma was mma. in his prime apples to apples, no man under 200 lbs is beating him, maybe even under 220 or so. he was a freak, if you get a chance there is a show that comes on now and then on like vh1 or something about bruce, it is awesome. he would put most men down in under a minute pretty easy. and chuck norris aint got shit on bruce.

    and now for anderson, i could last a round with anderson, he is a counter striker, he doesnt “attack” until you do. so all that needs to be done is dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge!

  • http://www.twitter.com/jl94x50 Justin

    No need to withhold names…it was me. And the claim was that if I had Roger Mayweather as my trainer, and trained for 60 days, I could last 10 seconds in the ring w Many. I still don’t doubt it. 10 seconds is a long time….

  • control

    I could last more than 10 seconds against any of them, my sheer size would put most of them off for at least 10 seconds.

    As for having a chance, they’d all kick my ass, and in less than one round. They are all world class trained fighters, anyone who ISN’T a world class trained fighter is just a retard if they think they could hang with them in a serious situation.

    That being said, Bruce Lee would probably beat any of the guys listed, with Silvia standing the best chance of lasting longer than a round. That guy was absolutely insane, maybe one of the most athletically gifted people in history…

  • …IIIII…

    everyone saying they could do it needs to stop and actually count ten seconds…… then try work out how much time the single punch manny would throw that would knock you the fuck out will take.

    it only took 2 rounds for him to knockout the former world champ, aint nooooo fatty net geeks lasting longer than 3 seconds unless they just curl up in a ball on the floor and cry.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I’d last 12 with Pac.
    I’d probably get beat up by Lee
    I’d would be fine against Silva as long as it doesn’t go to a ground game.
    I’d beat Kurt in WWE type wrestling lol, but in real wrestling I most def. could hang probably a minute on Kurt easy.

  • dukesman2000

    Give me golf club and I’d f*ck ‘em all up

  • rangerjohn


    i would say you would rather have silva on the ground then standing, his muay thai is pretty sick. he is a bjj blackbelt but is not known for his ground game.

    anderson silva
    Record 25 – 4 – 0 (Win – Loss – Draw)
    Wins 15 (T)KOs ( 60 %)
    4 Submissions ( 16 %)
    6 Decisions ( 24 %)
    Losses 2 Submissions ( 50 %)
    1 Decisions ( 25 %)
    1 Other ( 25 %)

  • rangerjohn

    here is the trick to beating them all


  • Simon

    I wouldn’t last 10 seconds with any of these killas! I would have an instant heart attack out of fear just watching them come at me.

    What are some other good ones to battle? Steven Seagal anyone? What about JCVD?

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Yea but my ground game sucks but my stand-up is vicious. So I got to go to my strength too.

    But you gave me even more hope knowing that if it goes to the ground I still got a fighting chance lol.

  • KT

    I don’t that Manny Pacman is the best boxer in the world, that would be Money Mayweather whose 24/7 ad is at the bottom of the page.

    i could go a good thirty secs with Pacman b/c or pure strength.
    Bruce Lee would probably end my life
    Silva would probably make me an espn top play
    But I would go at Kurt Angle, real wrestling style, im talking greco-roman. I wouldn’t get pinned but he would def out point me

  • rangerjohn

    yeah poppi, i would say there is a lot of hope on the ground with him either but it is safer then standing lol

    i just really find it funny how many people show little to no respect for the wrestler, is it because of wwe? or because he doesnt KO people? be sure that kurt angle would pin you, be sure that kurt angle would take any positions he wanted and know that he would absolutely groun and pound you to a deep sleep.

    let me put it this way, kurt angle is a BETTER wrestler then randy couture, brock lesnar, and bobby lashley all. those 3 men are VERY dangerous but bigger then kurt.

    winning a fight is nto all about how gets KOed, the gracie family showed that for the last 80 yrs

    as for steven segal and JCVD, laughable lol. i dont know who i would rather fight more, they are both so weak. our mma school used to have a guy teaching aikido (what Steven segal does) and it was laughable, the whole point of aikido is that your “opponent” works with your movement, even the instructors will tell you it is not a “fighting martial art” but one to help achieve “enlightenment” and to “better ones mind”.


    Give me the right amount of money, I would fight a lion!

  • Maynard

    Austin, your esteemed colleague sounds kind of like a guy I knew in college who told me he thought one of us could hang with Prince Naseem Hamed, who was at the time a champion at 126. Never mind that the guy could punch through a brick wall.

    Hearing this anecdote from your office makes me understand why for the most part, your articles are by far the most worthwhile thing on this site.

    Haha… Angle would OUTPOINT the guy above me. If by outpoint, you mean rip your leg off at the knee with a toehold. And I agree, 30 seconds with Pacquiao sounds right, except 25 of them would be spent trying to revive you.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Yeah it’s easy for all these cats to talk crap behind computers and maybe they beleive some of this bull but you get in the ring with any of these guys and I guarantee you start crying after the first 2 minutes and begging for it to be over. Especially with the boxer and the MMA guy. Have uou ever tried to punch anything for 10 minutes straight? It’s tiring as hell. Or have you every been put in a leg lock by an MMA fighter or had your arm snapped from the elbo down? LOL it’s almost comical to even think about but I would pay top dollar to see an average joe just jump in their full contact.

  • rangerjohn

    anybody catch bully beatdown?

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Oh and don’t even talk about Bruce Lee that cat can whoop anybody on that list. The Dragon would punch you six times before you started to raise your fist.

  • Ian

    ranger didnt segal have mafia ties or someshit like that he would prob just shoot u in the ring.

    size always matters she lied man.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    rangerjohn as usual you are clearly the expert on this area (fighting).

    Yea I take nothing away from Kurt in real wrestling and me saying I can last a minute is 30 seconds of running around and avoiding lol.

  • Simon

    With all due respect Papa Doc, do you honestly think you could last 30 seconds in an ankle lock? I’m not even disputing that you might be able to run around for 30 seconds, but that 31st second is going to hurt like a muthafucker!

    Steven Seagal can kill people with credit cards. Tell that guy Seagal was just working with his movements…

  • rangerjohn


    i do pride myself on the whole fighting stuff lol i been training for a long time. sambo, jkd, BJJ(my fav), muay thai (best striking art hands down), some boxing, wrestling.

    not to sure about segals mafia ties but i would not put it past him lol. but you know your art sucks when they have to VISIBLY speed you up and slow your opponents down in your movies to make you look better lmao (what was his movie on the train, dont fuck with the cook?)

    here you go these guys are my fav

    if you look close, stephan bonnar is on toward the end

  • Simon

    Dear rangerjohn,

    Please stop talkin’ smack about my boy! I don’t care how many different styles you are trained in, I will hurt you. No matter what, heart and determination always win and that is something no amount to training can give you…

  • rangerjohn

    lmao @ simon

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    I personally can’t see how any of you can talk about another grown man whipping your ass seriously. Where I’m from that’s just not reasonable. And to be honest, if Pac-man rushed any of you for 10seconds/1 round with non-stop punches, none of you make it to 10 seconds. The idiot wrestler and MMA fighters don’t know how to execute real techniques, they just fall to their back and fight from the ground…. extremely gay and. Bruce Lee… seriously shouldn’t even be in the discussion, he would decimate anyone/anything living or dead.

  • doc

    I would get Kurt from afar unless he got me in a ankle lock then im tapping out.Silva I dont know about but I assume he one of those grab and muscle you dudes in the ufc so I could keep my distance and pop away at his head.Manny is a little fuck that I would pick up and slam the shit out of because he boxes better than me.And as far as I know Bruce was a movie star and I never seen him fight for real so id whip that ass.If he so untouchable Bruce Leeroy must be the GOD.That cat catches bullets and glow.Bottomline,fuck lasting 10 seconds I’ll knock them all the fuck out…or die trying.

  • Claw

    Bruce was a movie star? Seriously?
    Step up your f*ing game and have some type of knowledge. Dude was a boxing champion as a teenager and studied under some of the most world renown masters of karate and established his own form of Karate: Jeet Kune Do.

    You sound like the same type of guy that challenged Bruce when he was shooting Enter the Dragon, called him a movie star and that he was a bitch. Bruce had him come down and fight, guy was alot bigger than him and Bruce moved around and guy couldn’t touch him. Then Bruce just knocked him the f*k out.

    Now Bruce Lee vs Jet Li, that would be some sh*t to watch.

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Simon surely you have seen the reversal of the ankle lock lol.

    Anyone should really be able to last 10 with any of these dudes unless you one of those idiots that rush in. 10 is nothing. Pretty much if you get KO’ed in 10 …well you should have gotten KO’ed lol.

    Laughing at some of these cats talkin reckless who’d probably get done by Cyborg…..the lady not the man.

    Ain’t a man living that can’t get caught slippin though, I don’t care who you are.

  • doc

    @Claw-See somebody like you,I’d just walk up on you real fast like Say What and E Honda the shit out of your face while telling you how studying Bruce Lees lifestory wont get you nowhere in life except in this spot for this asswhipping for coming on here like you his son.Fuck Bruce Lee and he wont do shit to me in 10 seconds.And Bruce Leeroy would’ve tore fire through his ass,Shonuff too.Bitch.

  • the cynic


    like you said it all depends on the rules of the fight. I think i could keep Angle in my guard for at least a little while; hell I could probably pull guard against Pacman, sweep him, mount, take his back, and choke him out. Or get knocked out trying

  • rangerjohn

    ok poppi here you go, not rushing in just straight up KTFO!


    the key to a boxer, leg kicks. a punch is generated in the toes and up the legs through the hips torso and so on but the power really starts in the legs. leg kicks also keep him far enough away he cant punch you and you dont have to worry about being taken down because a boxer damn sure dont want on the ground.

    cynic, i would say i bet you could pull guard on pacman because he would not know whats up. kurt on the other hand if you pulled guard i think would ground and pound your face and not even try to get out much like tito. drive to the cage, wall, fence, what ever and elboys and punchs

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    ranger i have seen that and what is ill, is how dude is falling in slow-mo. Like I said, any dude can get caught slippin.

    That is crazy everytime I see it lol.

  • rangerjohn

    tim sylvia is a 6’9″ joke! he is the clumbsyest, most aukward fighter ever.

    it still amazes me how he won so many fights. the only thing he has is reach, he has some gorilla arms

  • Curt G

    All of ya’ll are some damn fools! I have been rolling while I red these posts… ALL OF THEM!! This is BY FAR some of the funniest sh*t I have ever read! My wife thought I was on some comedy site and could only roll her eyes when she saw I was on Dime! Dime, ya’ll need to ask some more question like this so I can read some of the hysterical bullsh*t that some people post on here!

  • Claw

    His son could kick your ass in 10 seconds also – and he’s dead. Pull a Crow on your a**.