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Rick the Ruler loses control; updates on Rubio, A.I. and Beasley

Don't you look at me!

Don't you look at me!

Rick Pitino is buggin’. Still firmly in the eye of the storm surrounding his sex/extortion scandal (with all sorts of salacious terms like “FBI” and “adultery” and “psychological evaluation” and “blackmail” being thrown around daily), Pitino called a press conference at Louisville yesterday to wag his finger at the media Rafael Palmeiro-style for covering this story. “[What] I don’t understand is why you keep fostering this behavior. On a day where Ted Kennedy died, the news here in Louisville broke in with Karen Syper’s (the woman in question) audio and the tapes and detectives. That’s a pretty sad commentary on us.” After telling society to focus on more important things (“like the economy”), Rick urged UL fans to simply boycott the newspaper and TV news, he came up with this line: “All I did was stand up to a long laundry list of people who passed away today who couldn’t stand up because what was done was wrong.” What? … So Pitino wants people to stop talking about his case, but then he goes and calls a press conference on his own to attract even more coverage, and even worse, he provides replay-able material for “The Soup” (or “Sports Soup” or whichever spin-off applies). Some reactions we’ve heard are that Pitino is talking like a guy who’s about to get fired. What do you think will happen after all this is settled? … Meanwhile, the Ricky Rubio saga is over. For now. Maybe. Rubio reportedly agreed to a six-year deal with Regal Barcelona (Spain), which includes a manageable buyout after the second year (2011). Last we heard, T’wolves GM David Kahn couldn’t be reached for comment; he was in a hotel room carving “KAHN WAS HERE” on a wood banister and wondering why they won’t just send him back to where things make sense … If Kahn is looking for a distraction, maybe he should get involved in the Allen Iverson sweepstakes. Iverson appeared to be a lock for the Bobcats a few days ago, but now the Grizzlies have made an offer. You know how we feel about those who insist A.I. will be a bad influence on Memphis’ (or any team’s) young stars. Iverson knows the rest of his career is on the line here; O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay will only improve thanks to his presence. But can A.I. co-exist with the Grizzlies’ star big man? … We suppose it’s good breaking news that Michael Beasley‘s entry into a rehab center was something planned a long time ago (stemming from the NBA rookie transition program incident with Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur) and not a result of some offseason weed bender like some imagined … And good looking out by D-Wade to publicly support Beasley when everyone was wondering how this situation would impact Wade’s free agent decision: “Everyone say a prayer for our lil brother, but please don’t judge the man,” Wade wrote on Twitter. “We all make mistakes. Beas I’m here if you need anything fam.” … If you missed it yesterday, Dwight Howard spoke to Dime in an exclusive Q&A about his NBA Live 10 cover, his offseason improvements, Orlando’s offseason moves, and the one time he beat Vince Carter in a dunk contest … Dwight was an easy pick as the best center in the game this past season; here are five guys on pace to join him in that discussion next year … Notable stat lines from the FIBA Americas tournament opening day: Leandro Barbosa scored 21 and Anderson Varejao added 10 points and 10 boards to lead Brazil over the Dominican Republic; Francisco Garcia had 17 points, five threes and five blocks for DR, while Charlie Villanueva scored 14 and Al Horford had just five points and seven boards in a foul-plagued 18 minutes; Esteban Batista posted 23 points and 13 boards in Uruguay’s win over the Virgin Islands, who didn’t have Raja Bell in the lineup after all; Venezuela knocked off Argentina despite Luis Scola‘s 25 points, as Oscar Torres led the winners with 22; and host Puerto Rico beat Mexico, getting 16 points and five steals from Larry Ayuso, and 15 points and 11 assists from Carlos Arroyo; Romel Beck scored 26 for Mexico … Meanwhile, in the most obscure FIBA regional tourney, New Zealand beat Australia in the two-team FIBA Oceania Cup. (There are 21 actual nations that could field teams in the Oceania region — Samoa, Fiji, Guam, etc. — but since 1999, it’s been a two-team “tournament”.) Mika Vukona led NZ with 25 and 12 boards, while “The Aussie Shaq scored 17 for the losers, who were without Andrew Bogut and Patty Mills … We’re out like Pitino’s calm under pressure …

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  • http://www.kikaayacollegeschool.net smity far away

    nice shawshank reference.

  • That’s whats up

    Minnesota Bites: The Wrath of Kahn

  • Ashlov

    Love the Shawshank reference, nicely played.

  • http://boomgoesthedynamit.com Soopa

    5 blocks and 5 threes? Only in internatinal play lol!

  • Rafa23

    I second what smity and ashlov said. well done

  • knoc

    wow. didnt know vukona had it in him to score in double digits

  • Flip

    Tell me again why Esteban Batista is not in the NBA… At least he’s one of the few South American centers/PF’s that can bang with the big boys in the league.

  • Phileus

    Flip I think he was with the Hawks a while back. He does have the skill to get backup time but can probably earn more, and get more playing time, elsewhere

  • quest???

    @ flip because he sucks…. i was there for all the games..The Dominican Republic had bad luck Horford fouled out and right after he fouled out, Charlie V fouled out. It was sad seeing argentina getting their asses beat by a shitty team. The Puerto Rico vs Mexico game was over by the third quarter. Mexico’s center looked like a cone, he had the biggest beer belly ive ever seen.

  • sh!tfaced

    @7 That’s because SCOT POLLARD beat him for a Celtics roster spot in 07-08.

  • kauhl

    Barbosa’s stat line yesterday is deceiving. He played poorly for Brazil in a meaningful game. AGAIN!
    Alex Garcia and Splitter were the ones who saved the day.

  • Kobeef

    Not sure if anyone has seen these yet but converse has gone back to its roots after Wade’s departure. Here’s the Converse Weapon EVO – which I think is better than any of the Wade shoes..and pretty tempting to any long time lakers fan.


  • len-e

    the thought of a grizzlie core of iverson, gay, mayo and gasol remind very much of the former-day nuggets. those who were mediocre at best.

  • melvin

    I find it very interesting that Beasley planned to enter rehab last year after the incident at the rookie camp. If you recall, this incident only involved Kansas players Darrell Arthur and Mario Chambers. If Beasley was indeed linked to this situation it seems like his name would of originally been mentioned last year…..
    Check out this link NO mention of Beasley what so ever!!!!


  • http://www.dimemag.com Patrick Cassidy

    @That’s What’s Up –

    Love “The Wrath of Kahn.” That will clearly be a Dime headline online or in the mag in the very near future.

  • isotope


    interesting article. Confessions of an NBA scorekeeper. (NBA where fudging happens)

  • Dagomar


  • doc

    Yeah if I was Pitino i would just shut up.He smashed a chick in a resturant wow.These dudes acting like they wouldnt pull that G card out on occasion if they had it.

  • That’s whats Up

    @ Patrick Cassidy

    It makes me sad you’ll have to leave out the Minnesota Bites part, but I understand….

  • Soon 2 Be Famous

    i def wsnt a d wade fan b4 but he just earned a lotta respect in my book for being there for beasley

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    @ Kobeef I like the original weapons that Magic wore better.

  • http://www.drewleague.com JC

    Romel Beck is a beast. He killed a few years back in the tourney of the Americas (when redeem team first was put together)… I think he was 2nd or third in scoring for the tourney that year. He needs an NBA look!

    Here he is catching Kobe:


  • Da_Griff

    @melvin, you have no idea do you?
    Beasley skulked out before the officials got there and caught Darrell and Mario in the act.
    Pat Riley found out he’d been involved after the fact and forced Beas to confess. He got fined $50,000.00 for that little transgression.

    Get your facts straight chump.

    And as for Nate Jawai, poor bastard was hamstrung last year. They wouldn’t let him play til the season was practically over because of his heart. It is literally BIG. Turns out it’s been big all his life and was a non issue. As a result, he never got to learn the offence and had to sit out so much basketball that he never caught back up. He needs a chance.

  • http://nba.com/knicks Tracy

    Rick Pitino’s brought up everybody except Micheal Jackson’s doctor..lol..The World Trade,Kennedy..etc

  • Chi-Tizzle

    How does Dwight beat Vince in a dunk contest. Dwight is like eight feet tall and Vince jumps over people. There should be a height limit for the dunk contest. 6’7 and under.