NBA / Aug 18, 2009 / 11:10 am

Ron Artest: “Kobe’s Probably The Closest Person To Michael Jordan”

Ron Artest

While all the internet chatter lately has centered over which team has had the best offseason, Ron Artest must believe the Lakers are head and shoulders above the rest, comparing the Lake Show to the Bulls of the late 90s.

“The opportunity was unbelievable. I get a chance to play with Kobe, Michael Jordan‘s my favorite player, Kobe’s probably the closest person to Michael Jordan, so I get to kind of relive that whole Chicago Bulls thing growing up, that was my favorite team,” Artest told 790 The Ticket in Miami.

“So, Phil Jackson, you got Kobe Bryant, you got myself at the three like Scottie Pippen, you have a clutch shooter in Derek Fisher like a Steve Kerr, you have Lamar Odom like a Toni Kukoc, it’s just fun, it’s a dream. I thank God so much to be in this situation, get a chance to win, playing with the defending champs, and I’m in LA ’cause you know I love the spotlight.”

If the Lakers now were to play the Bulls then, who do you think would win?

Source: RealGM

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  • the_don_mega

    ’96 Bulls…

  • Bill


    artest will never pippen

  • barons beard

    Kobe better watch those ribs in practise in that case

  • foolio_iglesias

    The Bulls.Anyway,Ron Artest says things like this everytime he joins a team,which is Ok ,I guess.

  • flavur

    That’s not even a question MJ please forgive DIME for they know not what they do.

  • the_don_mega

    @flavur – lmfao!!!

  • shake&bake

    It’s pretty even when you look at the other matchups (besides 2 and 3), except I would give Gasol the advantage over Rodman or Longley.

  • karizmatic

    The Bulls…and it wouldn’t even be that hard either 5, 6 if they were taking it easy.

  • Metropolitan’s Finest

    Lakers of 2010 by

    Are you kidding me!?

    The Black Mamba and Ron Ron against Mike & Ike and Flat nose pippen

  • Soopa

    You got Andrew Bynum like a Bill Wennington…

    I know its a kinda harsh comparison. Wennington actually won a few games for the bulls back in the day.

  • 12t

    I think these Lakers would have given the 96 bulls a serious run for their money (and possibly beat them) in a seven game series.

    I agree Ron Artest is no Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman would have Pau Gasol wishing he was taking a siesta. But Jordan & Bryant would basically one-up each other back and forth to the point of cancelling each other out. (Yea I did just say that I think Kobe could match-up with Jordan. Jordan isn’t “that much” better than Bryant.)

    As a result the games would come down to the match-up at center and the bench. In that case, the Lakers trump the Bulls and make up for getting beat by Pippen.

  • Sam I Am

    Go lllllakkkeerrrsss!

    Bulls would go down!

  • Dagomar

    Jordan is much better than Kobe. Let’s get that out of the way first. Do we really need to go into stats here? Or big-game performance? Come on.

    It’s better and more accurate to compare Artest with Rodman. Rodman is a significantly better player.

    Pippin is better than anyone on the Lakers other than Kobe.

    Bottom line: the Lakers are a bit deeper and their frontcourt is better (Gasol is still wildly underrated), but the Bulls are so strong at several key positions that it doesn’t matter. I think Bulls in 6.

  • isotope

    When these Lakers 3peat, then ask me this question again

  • alex

    hahaha! maybe if the Lakers win 70 games, then you can start comparing.

    That Bulls team had 3 players on the all nba defensive FIRST TEAM.

  • Soopa

    Honestly, if you put Pippen, in his absoluty prime, in instead of Kobe on this Lakers team would the Lakers really be worse?

    22 points, 8.7 boards, 5.6 dimes 2.9 steals and 0.8 block

    Jellybean Jr.:
    26.8 points, 5.2 boards, 4.9 dimes, 1.5 steals, 0.4 block

    Id say Pippen wins the ‘stat war’ pretty cleary.

  • alex

    i can see these AND1 generation fans talking about individual match ups.

    If you were old enough to see the 96 bulls play, you’d see the greatness of that team was they moved on defense and offense like they can read each others’ minds. They rotated, cut, helped in a snap. They didn’t relax and finished off opponents every chance they get. Every intangible advantage, goes to the Bulls.

    They were unselfish – which is ultimately the undoing of this Laker team.

  • Sanssasin

    let’s let the lakers play one game together with this team before any irrational arguments begin, then let’s let the lakers at least win ONE back-to-back championship before comparisons start.

    this is just a foolish statement and even a more foolish idea to compare.

    bulls win hands down. lakers are soft. perhaps some of y’all forgot about the bad boy pistons that knocked the hell out of michael for a few years. michael wasn’t soft.

    this is a laughable comparison.

  • brickhouse

    ’96 Bulls would beat these Lakers, no doubt though that Kobe would have some great games and step up to the challenge of going head to head with Jordan. I think these Lakers are probably as close as any team in the last decade has been to the ’96 Bulls though…

    and super LOL’s at that picture, why is RonRon rocking a Jeff Foster jersey kriskross style?

  • tindore

    yeah the ’90s bulls were great but they werent perfect and didnt close every series right, i dont think u remember the ’96 finals, and another thing they played great defense, but they were a MJ offense while the 09 Lakers were great with team offense and spotty on D…dont compare though

  • Sam I Am

    you all are Jordan hip huggers man

    Kobe is great and this team would be able to beat the Bulls of 96

    they have no reason to fail. Jordan wins and so does Kobe

    so there u have it

  • Soopa

    @17 alex

    I agree with everything you write. But the 72-wins Bulls team did lose to the expansion Raptors team lead by Damon Stoudamire and Tracy Murray… I guess thats the exception which proves the rule! lol (Is that even a saying in America?)

  • sweetv0mit

    artest is high off something!

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Are you crazy the X-Factor here is The Worm…Whoever said Pau Gasol was better than Rodman please put the pipe down. Were talking a hall of fame rebounder and defender vs. the second softest power foward in the league. Rodman would get in Pau’s head so much in the first game that they would lose him for the rest of the series for punching Rodman in the face.

  • doc

    I like DA BULLS in that contest.These Lakers with Artest aint even win this years chip yet lets slow down some .Kobe would go at Mike and Scottie though it aint like they would destroy them.It could go 7 withs LA chip team from last season.I like them better than that Seattle team that took Mike and them to 6.

  • chebs


  • zcw

    The Bulls completely dominated in a time when defenders could still hand check the players their guarding, Pippen
    said Jordan would have scored a hundred points if the defender couldn’t hand check. And you know what, I believe him

  • BD fan

    Didn’t Artest say Roy was the best gaurd he ever played against in the playoffs?

  • NYK

    i will buy whichever next NBA video game that will pit the 09/10 Lakers vs. the 96 Bulls

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @shake&bake – you gotta be kidding me… worm would totally cancel out gasol in a 7 game series…

  • TDiddy

    LMAO People really think that Rodman is better then Gasol or Ron Ron??? Rodman was rebounder and defender… he had zero offense. His freakshow antics is what he’s famous for and as a player he’s solid but highly overrated

  • kevin k

    guys saying that “Jordan isn’t much better or they cancel each other or Kobe is better” were either still in their mother’s womb when MJ played or just a blind fool

  • http://Egotastic.com Michael

    Rons the first person I’ve seen to see the similarities between Lamar and Kukoc.

  • Dave

    I think the Lake show could score some points like those 90’s Bulls teams.

    But when the Bulls wanted to lock down teams, they could!

    You got three ALL WORLD defenders in Jordan, Rodman and Pippen.

    They wouldn’t block Kobe, they’d steal it, make him shoot bad shots and make him pout like his airball he shot up against Utah back in the day.

    Kobe = overrated for all time!

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @TDiddy – you don’t know a real basketball genius when you see one… worm’s basketball IQ is much highger than ron and gasol combined… even Phil knows it… being a beter offensive player doesn’t mean you are a better basketball player… pretty lousy comment you had there…

  • the_don_mega (representin’ the 3 stars and a sun)

    @TDiddy – worm was a 2 time DPOY… was also a vital cog for theback to back chapionships of the pistons in the early 90’s… so if you’re sayin’ that gasol and ron are better and would be more worthy of a HOF spot than worm, then you’re more crazy than i thought…

  • phongalong

    You guys need to stop smokin that ish!!! Stop comparing Kobe to Jordan, I agree Kobe is the closest thing to Mike, but he’s not that close. NO ONE will ever be like Mike…NO ONE!!!

    Odom is the closest thing to Pippen that the Lakers have and he’s not that close either.

    Now, the team vs team match up would be interesting. The rule changes since the Bulls of the 90’s would make things more competitive. You just can’t play as physical nowadays as you could back then. A normal big game 2 shot foul back then would get someone suspended now. The Bulls D back then was crazy good. Pippen was the quarterback of that D. Mike did he thing EVERYWHER, on offense and defense.

    Bulls would win, but it would be closer then most think.

  • Cole Park Knuckler

    Is he on DOPE or DOG FOOD…. Kobe IS NOT MIKE and he def ain’t Pippen…….

  • 12t

    @ 32
    I grew up a Penny Hardaway fan and as a result recall the 2nd three-peat Bulls albeit not fondly. I can recall everyone suddenly pulling fadeaway baseline jays in pick-up games.  

    However, I still think that MJ wouldn’t have destroyed Kobe. Jordan never had to face a guy who could defend and score buckets on virtually the same level as him. On seperate nights they’d get the best of each other. 

    @ 16 Scoopa

    Yes, Scottie Pippen’s stats match-up better than Kobe’s when compared numerically during those years. However, Pippen was the #2 guy and as a result didn’t have to face the best defender while expected to still be the leading scorer. So let’s compare those same Pippen stats to when Kobe was the #2 along side Shaq

    22 points, 8.7 boards, 5.6 dimes 2.9 steals and 0.8 block

    Jellybean Jr. 00-01:
    30.0Points 6.9 boards 5.9dimes 2.2 steals 0.8 block

    In that case I’ll take Kobe as the #2 over Pippen anyday of the week. Plus Pippen never had to face a guy like Ron Artest singing MJ tributes.

    I agree that these Lakers still need to play games and prove their prowess, but on paper they’re the closest thing to beating those Bulls for a title.  

  • TDiddy

    @the_don_mega -Artest was also a DPOY and this is with the handcheck rules so he cant get away with just pushing and getting in peoples faces like rodman did. Rodman looks better in a dress but I’d prefer starting Artest on my team.

  • http://hotmail.com Conoro


    PG: Fisher v. Kerr (Even. Equally clutch, equally slow-footed) 9 ppg/10 ppg

    SG: Kobe v. Jordan (GOAT matchup, which would have them basically canceling each other out,like some people wrote)
    25-30 ppg/25-30 ppg
    SF: Artest v. Pippen (Pippen. But Artest would make him WORK for everything he tried to do)15 ppg/17 ppg

    PF: Gasol v. Rodman (Even. Intelligent offensive player against an equally intelligent defender. Whoever said that Rodman had greater basketball IQ than Pau needs their fuckin’ brain examined) 17 ppg/9 ppg

    C: Bynum v. Wennington (Bynum. No contest) 15 ppg/8 ppg

    Bench: Most difficult to determine, due to the Bulls’ bench’s grit compared to the Lakers’ bench’s talent. Although eventually, I believe that the Bulls’ inferior talent-level would be exposed through a 7-Game series, once the Lakers get more accustomed to their style of play.

    Lakers in 7. Kobe and Jordan: Co-MVP’s after destroying each other for 7 games. And Rodman and Gasol would cancel each other out as far as rebounding is concerned. Rodman MIGHT have a 1-2 rebound margin advantage, but not anything insane like some of you Bulls homers would like to fantasize.

  • http://hotmail.com Conoro

    *My mistake… Ron Harper was the starting PG. In that case, he wins out over Fisher.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    You wrote the most important statement here.

    “The Bulls completely dominated in a time when defenders could still hand check the players their guarding”

    Nuff said

  • utahJZZ

    Kobe Bryant needs to average 20.4 ppg until he is 37 and he’ll be the Association’s all time leading scorer. I also think the Lakers can make a serious run at 5 titles from now until then.

    Kobe being the League’s all time leading scorer along with 9 championships (prediction), an individual has no choice but to declare him the G.O.A.T. even the most blind Kobe hater has gotta give him his dues.

  • K Dizzle

    Mike and Scottie never had to play against a zone in 96 so put everybody on Mike and wait for Scottie’s headache to kick in lol

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    This Laker team would not only get smashed by the 96’s bulls, but also the 80’s Lakers and Celtics teams, the 89-90 Pistons teams, and possibly even the 83′ Sixers team. The Houston and New York 95′ teams would also smash them.

    And if the game is played by the 80’s/90’s rules, this laker team has a snowballs chance in hell of winning more than 1 game (Kobe get you one) against any of these teams.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla


    If Kobe wins 9 championships, I’ll set him up with Eva Longoria in a hotel in Denver wearing nothing but a aprin and bent over a chair in his hotel room with the gimp standing beside her.

    9 chips my ass!

    “I got a belly full of white dog crap in me and you lay this shit on me now!” -Brenan Huff aka NiteHAwk

  • LakeShow84

    So who u guys think im rollin with??

    And I think it would be a lot closer than everyone is saying.. What would the rules be?? Cuz if you allow Kobe, Artest, Fisher and Bynum to be as physical as it was back in the day i think Artest would punk Pippen and Bynum would clean MJ’s clock a couple of times.. Im rollin with my lake squad..

    And yes we just might crack 70 this year :)

  • Paul

    Bulls. Are you stupid? Don’t even bother asking. MJ would lock down Kobe into an 8/37 shooting night.

  • the cynic

    someone tell Artest Odom is Pippin and he is Kukoc

  • http://hotmail.com Conoro

    No, but it’s rather obvious that you’re the stupid one with your exaggerated numbers. 8/37? GTFO. You know nothing about basketball.

    The only way that Kobe takes at least 35 shots in a game (on the 07-08 to 09-10 Lakers’ championship-caliber rosters) is if he’s on a massive hot streak. You’re getting Kobe’s supposed FGA mixed up with Jordan’s during the ’93 Finals.

    Shoo, troll.

  • http://hotmail.com Conoro

    *For the 49th guy… Paul.

  • the cynic

    @TDiddy – Rodman is much better then Artest and Gasol(Gasol’s game is sick though). Best defensive player in the history of the game.

  • LakeShow84

    Great offense always beats great defense in bball Cynic..

    Not for a WHOLE TEAM in a 7 game series but one on one?? Gasol would smoke Rodman.. Ok not smoke him but Gasol would get his..

    Does anyone realize how HARD gasol’s offensive game is?? Dude got both hands and can play BOTH his back to the basket and facing and even got a fadeaway from the pivot @ 7’1.. Dude is a freak and since Rodman was strictly a defender Gasol would kill that matchup cuz Rodamn wouldnt score JACK..

  • fatty

    rodman would obliterate gasol, the celts took it from the lakers cause they simply maned them up. I think that rodman would have punked anybody on that celtics squad, even KG (or at least take the upper hand). The dude was an integral part of numerous championship teams and he has 5 rings for a reason. and for those of you comparing ppg between rodman and gasol, thats like comparing a pound of gold to a pound of feathers. He gave shaq fits in his prime despite giving about 5 inches and maybe 60 pounds. one of the toughest and meanest players eva!

  • Guitar Hero

    This is not about individual matchups.
    We are comparing TEAMS. And the ’96 were a much better TEAM than the 2009 Lakers. MUCH better.

  • Guitar Hero

    And the only way the Worm would be able to stop Pau is if he could mess with his head. Offensively, Pau is the total package.

  • SagJism

    Say what you want about Rodman but even MJ and Phil said he is one of the most intelligent players when it comes to B-Ball. In their meetings it would only be Phil, Tex, MJ andRodman prior to team meetings discussing game film and techniques. In fact if you have the time life video and book that came out after the 96 season they say it on air. That being said, I think the Bulls would win but a lot of you are on crack saying MJ ould kill kobe, MJ couldnt kill Kobe when he was playing against him. Dont forget Kobe play with MJ before he went to the wizards and at his prime. All you goota do is look at youtube and you will see kobe gotthe best of MJ at times and he wasnt eventhe kobe we know now so dont get it twisted. I think the only reason the bulls win, and it was said earlier, they bulls have more team concept on O and D and the Lakers are not quite there yet but close. That to me is what would win it for the bulls. @#41, great assessment except for the MJ part, I think you just dotn like kobe so thats why you put him down but they would cancel each other out. Kobe actually has better footwork but MJ is tougher around the rim, they both would kill anyone and their mother to win though. Cant wait for NBA2012.

  • SagJism

    sorry #41 that was directed at #49, still great assessment

  • Soopa

    @39 12t

    Point taken. But the stats i pasted was from the season where Jordan played baseball, so he actually did have the toughest defender on him and no shaq in the post. But i see what you are saying and Kobe is a better scorer then Pippen, no point in discussing that.

    Pippen never really godt the chance to really blossom as a leader, so the comparison is a tough one.

    Imaging being a SG/PG during the ’90s. I still have games taped from those days and the annoucers refer to Chicago’s full court press as “unleashing the dobermans” aka letting Pippen and Jordan own their respective matchups lol

  • Blazermark

    But Brandon Roy is the best player he has ever played against. He said so himself.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    If you think Pau could hold a candle to Dennis Rodman you don’t know about basketball period. Gasol is so soft he got punked by KG who I think doesn’t even get in your head like Rodman did. Were talking about a guy that bothered every opponent he ever faced. From the tip his wrapping your arms up getting you tangled…Staring at you while you guys are at the free throw…grabbing your ass…pulling your jersey. Trust me Pau don’t want any part of being on the court with Rodman. By the 7th game Pau would be crying like a bitch for someone to get Dennis off of him. Ask Phil Jackson who he’d rather take?

  • MadSammyboy21

    The Bulls would win either way, but if they were playing with the refs and rulebook of Jordan’s day, LA would get pieced. Kobe would finally find out why he’ll NEVER be as good as Jordan.

  • LakeShow84

    All u foo’s who call Pau soft would get PUNKED back to infancy if u stepped on the court with that EURO man.. and yes thats directed right at u BIG SHOT BOB.. Shit our whole team was never soft until we played the Celtics and lost the FINALS.. We won the finals this year (the very next year and you GOTS to be hard to make it right back cuz HEY the Spurs aint done 2 in a row) and Pau did it going against a MONSTER in D-Ho so shut the fuck up with that “soft” shit..

    And im saying this and i hope all you DIPS will listen.. You talk about us being soft like we BEEN like that for years.. ONE year and all of a sudden we sof forever?? GTFOH with that hater shit.. KMart, Dirk, Bosh, ETC ETC are actually soft players cuz while they should be manning post positions and throwing hooks and BANGING they throw weak flippers (Martin) and resort to faders (Nowitzki, Bosh, Miller, ETC).. Shit Gasol plays the POST.. Hooks, running floaters, spins, EVERYTHING..

    Everyone caught that soft shit and acts like it still applies.. If anything Odom is still soft cuz his game aint changed but dont call my man Gasol soft when he spends year after year BANGING down there..

    Like i gives a fuck Perkins was allowed to play to his IQ level in a series..

    And ur all fucking retarded Gasol would MURDER Rodman.. unless like someone said Rodman got into his head.. if not?? What the fuck does being smart matter when the offensive player is just as smart.. Dont forget it took Gasol 2 weeks to learn the TRIANGLE..

    fucking morons..

  • LakeShow84

    And when did Kevin Garnett flat out punk Gasol?? i never saw that.. what he punked him cuz he beat em?? Yeah tell Shaq Jordan punked his ass cuz hes soft and tell me how that goes..

    Shit i seen a yougn Gasol YAM on KG.. go look it up on youtube..

  • LakeShow84

    @ Big Shot BOB

    All of that except for the “F’in Morons” part applies to you lol..

    Im just tired of foos saying Gasol and our WHOLE team is “soft” and acting like they know what they talking about..

  • K C

    Why is this conversation going on? I’m guessing it’s just because the Lakers won this year. That HAS to be the only reason. This is sad, but the Lakers only won the championship by default. They were NOT a great team. Did they run through the league? Someone already mentioned a few teams who would hand them theirs… old Lakers, Celtics, Bad Boy Pistons, 83 Sixers. This is the first that I have heard anyone talking about THIS Lakers team beating one of the all time greats. Take them off this pedastal and leave the conversation alone.

    For the record, Bulls.

  • Softy


    “All of that except for the “F’in Morons” part applies to you lol..”

    now you’ve proven you are a LEGITIMATE SOFTY.. boo hoo!

  • WetNurse

    Okay, everyone slow down.

    First off, MJ’s bulls were great, for their time. MJ, Kerr, Pippen and Rodman probably had one of the best team chemistry’s together. No one in the league could really take them out completely.

    But times have changed.

    The NBA’s gotten more physical and some could say more up-tempo. Regardless of Rodman- LO, Gasol and Bynum would take turns overwhelming the Bulls backcourt with incomparable strength, length and versatility. Jordan was amazing and played against some tough competition, but alot of players nowadays had looked up to him growing up and turned into very similar players ex. Vince, Tmac, PP, Wade, BG and these are the competition Kobe faces and frankly annihilates every day.

    It’s safe to say MJ’s team influenced a team like the Lakers, but in the end, the evolved rule.

  • http://juanm.garcia@comcast.net Mayan Mike

    The only reason this topic is hot is because it involves Kobe. From his early years his detractors are running out of excuses of why he is not one of the greats. Used to be Jerry Stack House was better,no wait The Answer was the heir apperant… then came Vince and cuz’n T-Mac. As time went by and Kobe proved to be the superior player to all who challenged haters said it was all Shaq. How he made it so easy for Kobe to score and that when he left Kobe was doomed to fail because now teams would focus on him and he would avg. maybe 20 -22 pts a game. He set out to prove those fools wrong averaging 35 pts a game just to make a point. So then they labeled him a ball hog cause he staright killing the comp. Along comes Wade and LeBron and these fools cling on to thm as their last hope to say Kobe is now irrelevant, his time has passed. Rrright…4 cookies fo yo ass and counting. So now, ofcoarse, since there is no savior in sight for these haters we have to go in to the legendary teams of the past to prove how inferior Kobe and his Lakers are. Take a tip from Forest. Stupid is as stupid talks.

  • the cynic


    You are the one that is crazy if you think Gasol could give Rodman the business. I love Gasol’s game he beats all current bigs down the floor and gets great position, but that would not happen against Rodman. Gasol’s length on the boards would not be a problem for the greatest rebounder that has ever played the game. Gasol wouldn’t be able to take Rodman off the dribble and without great post position his post game is far from leathal. If Gasol could get the ball where he wanted then yeah he probably could do some damage to Rodman, but I just don’t see how he gets that position. Gasol would be regulated to a 15ft jump shooter(which he isn’t too bad at if someone isn’t in his face), but that is all he would have for Rodman.

    Also I’m in the minority that doesn’t think that Gasol is soft; just because Gasol doesn’t bark like a retard doesn’t make him soft.

  • jheck

    BULLS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

  • LakeShow84

    @ Cynic

    I think Gasol would avg 15&8 in a series against those Bulls.. could be me stickin with my dude or whatever but Gasol has ALWAYS been around and been around some greats too, namely Shaq, KG and TimmyD.. The man came into the league avg a damn near doubledouble in the WEST.. so im just saying..

    i think he could drop buckets on Dennis Rodman lol

    @ Softy

    Yeah some foo on here named SOFTY is going to call me soft??

    “You too stupid to even CATCH the ball”..

  • q

    All this prelude is for allowing Artest to call himself Pippen…

  • QQ

    QQ be da boss, dat why QQ get da brizzain!

    QQ hit TDOT, dat why QQ ona plizzain!

    QQ getda brizzain onda plizzain when it rizzain!

    QQ jizzda load inda thoat till she chizzoke!

    QQ gettin brizzain onda trizzain while he blizzain!

    QQ be da gawdd dat ya know yall been mizzain!

    Dat Rite QQ get da brain, and QQ do da shocka.

  • QQ

    QQ shock da poota wit da roota so viciouss!!

    QQ NEVA SCURRD like BoneKrushaa ain’t nevvva!

  • mixmaster

    im not even sure if the lakers can beat boston with a healthy garnett..

  • http://Yahoo ray jones

    Wooooo, this a good topic and a dillemma for me being that my team is the Bulls and i’m a laker fan.

    Also i’m a big Kobe fan (that wasnt allways the case, he’s grown on me).

    The fact is, the lakers are soft, Period (i’ll give them a little credit, they were not as soft as last years team, althoug mostly with the same players)! You really cant give a diffinative answer or lean towards the lakers bc there current team doesnt have a great body of work, and they havent played as much as one pre-season game together.

    The Bulls were a complete team, offensively and defensively, the lakers are still to inconsistant defensively, but with the addition of ron artest and the consistant development of andrew bynum could help change that, how much only time will tell!

    The lakers as a team lack that mental touhness that chi-town and most championship teams have. U say how can a championship not b mentally tough? Most, or all of there mental toughness mostly comes straight from Kobe Bryant! The rest of their mental toughness comes from Derek Fisher, but he is only going to get but so many minutes.

    The different players with mental toughness for Chi-Town was Jordan, Pippen, R. Harper, T. Kuckoc,S. Kerr, D. Rodman, B. Williams…..all these guys hit big shots or made big plays down the stretch, and some did both.

    These guys were true professionals who brought it every game, i dont care how u word it, u cant say the same thing for the Lakers, period!

    If u are “The Best” in anything, u shouldnt have to question focus, consistancy, energy, effort….all of this were questions that followed the lakers all the way to-and-through the finals. That 4-1 series win wasnt as dominating as it looked, and real “BasketBall” minds know this.

    On the real, to have success against Pau all u have to do is get physical with him, and its not hard to get inside his head.

    I’ll give u 2 different teams and a few players that either totally locked down pau or had a good amount of success, in last years playoffs and this years playoffs.

    The obvious is the celtics. The 1st player is KG. He totally locked PG down, i mean 99% of the time he guard’ed him one-on-one. he consistantly forced him to catch the ball 2-3ft outside the paint, hell..there were times where pau caught the ball at the dotted line in front of the free-throw line (laterally that is).

    I thought he was playing the three position (SF) out there sometimes he stayed on the peremeter so much. KG might b skinny (but strong), u would have thought pau was trying to post up shaq or somebody.

    Kg was stronger, quicker, agile, more athletic and totally focused. All of PG’s strengths turned to his weaknesses, and cancelled out by KG strengths and him being better than Pau in each of those category.

    This is another guy who had lots of success guarding PG one-on-one. Kendrick Perkins even punked Pau. Yea he’s stronger, but Pau was so week that when he faced perkins up, all he had to do was bump pau a little and it threw him off what ever move he was doing.

    The last guy from this i wanted to mention from this years playoff who had great success against pau, and yea alot of 1-on-1 success (not as much as the previous guys, but way too much) was Chuck Hayes of the Houston Rockets.

    Pau could’nt do anything with this guy on the block with chuck hayes’s leverge and low center of gravity. He couldnt move, he had a hard time even putting the ball on the floor when he faced up bc C.Hayes quick hands and strength. Sometimes he litterly had to shoot the ball from the top of his head, “alla” Bill Cartwright/R.Wallace.

    The series just didnt go 7gms because of Aronn Brooks, Luis Scola or carl landry, it was also bc of Chuck hayes rebounding and his defense on the block against pau, to a lesser extent Lamar and AB. Go back and look at the series or whatever, but pau got his numbers from offensive rebounding and kobe (Lamar dropped off a few to him, J.farmar and luke gave him a couple to)dropping the ball off to him. If u just saw the score sheet and didnt watch the game, sometimes the numbers can and will fool you.

    You see guys such as , Tyson Chandler, Haseem Thabeet (in college) Samule Dalambert of the sixers shooting in the high 50’s and low 60’s from the field, and they are averaging 10, 11, 12ppg.

    You like dammm, why dont the get these guys more touches on the block, why? bc none of these guys are low post scorers or have a face up jumpshot. They get their point off of Offensive reb/put backs, alley-oops, great passes from their pg’s (CP3 and Tyson Chandler), (A.miller/Andre igudola to S.Dalembert), and for Haseem Thabeet (A.J. Price and Kemba Walker). When was the last time you’ve seen Thabeet score off of anything thats has nothing to do with Alley-Oops, put backs or catch and finish???? I’m still thinking too.

    Perkins strength negated pau’s quickness. With no inside game 2 speak of and no consistant outside threat, the Celtics defended kobe by pretty much going 2 a box and 1 and playing zone behind it. There main objective was just to keep him out of the lane and off the freethrow line.

    Then force him to consistantly shoot contested jumpers from all over the court. With out anyone making shots, and low-post game in site thats what he was forced to do. He!!, he was their best post up player….he went to the block sometimes throughout the series, but as soon as he got the ball the dbl team came big and long, and BC’s strategy worked. Force the rest of them 2 make shots, and they did not. Pau passing skills were useless without him drawing a double what so ever, he’s passing the ball to a coverd man.

    I got so tired seeing kobe coming off-screens or baseline cuts or whatever, passing the ball down low to Lamar and pau with 12sec’s on the clock, have them dribble a hole in the ball while getting no closer to the rim than they started the first dribble with, through the ball back out to kobe or fisher…..with 4sec’s left on the clock, and kobe has to force up a shot at the buzzer (thats how teams get fast breaks)!

    DF is not a shot createor, Sasha is not a shot creator, V.radmon is not a shot creator….. they are guys who spot up and get shots off of someone else….so passing these guys the ball when they are covered with the shot clock running down is pointless.

    The last person for the celtics who had great success guarding him was 50yr old PJ Brown. PJ was a solid player in his day, but now on his last leg he shouldnt have been able to guard Pau 1-on-1, or Lamar Odom 4 that matter who also got shutdown by KG, KP and PJB. People were saying if bynum had played than the lakers would have one, we see now that would have not been the case, and he’s another softee. All that Size, once he figures out how to use it, he will b a very solid center. I think he can b a 15-17ppg 10reb 2.5blk’s.

    It was kobe against the celtics, Bc no one consistantly gave kobe any help. D.Fisher(MIA),Sasha(MIA),V.radmonvich(MIA),Lamar(MIA),Pau(MIA),Luke.W(MIA),J.Farmar(MIA)….u get the picture.!

    I’m sorry reply was so long, i just had so much to say. I might have went off the topic a few times, i just had to state why i said what i did and needed examples. I’ll b Back with a shorter reply next time.

  • jace

    ron artest is LIKE a scottie pippen. if u look at their overall careers.. pippen dominates (and im not even including his rings). but i guess like kobe is to mj.. artest is to pippen. to be honest… therell never be another scottie pippen either.

    pippen aint easy.

  • http://hotmail.com Conoro

    @ ray jones

    It’s easy to guard someone when you’re allowed to hack/foul the shit out of them consistently. It was painful not only as a Lakers fan, but as a fan and student of basketball in general to witness the Celtics “play historically exceptional defense” which was clearly aided by the fact that they could push up on and under the Lakers without so much as a whistle blown.

    As for Gasol, whose predicament was showcased clearly due to the physicality that was able to be displayed by the Celtics (i.e., being pushed to the ground during a hot play by PJ Brown to clear space so that Pierce could dunk), he was able to average 14 & 10 on 50% shooting DESPITE being virtually raped every time he touched the ball. And as for your example of Perkins dunking on Gasol, I should remind you that Gasol dunked NASTILY on Garnett- your supposed superior athlete- off of his fucking DRIBBLE. What does that tell you? I know what it tells me, sir…

    It tells me to ask you a simple question: What developmentally-challenged high school let YOU graduate?

  • Song B.

    Tha Los Angeles Lakers wit a bullet in tha end.ya’ll gotta b outta ya rabbit azz mind IF 4 1 split second that tha ’96 bulls would give this Lakers squad some competition.well your dead wrong kuz they’ll lose in 5 but 6 at tha most.it won’t even go 2 a game 7 chumpz!IF Lebron/T-mac or any otha individualz who wanna win a championship and KNOW what it FEELZ like 2 win a title and sport a ring BETTER kome 2 L.A kuz my squad is takin’ over and winning 6 str8 boy so get that shit right!!if Lebron was smart he would sign with the L.A LAKERS so he’ll have atleast 5 ringz 2 his name.when Kobe retirez he’ll run showtime but itz just my opinion and just “FOOD 4 THOUGHT”….Lebron 2 L.A 4 2010+Kobe+Pau+Lamar+Ron+Andrew and tha rest of tha killaz on tha bench.oh yeah…T-mac itz not 2 late boy boy

  • elaly

    people undervalue pippen alot…especially kids that never watched him…

    thats all ima say….


    Song B. you are an illiterate,idiotic moron. Please try to talk some sense when posting. I bet you never even saw the 96 bulls play.