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Rubio’s status still up in the air; Scola dominates at FIBA Americas

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

The Ricky Rubio song-and-dance has turned into the Michael Myers of the NBA offseason; it just won’t stay down. Last week, Rubio was reportedly going to sign a six-year contract with Regal FC Barcelona (Spain) — where he’d be teammates with J.C. Navarro, Terrence Morris, Fran Vasquez, and the immortal Boniface N’Dong — that had a reasonable buyout option in 2011. Bad news for the Wolves, right? Not so fast. The Barcelona deal isn’t official yet, and in the meantime, Minnesota GM David Kahn has flown to Spain AGAIN trying to work something out. At this point, Kahn might as well buy a condo out there and sublease it when he’s not busy trying to convince Rubio to come to America. Maybe let Jonny Flynn vacation there next summer as payback for jerking his emotions around all this time. The Wolves can only contribute $500,000 to Rubio’s buyout, but they’re about to spend more than that amount just with all the travel … (If the Vancouver Grizzlies had put this much effort into trying to keep Steve Francis, do you think he would’ve canceled his trade demand and maybe that franchise would still be in Canada?) … (Second random thought: Since so many people are basing their belief that Rubio will be an NBA star on the fact that he held his own against Team USA in the Olympics, how do they feel about Navarro? If we recall correctly, Navarro was getting buckets against the Redeem Team in that gold medal game) … Another of this summer’s neverending stories is that of David Lee. The latest out of New York says the Knicks are still looking for a sign-and-trade partner, with the Blazers and Jazz being the two main teams mentioned. Portland has yet to ink LaMarcus Aldridge to a contract extension, so Lee could be on their radar as LMA’s eventual replacement (or a very highly-paid backup). With Utah, you have to assume Carlos Boozer would be included in any deal with the Knicks … Did somebody say something about Michael Jordan being bigger than the game? A couple weeks before MJ’s scheduled induction into the Hall of Fame, the ceremony has been moved from the Hall’s original building to a bigger venue in Springfield, Mass., due to high demand for spots in the crowd. HOF president John Doleva did his best to make it sound like it was an all-encompassing thing (“People see this as a special class”), but with all due respect to David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan and C. Vivian Stringer, you know this is all about Mike … With pool play wrapping up Sunday, the FIBA Americas quarterfinal field is set: Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Panama and Argentina advanced, while the Virgin Islands and Venezuela were sent packing … In a must-win, Argentina knocked off the Dominican Republic in overtime, getting 30 points from Luis Scola, while Al Horford posted 24 points, 11 boards and six dimes for DR, and Francisco Garcia dropped 20 points on five threes. Charlie Villanueva had played maybe the best tourney game of anybody so far when he put up 28 points and 12 boards on Saturday, but during that game he tweaked his ankle and struggled Sunday (3-13 FG, 9 pts) … In yesterday’s other games: Esteban Batista had 13 points, 18 rebounds and three blocks in Uruguay’s win over Mexico; Carlos Arroyo scored 16 in PR’s win over Canada, while Andy Rautins had all 18 of his points on threes, and Joel Anthony added 13 points and 10 boards for the losers; and Leandro Barbosa led Brazil over Panama with 17 points … Bill Laimbeer‘s quitting on the Detroit Shock mid-season didn’t work out like he probably hoped, as he didn’t get one of the NBA’s then-vacant head coaching jobs. Laimbeer did, however, just get added onto the Wolves staff as an assistant along with Reggie Theus. A while back we said the Hornets staff — with Byron Scott, Robert Pack and Paul Presseywould beat any other NBA team’s coaches in a 3-on-3 right now, but Minnesota has to have the most impressive group now. That’s assuming they don’t self-destruct due to Kurt Rambis and Laimbeer fighting constantly like Flight & Willie (“Man, f*** you man, Opie’s pissin’ on you!”) … For the last week or so, NBA TV has been airing re-runs of the pro debuts of various superstars, from Shaq to LeBron to Reggie Miller and more. Last night they were showing Jazz/Rockets from ’85, a.k.a. Karl Malone‘s debut. The tape was of the Rockets’ broadcast, so at the very moment where Malone checks in for the first time, Utah’s Adrian Dantley is between the free throws, and the Houston announcers are complaining about how long AD takes to shoot. That’s just strange in hindsight … BTW, about three minutes into his first game, Malone got himself to the free throw line, ripped down a rebound where he might have eaten the guy trying to box him out, and threw an elbow in some guy’s chest. And that’s pretty much what he did for the next 18 years, too … We’re out like Team Virgin Islands …

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  • H3


    Rubio is all hype.. let em stay in Spain… Wolves will be ok w/ Flynn…
    not to be disrespectful to Rubio, but kid’s got years ahead of him. Physically he’s not ready 2 play in d L.

    JC Navarro did play 1 year in Memphis before best pal Gasol got traded to LA.
    He plays better when represnting his country.

  • yoda

    j.c.navarro is much older then ricky, thats what teams pass on him. still, i’d like to see j.c.n. in lakers, with him being pau’s best friend, and LAL could use good shooter…

  • Reno Hightower

    If you think the Blazers would give up Aldridge for Lee, youre insane.

  • http://250aspirin.blogspot.com DJ Leon Smith

    I’ve never quite understood the Rubio hype, especially when compared to someone like Patty Mills and his play in the Olympics against the Redeem Team (yes, I’m a biased Aussie).

    And to keep the Patty Mills talk going, look at Mills vs Rubio in the Olympics and Mills vs Steph Curry in college (including head-to-head) and it baffles me how the hype between these three players was on such a different level.

  • josh tha roc

    whats happening with patty? he fractured his foot, so does that mean hes no chance to get signed? if portland dont sign him does that mean they still hold his rights for a couple of years ala hawks and david andersen?

  • alf (from melmak)

    Rubio is an average shooter and has a thin body, but, and this is a big but, he sees the floor and is two steps ahead of everyone in knowing what will happen. He makes the game easier for his teammates just like Larry Bird before.

    For 18 years of elbowing opponents, bringing down rebounds, and scoring a ton of points, Malone is a cinch to be in the Hall of Fame next year.

    My meal allowance says the perfect situation would have been for Malone, Stockton, and Sloan to be inducted to the Hall of Fame all at the same time.

    Even in retirement, Jordan overshadows those three. And that is so sad.

  • fLaVa

    Navarro wanted to live the rockstar life in europe instead of playing on the grizz wihtout his friend, Gasol..

    Plus Navarro didnt play the 1 while he was in Grizz and was straight jacking 3s when he touched the ball so its hard to compare the two because Rubio is known to run a team.

    I am not quite beleiving the hype on Rubio but he must be doing something right to get the starting nod for spain over Calderon-who maybe a boarder line All Star while running a losing Raps team.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SccNzr68N_E Tokyoman

    Talking about European basketball, check out this poster dunk by The Warrior Ronny Turiaf:


  • S-SiN

    CONVINCE Rubio to come to America? (he never had a problem with coming over, just doesn’t want to play 2 years for free given his buyout situation) jerking Flynn’s EMOTIONS? (grown-ass man and a pro athlete who should understand business end of things)

    what the fuck is this telenovela and Johny’s somehow your stepson? wow, u guys really on top of this shit.. hahaha

  • alf (from melmak)

    On another shocking note outside basketball, Oasis just disbanded.

    They were the last of the real bands. The music scene right now is just filled with artists and bands that are the product of corporate imagery and branding.

    “Someday you will find me caught up in a landslide. In a champagne supernova in the sky.”

  • Atom

    Alf, I hope u r kidding man. Oasis? Really? Really?!?
    Who freaking cares. How do you say fruitcake on Melmak dude?

    Nice quote too. Couldnt remember any of the words to Wonderwall?

    On the real though, Poerland would be straight retarded to replace Aldridge with Lee. Not in the same class.

  • Rafa23

    @ S-Sin

    exactly! we have talked about this situation for months now, and I still have to read this dumb shit with one wrong fact after another.

  • Yowiz

    I’ve seen this Turiaf dunk on French TV, need to upgrade the quality of the youtube clip, but this was definitely a dunk of the year candidate (remind me of the Kobe dunk on Wallace back in the days)

  • control

    Ricky might actually be the most physically weak player to play in the NBA ever if he comes over this year. The guy is built like a 100lb emo hot topic chick…

  • S-SiN


    I honestly think Johny Flynn is terrific, he can straight up ball and seems like a cool dude. it’s just funny to me how Dime is on his jock stuffing Ricky further under the mattress every day since a) Johny’s from US (face it..) and b) he did a Diary piece for them during the draft.

    talking bout EMOTIONS. oh God! I’ve been laughing my ass off at that! How bout Bassy’s EMOTIONS? McHale? Or better yet, do you have any idea how John Amechi must feel? how about his emotions, inner world and hurt feelings?

    on the real note, Johny has to work to improve all summer, then put in work on the daily basis in camp and keep on proving himself EVERY DAY. If he’s getting more solid by day, so he should be fine.

    as for Ricky, people who hate him (on him, whatever) would NEVER admit the TRUE reason for their hate. while most people don’t even understand why they feel that way or pretend it to be something else trying to make up a more or less believable shit for cover, origins of their feelings are not based on his hype nor the fact he’s skinny or needs to improve as a basketball player.

    know what i’m sayin’?

  • S-SiN


    need i say more? look @ post 14.


    i remember that Kobe dunk, it was preseason in his 2nd year and they were balling in Vegas, but I think he unloaded on the T-Wolves not Wallace. coulda been a different one of course.

  • ToAn

    @S-SiN…i think you mean the same dunk. it was on Wallace who played for the wizards back then( i think). and it was definitely preseason. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg1O49X5k0U

  • Kobeef

    I wish David Khan would just admit that he screwed up and should have drafted DeMar DeRozan or Terrence Williams and let Rubio go to the Knicks. This draft will haunt them.

    Looking at the comments from Houston’s GM yesterday and I am starting to think Bosh has a serious chance of ending up in Houston in 2010. When you hear the GM say “the Coach can now use his players the way he wants” after the star (Yao) goes down it makes you wonder if the team is still committed to Yao.

    What if Houston offered Toronto Yao in 2010 in a sign and trade for Bosh? Would Houston do it? Would Toronto do it?

  • TJ 2

    those NBA TV “first” games are funny, watching KGs first game against a Mitch Richmond, Brian Grant, OP let Kings team, Minnesota had just signed big free agent Terry Porter! and also had Sam mitchell and Tom Gugliotta AND Christian Laettner! not to mention Isaiah “Cant stay outta trouble” Rider!

  • control

    BTW, thanks Dime for not giving some more lip service to your boy SJack. Was getting tired of hearing about his overrated ass wanting to be traded to a contender just because that bitch feels he is entitled to it. Fuck that guy, he hurts his team more than helps it, and he’s a piece of shit on top of that.

  • S-SiN


    yep. that’s the one, no doubt about it! so its Wallace he got, huh. thanx for that man.

    i remember being happy to see Kobe come out with that after the infamous Game Five in Utah fiasco in his rookie year. it was a win or go home for LA and five of Kobe’s shots in the 4th and OT were all air. (still have a tape of that one somewhere) i remember hearing many people labeling 18 year old Bryant a choke. hate, hate, hate!

    Therefore I think that dunk already is a classic. and what’s up with a preceding cross he put on a dude???


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qtOTBQcbiM&feature=related rodnets

    Scola is legit, he should be the go-to guy in the paint for the rockets now that yao is done.


  • Adam

    Post #15 is the truth about Rubio, couldn’t agree with U more.

  • Dagomar

    RIP Oasis.

    We’ve been over the Rubio thing a hundred times at this site and at this point nobody’s going to be convinced one way or the other until he starts playing in the NBA. As for Navarro, there isn’t much playing time in the league for shot jackers who don’t play D . . . hell Kapono is an upgraded Navarro and he didn’t exactly see crazy minutes in Toronto last year.

  • SWAT

    lmao @ atom’s reaction to the oasis comment!
    as far as scola-dude puts in work. he’s not the most athletic dude on the court but his will/heart and basketball IQ get him buckets. i see him stepping up a bit in the absence of YAO.
    also it looks like tmac is serious about wanting to come back, dude went and hired jordan’s old trainer. i forget dudes name but they say dude is tuff and doesnt like slackers…so i can only hope he whoops tmac into shape. please god!!

  • SWAT

    oops…just read on the other posting from the 30th yall already said tmac hired grover. my bad.

  • Adam

    @ Dagomar

    i have to dispute that. Kapono runs off screens (and is very underrated in that regard) while Navarro can create off the dribble, beat his man and get in the lane. Dude’s got a nasty floater.

  • http://mundoalbiceleste.blogspot.com john

    What a display by the Tall Albiceleste! Truly by far their best ever performance in the competition. They responded positively when they were down and had to play under tremendous pressure. Scola was always the key figure, Prigioni played well but Cantero and Quinteros provided the extra spark that the team needed the most.

    Team DR were not bad too especially from their NBA stars. I do feel they can earned the automatic spot next years World Championship in Turkey.

    Now comes the next challenge which against team from the other group in the quarter-finals stage. I feel as long they can maintened this level of performance and build on their confidence, they can beat the likes of Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico & Uruguay. They cannot afford to take their foot of the gas, not in times like this.

    Let me know, what do you think of their chances for the next stage after such incredible performance against team DR.

  • jzsmoove

    Rubio, Rubio, go away. Just come back in 2 years to play.
    This issue is just as annoying as the Starbury saga. This Rubio debacle must be burning AI and grinding his teeth to the bones.

    I would think the Raptors would definitely consider Yao for Bosh if offered. The Chinese fan base is a big part of the market here it would make sense as a business decision. I personally would take the deal too. The Raptors wouldnt lose much in offensive numbers with Yao for Bosh. This just all depends on Yao’s state of injuries when the time comes.

  • http://www.allthatjazzbasketball.blog Amar/AllThatJazz

    lol at the houston tv crew bitching when the other team is at the line, some things just dont change… also, AD is not respected as much as he should be. his offensive numbers are what people think barkley’s should have been, but AD was shorter.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball


    See, what your not realizing or accepting is people don’t “hate” rubio, hes just annoying. Not cuz flynn is american (if rubio was really a beast, wolves fans would be sayin bech johnny in a heartbeat) but more ricky hasn’t proven himself AT ALL and yet is gettin all this hype. I’ve seen him play, watched the youtube highlights etc.. and all i’ve seen is a few wide open flashy passes. His jumper is broke, hes not athletic and hes weak. Sure he had 1 good game against a team usa squad that had never heard of him but look at his season stats last year. Nothing too special. And you say he didn’t wanna play for free? Did he not know his buyout before? So its like fran vasquez, if you don’t think your gonna play, don’t enter the draft. He’ll steve francis was lightyears better than rubio as a rookie/prospect and he got way more heat than rubio for not wanting to play on a bad team so its not a usa vs euro deal here. People r just annoying this like 19 year old kid is actin like a diva and draggin it out. Cuz we all kno, if the knicks or someone drafted him and he was in the spotlight, rubio would be over here and not tryin to sign another big euro contract.

  • Sanssasin

    let rubio finish his 2 years in spain or wherever and then bring him on the team. flynn is going to be alright and will take good care of the team for the next 2 years. then worry about what to do.

    i have a hard time with mike being labeled as bigger than the game. he didn’t play for my team, and without him my team would have 2 rings. i also got sick of all the tv time that he got and all the marketing. also there was a kid in school that was the first one with the new jordan shoes and idolized jordan. so i always relate jordan to that punk, which is not good. so i never jumped on jordan’s nuts and still never have. the guy was amazing, but i just can’t force myself onto those nuts. just can’t do it. an amazing talent but i grew up hating him and can’t talk myself out of it. i respect the hell out of him, but that’s it. i can’t for the life of me label him g.o.a.t.

  • Sanssasin


    i feel that if i label mj goat then i go back on everything i stood up for in my childhood. i feel like i go back on my team. i spent a long time building that mj wall and i have a hard time just ripping that thing down. it will take some major time to tear down the mj wall.

  • Skeeter McGee

    Jordan, the brand, has to be dropping some type of Hall of Fame Edition something right? Sorry that was just the first thing that popped into my mind reading this, but I can absolutely understand how Jordan, the man, is bigger than the game. Let me give you an example, being of an Indian descent, but born and raised in the U.S., it was eye opening visiting India for the first time. When my relatives saw that I was tall by comparison to avg. Indians, they asked “You play basketball?” They used to call me Michael Jordan as a little joke but the fact that these people who didn’t even know what state I lived in knew an NBA player was enough to let me know he was big time. They don’t really know LeBron James, they know Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Michael Phelps, and if you drive through the village areas of some places, you’ll see a wall painted with MJ flying through the air. It’s unbelievable the impact this dude had on the game, and in that regard, from my own past, he doesn’t transcend the game anymore than he IS the game, or everything you’d want it to embody.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    you can talk about Rubio being physically weak, but Shaun Livingston, Stephen Curry, Austin Daye, Tayshaun Prince, there are a lot of physically weak players that have been drafted in the L.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Sanssasin–Who is your GOAT?

  • Ian

    with all due respect to dime not everyone is a jordan nuthugger like u guys.

  • Sanssasin

    don’t really have one. i hate labeling. ’cause no matter what there are always 2 sides. it seems like when labeling a goat it’s just a matter of who speaks the loudest. and it’s always hard to compare different eras.

    i know this is blasphemous to say but if you are labeling jordan as goat by the IMPACT he had/has on the game, then what about yao? his impact in china is pretty damn big. i in no way think yao is on the same level that jordan was on, but i’m trying to prove that IMPACT argument is weak.

    but i guess if i have to pick one i’m going with russell. but i never saw him play… so take that for what it’s worth.

    i know i am the minority so i’ll take my bashing from the posts here on out. one thing i have learned is don’t question the jordan as goat argument, it isn’t generally accepted.

  • Niko

    Wait, did Dime just try to compare Rubio (b. 1990) to J.C. Navarro (b.1980)? Do you guys even know what the term “prospect” means?

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @rainman10, Livingston, daye,and prince are all 6’7+ and role players at best. Livingstons body pretty much proved our argument already. And stephen curry can shoot his ass off so he doesn’t have to be big and hes still a better athlete than rubio and rubio can’t shoot.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @niko, dime meant when navarro WAS a prospect, he was supposedly really amazing, then stayed overseas for a while and when he came he didn’t really do anything anyway. So is rubio gonna fall in that same area

  • K Dizzle

    “If the Vancouver Grizzlies had put this much effort into trying to keep Steve Francis, do you think he would’ve canceled his trade demand and maybe that franchise would still be in Canada?” In a word….NO! When the Griz drafted Francis(already havin Bibby instead of Vince, Pierce, Nowitzki etc – Let’s face it, Stu Jackson was a phuck-up) instead of Lamar, Baron, Matrix, shoot even 2nd rounders Ginobili and Todd McCulloch coulda been had, the deal was sealed by the infamous Francis “pouty lip”…Unbelievable that it was only ten years ago and Francis is already outta the league

    @ flaVa- Rubio didn’t start over calderon cuz he was better, he started cuz Jose had that bad hammy that tore up the Raps season last year. Only thing Rubio got on Calderon is youth, potential and HYPE..

    Funny thing about the rockets announcers hatin on AD is that Karl Malone and his quiet mumblin under his breath free throw method actually took closer to 15 seconds to get up. Anybody ever ask Mailman what he was sayin durin his freebies?
    After the two Finals losses, it was probably “F**k Mike…F**k Mike…F**k Mike”

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    Sanssasin I think the impact argument is a fair one to include amongst many because if you are bringing up Yao, yea he did “add to” basketball being even more popular in China. Still when you talking about MJ’s impact you are talking about so much.

    I mean dude was already popular in China before Yao came on the scene. You gotta look at Jordan beyond the U.S. and China, we talking about influencing the world.

    Then add to that media, marketing, clothing, endorsing and the list goes on. I certainly think when it comes to impact it’s a fair reason to bring up, cause M.J. hasn’t been equaled.

    To each their own though.

    I even go to impact when debating BIG and Pac because while I love Biggie way more and consider him a better story teller and better with lyrics, metaphors and lines over all, I still feel Pac had a greater impact be it negative or good, out the 2. Anyway that’s a whole nother web-site. Deuces.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    @Bron42 define “athlete”. Rubio is an open court point guard with better court vision than the vast majority of 18 year olds we have seen. Also, considering he has played pro ball for a while, that makes him a good prospect. He is also long for being 6-3, 6-4 whatever he is, much like those skinny dudes I mentioned earlier. He has shown flashes of good shooting, and that will come with age like most shooters. I would rather take the skill set Rubio has shown, then be a dead-eye shooter a la JJ Redick who has taken some time to develop other NBA skills. What makes Stephen Curry stand out is that dead-eye shooting paired with speed/quickness and ball handling that we don’t see too much with rookies.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    ohh and to the other dude. MJ was the leader of the Dream Team that took basketball to the world. For there to be a guy that stands out in a group like the Dream Team means that Mike was pretty special. Yao gave the Chinese something to be proud of, and to give the game of basketball in China more meaning for young people. What Yao has done is great, no question, but his impact is no where close to that of Jordan’s.

  • dial up

    lol at all these rubio fans. Hilarious they’re talkin about someone who averaged 10 5 and 2 the other year. Held his own against the dream team??? Why dont you guys look up rubios stats and tell me if he actually did something, cuz i looked at his stats and who won the game and i’m still confused.

    Ps. They’re is no way to know if this kid has better court vision than all other 17-18 year olds. One, if you look at the youtube highlights, they’re all white euros he’s playin against. Funny when he gets his shot blocked. Pathetic.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Okay, if you knew anything about the ACB league, you would know it’s not all “white europeans”. And it is not pathetic for a 6-3 penetrating guard to get his shot blocked every once in a while, even the best in the NBA get shots block. You can’t base a player’s talent and impact by looking at the box score. Rubio played a solid game both times against the Redeem Team. If NBA scouts just looked at the box scores and stats, Brandon Jennings would never have been picked based on his numbers in Italy. But they know the talent and potential that he has, much like Ricky.

  • S-SiN


    You’re right to a certain extend when you’re talking about those who are SKEPTICAL of Ricky and also his decision to enter the draft, BUT (and this is the point I’m trying to make)there are soooo many people who literally hate this kid’s guts, and I think it has more to do with the handsome boy with a charming smile from Spain thing more than the fact that he’s unproven in the L or anything having to do with the game of basketball.

    Also his pro stats are nothing to brag about, agreed.. BUT ACB is different man. 10 minute quarters, evrything’s slower and many games end with scores like 45-63. didn’t he lead La Liga in steals? I don’t think we can make judgement that’s any good based on stats or weak-ass handycam youtube highlights. the FULL GAMES I’ve seen him in he showed me something. that’s one man’s opinion is all that is, but let’s not pretend this boy is not straight up HATED by many.

  • doc

    I would never give up LA for David Lee.Thats called going backwards fellas.@flava-Calederon was hurt that game Rubio started against us.From what I remember Calderon was the starter.Plus with Pretty Ricky,we dont wanna hear all this what he gonna do talk because we dont like being pumpfaked.Dont get in the draft if you not gonna play.Like Bron said he wanted to BIG BOSS his way to the Knicks and it didnt work so now he acting like a little bitch taking his ball and going home.Curry was pissed when GS drafted him instead of NY,but he manned up.@Sanssasin-I feel u dog.When Mike was playing half the fans idolized him and the other half hated his guts.I remember half my hood felt like you.Its just since mike left people appreciate what he was so now they put him on some mythical shit.But Russell aint the goat dog believe that.And I aint talking that if he played today BS.He didnt,and when he did play they wasnt shit.First of all,nobody had they skills up as far as any type of arsenal.If you watch a game from the 60’s they dribble like my 4 year old daughter.Second they had a damn black people limit on every team EXCEPT Bill Russells.I respect his greatness for his era,but in these times compared to those I dont think i would’ve even been a fan of that shit.Just my 2cents.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @rainman10, by athlete i mean run and jump athlete, not just “i play a sport so i’m a athlete”. Rubio isn’t a run and jump athlete, and while you say hes long, hes actually pretty normal for his size by combine stats. I’m 6’4 with a 6’10 wingspan. rubio is 6’4 with a 6’5 wingspan so that would actually be a knock on him. so that takes him out of the austin day 6’10, 7’3 wingspan type area. Also you bring up jennings who a)handled rubio head to head and b) is a FREAK athlete for his size who has proven himself against american/nba players already while rubio is goin off mystery hype following the way guys like yi, darko, etc… did.

    @S-SiN, I hear what your saying but I really doubt alot of people here HATE rubio cuz hes “handsome and charming” this isn’t a page full of 15 year old high school girls ya kno. In general most people hate athletes who act like divas. MORESO athletes who act like divas when they havn’t done shit. EVEN MORESO on a site full of athletes (like myself) or guys who think their atheletes and see this guy acting like a diva and tryin to pull strings when hes gettin payed to play basketball. Thats where the hate is. I personally don’t think anyone hates his guts. I’m just tired of hearin about it. Either play, or stay oversea, i don’t care. just do one already. Its like brett farve. Cuz by letting it linger hes being completely unprofessional.

  • Bron42 aka Had Springs before Slamball

    @doc, you left out the fact taht 90% of the dudes he played were like 6’3 and unathletic lol that bein said, you can’t really knock 11 rings.

  • doc

    Yup thats why people can justify him.11 rings.When it was like 3 teams.His with 11 so called Hall of Famers.Whatever that meant back then.

  • Sanssasin


    like i said, i didn’t see him (russell) play so take it for what it’s worth. you make a good point about the dribbling.

    but i agree with you, since mike left the game we all seem to have forgotten that his shit stunk, he got injured and not everyone was sitting on his nuts. dude was good but hell let’s not let the “myth” overshadow what he was. dude didn’t make EVERY game winner. mike did MISS some shots. he was very marketable and had some smart guys in his corner.

    if you thought mike was over-marketed in the 90’s can you imagine what it would be like now?? remember that all-star game when mike went to atlantic city? the media was going nuts over that…. now imagine if that happened today. we thought lebron and the videotape thing was bad.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Ricky still had the hurt wrist against Jennings back in December when they played eachother. I don’t even think he took a shot, because of that wrist. He did play well otherwise, and Brandon had like 10 or 12 points and a few assists I believe. I don’t remember thinking that Ricky got handled by Jennings. And the only strictly American talent Jennings has faced is High school ball, which he dominated, and I know he has had some good runs since and played well in summer league. But against true NBA level talent, neither player has had much opportunity for that.

    I like Jennings a lot, I was just mentioning his stats in Italy to make a point against your Rubio comment. I don’t like to be quick to judge Ricky based on his contract situations, it doesn’t seem as simple as the situation that Crabtree is going through right now in the NFL or what Steve Francis did when he was drafted.

  • http://www.anwilson.blogspot.com rainman10

    Yo don’t knock what Russell did against the Lakers late in his career. Those Lakers were stacked, with Elgin Baylor, Chamberlain, and Jerry West. And those guys weren’t 6-3 and un-athletic.

  • doc

    Cant knock that at all.

  • doc

    Even though Wilt sat out the last couple minutes of game 7 on some bitching shit.And when he tried to man up and go back in the coach said fuck him.

  • Spencers Mom

    Kahn has a LOT more to worry about then he bargained for. Ownership is alienating the entire team with all the attention and money they’re giving to the Rubio situation. How many times has ownership been to any of the players homes in the local area? Give them a lousy phone call even? Dont you think the bench players are thinking that ‘some of that 550k should have come my way!’ Rambis is not known for strong communication skills with players and his constant fidgeting in front of the cameras does not inspire any confidence in him. Adding Reggie Lateness & psycho Lambier is a recipe for pure failure on multiple levels. Risks without considering the down side of consequences always lead to failure. I feel for the Wolves fans.

  • fLaVa


    From what i remember Rubio started most of the games and Jose came off the bench