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Source: Allen Iverson to the Bobcats

A.I. and LB back together?

A.I. and LB back together?

Friday night, Dime’s Aron Phillips spoke to an unnamed source who works in the NBA and said that Allen Iverson has worked out the details of a contract with the Charlotte Bobcats, but the deal won’t be official until next week. The general consensus surrounding A.I. is that the 34-year-old is too stubborn to blend into a contender’s system, and at the same time, will stunt the development of any up-and-coming young team. But Iverson in Charlotte could be a win-win for both sides: The ‘Cats need a go-to scorer on the perimeter, and Raja Bell and Gerald Henderson are more than expendable as far as coming off the bench while Iverson starts at two-guard. The cash-strapped franchise also benefits from the merchandise A.I. will help move (haven’t seen too many Boris Diaw jerseys around lately), and assuming this is a one-year deal, Iverson gets to prove himself to the rest of the League and hit the 2010 free agent market when more teams have more money to spend. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more over the weekend … A few days ago in Smack we broke down the realistic championship contenders for 2010, a list that didn’t include the Rockets. Interesting because at this time last summer, you couldn’t have convinced a Houston fan they’d be in this position. When they brought in Ron Artest back then, he was supposed to be the missing piece who would help get T-Mac and Yao not only over the first-round hump, but to a point where they’d challenge the Lakers and Spurs for conference supremacy. Now it’s a completely different story: Artest is gone, Yao is out, and McGrady is a constant question mark who might be traded before the deadline. The faces of the franchise are now Luis Scola, Aaron Brooks and Trevor Ariza. There’s a reason Houston doesn’t have a single national TV game this season. Something about, “It’s KEVIN GARNETT and the Boston Celtics against LUIS SCOLA and the Houston Rockets” just doesn’t make herds of people to cancel their Friday plans to watch the game … Yesterday the Rockets made another move to fill the Yao void, reaching an agreement with Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Physical big man who’s on the shorter side but has crazy hops and is built like Optimus Prime; doesn’t that sound like Joey Dorsey? You know, the kid who pulled down like 15 boards a game in summer league? … When did Charlie Bell turn into the Tiffany “New York” Pollard of the NBA? And somewhere, Shaq is wondering why he didn’t get a chance to jack this idea … Stan Van Gundy thinks the Magic are being dissed by the NBA and the national media because they aren’t part of the showcase Christmas Day game against the Lakers. Apparently SVG hasn’t been watching TV for the last five years. Kobe vs. Shaq has become a holiday staple on-par with It’s a Wonderful Life and sweet potato pie. AND you’re throwing LeBron into the mix now? Orlando can make the Finals all they want — they’re not getting that showcase game unless they talk Michael Jordan and Larry Bird out of retirement … Who would you rather have on your team right now: Shaq or Pau Gasol? We debated it yesterday, and of course the readers determined it to be a hands-down victory for both guys … Last night was the Elite 24 high school game at Rucker Park — or at least it was originally scheduled to be at Rucker Park. Due to rain, the game was moved indoors to Gauchos Gym in the Bronx (site of Vince Carter‘s mythical windmill alley-oop years ago). Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings, Kevin Love, Wilson Chandler, Rajon Rondo and Doc Rivers were some of the NBA personalities in the standing-room-only gym … Doron Lamb was the game’s high scorer with 23 points for the winning White team, alongside co-MVP Tobias Harris‘ 20 points. Roscoe Smith (22 pts), Harrison Barnes (18 pts), Josh Selby (18 pts), Will Barton (18 pts) and Kyrie Irving (16 pts) were some of the other standouts. We’ll have more recaps and photos from the game — which won’t be aired on TV due to the venue change — on Monday … We’re out like Larry Legend coming back …

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  • S-SiN

    Allen is better off redeeming himself in the Knicks uniform. Period.

  • S-SiN

    ..and is Doc Rivers really hanging out with Rondo like that?

  • Greg

    No, more like Rivers was there to watch his son, who is rated top five in his class, play.

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    Do not miss it!

  • tindore

    i think Iverson will return to his 2008 form and definitly make the Bobcats better hands down in scoring and make Ray, DJ and the entire team better players now and in the future, he will get them open looks they’ve never seen consistently before, AI will be motivated to destroy defenses, but will also listen to Brown more now than any coach. Great move. I hope Jordan stays, when the team is sold. Also i believe the Bobcats are going to make the playoffs this, already a defensive team AI brings actual superstar-status to this team for the first time, not that J-Rich wannabe FOF….


    Glad to see AI make it but he’s still a broad for how he acted in Detroit.


  • sh!tfaced

    Someone tell Stan Van Jeremy that Shaq vs Kobe rivalry has become a Xmas staple it even has it’s own Wikipedia web page.


  • Arno

    I don’t understand this Rucker Park thing : How is it possible that an NBA franchise accept their valuable investments playing in some playground summer amusement (generally on concrete and without any serious medical team), while most of them do their best to discourage or forbid their players who want to play for their national team ?

  • Arno

    Does Brown really want AI or is it only a negociation tool to low down Felton’s pretentions ?

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    If Pro Players don’t ball over the summer, they quickly washed out of the League, unless their Steve Nash. They end up looking like Sean May and Toine Walker–no muscle tone and addictions to Krispy Kreme Donuts. The Knicks would do cartwheels down and up the stairs of Madison Garden if they even heard that Eddy Curry dribbled a basketball this offseason, let alone held his own in Rucker or Goodman League.

    Sad about the Elite 24 not being shown. Guess I’ll just watch Gunnin’ again…

  • http://www.imeem.com/people/Patr-yQ/playlist/ztKqfEZj/ya-boy-gets-loose-music-playlist/ smoove chips

    damn boy need to get signed already!

  • doc

    Way to save AI Larry.It was getting ridiculously embarrassing.And players gotta play somewhere or they gonna fall off.The concrete thing is bullshit.Any player who is somebody played 10 hours a day on concrete their whole childhood to get where they at,then all of a sudden concrete is so dangerous when they make it.

  • http://www.dimemag.com Aron Phillips


    None of those NBA guys were playing last night, Jennings and Love were coaching against Reke and Rondo. Also, teams gotta protect their franchise, especially with millions of dollars at stake, but I understand. The game was still sick and I’ll be posting some photos/videos on the site this Monday.

  • Latino Heat

    Damn Ms. New York is hella fine, Dime should make her a Dime girl and have her do a photo shoot in one of them basketball jersey. Let me speak for all ya readers: hook it up Dime!

  • Dagomar

    It shocked me how many people would take Shaq over Gasol RIGHT NOW. How can Gasol be so disrespected? Is it because he sacrificed some of his stats for the benefit of his team? Other than Pierce/KG, to me Gasol is the best second-best player in the league. His basketball IQ is completely off the charts.

    As for AI: make this happen! After seeing him as a Knick this would be the second-best thing. I used to love to hate AI but it’s sad to see what’s happened to his career.

  • That’s whats up

    Arno – post 9

    do you have problems negotiating your keyboard, playa?

    the “T” is not that close to the “C” on your keyboard

  • Young Lebron 23

    Although im like a lot of people and want to see him in a sixers jersey :) im happy that he’s going to redeem himself with larry brown

  • Phileus

    @ 15, I think hes doing it Spanish-style.

    Has there ever been a situation when a player of Iverson’s caliber just disappeared from the league when he still had stuff in the tank?

  • jzsmoove

    Ai is still unemployed meanwhile Vick has a job already. AI should jus hang it up. He can be a coach and he can use his “Do not be like me when I use to play ball” motivational speech to nurture thousands of kids who aspire to be NBA players.

  • dial up

    Finally for all the ai. nut huggers, we will see if a.i. is just another mediocre pg. If he can’t make the playoffs in the EAST where you don’t even need a .500 or better record then he doesn’t deserve to be in the nba. I predict missing the playoffs again and him returning to being just another ballhog at 40% shot selection.

    * to those saying it would be better if he was on the knicks, You guys do know mike antoni doesn’t like point guards that dont pass well do you!?

  • Dagomar

    Dear dial up:

    Iverson can play at the 2.

    I’m going to assume you think Bosh, Harris, Butler etc. all don’t belong in the NBA, because none of them made the playoffs in the East last year.

    I’m not saying I love AI or that he’s still a great player, but either way he can still play and while his problems this summer have been largely deserved, it’s sad to see a HOF career fade like this. It’s better for us all if this guy is still in the league.

  • UncheckedAggression

    And how come people that like or support AI are automatically “AI nut-huggers”? Come on, he’s shown that he is still an effective player. Tthere were several games last season that he just took over late in the game, despite the issues so many people had with him and the Pistons. It’s like some people just wanna kick the dude while he’s down. It’s not his fault he’s never been on a team that was talented enough to win a championship. A lot of great players can testify to that.

  • Smitty313

    Im sorry to all you Iverson fans but he’s done. He had a chance to prove he has grown up this year and blew it. When the Piston asked him to come off the bench and he said he would rather retire. He needs a ton of shots to score, hes to little to check other 2s in the league. Lets be for real A.I. was exciting, but he only had one great year in the league. Sure he put up tons of points. But was never able to play with another scorer besides Carmelo.

  • Mack Brownee

    too bad AI doesn’t go to new york b/c his stats would have been inflated big time but he’ll fit in well with the bobcats, have a great year and some other team will sign him next year to finish out a phenomenal career

  • IrishBaller

    brown and iverson back together? sounds like a nice story…

  • no j mayo

    1. Iverson to Charlotte. Win win. Cats make playoffs. AI shuts up haters.
    2. Shaq or Gasol? Are yall fuckin serious? Gasol in a cocaine heartbeat.
    3. All those motherfuckers yall named that balled in the Rucker last night? They all goin to Kentucky. Cal’s done got they SATs fixed. Live wit it.

  • tindore

    i think the last star to wash away was Spree’ he had plenty in the tank and was given a big contract offer but felt slighted and retired never to return, he lost all his cash too

  • utahJZZ

    Excellent signing for the Bobcats. Finally ppl are gonna be wearing some Bobcat jerseys, I think at this point in his career he’ll more of a mentor then douchebag, Gerald Henderson is defs gonna benefit from this signing

    Does this mean no more Raymond Felton?

  • K Dizzle

    @ dial up & Smitty – sorry, but I was confused by which year was AI’s ONE great year. Was it one of the five seasons he averaged over 30 ppg? Or was it one of the 3 years that he averaged 30, 33 and 31 ppg to go along with 7.9, 7.4 and 7.2 assists? I understand dudes got short memories and love to discredit a brother after down times ( see DWade haters before the Olympics when dude’s body was breakin down) but sayin AI only had one great season is ridiculous. I’m not really that much of an AI fan, but I can appreciate a ten time allstar at 5’10 who could get buckets WHENEVER he wanted and played thru injuries that most players wouldn’t even get dressed with. It’s common knowledge that AI shouldn’t have told Detroit that he wasn’t comin off the bench, but that attitude and self confidence is part of what makes AI who he is. I hope dude tears it up in Charlotte and shuts up all the haters who’ll disappear if the Cats make the playoffs just like the DWade haters seem to have disappeared as soon as the Olympics came around. Try to appreciate what dude is doin instead of regrettin it when he bounces cuz ain’t nobody comin around that’s gonna do what AI did.

  • K Dizzle

    And ain’t no way anybody sober takin Shaq over Gasol right now…

  • bobby stew

    I like AI to the Bobcats. There are so many stories here. A.I. reunited with Brown and Raja. And A.I. playing for MJ. I hope this works out for both parties. Who would be his backcourt mate if they don’t sign Felton? Augustin? Bell?

  • Bill

    So much for iverson winning a title :(

    hey. I am a 29 yr old guy from a tiny country town in Australia. Longtime reader. No not a dating profile you sickos :)

    I am visiting ny for the first time for the first two weeks of sep. Any ideas on what I can do? Bball wise I wish i had a delorien for the Ewing and starks days :) deeeeeeeeefence huge chanting :) thanks

  • S-SiN

    @9 Arno
    Good point u made. didn’t think of that at first, but as shitty as it may seem that may be the case they’re making..

    @10 Sans

    Toine’s problem? the dude might be act like that in the club, saying this to u in ur face while u chillin and shit, “what u talkin bout cheese?” (dropping A WAD of cash down, like 10 grand on the table like BOOM) sayin some shit like u mothafu…z wanna talk cheese? that was the problem. dig into that fo a sec

  • S-SiN


    42nd street. check it out

  • S-SiN

    Allen I deserves a ring b4 he’s done

  • S-SiN

    I don’t mean to put my man above ‘Nique, Karl Malone and Stock, Charles and them but dammit it! he does deserve one, and God be my witness he gon get it. payton style..

  • Andrej

    I’m pretty pissed about not watching the elite game
    and I really wanted cj Leslie to get MVP honors I’m a big fan of him and his game

  • jksonics


    Iverson will get one if he learns his place in a team – No team will win a chip with Iverson at this stage of his career as the number 1st, 2nd or possibly 3rd option. When he learns this he will have a shot. But if he signs with Charlotte he obviously has a way to go to learn this…

  • AI Supporter

    I like how everybody puts the blame on AI for that disaster of a season in Detroit. But if you really watch and know basketball you will know that it was the coach’s fault because they didn’t play AI like he was supposed to be played. Im not going to put all the blame on Detroit cause AI deserve some too but he’s not washed up, he can still play, and he’s one of the best pg in the league if he’s allowed to play the game how he plas it. I would love to see him play and prove all the nay-sayers wrong and have them eatin the words that they once spoke about him. So I say AI should keep his head high, use all the negativity to motivate him, and do his thing because he still has people who believe in him!!!!

  • bill

    at 34 – thanks!

  • gabriel langley

    I believe iverson is making a istake to sign with the bobcats. He talks about winning a championship before he retires. I really think he would fit with D-wade and the miami heat. They would become definite contenders.

  • Mike Klander

    How is Allen Iverson going to “redeem” himself? By being the same scorer he was in his last 13 years in the league? or proving that he doesn’t have to be a first option anymore and actually distributing the ball? Let’s face it, if he wants to move to a contender, he’s going to have to do the latter. And I don’t see Iverson staying with the Charlotte Bobcats so late in his career.

  • mysha to s sin

    ny zdorova Siniy. hope its ur comment right there dude. Redeeming himself as a knick? hmm, interesting. get back at me bra

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    ny zdorova Siniy. hope its ur comment right there dude. Redeeming himself as a knick? hmm, interesting. get back at me bracsfd