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Source: Cavs Sign Leon Powe

Leon Powe

While it’s been speculated for weeks, a source in Cleveland is saying that the Cavs have finally signed Leon Powe. One of my favorite Celtics (if not the favorite) for the past couple years, if Powe can recover from the torn ACL in his left knee, he could be the X-factor Cleveland was looking to add this summer.

While it may not seem that Shaq, Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon are the stars that LeBron was hoping for the flank him en route to another NBA Finals, you can see that Danny Ferry is looking for a certain type of guy to surround his superstar with. All of these guys are scrappy players, just like Anderson Varejao, Delonte West and rookie Danny Green – a stark difference from the era of Wally Szczerbiak.

With all these wings being added to the roster, it will be interesting to see how Powe fits in when he returns hopefully sometime around the All-Star break.

As we asked this morning in Smack: If Powe comes back all the way healthy from this new injury, who will have a better career – him or Big Baby?

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer

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  • kulas

    Spurs – Lakers for the west, Celtics – Cavs for the east would be epic

  • jzsmoove

    Signing Powe is actually a small gamble. I wouldve done the same in a heartbeat. I dont know the details of the contract yet but there is no way Powe can demand what he wants cuz of the injury. Low risk-high reward scenario. Powe seems to be a resilient guy so I expect him to overachieve in spite of.

  • http://www.geocities.com/dagomardeg Dagomar

    Parker and Moon are scrappy players?? LOL

    Great signing on Powe. If he comes back healthy he’s going to be a force on both ends of the court.

  • MarcusG

    Szczerbiak era? Eras usually have the name of a relevant player.

  • rell

    I am glad that the Celts resigned Big Baby but Ainge should have resigned Powe too. I would rather resign Powe than to sign Sheldon Williams. We could have resign Powe for the same amount we gave Sheldon.

  • danny

    You included Shaq in your list of scrappy players??? lol horrible analysis. And Powe won’t be a factor.-

  • money

    i’ve been watching powe since he was tearing up the pac-10 at cal. he’s a great player, works hard, and will have a better career than big baby.

  • control

    Fat ass Glenn Davis will have ONE highlight in his entire career…making a game winning shot against Orlando then trampling some stupid kid.

    Think of it, that’s ONE more highlight than most of the posters here will have, just ONE.

    Powe will have a better career, even if he doesn’t come back from injury.

    That fat fuckers Glenny is due for some freak jowel injury or something. Going to pull a face muscle shoveling cheeseburgers into that gut.

  • ponky_alolor

    @2, agree with u. small risk high reward.

  • Slink

    Anyone else think Leon Powe and Jason Richardson share an uncanny resemblance?

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    Shots out to Powe..Representin the Bay Area…OAKLAND!

  • Soopa

    Cavs are making good moves this offseason. Best signing of all the new comers? Parker. He should be their starting 2, Mo at the 1 and West 1st guy off the bench, replacing Mo to stop his jacking.

  • karizmatic

    A good move if Powe is healthy, coming with Z and Powe off the bench should be tough for other teams. I’m still for West being the starting point on that team with Mo coming off the bench. Parker should be the two. Then they could bring Mo on with Moon, Powe and Z. The Cavs have gotten really deep in the off season.

  • http://freshouttatime.blogspot.com freshouttatime

    gotta agree rell. celtics shoulda signed power over shelden williams.

  • sh!tfaced

    Good move by the Cavs. Powe is waaaayyy better than Shelden Williams, hands down. And he is a better rebounder than Big Baby. Davis has a more well-rounded game, excuse the pun.

    Powe plays with power and heart, which Shelden has yet to show in the pro level. But still, it all depends on how Leon’s knee heals up.

    Then again, I’ve got a bad feeling that this decision by Danny Ainge (not re-signing Powe) will bite him in the ass one day…

  • AB_40

    yeah I think it’s a shame too but the celtics don’t have the roster space to wait for powe. yeah they got williams yes he’s a gamble but so is the chance of powe coming back 100 percent. plus he still can’t make a jump shot. I wonder if hickson can shoot and how varejo is gonna fit in next to Shaq… if shaq comes of the bench for cleveland its gonna be over haha. even la’s seccond five would have fits with Shaq coming off the bench

  • knock knock

    dumbasses. I love how you guys are hyping up someone who isn’t even going to play till january. Is consistently hurt His WHOLE LIFE, and are saying he’s better just cuz he’s on the cavs. Most commenters on this site must be 13 year old little girls.

  • sh!tfaced

    nah, some are 40 year old retards… lol

  • 12t

    I still think the Cavs made the worst off-season move of the year by grossly overpaying Andy V. I would have much rather seen them let him go and spend their money on a legit starting small/power forward (depending on how you slot lebron).

    Since Powe won’t be that guy and they spent all that money on Andy V, this move baffles me.

    I think Cleveland needs to forgive Boozer and accept him back into the fold.

  • jheck

    i think it would be big baby…clutch shooting for a guy like him its terrible…no one will assume he will have the ball in the last seconds and win it for his team….

  • ponky_alolor

    @19, i couldn’t agree more with the woeful Andy signing.

    the cavs come back with more depth this year. the line up isn’t as stacked as the lakers but its decent.

    C – Shaq, Big Z
    PF – Andy V, Powe, Hickson
    SF – Bron, Jamario
    SG- Delonte, Parker
    PG- Mo, Gibson

    They converted the zombie group of Ben Wallace, Pavlovic, and Wally into something. It still has issues on frontcourt scoring with Andy V around but they get more perimeter defense.

    @ knock knock, well if powe was signed with the lakers or whoever team you’re repping, wouldn’t you want him to get healthy and contribute? what we are saying is powe is a risk right now but he works hard, defends, and hustles when he’s healthy. he’s not a major signing but he’s a good role player. Its not like we got Artest or Gasol via free agency.

  • http://cavsrumors.blogspot.com/ Brian Clark

    wow I didn’t know that, there are so many cavs rumors going on.

  • Lol

    To the guy that said re-signing wild thing was a bad move, you can put your foot in your mouth now. A double double pretty much every game , playing with good intensity and keeping his fouls in check…. What more do u want from him? You probably have never really watched him play to begin with and if u have and still have that opinion then you sir are a dumb ass.. Must be a lakers fan. Go Cavs!!