NBA / Aug 5, 2009 / 1:28 pm

The Slowest Day Of The Basketball Year

Allen Iverson

While I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, I have to say that today could be the slowest day of the basketball year. Summer League is over, as is the USA Basketball mini-camp, so what is everybody doing? I have NBA TV on in the office right now, and they literally have nothing to talk about.

Right now, it seems NBA GMs are content going into training camp with 12-13 players on the roster before they sign non-guaranteed contracts with some guys from the D-League. There are plently of restricted and unrestricted free agents out there, but with the economy and the Summer of 2010 looming, no one wants to spend a penny.

The reason guys like Allen Iverson are still available is because no one wants to offer anything more than a one-year deal. And for players like David Lee and Nate Robinson, they’re holding out for more money and longer contracts but they’re going to end up signing a qualifying offer like Ben Gordon did a year ago.

To real see the craziness right now, you have to look at C.J. Watson. This guy turned down a one-year, $2.3 million deal with the Sixers because he wanted legit PT and to stay in the City of Brotherly Love for longer. Really? In this market you take the money and you prove your value on the court because 9 out of 10 GMs would rather pay the league minimum for a guy from Southwest Texas Tech U.

Should the Sixers really be spending over $1 million on Primoz Brezec? No. But who else will take that kind of money? From Sean May to Shelden Williams, players are signing for cheap in hopes to revive their career, while a legit player like Ramon Sessions remains in limbo. Sure Milwaukee doesn’t want to pay too much to keep him around if they have Brandon Jennings and Luke Ridnour in tow, but if the Knicks are that high on him, just pull the trigger.

Although I don’t think he’s a franchise changer, I haven’t heard Raymond Felton‘s name surfance once this summer. While people were talking about mid-level exceptions during the playoffs, you’d think Glen Davis killed a man after his lack of offers. If Ryan Hollins can sign an offer sheet, you don’t think Linas Kleiza could help a playoff team? How about Flip Murray, Von Wafer or Ime Udoka?

What are your thoughts?

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  • karizmatic

    I think it was up to the players to change their strategy and their idea of what they are worth in this market, the guys that can swallow their pride and sign for a one year deal or whatever will be playing next year the guys that don’t might find their careers over.

  • JCarr

    Don’t worry I am disappointed too… But there always is the NFL and fantasy drafts to cheer me up until October 27!!!

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    seeing as how i hate Glen Davis, i love the fact that he isn’t signed. I do hate that Ray Felton is lingering around like the ugly girl at the dance. Seriously the Bobcats must be on crack if they think Augustine is a better option. This is how you know MJ isn’t really calling the shots over there. Felton would have already been signed, They would have re-signed Sean May, and they wouldn’t have drafted a piece of dukie (Gerald Henderson) ahead of a All-World Tarheel (Ty Hansbrough). That should tell you MJ isn’t calling the shots for everyone that likes to blame him for everything (Kwame Brown) when he IS NOT THE GM.

  • LovETheGAme

    This is the very reason why I follow basketball instead of one team. I love basketball, certain players, the game itself. But I hate from both standpoints players on one hand who can’t play or who only gives you very little effort until contract year.

    On the other hand you have greedy owners who for them most part is about making money. Most teams don’t know what they’re doing…i.e. clippers…i.e. timberwolves i.e. every other team excluding teams like Lakers, C’s, Spurs, Bulls…. actually the Bulls lucked up getting Jordan…since then they’ve shown nothing but mediocrity…

    Love the Game..Hate the Business….

  • J.Hicks

    With restricted FA’s less teams will go after them because they probably assume the current team will match the offer, so why waste time? Like if Josh Smith had been an unrestricted FA last year, you don’t think he would’ve had more teams all over him? They had to assume ATL would match. It’s then up to the agent to convince teams that they have a real shot and landing the player.

    Flip Murray needs a job, too. He can get buckets. A team like OKC could use him off the bench.

  • Steve

    Donnie Walsh is such a good negotiator that he hasn’t signed anyone yet. The coach wants Ramon Sessions but Walsh will not pay enough to get him. I hope someone else gets Sessions as it would prove what a stupid arse Walsh is.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    “Love the Game..Hate the Business….”

    Great quote. Should be the new NBA slogan for the upcoming season.

  • http://leogau.com Leo

    I hate the dog days of the NBA. I’m trying to get excited about the schedule and players I’m not going to care about during the season. Oct 27 can’t get here fast enough.

  • Celts Fan

    Von Wafer will help a contender next year. I’d kill for the Celtics to get him (I’d take him in addition to or instead of Marquis Daniels.) Ditto for Kleiza

  • http://astrokidz.blogspot.com T.J.
  • Leonard Wilson

    Celtics need all those players. Their bench sucks.