NBA, Video / Aug 24, 2009 / 12:11 pm

Will Somebody Please Sign Nate Robinson

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a Nate Robinson advocate. After last season ended, I was positive Aaron Goodwin’s Blackberry was going to be blowing up with offers come July 1st. But here we are nearly two months later and Nate the Great is still unsigned with only a modest qualifying offer from the Knicks on the table. It baffles me that his only other option was a contract offer in Greece.

Being a Robinson fan, I’m definitely biased. But at the same time I can understand his faults. He is a defensive liability, he is a midget and I know his on-court theatrics can drive even the most easy going coach nuts (D’Antoni). But on the other hand, Nate can come off the bench and give you 17 nightly. He plays hard, shoots a good percentage and brings energy. He can also fill seats – and in this recession isn’t that important?

The word is Nate is most likely returning to the Knicks. I’m going to tell you all now that he is going to make every team pay for passing on him. For all you Nate-Rob fans, I left you with a great interview he did right before the Draft with New York radio personality DJ Whoo Kid. Nate, who brought his Seattle buddy and New Jersey Net draft pick Terrence Williams with him to the studio, talked to Whoo about free agency, Blake Griffin, whips and Seattle white girls (seriously). Check it out it’s worth your time.

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  • bliz289

    I agree 100%…Nate dropped 17 ppg last year in under 30 minutes per game…44% from the field…I watched nearly every Knicks game and not only is he one of the most talented players in the league, he played within the system most of the time..I can’t believe teams wouldn’t die to have him as their backup PG.

  • http://www.worldstarhiphop.com c-viz

    he has to be in the right situation to be effective, i don’t think it’s out there for him right now

  • izzy

    well, unfortunately, Nate Robinson will fill seats, get the occasional highlight dunk and give people the entertainment value. On a really good team, he is a defensive liability, and on a good team, the priority isnt filling the stands. If its a good team, chances are the attendance is high anyway.

    As enjoyable as it is to watch him, and i do enjoy his highlights, i can only imagine how infuriated i would be if my squad was in the playoffs, getting the midget posted up all the time, and giving up buckets.

  • isotope

    short, arrogant, selfish, egotistical, almost uncoachable… yeah what team wouldnt want him?

  • LakeShow84

    The scream thing is probably what is deterring most GM’s..

    Its pretty ummmmmmmmm how do i say??

    GAY.. Yeah its Gay Nate.. So stop it.. please..

  • LakeShow84

    Can somebody tell me Mo Williams dont rock that JerryCurl better than soulglo himself??

    Man got me singing the song and all..

  • muwu

    And why is Nate Robinson dropping money on Cameros when he can’t even get a new contract? <- Why NBA players go broke

  • nola

    he’s a midget only getting work done in meaningless games when the knicks are already getting their asses handed to them which is on the regular now. i suppose teams who have no immediate future can sign him just to give fans something to talk about, but isnt that what causes bad teams to be even worse?

    signing for the sake of signing?

  • AB_40

    nate ain’t that great a baller

    but he seems like a nice dude. and he isn’t braggin that much off the court so that’s cool

  • control

    Funniest thing about this is that this article is tagged as “50-Cent” haha!

    Nate isn’t really a good baller, he has a good vertical but is a midget. He talks way too much shit for a guy who would get his ass beat by an average sized NBA player.

    As Isotope wrote, he’s “short, arrogant, selfish, egotistical, almost uncoachable”. There’s one guy who is all of that who is unsigned (AI) and has a proven track record, so it’s no big surprise this clown ain’t signed.

  • http://dime fan

    L.A. please trade Farmar,Vujac, and whoever for Nate the Great. A few rings would change that tone. One of the better talents in the league. He could start right now for a few teams. He can play the one if he wanted. He’s been asked to score. The Knicks would make Nash,Paul,and Deron Williams look regular. They suck. Good teams make avg players look good. Rick Fox. LOL. Luke Walton. look bad

  • melg

    if the knicks dont get ramon sessions then the knicks should sign nate….. if the knicks get them both then the backcourt will be crowded…. duhon, hughes, douglas, crawford, sessions, nd robinson…….. way 2 crowded….. 6 guards on 1 team they will be fighting for minutes……… they should get sessions because nate cant play D nd i know he scores like 17+ a game but still u have to have D….

  • KS24

    Nate is the best true 6th man in the league, IMO. There was a point after the all-star break when only Lebron and Wade had a higher scoring average. He is super fast, can shoot, can finish, and can get you some steals. If he mellowed out, listen to the coach, and looked to get his involved more (EVERY GAME, not just for a couple games), then I feel he can start at PG in this league.

    Although, in D’Antoni’s system Nate is probably better off the bench at SG, because you really need to be a pass-first, pass-second point guard for his system to work at it’s best.

    I say he should sign a $5 M/1 yr deal with NY, and then sees what happens next offseason. I can’t think of a way for him to keep his bird rights, though, without signing a multi-year deal now. Maybe NY could give him a 3 year deal, but frontload it so that he gets most of it this season.

  • Maynard

    Nate Robinson is simply not a player you’d find on a winning basketball team. End of story. You can’t simply dismiss his inability to defend anyone by acknowledging it. Jamal Crawford can score lots of buckets too, but he’s never played in the playoffs and that’s no accident. It’s also no accident that there’s next to zero demand out there for Nate, even from the team he’s on. He won’t be on the Knicks next year, when they hope to turn a corner.