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A (Not So Brief) History Of Flight

Jordan I

At some point if you were a Creative Director for Jordan Brand you’d have to feel like the walls were closing in around you. With mediocre at best responses to Jordans XXII, XXIII and 2009 it wouldn’t be that far fetched to start thinking that the magic behind Air Jordans was fading away. Luckily for the powers that be (and therefore luckily for us) Jordans Retro revival has never really slowed down.

To show they’ve still got a few tricks up their sleeve, the heads over at JB recently added an intricate and interactive new feature to Jumpman23.com called “The History Of Flight”. The “History of Flight” or “HOF” (Hall of Fame…?) showcases every Jordan I to 2009 in a tonal all-white colorway and has an incredibly detailed and insightful look in to the history, creation and inspiration behind each Jordan.

Definitely a must-see for any basketball or sneaker fiend. Check out the entire Air Jordan line HERE.

Jordan IV

Jordan XI

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  • CasualFan

    Can you honestly say that the Air Jordan XXIII model got a mediocre at best response? I can understand saying that about the XXII and the 2009 models because those were just clearance rack superstars but the XXIII was a hit if you ask me or anybody else that still wishes they could have got a pair of the XXIII premier editions in Titanium blue.

    Just my thoughts.

  • King

    Last few jordans have been kinda trash

  • Chilirey

    I still campaign for the reissue of the AIR FLIGHT 89 HI!
    Somebody get Phil on the phone……Thanks Dime