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Agent: Knicks To Re-Sign David Lee

David Lee (photo. New York Post)

David Lee (photo. New York Post)

While it appears that Nate Robinson hasn’t officially re-signed with the Knicks yet, his restricted free agent buddy David Lee apparently is right there with him. What’s been rumored for months, Lee’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, told ESPN.com today that both sides have agreed in principal on a one-year contract somewhere in the $8 million range for this season.

“We’re on the verge of getting this done,” Bartelstein said. “I believe David will sign the contract tomorrow.”

Personally, I think this is great and long overdue. I felt that David Lee deserved to sign a deal longer than one year with the Knicks earlier this summer, but completely understand the masterplan of Donnie Walsh. If the Knicks can actually get D-Lee and Nate to finally put pen to paper, they can go into training camp with all this nonsense behind them.

What do you think?

Source: ESPN.com

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  • http://dimemag dre

    Man finally but still why nate only got like 3 mil when lee gets 8????

  • http://mail.google.com JayGM

    First!! Now we must trade Lee for Udonis Haslem and a pick.

  • http://heckler@aol.com Heckler

    trade lee?
    what the hell for?

    he’s the only good player the knicks have. if he leaves, who the hell is gonna rebound?…nate and duhon?

    and please dont try to sell me on danilo and darko; that tandem already sounds weaker than a wnba frontline

  • rlf

    “dime guys” don’t cry after I post this:

    OOdom tells TMZ:

    “I am extremely thankful to Joe Francis and Rob Kardashian, for agreeing to host my bachelor party this evening at Hollywood hot spot Les Deux.

    I regret, I will have to cancel this event because I have now decided to have a private dinner with my teammates, a few close friends and of course Joe Francis and Rob Kardashian.”

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0S5O3NuIC

    i thought lamar was stupid when he said he was going to have that party. i’m sure none of his teammates, would’ve attended that “event” BAD PR for most of them.

    i’m sure that “dinner” is not a “dinner” but at least is private.

  • ab_40

    my mind is totaly blank about the knicks they aren’t deep they don’t have a good point guard which is essential in that system and I think they’ll be with the bottom ten of the nba rankings again

  • Name (required)

    Lee is NO WAY worth that much. He has no offencive game and no D. He’s a hard work/hustle guy who got great stats cos he plays on an all offense team and is the only guy even looking to crash the boards. Thers a reason no other team wantd him, hes basicly just chris anderson with a much higher price tag and minus the hops, tats an fake twitter account.

  • Guitar Hero

    With the nice additions of Gallo,Darko,Hill and Douglas the Knicks will be better than next year. If Fat Eddie comes back to play some basketball, the 8th seed isn’t an utopia.

  • WTF?

    can Lee stand the pressure, if he doesn’t improve upon last season he will get the isiah treatment quickly. 8 mil a year for 11 rebounds(his points will go down with Eddie and darko in the fold and even more if Hill earns PT. Lee, or Lee’s agent, made himself out to be a diva with his early demands and seeking a sign and trade like his game is like that. love the Knicks but hope to hell that Hill takes his spot.

  • MSkittle

    Why was Donnie Walsh’s “Master Plan” to take so long?

  • doc


  • doc

    I know one team the Sixers will beat up on!

  • http://www.nyt.com nycfan

    Hahahaha, 8 million! NY has the money, and we sure know how to spend it like idiots!