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Big news for Lamar Odom; bad news for Delonte West, Cavs

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

We have to hand it to the DimeMag.com readers: You guys were way more entertaining in your comments about yesterday’s basketball news items than we could’ve been on a super-busy Friday in the middle of producing another issue. When news broke of Delonte West getting arrested for having THREE guns on him while riding a fancy tricycle (including a shotgun in a guitar case, Antonio Banderas-style), reader DH quipped, “I don’t think this is what LeBron meant when he said he wanted to surround himself with weapons.” Delonte got pulled over in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where, as reader Spencers Mom put it, “That’s how we go to the library.” … In all seriousness, though, this is more alarming than usual given the player in question. Delonte was reportedly dealing with depression last season, and this incident gave us memories of Maurice Clarett during his tragic fall from grace. Who knows where this will go legally, but Delonte could face some serious jail time … On a semi-related note, Michael Beasley might be getting out of his rehab program as early as this weekend. Hopefully the Heat follow-up and keep tabs on Beasley the rest of the offseason. His most recent mentor, John Lucas, just took a job as an assistant with the Clippers … From the Perez Hilton crowd, we hear that Lamar Odom is getting engaged to Khloe Kardashian, who you might know as Rashad McCants‘ ex-girl or Kim Kardashian‘s bigger sister who always seems to be talking about cocaine on whatever new reality show she’s on. Again, reader bill summed it up best: “Dime, can we please have an article titled: ‘How can Lamar Odom take longer to sign with an NBA team than to choose who he spends the rest of his life with?'” All due respect to the happy couple, but we wouldn’t bet the farm on this lasting the rest of their lives … Stats from Friday’s quarterfinal games at the FIBA European Championships: Vassilis Spanoulis (ex-Houston Rocket) dropped 23 points and seven dimes in Greece’s win over Turkey, while Hedo Turkoglu scored 13 in the loss; and Erazem Lorbek (’05 Pacers draft pick) put up 27 points, eight boards and three steals in Slovenia’s win over Croatia, while Roko Ukic had 21 points, five dimes and four steals for the losers … The Celtics have a standing training camp invite for Dan Dickau, and now the Lakers are bringing Mickael Gelabale to training camp. What’s up with these fringe NBA dudes getting a crack at making a championship team? Isn’t this what we have the Grizzlies and Clippers and Knicks for. There’s just something wrong about Dan Dickau possibly winning a ring while Jamal Crawford has still never even been to the playoffs. If you don’t remember Gelabale, he’s the French kid with dreads who played for the Sonics for a minute; he was supposed to be as good as Mickael Pietrus is now, but never did anything in the League … LeBron is going to be in a movie; a comedy called “Fantasy Basketball Camp” where he plays himself. LBJ did his thing on Saturday Night Live and is genuinely funny when he wants to be, so this could work. And he always says his favorite player growing up was Penny Hardaway, so now he gets to follow in some of Penny’s footsteps … With an NBA referee lockout on the horizon and replacement refs being prepped for training camp and preseason games, Shaq came out and publicly endorsed the veteran referees. We hear Tim Duncan is upset, too. Really, how is TD supposed to meet all the replacement refs, get on their good side, and curry their favor enough to where he can get away with more complaining and verbal abuse than anyone else in the NBA, all in just a couple of months? So not fair … We’re out like Butch McRae …

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  • kevin



    Lamar Odom — Why do you want to dip in the same pie hole as Rashad McCants. Of the Kardashian, Khloe is the worst! The fattest and stinkiest!

  • sh!tfaced

    lol. yeah. should have gone for the jackpot and dipped in the same pie hole as reggie bush.

  • Sweet English

    Delonte’s last words

    ‘Who put this guitar in my guitar case?’

    My favourite part of this story was that he told the cop he had a nine in his waistband.

    ‘Sir do you realise how fast you were driving back there in a 35?’

    ‘Sorry officer i didn’t realise it was a.. IVE GOT A GLOCK IN MY DRAWERS BITCH… 35 zone, ill take more care in future, i was in a hurry because i… BITCH THAT AINT NO FUCKIN’ GUITAR … needed to piss’

  • A$$Cube a.k.a. French Locks

    Don’t sleep on another French player, Dime! Gelabale is a nice player. He couldn’t crack the rotation in Seattle with Ray-Ray and Rashard, then he got seriously injured –that was quite some freaking knee injury. Gelabale is a great athlete, a former dunk champ in Spain, and can shoot pretty well too.

    If Sasha Vujacic and Luke Ridnour managed to earn some PT in Lalaland, I really don’t know whit Gelabale couldn’t do it for himself.

    Plus –and I know you’d like that– Gelabale and dunker-favorite DJ M’Benga have the same agent, who also used to represent Turiaf, another former-Laker.


    “You know, Officer, it’s easier to pull the trigger than play guitar.”

  • That’s whats up

    Odom should be hankful for whatever comes his way. But how can girl that big be on cocaine? Don’t make sense. …and be sure to make that pre-nup air tight.

    Delonte “Wild Wild” West was packin’ for two. Weed makes you a little paranoid, but that sounds like something else

    …and I’ll just go ahead and post for tyrone, aka Jurg 2.0

    Cats be mad ballin’ but ain’t realizin they ballin yo; ain’t abuot biches all da time,just punkasses not be realizin this shit.you losers gotta earn respek befores cheddar cause ballers wanna be trued to my game but I is on top.

    True Fags ALWAYS Swallow
    The Real Fagrone

  • Flip

    @4 Nice one. The guitar case is a classic. Delonte has probably seen El Mariachi a few times too many…

  • Flip

    That’s whats up, you forgot to include “cat gots the ability to be glass eatin and dish dope dimes yall” in your tyrone quote…

  • itsakademiks

    i aint gonna front i live around the area where lonte got knocked….it get raw out here so im sure son had a reason for all of that

  • yoda

    i just wonder what delonte has in his car, where he can put more weapons…

  • Sweet English

    ‘Dave………. I’m gonna race him’

  • Sweet English

    ‘i’m sorry officer i uhhh…….. I didn’t know i couldn’t do that’

  • Matt B

    Stop Hating on Tim Duncan! All he does is win chips!

  • Lionheart

    @sweet english lmaooo…i miss dave chapelle…but yea delonte is on some desparado type sh*t

  • Yoooo

    Yo wasnt Lamar married with kids?? I remember he lost one of his children like 2 yrs ago and I could have sworn he was married…

    Khloe is by FAR the worst Kardashian. She is TERRIBLE. I’m rather disgusted by him getting engaged to her. I mean its not really my business, but that jawn was messing with McCants like THIS year. She just upgraded like crazy

  • Mikey F Baby

    ew he got the ugly Kardashian. Where’s Hayden Panetierre when he needs her

  • Jacqueline Mitchell

    Has the world spun off it’s axis ? It definitely seems that way, what between Serena and Kanye and now Mr. Odom getting engaged(supposedly) and Mr. West getting arrested people just don’t know what to do with themselves. God must have sprinkled the clouds with some kind dust Unh Huh!!

  • tre2776

    I REFUTE the comment that Prince Georges County Maryland is not a nice place. It is THE number 1 area in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA for prominent Americans of African decent. Do your research before stating such gibberish.

    Trevor R. Edwards

  • darkdefender

    i wouldnt touch khloe kardashian with a stolen dick.

    As Mark Jackson would say, “Lamar – ur better than THAT”

  • Dz

    The Delonte story’s hilarious (though you feel a bit sorry for him, no?), but who cares about Lamar getting married or not. Why not some more on the referee situation. Like:
    1. What if they tried to play a couple of pre-season games with no refs? Don’t people play on the playground every day with no refs?
    2. There was a statistic somewhere about how much more players got suspended and fined during the last ref lockout. So whatever solidarity the players show is paycheck-solidarity. Right? Or are the sticking up for their fellow NBA employees? The strangest thing to me is that the refs don’t make that much money, and by all accounts the two sides are at most just a couple million dollars apart in negotiations. Say it’s 3 million. Divide by 30 and each team pays 100,000 to resolve the situation. That’s nothing!
    Anyway, “peace” Delonte!

  • Sideswipe

    Man yall trippin. Klhoe can get it!! Big and thick is what i like. Go head Lamar! On the real I dont think they are getting married. Just speculation and rumors.

    And Delonte is an idiot. Another example of keeping it real going wrong.

  • http://www.in_n_outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    I feel bad for Delonte… Does anyone remember this guy had depression last year? It really makes me wonder why he had a shotgun on him…

  • Patrick

    The Dickau/Gelebale thing is a money thing. I bet the Lakers and the Celtics would love to have Jamal Crawford, but he won’t play for the league minimum. If you have 4 dudes making 15 mil a year you gotta pay a couple 700k. None of these guys will get to play. They have the best job in the world. Make bank to work out with no responsibility.

  • Colton

    first if all, khloe isnt disgusting. not the hot one. for sure. definitely the worst looking of the 3 but really. shes decent.

    delonte. hahahahahaha!
    a shotty in a guitar case?
    what is he, part of the albino mob?

    and lastly, im biased cuz im a zags fan, but dickau isnt as bad as everyone thinks, he just never really got a chance. hes not superstar status, but he could be a solid backup.

    and gelabale … meh.
    fuck i miss the sonics!!

  • Bushsinesss

    Spain crushed Greece to the finals.
    Ricky dried that Spanoulis to 7 points after drying TParker.
    They are gold for sure, the only question is by how much the’ll win

  • Razzle

    Odom and Kardash will NOT end well…

  • doc

    Talk about a sucker.He in LA with all them sexy hoes and he ends up with the ugly duckling.Shit mom dukes hotter than her.

  • mtindore520

    @COLTON—Dan Dickau had his chance in NO 04-05, the starting PG, averaged 12 and 5, he was the reason Chris Paul is there…nicknamed Disaster.

    my wife watches the Kardash all the time and i’ve noticed Klohe isnt as chubby or ugly, she lives in Miami now.

  • JOB33

    @That’s what’s up
    You need to do that with every post. If you beat him to the thug rant, I think he’ll go away

    I just want to see what Lamar’s and Khloe’s kids will look like. If he has Lamar’s height and Khloe’s head, the poor kid will need training wheels just to walk without falling over. Ever see an apple on a toothpick? Not pretty my friends, not pretty at all.

  • JOB33

    Maybe Delonte was on his way to “talk” some sense into Lamar Odom? Or hold Khloe up until she gave up Kim’s digits.

  • dapro

    Post 20

    “i wouldnt touch khloe kardashian with a stolen dick.”

    Maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t touch a stolen dick either!

  • Templeton

    fucking nastyy

  • Prof. TX

    Delonte got stopped on a motorcycle with two handguns and a shotgun?

    “I’m sorry officer, I thought I was in the Matrix”

  • “Tha Boddy”â„¢

    WDF DIME I grew up and currently live in PG County (Temple Hills) how you gonna say it’s a bad area when MFers down in B-More can’t even walk around the corner without chance of robbery…Not cool DIME not cool

  • Josh Tha roc

    @yoooo I thought the same thing.

  • “Big Hook” Nunez

    Dime is taking a swipe at Khloe’s weight there by calling her Kim’s bigger sister, cuz Kim is the older of the two. I bet 4 out of 10 guys would rather have Khloe than Kim, but guys just think Kim is way way hotter cuz she did that freaky video with Ray-J!

  • J.Hicks

    Khloe is the bigger sister, Courtney is the smaller sister. What’s the problem?

  • Dirtball Rotten

    i totally agree with *tre2776* PG county has thousands of 500k homes and better, its full of money, its just that its 95% minority, so that means its not a good place, you are FUCKING CRAZY!!! its good enough for the Redskins to put there Stadium, 6 flags, and dozens of million dollar homes, and the new National Harbor.

    i mean other counties in MD, that are 90% white, have to borrow $ from PG just to survive!!!

    it bothers me that a publication like this who caters to minorities would print a statement like that without knowing WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

  • Dirtball Rotten

    Read this b4 u print some BS like that again DIME


  • Trisha

    P.G. county is not that bad. their slogan is “It’s a livable community.”

  • JoV

    Delonte has been playing too much GTA IV!!!

  • bill

    at 34 hilarious, I spilled my drink :)

    Woo, I was quoted in dime. Too bad Bill is not my real name. Oh well, Internet cred for the win :)

  • DH

    Yo Dime, thanks for the shout out.

  • http://www.vacationrentalsad.com chris

    Congratulations Khloe and Lamar.