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Breaking News: Allen Iverson Signs With Memphis

Allen Iverson

The waiting game is over. What began over Labor Day Weekend has finally come to fruition. According to Ronald Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Allen Iverson has informed the Grizzlies this morning that he will accept a one-year, $3.5 million offer to play in Memphis this season. I’m already on the phone with the NBA Store to order my jersey.

Iverson’s decision came following a Monday night meeting in Atlanta with Griz owner Michael Heisley, general manager Chris Wallace and head coach Lionel Hollins. Iverson, a 34-year-old, 13-year veteran, will play for a contract that pays $3.5 million (what the Griz have left under the salary cap) and the deal will be loaded with incentives.

With NBA training camp beginning in three weeks, this completely changes the landscape of things for the Grizzlies. Do they start Iverson and O.J. Mayo in the backcourt and bring Mike Conley off the bench? Does Conley start and Iverson plays the role of sixth man? I assume all of this was discussed before Iverson signed on the dotted line, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

What do you think?

Source: Memphis Commercial Appeal

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  • http://Realtalk.com Izzymoto88

    Forget Mike Conley Jr……Start Allen iverson!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sallo

    Im so disappointed that he has to resort to signing with the Griz. He needs a championship and a better attitude.

  • doc

    I think Conly ass coming off the bench and if he not and AI accepted the 6th man role its only to win 6th man of the year while he average 25 on 25 shots in 30 minutes.So what I see is a clearout contest between AI,OJ,and Rudy in the first quarter everynight to see who can get hot first so they can jack for their 30.And either they gonna be able to keep up with AI or they gonna wilt and turn into Larry Hughes and Jerry Stackhouse in our gloryhole years.

  • Ian

    who cares?

  • yahoo man

    IT’s a sure thing now, that the grizz dont make the playoffs. Put a finger in em, iverson’s career is done. -

  • Ross

    So it begins.

  • vince

    a finger, relly?

  • http://www.niketalk.yuku.com/forums/8 NTstateOFmind

    i guess a finger works better than a fork?

  • Kobeef

    @Yahoo…I think the expression is “put a fork in em, they’re done”….but finger is interesting.

    I can’t imagine any scenario where Iverson comes off the bench.

    Conley will be the 6th man with Iverson and Mayo running the show – which is actually pretty a potentially exciting and high scoring lineup when paired with Rudy and Z-Bo.

    with Iverson and Z-Bo, the Grizz are a very volatile yet potentially high scoring team. I have to admit, I am actually interested to see how they do.

  • http://www.nukedasouth.net Chicagorilla

    No one really gives a shit. I’m just happy he’s in Memph and I don’t have to hear about him anymore.

  • life-p

    Apparently the nerves throughout the finger provides a more accurate determination of the amount of contribution left in AI’s career.

  • life-p

    Memphis reminds me of the Knicks circa 04-07

  • http://iannyb9@hotmail.com iannyb

    this should be interesting for reel.Bring on the NBa season

  • control

    Memphis is apparently bringing together something like a comic book super hero league, except instead of everyone being super and hero, they are out of shape and greedy.

    Memphis apparently doesn’t give a fuck about their young potential stars (including the Beast from the Middle East) because adding AI will ensure that they won’t grow at all for this year. No big deal really, if any of their young guys did turn into stars, they’d just trade em to the Lakers for peanuts anyways.

  • Diego

    I don’t know; I see the Griz much closer to slipping in the playoffs in the East than Charlotte, who was discussed the other day and did a major downgrade with the Chandler acquisition (bad back, or not).

  • Notorious

    They better score 170 pts a game to counter the 165 pts a game they will be giving up. Does anybody in their lineup even attempt to pretend to play defense?

    Their team leader in assists will average 1.5 per game.

  • TJ

    @ Diego,

    The Grizz are in the West my man.

  • CMG

    what they will end up doing is starting OJ Mayo at the point and AI at the 2. Mayo has expressed in the past that he would like to play the point position. And on D, OJ will cover the opposing teams 2. I think it wouldnt be a bad idea to bring ZBO off the bench. you might think im crazy, but with AI, OJ and Rudy they really dont need anymore scoring in the starting lineup. have him conley, and thabeet lead the second unit.

  • Fallodaldr

    Its sad to see AI sign for so little on such a bad team. If his attitude was a little better in Detroit, there would have been plenty of contenders or psuedo-contenders that would loved to have added his talent for cheap.

  • twalter

    The ball is going to explode with Mayo, Rudy, Zbo, and AI on the same team….


  • LoBezn0

    At least the Grizz got Iverson for that much. If if didn’t work out, they could easily trade him and I’m sure there’ll be at least half a dozen or so takers, if they don’t waive him that is.

    But hey, why talk about that when what I’m seeing right now is how Iverson and Randolph are basically saying that they want to build a winner and stuff. Really intriguing with OJ Mayo finally shifting to the point and centers not exactly needing their touches to be effective.

  • Timmy D


    They arent shifting OJ to the point. Even though they should. Im a Grizzlies fan and there was a whole ordeal last year b/c Hollins declared “OJ Mayo is not a point guard” and when Conley got hurt he actually started Marko Jaric at the point over OJ and made OJ stay at the two.

    The whole front office has no real plan and this is just a stupid publicity stunt by Heisley to try and sell a few more tickets.

  • BiG ShoT BoB

    OJ is not a point guard…

  • neo

    **** memphis!! go A.I!!!

  • Boombaby

    I think if AI will not be good with the Griz he could bid farewell to his NBA career.

  • KHenry

    I don’t know about this signing for the Grizzlies. They have a good young core with Mayo and Gay, then they bring Iverson to take shots from them? Iverson is not a team player. He is nice, but all he can do right now is score and the Grizzlies don’t need that.

  • Arrogant

    they will be loaded offensively! start AI and every position except center can drop 20 on u….

  • Heckler…formerly ‘Yallallreadyknow’

    Wow. Allen Iverson with no other offers and has to SETTLE for signing with the Grizz; and for only 1yr?!!?

    OJ Mayo
    Allen Iverson
    Rudy Gay
    Zach Randolph
    Marc Gasol

    there are worse starting fives out there. memphis wont be able to stop any squad from scoring 200pts against them though….

  • dagwaller

    I hope the best for AI. Say what you want about him, but on the court, he always tries 100 percent. Never been a huge fan, but I’ll root for him the same way I rooted for KG til after he won his title.

    As for the fit, I’ve read articles on this site and elsewhere that give Iverson props for being a MUCH better distributor than he’s popularly known to be. This will be an ideal situation to prove that and repair his image AND his legacy. With two wings that can get mad buckets, and a PF whose sole purpose is to score, AI should average 10 assists EASILY -IF- he’s not going for his.

    On the other hand, bringing him off the bench would make worlds of sense as either a 1 OR a 2. Depending on what you think of the youngsters (Sam Young, DeMarre Carroll, and Darrell Arthur), this team has NO depth other than at center. Letting Iverson run that unit would go a long way.

    I’m out like Marko Jaric and Marcus Williams…

  • Amos Leak

    What some people don’t realize is..Iverson still has the abbility and mindset to take over a game wit one steal…a layup..couple shots and a few dishes here and there..he’s very prominant.

  • mr Herb

    Rick Bonnell > Dime


  • analord

    Well now AI’s got a job. Memphis is in an interesting situation here with their mix of veterans with baggages and young up and coming guys. It’s interesting to see who emerges and become a leader in this team.

  • Chi-Tizzle

    Memphis has no DEE! No hope for a playoff run but they will sell some tickets and jerseys.

  • karizmatic

    It’s not a bad spot for AI. Hopefully they can at least get him to attempt guarding the opposing team’s point guard and OJ guard the 2 guard. It’s still a small backcourt though.

  • leetee

    Iverson goes to Memphis & I say WHY??? yes he got the $$ & he probably will score a lot of points for them…but they are going nowhere fast…lol

  • MJAX

    Well he took Eric Snow, Aaron McKie, and I think Theo Ratliff to the Finals, so anything is possible.. But what makes this situation any different from his Motown stint!?!?

  • jksonics

    they still only play with one basketball in the nba right?? how the hell is iverson, mayo and gay gonna get their shots!?

    this is just a ploy of memphis to sell some jerseys and make a quick buck then let him walk next year. memphis just just all about the money.

  • the cynic

    lame; the grizz are clueless on how to run a team. Not like that is news or anything

  • http://twitter.com/PoppiGEE POPPI GEE

    I am hoping he is going to play well in Memphis. I appreciate his heart and his ability.

    Always gonna be some negatives, but I just hope he does well. I honestly think the Grizz could gel and do aight and maybe make noise for the 8th seed.

    I certainly don’t see it being as horrid as many make it out to be. I for one am glad to see him with a squad.

  • A-Lid


    with Conley, Thabeet, & Sam Young off the bench, with a little bit of Darrell Arthur stealing minutes, with a decent crowd means the Grizz are ACTUALLY on the right track

  • Hakim

    It’s your time to shine Bubba Chuck! Iverson will be just fine. He’s thrived with average players most of his career. So many sports writers have posted articles about what Iverson can’t do anymore like they have some sort of Madam Cleo powers. Opps, I forgot she was a fake too. It’s been widely reported that Iverson’s best year was the year the Sixers went to the Finals. No, the finals was the year he was surrounded by the best supporting cast.
    Iverson goes hard every year. When he went to Denver, he shot less because of the presence of Carmelo and that squad had 50 wins which would have made them a top seeded team if they were in the East.
    The 07-08 year with Denver could rival any of his best years in Philly. He shot a career high in terms of percentage and played a career high in minutes with two steal per game. Yes they were sent packing in the first round against the Lakers who went on to the finals, but he showed up while others players didn’t(go back and check the video clips and stat sheet).
    The mighty Pistons demise was a result of terrible coaching. Had Avery Johnson or even Flip Saunders coached that same team, the results would be drastically different.
    That’s water under the bridge now. Iverson’s stat line for twelve years show that there’s a GREAT chance he will go hard in Memphis every single night. The Madame Cleo sports writers of the world will continue to say what Iverson can’t do, in spite of the fact he’s been proving them wrong his whole career.
    We have to hold journalist to a higher standard. Alot of what was written about Iverson this Summer was borderline defamation and clearly subjective, not factual. It’s true intentions were to put the “rich, cocky black man, back in his place.” Obama took control of the oval office, not the media.
    – I appreciate Dime Magazine for giving a completely different perspective from other media outlets.

  • ProphetGK

    That’s the ballhog-olympics going on in Memphis..

  • Dez

    conley is a joke

  • Dez

    by the way, the grizz should fire hollins and hire someone like jeff van gundy

  • http://dimemagazine elrickster

    rickster says, great move for a young and talented memphis team what they need is more veteran leadership like an a.i. they will make the playoffs if they stay healthy remember what the celtics did a couple of seasons ago the grizzilies need to continue to add depth with seasoned veterans.

  • Da_Griff

    Dez, you need to be shot.
    Van Gundy is about as good for player development as heroin is for kids. The dude would suck all the life out of that team.
    You smokin’?

  • mike

    wat people mite say bout AI i still think he is a great ball player n still got it but i dont think he should come off the bench he should be startin n i think he would be betta off in new york then memphis cuz there really in need of a superstar player but i think memphis is gonna be in the 8th seed of the west in the playoff this year r atleast 2nd in there division

  • zkv9

    From Philly and am one of those #1 Iverson fans. Think I read on slam.com or whatever that site is that we are called ‘fanboys’. Whatever. While I was hoping he would go to Charlotte with Larry Brown (which was a perfect fit), I know the rest of the league should be nervous when he says he’s taking this season personally. He said that before the 2000-2001 season. Obviously I don’t think the Grizzlies will go to the finals but I think they will surprise people. People forget how dominant this guy was. He was Kobe/LeBron/Wade before they were the top dogs. It’s easy to look at Iverson as simply a scorer because he does it so well. I have to remind people that from 2005-200 It’s very arguable that he was the top player of his generation. The fact of the matter is, Tim Duncan and Shaq had a better franchise and better players around them. Subtracting last year, when he was in a terrible situation to anyone that watched the Pistons’ game (watched every game), where he had a complaining Rip Hamilton (funny never hear that in the media) and a franchise trying to boost Rodney Stuckey at the PG position after trading Billups, Iverson has shown not only his continued dominance, but improvement in his all around game. From 2005-2008, he averaged 29 PPG, ranked 3rd overall through those years, and 7.5 assists, which was the 7th best average. What’s unique about those stats? They were better than Kobe, LeBron and Wade. The guys who apparently have surpassed Iverson easily in the national media’s eye. Iverson is the best offensive player of his generation, bar none. Unfortunately, it’s convenient for ESPN and other lazy ‘journalists’ to say Iverson is just a jacker who doesn’t want to pass. The fact is, he’s one of the best playmakers the league has ever seen. So I think if he can start over Conley (which I think is a no brainer), that with the best big man he has ever played with in Zach Randolph, and other good explosive scorers (Mayo/Gay) that he has the potential of being a great fit in Memphis and lead them to a 35-40 win season.

  • D1 of harlem

    Well, it is finally over. My man landed in Memphis. I wished New York would have been smart enough to pick up AI but that is a hole other discussion. I want everyone to sit and watch what AI does to this league this year. Any team that got him would have been better for it. At age 34 he his still better than 98% of the players in the league right now. In terms of the discussion about whether Allan starts or not is a no brainer. If you take OJ Mayo and Connolly and put them together into one body they still would not be as good as AI. In terms of him not being a team player, you don’t average 7 to 8 assist for your career and not be a team player. Remember AI has never really had a team around him. yes they are young but the talent in Memphis is way better than what he had at Philly. As far as Denver is concerned as long as Melo plays there and is considered the man they will never WIN A CHIP. In Denver AI had all the heart and the rest of the team including Melo had none. As far as Detroit is concerned that was a declining situation way before Allan got there. I don’t think he made it worse, I think he exposed it. Dumars was talking about breaking up the team the year before AI arrived. It seems folks have short memories. Allan has been a good leader in the past. I expect him to take it to the next level with the Grizz. No I don’t expect them to win a championship, however i do expect them to cause alot of problems for teams interms of match ups. So we are a little more than a month away before the season starts. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://replicasjewelry.wordpress.com/ eronne

    love Allen wherever you are, we will always be on your side.. just keep going.

    we expect more of you just as yourself do.