NBA, Video / Sep 15, 2009 / 6:07 pm

Bryon Russell Calls out Michael Jordan on TV

We guess Bryon Russell had to do something save face after getting the business from MJ in his speech on Friday night:

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  • Mellmeister

    bryon “ehlo 2000″ russell is joking!!!

  • sh!tfaced

    “Byron” is just like another naggin’ bitch bitchin’ on TV who just wants a something ’cause he got fucked bad.

  • Mr. TKO

    I don’t understand why all the hate on Bryon Russell, from what I understand, Russel said something back to Jordan in 94, Jordan got him back in the finals and then Jordan calls him out 15 years later in a speech, What exactly is Bryon supposed to say? “Well I said something dumb as a rookie, you made me a permanent highlight for the rest of my life (push off or no push off) and now 15 years later, you say if you catch me in my basketball shorts it’s on, and I’m not gonna respond to that as a man?”

    I’d have less respect for the dude if he just took it, what’s so hard to understand about the dude responding to a challenge that was made for something that happened 15 years ago?

  • Michorizo

    He’s a cool guy…you could tell he is real

  • JesusFTW

    @ Mr. TKO

    Well I think Russel should have just kept his mouth shut on this. It was an acceptance speech for being one of the greatest players to play the game, called for or uncalled for, I personally think Jordan has the right to call out anyone he wants.

    Russel could have done the same thing if he was inducted to the HOF.

    GOAT can call me out anytime.

  • bigcov

    bryon needs money. i’d play MJ right fucking now for 50k. I’d play him saturday for 25k

  • O-man

    Jordan is a bitter man, how sad. I don’t see how his oncourt performance buys you the right to act with little class.

    A lot of people seem to be saying that the more accomplished a man is, the more he is entitled to disrespect others? We have so many issues with people being corrupted by power. No wonder.

    Russel should take credit for getting into Jordan’s head. He came out like a human being, like somebody with a heart. Jordan needs a hug, badly.

  • rick773

    O-Man do you really think Mike thinks about russell that much. Yeah he threw a lil jab in the speech but I mean it was the most significant shot in his career maybe in the history of the nba. And it’s cool that he’s got heart but I mean what is a game against mike gonna prove? Even by some unworldly chance he smokes mike you think people gon look back and say man russell owned mike. I think not

  • King of the Hill

    He should’ve said, “hell yeah that was a push off!, That MF’er fouled the sh*t outta me!”

  • jay26th

    You guys sounding off without listening to the interview? Dude gave mad props to MJ in spite of being called everything but ‘air gordan’ in MJ’s HOF speech. When asked about MJ’s last shot he called it a good basketball play. I didn’t hear much complaining at all. So what if he challenged Jordan to a scrimmage…

  • doc

    Yall know Russell said he took it as a compliment right?It was all a jokey joke.

  • wiz

    You cant hate on him for standing up for himself, but dam im sure mj will just hit jumpers in his grill

  • Taj

    Russell handled that well.. The interviewer was trying to get him to slip up, but Russell kept his class and said what he should have!

  • TheGreatGatsby

    What’s the point in issueing a challenge at this stage in both of their lives? Seems pointless. Somwehat akin to MC Hammer, in the 90’s, challenging Michael Jackson to a dance-off for his glove.

  • Mr. Tko

    @ JesusFTW

    So you’re saying that if you feel somebody is better than you, they can call you out and disrespect you with no repurcussions from you? MJ can come to your house, smash your chick in your bed, have you do his laundry and then eat your dinner and you ain’t gonna say shit? (extreme example lol) Or somebody can call you out, and you just gonna be like yes massa, you sho right about everything you said about me aka bending over and taking it?

    I’m sorry, but that can’t be me, I’ve been called out and punked before, but I still stood up for myself and I can’t blame Bryon for doing the same thing.

  • JesusFTW


    Your examples were wayyyy to f’ed up. In terms of basketball, my good sir, if someone like Michael Jordan, called me out, i’d be honored rather than agitated. that’s the GOAT. Russel should have just accepted the fact that MJ burned him twice in the Finals, and then wait for his turn to get a speech IF he gets inducted to the HOF. He should even thank Jordan right now that he’s getting publicity like this for simply being a defensive let-down.

    Good for you that you stood up for yourself. I’ll give you 3 claps for that but what you’re giving as examples are just ridiculous.