Smack / Sep 15, 2009 / 1:48 am

Capt. Jack is still Capt. Jack, plus Kobe playing pro ball in China?

Stephen Jackson

Stephen Jackson

In a way, it must be nice playing for an NBA organization that barely seems to know up from down, and for a coach who delivers his rendition of the “Inches” speech while drinking a Bud Lite. Who else but the Warriors would have their most high-profile player, Stephen Jackson, make a very public trade demand and insult the franchise at the same time, and not only do they try to spin it as a positive, the coach also keeps him in place as the recognized official leader of the team. When Jackson said he wanted to be traded because, basically, Golden State sucks, team GM Larry Riley actually tried to sell it as Jackson committing to making the Warriors a contender. Then yesterday, ESPN.com reported Don Nelson won’t strip Jackson of his captaincy, keeping Capt. Jack in place as Capt. Jack. This isn’t like the Lakers in ’07, when a frustrated Kobe made his trade demand but the team really couldn’t afford to trade him or take him down a peg as their top dog. With Jackson, making a trade happen definitely isn’t easy considering his contract, but brushing off his behavior only hurts your very young roster, and it’s not like they can’t push Monta Ellis as their leader since Jackson obviously isn’t fully on-board … Yesterday we looked at the issue of NBA teams discouraging/stopping players from playing in FIBA international tournaments. One argument against the practice is that basketball players are going to play basketabll in the summer one way or another, so keeping a guy from playing FIBA still puts him at risk of an injury if he’s putting in any kind of work in the gym. Then lo and behold, we hear Tim Thomas hurt his knee playing pickup ball and could be out for a number of weeks. Would this have been any worse if Tim got hurt playing for — don’t laugh, just go with it — Team USA? (Seriously, stop laughing.) … Speaking of, here’s some notable stat lines from yesterday’s FIBA European Championships schedule: Pau Gasol put up 19 points, eight rebounds and three blocks, and Ricky Rubio added five points, nine dimes and three steals to lead Spain over Lithuania; Ersan Ilyasova continues to outshine Hedo Turkoglu for Turkey, putting up 22 points and 11 boards in a win over Serbia, while Hedo had four points (1-16 FG), four steals and seven rebounds; and big man Erazem Lorbek (drafted by the Pacers in ’05) had 20 points, nine boards and five assists, getting the best of Marcin Gortat in Slovenia’s win over Poland … Before the Lakers fans take up all the room on all the ledges in L.A., chill out. Kobe’s comment about playing in China someday — “It’s something I’m open to” Kobe said at a technology summit — doesn’t mean anything. We’ve been to stuff like this before. A Chinese media member asks a player in front of a Chinese audience something wild like, “Would you like to play in China someday?” and what’s the guy supposed to say? Even if you think Kobe’s a jerk, he’s not gonna say, “Nah, I’m good,” in that situation … A while back, we hit up the Converse Band of Ballers 3-on-3 tournament, where Jim Jones, Asher Roth, Pac Div and some other music personalities came out to play. Check out some of the highlights HERE … Watching the Minnesota Vikings play the other day, their defensive line reminded us of Robert “Tractor” Traylor. He’s been in the news lately, having been sentenced to 60 days in prison for violating his probation on a tax charge. Traylor owes the IRS $175,000 and was convicted in ’07. Last time we saw him was with the Cavs’ summer league squad, but he’s been playing overseas in Turkey and Puerto Rico … All this talk about the VMA’s, well, how did this piece of music video genius slip past the MTV decision-makers? … We’re out like good food for Tractor …

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  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    “genius piece of Video Music genius”? C’mon. When did Zoolnader start writing for Dime?

  • http://uoregon.edu sans

    real appropriate that I misspelled Zoolander


    Awhile back Kobe said he wanted to play in Europe too. Kobe will play in Europe or Asia…….He will be 40 years old by then and still be a bad MOFO on offense.

  • http://luckylester.com luckylester

    Bruce tells the future…

  • sh!tfaced

    Kobe might go back to his ‘Italian’ roots too…

  • FedEx

    Gortat got owned. He sucks. Magic should’ve let him go to the Mavs. He was missing easy layups yesterday, dribbling the ball off his feet…

  • Boombaby

    The magic wasted thier money with Gortat. Together with the Cavs with Varedjao.. It is sad because I am a Cavs fan.. they could use the money to sign other big men.

  • Patrick

    @ 7

    Which big man do you want them to sign. While I agree that the lumbering center from the 80’s and 90’s isn’t as useful in the everything is a foul era of NBA basketball being enormous and still able to walk and talk is a marketable skill. Who would you rather have? Lorbek? Mbenga? Or would you rather watch one of these short 4’s people have masquerading at center get beasted by a much inferior/much bigger crappy 5 in the post.

  • http://allthatjazzbasketball.blogspot.com/ Amar

    I gotta say . . . the NFL hates the raiders . . . it’s a damn shame . . .

  • twalter

    The Magic might as well spend where they can, it wasn’t like paying Gortatwas a trade off for another player. Turk was gone.

    Best NBA Trade Rumor Site on the Net

  • Sweet English

    Jim Jones, Asher Roth and Pac Div?

    Shit, they must have sold about 50 records between them? I hope they put up better numbers on the court than they do on the billboard.

  • Dagomar

    So Turk has hit two shots in his last two games. That bodes well for the season . . . .

  • Sweet English

    Theres no big men because the colleges don’t produce big men. Its like the football (soccer) league in England. Theres a constant shortage of defenders because its not encouraged at a grass roots level, everyone wants to be a striker. Just like playing the 5, you’ve gotta be a 10 time all-star to get any recognition. Whereas if you slide to the 4 you’ve got much more oppertunity to shine offensively and get on the highlight reels.

    No one wants to be a Centre. Look at Dwight Howard. The guy puts up unreal numbers and leads his team to the Finals, and doesnt even get mentioned in the talk for MVP. If he sat at the 4, drove to the basket posterizing mufuggers and got on ESPN every night, he would have been up there with kobe and Lebron and CP.

  • s

    Tim Thomas hurt himself playing ball? Video game ball right? Fell off the couch?….

  • Ricky

    man this is the first bad game gortat has had in the fiba tournament and everyone starts bashing him…

  • Kobeef

    Great/funny quote from Melo

    “I think the only reason I was being overlooked was because I went to the playoffs and got eliminated in the first round five straight seasons”

    ya think?

    Sorry Dime, that was from SLAM.

  • jksonics

    Wow, and remember Traylor was traded for Dirk…

    Regarding the international no-play, it is all a my conspiracy is that it is to help USA win gold at the World Championships or Olympics. See, if you leave out the NBA talent then the countries that have borderline NBA talent win the games, thus qualifying for world events leaving them to be slaughtered by USA when the better teams that missed qualifying because there NBA talent was held out sit at home.

  • jzsmoove

    Kobe will play for the Sixers first @ 40 yrs old before he ships himself to Europe or Asia. Lets get real, he plans on spending and enjoying his money sometime soon.

  • rean pogi

    yes DIME, you can change that poll now. it’s no contest. but thanks for highlighting Dirk’s greatness. (bring on the hate)

  • karizmatic

    I didn’t know Tim Thomas even played pick up basketball.

  • Peter

    If Tim Thomas played for the Warriors, Cohan and Rowell would be trying to void his contract. If Monta isn’t 100%, and I mean if he’s 99.999%, Rowell will be in the media with, “We’re keeping our legal options open with Monta…” No one should blame Jack for wanting out of Cohan-ville

  • Michorizo

    Raiders were robbed of a touchdown before the half ended…the league hates Al Davis

  • That’s whats up

    even Al Davis hates Al Davis

  • LakeShow84

    @ Michorizo

    And George Bush hates black people.. We know this lol

    Damn Hedo shot 1 OUT OF 19?! Thats the ugliest shooting line ive ever seen.. Looks like we’ll see how much Dwight and Shard helped his game out.. Could be a one year wonder..

  • dapro

    Al Davis doesn’t even know who Al Davis is anymore! Old ass dude

  • Mellmeister


    I think that Al Davis hating Al Davis hates Al Davis, Muthaf*cka ain’t gettin’ love… even from himself or his own momma. :)

  • Dr.Googles

    Hell i forgot Tim Thomas played pro ball.

  • srb

    Dime, I love the poll. Dirk has like 95% of the votes.

  • Bing

    Why wouldn’t Kobe take a huge paycheck from a Euro or Chinese team once he is donw in the NBA?

    Gotta keep the (crazy) wife in manolo blahniks

  • Bing

    or done